From The Vault: Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey – ‘When You Believe’

Published: Sunday 28th Sep 2014 by Joe

This week, From The Vault journeys back to 1998 when Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey joined forces on inspirational track ‘When You Believe’.

After the media had portrayed them as arch-enemies for the most part of the 90’s, it came as a monumental surprise when news arose of a possible collaboration between the two larger-than-life songstresses. Indeed, what many Pop-enthusiasts had wished for – and others secretly dreaded – was happening: the vocal wonders were putting their alleged rivalry aside for one special song.

Masterminded by Babyface and Stephen Schwartz, ‘Believe’ was included on the OST for Dreamworks animated movie ‘The Prince Of Egypt’. It was also the first single off Houston’s comeback album ‘My Love Is Your Love’ and was featured on Carey’s compilation album ‘#1’. It peaked at #15 in the US and was a Top 10 smash in numerous European countries such as France (#5), Germany (#8) and the UK (#4).

The video, lensed by Phil Joanou, presented the two stunners in leather black dresses singing the track on a stage to a roaring audience intercut with footage of the two ladies interacting on set as well as projections of powerful scenes of the movie such as Moses’ opening of the Red Sea.

Two of TGJ-favorites, Mimi and Nippy delivered with this offering a statement about the importance of spirituality; they also silenced the critics through a blossoming friendship.

Whether based on solid theories or not, it is a common trait of Pop-Culture pitting artists against each other, especially women. Though we understand the need for such scenarios, we’d be lying if we ever said we weren’t daydreaming of a few specific parings ourselves. Strong and successful females coming together remains a beautiful thing that isn’t as widespread as it should.


What is your ultimate diva pairing?

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  1. Mimi Carey September 28, 2014

    The two queens! Beyoncé and Rihanna could never…

    • YoursTruly98 September 28, 2014

      Beyonce is better than these addicts lol

      • Ummm September 28, 2014

        Never… Performance wise, of course, but vocal and overall influence on music history.. Never

      • ~Pretty~ September 28, 2014

        ……..And then you woke up from that dream

      • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2014

        LOLOLOL This Ariana Grande stans… all of their comments are hilarious in this post. I thought the next comment couldn´t surpass the hilarity of the previous one but each of them has surprised me. Congrats I gues LMAO

    • usnutzrena September 28, 2014

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    • Molly September 28, 2014

      Classic vocal performance from the greatest voices of our generation. This is the personification of GREATNESS; bigger than Rihanna, beyonce and all the other students; classy and well sung

  2. Proud-Arianator September 28, 2014

    Wow! First time hearing this song must say I am So Impressed

    • Mimi Carey September 28, 2014

      You must be 5 years old like your fav

      • Proud-Arianator September 28, 2014

        You must be old and in your 40’s just like ….. Wait

    • Realest September 28, 2014

      @Proud-Arianator: lmfaoooooooo first time? Wow you really must be 5 years old. Better not see any shady comments towards mariah EVER since clearly you don’t know her music catalogue!

    • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2014

      You are f****** stupid! How you dare to constantly shade the likes of Mariah Carey while supporting a clearly inferior artist who just imitates is beyond me. But at leats I thought you knew Mariah Carey damn well, at least her big hits or why she is a legendary artist. But you have the nerve to tell us you don´t know any of that? That you are impressed by this as if Mariah Carey or Whitney houston slaying is new to you? When in fact this is far from their most impacting songs or vocals? Are you serious? Please say sorry right now and don´t shade them anymore LOL

      • Proud-Arianator September 28, 2014

        Oh please John Vidal I was not shading Mariah and Whitney you are so dedicated to this site that you classify any comment that you don’t agree with as shade Yes this was the first time I heard this sig and I was very impressed at what my earlobes captured where is the shade in that? I respect my elders so I will not drag your ass from here to Albuquerque
        Be blessed now 🙂 Hugs and Kisses

      • JOHNVIDAL September 29, 2014

        I didn´t mean you were shading this time. I meant that you keep shading the likes of Mariah… and now it seems that without even knowing why they are who they are. I thought my comment was pretty clear.

  3. Katy Cat September 28, 2014

    A crack addict and an alcoholic on one song no thanks

    • Mimi Carey September 28, 2014

      Whitney on crack and Mariah drunk off of wine > Katy’s “cat in heat” vocals any day f*****!!!

    • Realest September 28, 2014

      Can Katy sing yet?

  4. Proud-Arianator September 28, 2014

    Just discovered this song a few days ago songs like these make wish I was growing up in the 90’s

  5. Bobbi Kristina Brown September 28, 2014

    MOORIAH sounded like s*** and her vocals were copy + paste!

    • Mimi Carey September 28, 2014

      And Bobbi looks like s*** kii

  6. Alison Carey September 28, 2014

    That fat, unloyal cow sounded like crap! She’s a lip-syncing troll with two failed marriages and was also jealous of her more talented and attractive/skinny older sister. smh.

