Rita Ora Bumps New Album To January 2015 / Calvin Harris Drama To Blame?

Published: Tuesday 19th Aug 2014 by Sam

Rita Ora is currently riding the wave of success with her stint on Iggy Azalea‘s latest single ‘Black Widow’.

However, fans of the Brit-bred singer will have to wait a while for her own album.

The set is preceded by ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ – which despite hitting #1 in the UK looks set to be christened a buzz single in light of new developments with its parent LP.

Full story below…

Currently in New York to promote DKNY‘s new MYNY fragrance, Ora took a moment to discuss her new album with the Associated Press.

Interestingly, during the chat she revealed that the project will now be released in January. It was initially set for a November arrival.

When the interviewer followed with a question about ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris – who recently blocked her performance of a song he produced, 23-year-old Rita literally walked away.

Peep the footage below…

It’s quite clear at this point that something has definitely taken place behind the scenes to cause the LP’s delay. Indeed, at one point, the album was being touted as “almost finished” and yet recent weeks have seen Rita logging in last-minute studio time with the likes of and DJ Mustard. We suspect the Calvin controversy may have struck again – especially judging by her response above. Anyway, we digress…

We’re not actually against a delay and feel it’ll provide ample time to ride out ‘Black Widow’, (re)setup her own album campaign, and avoid the crowded competition that is typically the 4th quarter. That said, Team Rita are tasked with sustaining her pre-release buzz for a longer stretch. Given how they’ve fared so far, we imagine she’ll be fine!

Your thoughts?

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan (“AQUARIUS” 10.7.14) August 19, 2014

    What? That’s so far from now. Her fans will be upset I can assure you that!

    • OMG Logic!!! August 19, 2014

      By fans you mean Sam and the other writers of TGJ right?

    • idgbowea August 20, 2014

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  2. Skyfall August 19, 2014


  3. LOTUS August 19, 2014

    Daaaaaaaaaam. So much for that. I feel like she is famous for everything under the sun BUT her music. This isn’t really helping her. She’s probably re-recording due to Calvin Harris blocking tracks. Cant say I blame him though. #FuckedHerWayToTheTop

  4. Rihyeezy August 19, 2014

    That makeup is CAKED on chile
    And that wig is horrible.

  5. Mimi Carey August 19, 2014

    What’s the big deal about her? She has an annoying voice, she sucks and f**** around the industry, her music is bloody awful and her fashion is hideous. I will pass like every country outside of UK…

    • LOTUS August 19, 2014

      She really is being shoved forcefully down our throats isn’t she?

  6. Beysus August 19, 2014

    Ugh noooooo!!!

  7. LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 19, 2014

    OOP a January release when typically sales slow down after the holiday spending season, that doesn’t sound good. Well at least it sort of guarantees her a #1 spot with 50K in sales, maybe.

    She really did Calvin wrong to the point where Calvin’s label heads at Roc Nation cannot even convince him to let ORAL release his music LMAO.

    I guess this is a lesson to THOTS everywhere, don’t f*** for tracks (side eye Christina Milian).

  8. LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 19, 2014

    There was a Rita hater, now Rita THOT who predicted this album will be pushed back, guess it was right.

  9. Rita whora August 19, 2014

    Im Guna suck ya I’m Guna suck ya
    Like an industry s*** baby

    I’m Guna suck ya

    I will never go down (yeah right

  10. CherylSoldierr August 19, 2014

    Wasn’t this obvious when she relied on him for half of the albums tracks? Death.

  11. Theman August 19, 2014

    Oh this is a buzz single? Lol what a hypocrite..
    She FLOPPED ! “Black Widow” is a hit due to
    Iggy.. The interest isn’t there. If this were Mariah,
    whose success is out of this world, you’d be
    writing out all of these useless essays. This site is in the
    crapper. “You’re Mine” Eternal out peaked this.
    But u wrote endless crap about it.. FLOP !

  12. Christina milian stan August 19, 2014

    Tales of an industry h**…..

