Danity Kane Announce Album Will Be Released / Confirm Release Date

Published: Thursday 25th Sep 2014 by Sam

Rejoice, Danity Kane fans!

For, after playing out the messiest girl-band break-up in recent memory, the ladies are redeeming themselves by still releasing their initially-scrapped third album.

Confirmation came courtesy of members Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex – who also revealed the released date of the ‘Lemonade’ led LP.

Details below…

Posting on Instagram, the ladies confirmed that the as yet untitled LP will arrive on October 28th:

Yes, yes, and yes!

Despite still feeling somehow about the break-up, the fact the album is still being released is as good a consolation as a consolation could get at this point.

We are, quite literally elated! So much so that we’re momentarily overlooking the natural questions that arise. Such as whether or not Dawn Richard‘s vocals will feature? And if they will (which we suspect they will), is it legally even allowed? {Again, we imagine all is fine, given that there are countless artists whose previously recorded material is released – with and without their permission. It’ll all likely boil down to what contract was signed. But we digress…)

At this junction, we’re just glad the music is coming. Because, by all counts, everything we heard sounded like audio fire!

Roll on October 28th!

Your thoughts?

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  1. A September 25, 2014

    Im so excited. Dawn will be on the album. She is on the albumcover so her voice will be on it. I think she signed an agreement. I only want All in a days work and they will be forgiven!!

    I hope the girls promote album seperately so it will sell.

    • eicrdnerya September 25, 2014

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  2. Yela September 25, 2014

    This is just the bosses wanting to get their money back after investing. The issue is with all this bad publicity and bickering, who is gonna believe the record is worth buying plus what a bad way for a very successful multiplatinum selling group to go out

  3. nobitchassness September 25, 2014

    I knew it! I f****** knew it! These girls knew what they were doing. They shall have a reunion soon and I bet a reality show will come up too. Ugh I love DK.

  4. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me September 25, 2014

    I am beyond excited. Dawn will be on the album… considering Aubrey used the Hashtag #DK3. Wouldn’t that be amazing if the girls could get it together, Dawn make a public apology with the other girls there and they could put out a PSA about violence never being the answer… because I know Dawn does not think that’s what DK stands for and as messy as the breakup was, they all care about DK. I saw them in Chicago and you could tell Aubrey, Shannon, and Dawn all cared about DK3. Unlikely they clean up the mess but it is a lovely thought. The music should be great… I will be bumping this album all fall!!!!

  5. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me September 25, 2014

    Side note… EVERYONE will be bumping “All in a Day’s Work”!!!!!!!!! Cannot WAIT for that studio version. And excited to see if Nicki is featuring on it!

  6. Mark111 September 25, 2014

    Hahahahaha, and I thought Destiny’s Child in 2000 was a mess. No one want this album, the ones that are raving won’t buy, they never buy, they just hype crap up.

    • FutureCIARA September 25, 2014

      Just like Dead-liyah fans hyped up a Bio only to premiere on Lifetime.


      • Brian310 September 25, 2014

        A bio pic movie Ciara would NEVER get made in her honor.

  7. cocobutta September 25, 2014

    I will be pre-ordering for sure and am excited.
    Hate there will no videos and stuff to compliment the audio beastry but I just got to be happy to have something to rassclart.

    Dawn said she wanted this to happen so hope no glitches.
    Make sure you SPLIT PROFITS ladies and don’t be shady as we got no time for lawsuit dramas to add to the previous mess.

  8. MuzikLuv September 25, 2014

    If that music cover on amazon is the actual official cover then they LOOK MUTHAFYKING HOT.

    All in a days work serving fire. #DK3

  9. playtime September 25, 2014

    Knew she would fix this to some extent.
    My gurl knows how to handle a SCANDAL

  10. danity slain September 25, 2014

    YASSSS is the first thing that comes to my mind, but i will not be getting my hopes up until there is confirmation that Dawn’s vocals will be included. It won’t be the same without every girl’s voice! If anything about this leads to a let down, I will officially lose all hope for DK :/

  11. Indie September 25, 2014

    I’m 1000% here for this I hope everyone buys it and makes it an outstanding success cos if they do I believe the girls will see sense and sort things out, no one wants to broke at the end of the day so lets support this record!

  12. RoyalKev September 25, 2014

    This just made my day, I’m definitely getting the album. If these girls get their third straight #1 album on Billboard 200, there will definitely be a reunion!

  13. SilentNight September 25, 2014

    Girls be actin stink, and mad funny
    Y’all b****** acting worse than my monthly
    Can’t stand the pain then pop a “Humphrey”
    I know it hurts….

    These heifers be like a sad movie with a good ending.
    Sort it out DK.

    Pleased though.

  14. NT September 25, 2014

    Dawn’s voice is all over All In A Day’s work so she’s obviously on the album.

  15. pat September 25, 2014

    They played us n I love it. They’ll definitely reunite to promote a hit album

  16. Dem Lessors September 25, 2014

    Thank god! They need to “make up” before the album release though, we need more live performances.

  17. DK brings out the crazys September 25, 2014

    I really don’t think Dawn is part of this. They may use her vocals and she won’t see a penny of it as they rejected the songs she submitted for the project.

    I think Aubrey her boyfriend and his friends Stereotypes had this planned from the jump.

    Shannon lost sooo many cool points, all this shady white girl mess just to eliminate that extra cut.

  18. DK brings out the crazys September 25, 2014

    Aubrey & Shannon and all their week ass vocals aint getting a penny from me.

    I’ll download that s*** for free tho.

  19. lol September 25, 2014

    They have a production deal with the stereotypes so they releasing just to get the money back, Dawn isn’t involved with this…And I bet a lot of her vocals have been cut….

  20. FutureCIARA September 25, 2014

    The entire break-up and fight was STAGED!! Of course they were still going to release!

    You people forget that they come from a Reality TV show background! Full of Drama, Publicity and Scripts!

    Nonetheless I cant wait to listen…

    • lol September 25, 2014

      Nah the fight happened and so did the break up

  21. FutureCIARA September 25, 2014


    It better have like 18-20 songs on it, with a few fire Interludes!

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