Enough! Ariana Grande Claps Back At “Diva” Reports

Published: Thursday 18th Sep 2014 by Sam

Of late, Ariana Grande has a ‘Problem’ that is beyond her chart-topping hit.

For, seemingly out of nowhere, a measured myriad of stories centered around her supposedly “diva” behaviour have been doing the rounds.

Indeed, the said reports have been popping up almost daily.

Well, it appears the 21-year-old has had enough.

Speaking to her 18 million Twitter followers, she said…

{Tweets read from the bottom up}


And there you have it.

For our part, having interviewing Ariana personally, we can vouch for the fact that she was sweet, humble, and passionate – both on camera and off.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beautiful Bey September 18, 2014

    What has me laughing out loud is your lack of album sales.

    • sleazy September 18, 2014

      What has her laugh is you hating behind a phone no life while she is out enjoying hers getting money

    • Pat September 18, 2014

      @BeautifulBeySays, please remember what you put out is what u get back weather you are behind a computer screen or not, you are still thinking the hateful things you type!

  2. Beautiful Bey September 18, 2014

    Ariana is a fake ass b**** we can all tell.

    • TruthMeter September 18, 2014

      Lol she is as transparent and fake as the rejects who wrote this post and did her interview; vouching for her “humble & sweet” self. bahahaha

  3. 2 girls 1 cup September 18, 2014

    GURLL BYEE just own up to it if youre diva then you’re a diva stop putting a front you see this is I would forever respect and stan for christina aguilera because Her ass always been a dIva since day one in her Mickey Mouse club days, the genie in a bottle days, her dirrty days ect ect that’s just whoe she is wether yall like or not I would have more respect for Ariana if she would just own it up instead of all that fake b******* GURL bye

  4. Beysus September 18, 2014

    That outfit just screams Beyonce – Sweet Dreams…

  5. #TeamTinashe Stan (Pre-Order “Aquarius” Now On iTunes) September 18, 2014

    But she didn’t give a valid response tho.
    She must have doing a lot of hand shoving and telling her
    fans to delete pictures all around the states as a result of the
    shocking sales for her last album.

    Plus she has a brother that is probably fulling up her head about
    how she is the greatest thing since slice bread.

    And the whole turning her face to the side is getting annoying.

  6. Beysus September 18, 2014

    She should be laughing at her flop ass sales and boring ass hair

  7. Beysus September 18, 2014

    Vote YES for Scottish Independence!!! #indyref

    • BadGalRita September 18, 2014

      You’re a scott lol pukes

      • Beysus September 18, 2014

        It’s “Scot”… Get it right…

  8. Lolz September 18, 2014

    You need to make a post on the mess that is MATHEW KNOWLES.

  9. Beysus September 18, 2014

    Mariah-wannabe sounding flop…

  10. Mimi carey September 18, 2014


    • BadGalRita September 18, 2014

      What did you just look at The flop chanteuse ticket sales?

      • Luke James stan September 18, 2014

        Coming from a Rita Ora stan who album been shelved fiftyleven times lol

  11. Beysus September 18, 2014

    Sam, the future of my country is announced tomorow morning and I’m shitting myself about the results! Please make a post about the results!

  12. Did you say Justin Bieber,one Direction,MILEY,lady gaga or BEYONCÈ September 18, 2014

    @beykim is my ask.com

  13. Did you say Justin Bieber,one Direction,MILEY,lady gaga or BEYONCÈ September 18, 2014

    Mollys also one diva who got her weave scalp on twitter,gal was dragged

  14. Om September 18, 2014

    Didn’t this b**** say that she wished all of her fans were dead? She’ll be over faster than Lady Caca

  15. tits mcgee September 18, 2014

    So 2 former coworkers at Nick,Juliana Rancic,
    the former fans father’s, open letter, and the
    photog in Australia, are all lying?

    What is the motive? To bring down someone,
    who doesn’t even have a gold record?

    Hun, where there is smoke there is fire. Too
    many people, saying the same things even
    before your 1st album.

    Humble yourself, and learn to love, love, love
    yourself Narcissus Grande.

  16. SLAYline Dion September 18, 2014

    18 million twitter followers but can’t even push 200k first week or get a gold cert. poordat

  17. HOTSTUFF September 18, 2014

    well Sam the time you interviewed her she was a FLOPPING NOBODY ..

