New Song: Sisqo – ‘A-List (Ft Waka Flocka)’

Published: Tuesday 26th Aug 2014 by David


Making a return to R&B/Hip Hop courts this week is Sisqo, the ‘Dragon’ riding chart topper responsible for the smash hit single that was ‘Thong Song.’

His latest effort? ‘A-List’, featuring Waka Flocka, pulled from his September 9th release ‘The Last Dragon.’

Does he still it?

Find out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. How many licks August 26, 2014


    • Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

      In the music business, perhaps the most dreamed about position that fans and musicians alike fantasize over is being the lead singer in a group. Especially when you consider the massive accomplishments of icons like Beyonce Knowles, Justin Timberlake, and the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson, all former lead singers of legendary groups who went on to have stellar solo careers. Added to this super exclusive club of musical geniuses is Sisqó ,long time front man of the multi-platinum group Dru Hill and a Grammy nominated solo artist whose talent is so extraordinary, he towers as the perfect example of a true quadruple threat, excelling as a first class singer, dancer, songwriter, and actor. Born in a city synonymous with drugs and extreme violence Baltimore, Maryland, served as the rearing site for an artist who will undoubtedly go down in music history as one of the most talented and flamboyant all around entertainers, past or present, to have ever picked up a microphone. Strong words maybe, but then again one need only look, listen or simply observe the six pack having dancing machine in action to know that a talent this amazing comes only so often. At a time when charismatic singers who can really sang and dance is a rarity, Sisqó to the contrary shines as the consummate showman fearless in his pursuit to push the limits of creativity.

      While still only in his early thirties, Sisqó is nearly a 20-year music veteran who thus far has had a career that many of the brightest and most successful singers of today can only dream of. As the voice behind a vast list of classics such as “Tell Me”, “Incomplete”, “In My Bed”, “5 Steps”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “We’re Not Making Love No More”, and the earth shattering smash single “The Thong Song”, for which he caused an international mania of epic proportions, are just some of the hit records that have secured Sisqo’s place in music history. Responsible for a jaw dropping thirty million records sold worldwide explains why several of the hottest young singers in the industry regularly call on Sisqo` for performance tips and career advice. A true talent of the highest kind, Sisqo is as passionate about acting as he is about singing, most evident in his long list of television and film roles to include “Sisqo’s Shakedown” (MTV); “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (ABC); “I Love the New Millennium” (VH-1); “Gone Country” (CMT); “Keith Sweat’s Platinum House” (Centric); “Celebrity Big Brother” (UK); and films “Get Over It”, “Pieces of April”, “Surf School”, and the immensely popular “Show Dogs” starring Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. Admired by several fellow superstar artists, Sisqo` has written for and recorded with industry heavyweights Mya (It’s all About Me), DMX (What These B****** Want), and Lil’ Kim (How Many Licks). Arguably the most popular musicians on the planet at the beginning of the new millennium, Sisqó won an astonishing six Billboard awards in 2000–Male Artist of the Year, Male Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year, R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, New R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, R&B/Hip-Hop Male Artist of the Year, and R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Artist of the Year, as well as MTV’s Best Hip-Hop Video for “The Thong Song”.

      With the release of “Back to the Future”, Dru Hill’s monstrous lead single off the group’s fourth studio album “Indrupendence Day”, totally destroying clubs, radio, and the internet along with his third solo album entitled “Last Dragon” due out soon, the czar of flashy hairstyles who was once flown to London, England by his idol Michael Jackson to be praised in person by “The King”, is now poised to become the
      new king of pop

      Just trying to educate you

      • ellrbergxxcb August 26, 2014

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      • Trigga September 2, 2014

        How can he be poised to be the new king of pop if he’s not popular lol.
        He can’t when Usher,Justin a Timberlake,and Chris brown exists. At least they’re popular. They’ve been actually called future king of pop

    • Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

      What’s funny is you’re gonna say “who” but your user name is how many licks. A song lil Kim recorded with Sisqo.You make a lot of sense.