    • Lily August 19, 2014

      A christina Milian fan calling Rita Whora Industry Thot? Hell yeah she’s an Industry Thot but you forgot Christina Milian is an Industry Thot too. Let’s not forget the one big Thottie family that’s about to happen between The Dream,Nivea,Lil Wayne,Chistina Milian, Lauren London. You don’t want me to start mentioning names of ppl CM has been f**king for tracks. So Christina Milian & Rita Whora are one Big Industry Thots/P***y

  13. Stephy. August 19, 2014


    • LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 19, 2014

      Now calm down babe, LMAO. Her song R.I.P is good though, even though she is a flopping thot.

      I wish Drake gave that song to someone else.

      • Stephy. August 19, 2014

        Chile, what is she doing NOW!? The “RIP” song came out at the end of “Talk That Talk” era. She needs to keep her Pussssy/mouth to herself & start cranking out those hits. She is young, talented & pretty. But, she is being too messy BEHIND THE SCENES & making people dislike her ass. She better learn a way to break in America or she gonna end up like Kylie Minogue… Only being known in Europe & having no impact on the LARGEST market. USA.

  14. FutureCIARA August 19, 2014

    Calvin is such a little shady cunnt for that LMFAO!

    Totally something I would do to an ex!

    • LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 19, 2014

      And the fact that he has forced her to go for a January release, when consumer spending is down is the biggest Kiiiiii

      • FutureCIARA August 19, 2014

        OMG I know right! I didnt even think about that till u said it!

        Praying for her

  15. Covergirl August 19, 2014

    Who really checks for Rita? Like seriously? Her music is the PITS. Who is she as an artist? What is her purpose? I really want to meet a Rita stan so I can slap them!!

  16. CherylSoldierr August 19, 2014

    Lovebird babe I just listened to AML again. You’re right, it really slays.

  17. Del Bey August 19, 2014

    Sam when will you stop creaming rita’s buttock and realise she isn’t going to happen, with all this exposure she’s had she can’t even get a solo top 40 outside her domestic market, she has no X factor what so ever she’s boring as f***, and obviously she must of been f****** for tracks for Calvin to be that pressed over, no artistry what so ever loool can’t even possess her own discography #dead

    • CherylSoldierr August 19, 2014

      But no shade but Lana can’t get a top 40 hit either

      • Del Bey August 19, 2014

        let’s not talk about charting in the US shall we, as you do not stan for someone who has…

        lana has successfully moved large units in the US with her debut and sophomore with near to zero exposure on mainstream television

        rita, with 14677 setbacks and countless endless exposure on any endorsement that can come to mind and still not charting anywhere outside the UK, quite like Cheryl Tweedy < LOL

      • CherylSoldierr August 19, 2014

        Weren’t we talking about singles tho? Lana doesn’t have a number 1: fact.
        Nice try.

    • LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 19, 2014

      LMAO If you go to the IWNLYD music video on YouTube, all the comments are about how she looks like Rihanna, she is trying to be Rihanna, or is Rihanna.

      She is still Rihanna’s understudy LMAO.

    • Adele the queen August 20, 2014

      Not a Llama fan talking about someone who is boring although Lana herself is boring and depressing. No shade though it is the RAW TRUTH

  18. LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 19, 2014

    This is off topic but this is for the Iggy stans who were going in on Nicki’s cover of ANACONDA; who do these titty’s belong too?

    • LB (Shanene > Wanda) August 19, 2014


  19. Del Bey August 19, 2014

    also I’ve been hearing through the vine these iggy stans are now self proclaiming iggys as the queen! In which unholy dimension is iggy payzolea queen? sit nicki remains on the throne

    • CherylSoldierr August 19, 2014

      Are u from the uk babe?

      • Del Bey August 19, 2014

        Yes Hun

      • CherylSoldierr August 19, 2014

        Why don’t you like cheryl then?

