TGJ Freshly Squeezed Week: Introducing…Newella Cruella

Published: Wednesday 13th Aug 2014 by David

Over the last seven years, That Grape Juice has established itself as one of the net’s most renowned sources for Urban Pop music. Indeed, it’s become trademark for us to shine light on artists – both known and on the rise. This week sees us spotlight the latter, as we kick off the first ever Freshly Squeezed Week.

As such, we’ll be introducing a talented new name each day of this week.

Next up is…Newella Cruella!

Nicki Minaj has presented herself as a competitive Madonna, unimpressed by the premature and illegitimate rap children that now play in her castle. However, she’s now faced with a femcee she’d be hard pressed not to claim as her own…

*Enter Newella Cruella*

Affectionally billing Minaj as the Queen of Rap and herself as the genre’s Disney Princess, the lyricist first burst onto the scene when she uploaded a cover version of Nicki’s ‘Dope Dealer’ verse to YouTube. The clip – with its unique flow, Mean Girl-derived content, and dynamite delivery – facilitated the birth of an ever-growing following that have made Newella one of the ‘net’s fasting rising stars.

Find out what the buzz is about above and below…

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  1. Dem Lessors August 13, 2014

    Miles Jai is that you?

    • yocrrallyxcb August 13, 2014

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      • ceer0624 August 13, 2014

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  2. um August 13, 2014


  3. MISHKA August 13, 2014

    I CAN’T.

    I can’t with the name AND that wig. I won’t even bother to listen, I just can’t.

    “Cruella”? Girl you ain’t no Glenn Close, drop that name stat.

  4. Everyone’s A Critic August 13, 2014

    Mad flow.. Crap content! Not everyday kitty Kat, sometimes the beef cake you have in your boxers. I just can’t! NICKI inspired this. We already have a Minaj.. We don’t need Cruella! No originality, no story behind the words.. Talking about the kitty but it’s CLEARLY a boy! The delusion. But the talent is there I suppose. I’m just a critic…

    • melody August 13, 2014

      This comments infuriates me… transwomen are working so hard this year to break down walls and prprove to people that WE ARE talented, smart, and deserving of the opportunities everyone else has. You said it yourself, she has flow… cant deny that. With that being said, even if she didnt, calling her a boy is uncalled for. And its time thibgs change, she could be the first big Transgender rapper! Follow me on insta? @melody.Morales proud trans woman. 🙂

      • melody August 13, 2014

        Sorry for the typos, im on my phone. 🙁

      • Everyone’s A Critic August 13, 2014

        I don’t discriminate honestly.. But the content was whack. Rap truth.. Not lies. Doubt there’s a pu$$¥ in them jeans that is as ‘clean’ as she thinks.,

      • Shade free August 13, 2014

        DEAD @ you being infuriated. No shade but he’s right. Rapping about something he doesn’t have. More unrelateable, no substance verses. Nicki should be ashamed that this is the type of “talent” she’s influencing. This is why she will always be LIL KIM’s lessor. No shade.

      • koolaidria jones December 1, 2017

        transvestite get yo facts straight honey

  5. Lana Tropicana August 13, 2014

    Is it a man or a woman?

  6. Mother August 13, 2014


  7. GIRL BYE! August 13, 2014

    Boy Bye.

  8. BlueIvy August 13, 2014

    Is this a Joke? A H!V/A!DS T*****, really?
    Ewwww. This is so disgusting. I want to vomit now.

    • Kandi August 14, 2014

      Tha was rude

  9. newella cruella stan August 13, 2014

    B**** u really tried it. You can possibly never come for the gay community and if you gonna puke lay on ya back and choke h** and b**** I said now who gonna pop me?…. that’s right nobody boo

    • phillip November 23, 2014

      Girl u the best don’t let anyone tell u different. Ur the boss of yourself and the inner you. A lot of people have to come to the conclusion of ” if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love anyone else . can I get an amen ! Keep up the great work newella . <3

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