  2. LB August 26, 2014

    I don’t know how I feel about this one, it sounds like a bad remix to a Chris Brown song, sang by Justin Bieber, only it is Sisqo’s voice.

    I think he needs to go back to the studio with this one because it sounds unfinished.

    Pleasantly surprised by Waka Flocka’s verse. Didn’t know he could spit like that. Ok Mr Flocka, come through.

    • Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

      You mean CB looks and sounds like a bad version of Sisqo.

  3. Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

    yes!!!! Sisqo is back!! he is one of the best male R&B singer today!! Grape you are late but thank-you for posting.

  4. MisdamenorFan August 26, 2014

    That beat sounds a lot like Iggy’s Drop That from Ignorant Art.

    • Jansel August 26, 2014


      • MisdamenorFan August 26, 2014

        You are so childish…

  5. nobitchassness August 26, 2014

    Well okay Miss Sisqo.

  6. Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

    Too answer your question, yes Sisqo still got it.The song could be a club Banger.This is no different from thong song.Sisqo releases club anthems first.The ballad is next!! He will bring his vocals don’t worry.

  7. RoyalKev August 26, 2014

    This Sisqo fan is going off! … That’s a hell of an article written for Sisqo up there !

    Tbh, I kind wrote him off, but he does sound like someone that’s a hit away from finding a fit back in today’s R&B music scene. I wish him luck.

    • RoyalKev August 26, 2014

      * kind of

    • Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

      lol Im just super excited that he released.Ive been getting shut down and dragged by people claiming that Sisqo is dead and he will never release. This is a huge slap in their face for me.

      • RoyalKev August 26, 2014

        I get it! I think it’s really cool that you’re standing by your fav no matter what people say about him. I don’t understand flip-floppers or people that use random artists they don’t even care for to drag artists they don’t like. If Sisqo makes a big comeback, at least we’ll all know you where really on board first.

  8. Avenger August 26, 2014

    He’s still doing that blond thing? Mistake #1. It’s not 1999 anymore. That whole look on him is tired. Brandy unbraided her hair…Lenny cut off his dreads… Reinvention, i.e. surprising people who think that they can predict you, is a key part of a comeback.

    • Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

      I kind of agree with what you’re saying about the whole reinvention thing but that doesn’t work for everyone.Look at Beyonce, she still rocks blonde because it works for her.And Sisqo has tried different styles such as red, silver, cornrows.It didn’t really help him.I think blonde is his lane.

  9. Tree1977 August 26, 2014

    I just knew this was gonna be wack but it’s actually pretty good. Waka sounds ok not sure why Sisqo went with the auto tune but I could hear this in the club I give it a 7 outta 10

    • Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

      The song actually grew on me. The beat is what got me hooked and loved the chorus.I agree with you about the auto tune.The song is fine without it.But overall he made the right choice of releasing a trap song.He is reinventing his sound.

  10. Jansel August 26, 2014

    If you trynna make a comeback why choose Waka? If you need a look just put Nic on yo song

  11. Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

    hahaha When I saw featuring Waka I was like no!!! but his verse wasn’t that bad.

  12. pff August 26, 2014

    Dru Hill hit it’s peak in a 2 year run,tried to come back shipped 500K and got dropped from Def Jam. Sisqo was only hot during the 1999-2000 era.
    I don’t know what Sisqo’s publicist is doing on TGJ but that long passage seems like something he would’ve wrote about him self. Arrogance is what killed sisqo before he became a household name.I remember him always stating how great he was!The most noticeable thing he has done in years was get into fist fights with his group members and wear a thong on some reality show that doesn’t even air in his home country. I respect Sisqo but hate his arrogance.I doubt this song will even chart!