      • Del Bey August 19, 2014

        Seriously? Maybe because I actually have taste in music, cheryl came from a crappy cheesy talent show, is an accused racist and void of any creativity, she’s lack luckster in the most, the only song of hers I like is parachute, the rest is manufactured crapp that’s made worse by her absent ghoulish vocals

      • CherylSoldierr August 19, 2014

        But no shade you stan for the most boring out there. Not to mention the critically panned btd if were gonna go there. Keep using the “racist drag.” That’s literally the lowest you can go lmao. But it’s not manufactured babe. She writes a lot of it. If hers is manufactured then what is beys?

  20. Tisha August 19, 2014

    But I thought her stans were saying he needed her and she only lost a few songs from him?

    Looks like he snatched her album and then told her to shuttup to the media or he’d blast her, hence literally ‘walking away’.

    Good luck with that 2015 release, she’s gonna have to get her kneepads on and put in work. I guess even she realized Will.I.Am was too lame to depend on for a November release.

  21. Born Sinner August 19, 2014

    Sam and company y’all can officially hang it up. It won’t happen for Rita here. Flop HO. Oh well, that’s what happens when you rent out your P-Walls to everybody in show business for fame.Hope she learns from this the third time around that Lil whoore. Now she will definitely NEVER break into the US.

  22. CherylSoldierr August 19, 2014

    Not to defend rita, but why do people say it’s not gonna happen when she has a us top 10 hit currently? She’s performing at the vmas. She’ll be fine.

    • Tisha August 19, 2014

      I think realistically it’s because of the amount of effort put into her vs. the results.

      With Rita you can SEE the effort, they have done everything to male this chile pop off and for it she should have multiple top ten hits and be a household name. But instead she’s still a ‘who’? Clinging to other people’s tracks.

  23. Molly August 19, 2014

    Welp she missed her moment she coulda slayed since Rihanna was off the scene all year. Now that R8 is on its way its a wrap for Rita i do feel bad tho Calvin is an asshole for doing her like that smh.. Rita girl get your sh!t together.

  24. Mark111 (Cici Finna Be a Bride…Pending) August 19, 2014

    Poor RitaThots and their queen Whora. Now Roc Nation is giving her music to that other Rihanna clone, lol. She’s gonna get dropped, they’re spending way too much money on her and that’s why she was effing for beats in the first place. This album will never see US. Would’ve been perfect timing, seeing that White Chicks, I mean Black Window is a hit now. Poor Dat.

  25. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 19, 2014

    HAahahahahahahahahahaha!! That’s what THOT’s get. Calvin clapped back at a using trick now it’s a DEFINITE future flop like her debut album Oral

  26. MISHKA August 20, 2014

    The only issue with Rita is that Jay-Z flaunted her in NYC like she was the next best thing after Beyonce but 4 years later the girl herself is still trying to figure it out.

    She should identify what her strenghts really are and capitalize on them. She’s all over the place and nowhere at the same dang time. Focus, lady.

  27. Jansel August 20, 2014

    I don’t respect this lol dirty h**, I do like I will let you down tho. But she dumb as hell and still hasn’t learned that being Super Puss doesn’t get her anywhere. You couldn’t even revise a verse like Beyoncé does? Where tf are your lawyers? Maybe you can ask Iggy to ask Ti to hook you up with a writer

  28. d August 20, 2014

    i still am not a fan of hers.i mean i just don’t understand what she is bringing to the table that is different. it seems she just follows trends and doesn’t not have a unique voice or stage presence. as far as this album i mean it can come out whenever but i don’t think she is meant to be a big US just doesn’t seem to want to happen and thats ok.nothing wrong with being a london star. but she needs to stick to what she knows and that is london fame. good day.

  29. Timago August 20, 2014

    WHERE THE HELL SMELLY FLOPLAND?????????????????????????????????

  30. IGGY INC August 20, 2014

    Just to make things clear black widow is Iggys car. Rita Whora is a feature and that is all she will ever be!

  31. Dev August 20, 2014

    Calvin holds more weight in the industry than Rita. After she ran her mouth stating the facts about not being able to preform IWNLUD and his response, she has probably been warned to shut her trap and not upset him otherwise it could have further consequences, hence her walking off.

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