  18. Om September 18, 2014

    She sounds really stupid, those tweets are embarrassing and it makes her look guilty. There’s nothing genuine about this girl. When you got Guliana Rancic, an actual entertainment reporter co-signing your foul behavior, it’s GOT to be true…..she better look at what having a stank attitude did for Christina Aguilera and Ti-error Marie careers.

  19. LB September 18, 2014

    I also didn’t believe the rumors but even if she was a diva, so what. You pay her to sing, not to be nice to you.

  20. tiger September 18, 2014

    She always appears to be really sweet but those are usually the worst divas just the least expected!!! Where there is smoke there is fire and they can’t all be liars. One or two maybe but there is literally 3 or 4 a week.

  21. Timago September 18, 2014

    SMELLY FLOPLAND?!?!?!?!?!

  22. Timago September 18, 2014


  23. PUSSYONCÈ INSPIRED BY KING RIRI September 18, 2014


  24. Lily September 18, 2014

    Everybody knows this 12yr old whorish b**** is FAKE and she should be laughing at her flopping sales that Never goes Platium let alone Gold.

    • Lily September 18, 2014


  25. There once was a pimp and his h**…. September 18, 2014

    I already knew that from the moment she debuted, which is why I was never fond of her in the first place. It’s always the ones that try extra hard to be cute/innocent in public that turn out to be completely bitchy behind closed doors.
    #Too bad, so sad

  26. Stephy September 18, 2014

    She is NOT a DIVA!

    • JOHNVIDAL September 18, 2014

      I agree. Not in the good way at least 🙂

  27. Pat September 18, 2014

    I do agree that Ariana may not be the best person, but what about you all? No life having, judgmental, fat, pork, pickled eggs, hog balls eating f****!

  28. Rosie September 18, 2014

    LMAO so obviously fake. Once again Buzzfeed (don’t ask why I go on there) posted about this and once again she was scalped by almost everyone in the comments. 80% of them were “Who?”, people who didn’t believe her, and people wanting her to disappear.
    And 18 million Twitter followers yet her sellout album is selling worse than Ultraviolence with all that promo and payola. She’ll be over by late 2015 since everyone, even her own stans, see right through her wannabe Mariah/Britney Lolita act.

    • Pat September 18, 2014

      @Rosie, i’m curious as to what you are doing with your life…

  29. Pat September 18, 2014

    Ole raw fish eating ass clowns on this website. Gtfoh, are you all serious on this site. Are your comments serious, lmaooooooooooooooooo! Get a life!

  30. Tisha September 18, 2014

    Her careers falling apart before she even did anything, too many people have the true tea on her and are gladly spilling.

    She’s spoiled and assumed she could act reckless in private and no one would put her own blast. Clearly she was mistaken.

    Just to sit back and watch the lies expose her like they did for Gaga’s ass.

  31. Devon September 18, 2014

    Ariana is just Taylor Swift with r&b aspirations. No one is falling for Taylor’s cutie, naive Lolita behaviour and no one is falling for your Ariana.
    TGJ, She may have been humble when she met you but clearly she isn’t now.

  32. whoiam September 18, 2014

    I see that she has added another date for Madison Square Gardens on her 2015 arena tour. I still cannot believe she is doing an arena tour, simply because her album has only sold so far 236k. If people are paying $500 for a group m&g why has her album not sold more. It will be interesting to see the tickets numbers for these arenas

  33. NOLIES September 18, 2014

    Child boo! You are on minute 14/15. I can’t stand this thot and her annoying thin voice. As least the other Mariah wannabes actually could sing and enunciate, where this b**** can’t do either. Seriously, I know she is a b****, because my friend in Australia gave me the exclusive that she had over the top demands, and that they canceled the media promo bc she couldn’t have her way. You’re right, she isn’t a diva, she’s a wannabe diva. B**** won’t be around in 2 years. The only chick we want screaming on our radio is Mimi, and since she hasn’t done that consistently since 2005…

  34. Musika September 19, 2014

    Haters gonna hate. Ariana Grande is the MOST talked about pop artist of 2014. There will always be people like these haters. She might be a diva at work but she’s a really nice in person.

  35. JAKE LOZA January 10, 2016

    Hi Adrian grade

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