    • Tree1977 August 26, 2014

      The song is gonna chart looks like they gonna try and put a lot of money behind him how far it goes who knows and forget what he was that has nothing to do with the fact that the song is decent as long as he stays humble he might get another shot

    • Tree1977 August 26, 2014

      The song will chart and what does all the past history have to do with the fact that this is a decent song? Chris Brown and R. Kelly have way worse past history and they came back. Yeah Sisqo was a jerk but that was a long time ago as long as he keeps making good songs and don’t do the arrogant thing again he will be fine

      • Sisqo is king August 26, 2014

        @Tree exactly

        RKelly slept with a child and CB beat up Rihanna yet people gave them a chance. Why shouldn’t sisqo be given a chance?? Is it because he dissed Usher.Rappers diss all the time nobody cares.

    • Sisqo is king August 26, 2014

      Are you kidding me???That was old news.Sisqo has moved on.And most singers today are arrogant not just Sisqo.

  13. Iconic Cici August 26, 2014

    Crisco has stans? he hasn’t been relevant in years

    • Vandrea August 26, 2014

      You got a lot of nerve saying that considering your user name. I know that you’re not a real Ciara fan, and are only using her to be obnoxious and troll on here so that people will attack her in retaliation, but seriously…

    • Sisqo is king August 26, 2014

      Everyone has stans.How ignorant can you be? He sold 30 million records as a solo act.Ciara?

  14. Britney Stan August 26, 2014

    Who is this flop? & will he ever see a chart? kiiii

    • Sisqo is king August 26, 2014

      b**** you will eat those words soon

    • DIGGER BEY August 26, 2014

      He’s a man with more talent in his paws than The Walking dead has in her whole body kii

  15. Stav August 26, 2014

    I hate to be negative, but you have a 90s R&B star who peaked 15 years ago after a relatively short successful run, hasn’t been heard from on a major scale in nearly half that time, and isn’t even signed to a major label today coming out with a new song that features a C/D-list rapper whose own career has been overshadowed by more popular rappers. How well do you suspect this will do? That’s like Mya signing to EOne and releasing a new song with Azeala Banks. The music era that Sisqo is from was 100x better than the current one, but it’s over so let’s no kid ourselves. Sisqo doesn’t even have a realistic target demographic anymore. The youth market of 1997-2000 that bought Dru Hill/Sisqo records at the time are now in their 30s, have moved on and have better or more pressing things to spend their money on than music…and the current youth market were just babies when he originally emerged, don’t know who he is, are young enough to be his kids and won’t see him as relatable enough to buy into. If JLo, Mariah and Usher (all of whom were charting the last time he did) are currently struggling, then poor Sisqo has next to no prayer. But good luck anyway. Like I said, the era of music he’s from was still a superior one than this current one, so I’ll give him respect based on THAT. No hate. Just real talk.

    • Sisqo is king August 26, 2014

      I don’t understand why people are so pressed about chart positions. Im pretty sure sisqo could care less about being#1. This is for his fans.

  16. Casual-T August 26, 2014

    Something about this mix is off. They wanted a crunked up, energetic feel, but this just ended up loud and bombastic. Not a bad song overall, though this particular arrangement doesn’t work.

  17. Career Ender August 26, 2014

    king Sisqo is back?
    .the male MJ of our generation

    • Sisqo is King August 26, 2014

      Mj praised him in person and passed the pop crown to Sisqo when he was alive. He never did that to any male R&B artist.

  18. eric August 26, 2014

    This won’t do it. He’s capable of much better.

  19. bibi93 August 26, 2014

    RnB legend

  20. 10Work August 26, 2014

    Not bad….but is it enough?

  21. DIGGER BEY August 26, 2014

    Its a solid effort but I need to hear something that makes him The Head of every popular male R&B singer…….that Voice! #WELCOME BACK SISQO

  22. ICONIC RI August 27, 2014

    Hell NO.

    • Sisqo is King August 27, 2014

      I noticed that Ciara stans are always coming for other artist.Now I see why Ciara gets dragged.We all kno you’re a Ciara stan hiding behind Rihanna.Don’t think you wont get dragged on a Sisqo post b****!

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