Nicole Scherzinger Announces New Single ‘On The Rocks’

Published: Monday 18th Aug 2014 by Sam

After giving fans a taste of her Sony Music debut with recent single ‘Your Love’, Nicole Scherzinger is hoping to it hard-er with follow-up effort ‘On The Rocks’.

Writing on Instagram, she gushed:

Excited to announce that my next single will be called ‘On The Rocks’ #newmusic #comingsoon

The track is lifted from the former Pussycat Doll diva’s second studio album, which is being produced entirely by hitmakers The-Dream and Tricky Stewart.

Expectations for the set are high, given that it forms the centrepiece of the singer’s global deal at Sony – which will see her handled by RCA in the UK and Epic Records in the States (where she’ll be guided by L.A Reid).

Upon release in the UK, ‘Your Love’ peaked at #6 on the Official UK Singles Chart. The cut, which didn’t score an American release (likely due to the Epic deal being finalised) also performed well in wider Europe and Australia.

Will ‘On The Rocks’ fare better? We excitedly await the first listen to find out!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stephy. August 18, 2014

    No shade, but this is gonna FLOP! Ain’t nobody thinking nor talking about her BEAUTIFUL ass. Sorry. #TRUTH

    • stictioncz August 18, 2014

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  2. Beysus August 18, 2014

    Woo Hoo!!!!

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14)) August 18, 2014

    If her and Cheryls Hole can get a #1 position in the UK with a wack single than anyone can… If you’re album fails go to the UK to re-establish your name because I know Nicole’s first single is wack.
    Her fans and me of course have been waiting for this moment since 2012! So happy, it’s gonna do well 😀

    • Stephy. August 18, 2014

      Girl, you betta promote this lil woman. Yo ass should be on her pay roll tbh. Chile…

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14)) August 18, 2014

        LMFAO!!!!! Just remembering someone on here calling Mariah “Mooooriah” as if she’s a cow lol. I Am LIVING!!!!!
        Boy, you better get your coins together and pay for “Me. I Am Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooriah… The Elusive Flop” in stores right now! Accept the fact that Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooriah doesn’t have any steam anymore. Past (Moooriah) and Present (Tinashe). Mooriah doesn’t matter anymore…….. that’s what her fans think of her when they heard she has new album! 😀

      • Stephy. August 18, 2014

        Ooooh, Uh uh. Not only are you persistent in promoting this lil FLOP-tina gurl. You also, got a lil shady-ness too you! Chile, Mariah Carey is a flop nowadays but still remains unbothered with 18 number 1 hits & 200+ Million ALBUMS sold world wide. While yo fav still remains a 106 & Park local ass flop. BYE!

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14)) August 18, 2014

        See if you were logical and rational I would debate with you but since you’re not. I won’t even bother with you. How many times have I seen people draggggg you to an oblivion on here is beyond laughable. You would ask Sam to get rid of that person dragging you. LMFAO!!!
        Please listen to Celine Dion and “Think Twice,” I will hurt your feelings boo boo, just like what I did with that Cheryls Hole stan and the Sissy Squad. You all have something in common…… absolutely NO Creativity on dragging. And you ain’t gonna get nothing from me with your little weak a** drags. And let this be known little boy since you were born in 2003, I am LIVING but of course you already know that. BYE! 😉
        The ‘Unbothered & LIVING’ life tho ->

      • Stephy. August 18, 2014

        You are corny as hell. Death @ you recycling that Celine Dion “Think Twice” tired ass drag for the 123098123704128934th time. Also, who in the hell said I was born in 2003 LMAO!

        AnTEAways, like I said “Moooriah” is an established LEGEND while yo fav is a flopping new bitxh on the block (even tho shes been trying to get a break for like 7 years)… Meanwhile, my fav already had a 10+ million selling album & 4 number 1 hits (that she wrote) & 2 Grammy Awards BEFORE the age of 21. BYE TINA-FLOP stan.

        Ps. Your attempts to “Drag” is cute. You are very good at phrasing your “punchlines” & “words”… Very Cute.

  4. Ju don’t even know August 18, 2014

    I’m guessing the single is based after her carrer. It’ll flop for sure….

    • Ju don’t even know August 18, 2014


      • Death! August 18, 2014

        ABC spell check mic 1..mic 2 .. mic 1….mic 2 thanks

  5. Ju don’t even know August 18, 2014


  6. Did you say Justin Bieber, One direction,LadyGaga,Miley Cyrus or Beyoncè: August 18, 2014

    TinCanStiff fans should not be talkin here..Mariah is a billion times be legend doll

  7. tariq August 18, 2014

    Nicoles the best I know this is gonna be a club banger love her too much

  8. tariq August 18, 2014

    Can’t wait to hear the album I’m

    so excited

  9. FutureCIARA August 18, 2014


  10. CherylSoldierr August 18, 2014

    Drag it stephy. Screaming because its fave hasn’t reached the top 20 ANYWHERE!! Death! 300k, no certifications and those recycled drags. Absolute death.

    • FutureCIARA August 18, 2014


  11. CherylSoldierr August 18, 2014

    Anyways, this better be radio friendly nicole. That’s what you’re lacking.

  12. power3 August 18, 2014

    Her whole career in the US is on the rocks. I noticed that she receive more success in the UK than the US. Bye Nicole.

  13. Lolz August 18, 2014

    She’s still trying?

  14. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 18, 2014

    Who’s pen** is she slobbing on to keep all this flop music coming??

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