    • Realest September 28, 2014

      You sound really upset

    • Mimi Carey September 28, 2014

      Why would she be jealous of that prostitute?

  7. Good Sis September 28, 2014

    Oh how i love this song wholeheartedly.

  8. Realest September 28, 2014

    Love this version too…. Too bad popular music won’t be of this quality anymore. I feel bad for the ppl growing up on this music of today!

    • Good Sis September 28, 2014

      Me too, Love

    • YoursTruly98 September 28, 2014

      Music has gone all the way to the shitter sis. Mariah’s catalogue is impeccable. Flawless.

      • YoursTruly98 September 28, 2014

        SIKE KII

      • Ummm September 28, 2014

        But you’re trying to shade with an album that hasn’t even gone gold yet, as you screen name…. And that if a Mimi wannabe/try hard at that…. No ma’am , your fav literally cany even pronounce her words let alone fathom….

  9. YoursTruly98 September 28, 2014

    A dead cracked out has-been and a drunken box shaped has-been lol

    • Proud-Arianantor September 28, 2014

      Keep it cute Boo

    • blue September 28, 2014

      at least they were once legendary and still legends. Who and what is you fav?

  10. Good Sis September 28, 2014

    Thank you, Joe for this article this song help me get through a lot i hold this song close and dear to my heart.

  11. Lolz September 28, 2014


  12. blue September 28, 2014

    have been listening to this song on loop recently even looked up their interview on oprah and must say whitney outshoned mariah personality wise. In the interview.
    This song is a testament that different dont mean better or worse.

  13. ~Pretty~ September 28, 2014

    The commenters on this site are absolutely disgusting! Some of the worst I’ve ever seen. When will we ever have an iconic pairing like this again? Never because most of these chicks can’t sing!!!

    • You Stupid September 28, 2014

      SAY THAT… True talent is so hard to find… Everything is so bubblegum… Crank that superman was the beginning of the end…

      • ~Pretty~ September 28, 2014

        Watch it! That was my song/dance in high school lmao!! But you are absolutely correct. Even the good singers dumb themselves down. Talent is obviously not wanted in the mainstream anymore.

    • You Stupid September 28, 2014

      YASSSSS!!!! I was crankin that superman, that batman, that wolverine, and that Spider-Man… Lol… Not knowin I was helping the destruction of true artistry… I was crankin the music apocalypse and I ain’t eeeeem much know it lol

  14. Pu$$y Juice September 28, 2014

    Omg i swear i was just listening to this song today. Flawless duet!! Two of the greatest voices mixed together. It was my s*** back when i was a kid.

  15. Beysus September 28, 2014


  16. Beysus September 28, 2014

    Beyonce and Shakira – Beautiful Liar

  17. Beysus September 28, 2014

    Beyonce and Lady Gaga – Telephone

  18. Beysus September 28, 2014

    Rihanna and Nicki Minaj – Fly

  19. Slay_Hive September 28, 2014

    Beyonce and Brandy would be cute 😉

    • ~Pretty~ September 28, 2014

      Yes! Solange stans for brandy so she would probably s*** herself lol

      • Slay_Hive September 28, 2014

        I know. I love Brandy and Brandy is a fan of Beyonce’s…I would did if they did a collab!!

  20. Beysus September 28, 2014

    Ciara and Missy – 1, 2 Step

  21. Beysus September 28, 2014

    Eve and Gwen Stefani – Let Me Blow Ya Mind

  22. Slay_Hive September 28, 2014

    Beyonce and Alicia keys was cute, but I’m still waiting on that dam video almost 5 years later. kii

  23. ~Pretty~ September 28, 2014

    I know this isn’t a diva pairing lol but I would love to see Fantasia and Bruno Mars collab. And even Fantasia and Beyoncé on something upbeat. Could you imagine how epic that performance would be?

  24. YoursGrande111 September 28, 2014

    Ummh I think these two women are one of the greatest vocalists/Singers ever in Popular culture very influential voices. Both unique techniques. Not like many of yall, I actually study a persons catalog before I give my comments or whatsoever. Vocally Mariah Carey was supreme between 1990 -1996 then she peaked and started declining and same could be said about whitney (Drug Use caused that for her).. IMO I’ve always thought whitney was the better singer/vocalist because no vocalist could ever sing like her live “receipts” watch her 80s live videos no one even mariah carey could never top that in her prime. Moving on.. Whitney Houston was the VOICE. This duet proved to everyone that they were both the best singers in popular culture in the 90s also what I detected since I’ve seen live versions of this song, it proved that whitney was more powerful & a powerhouse beast compared to mariah carey. I give it to Mariah carey for standing and singing with someone powerful vocally like nippy. Concluding my statement this ballad is one of the most used ballads in pop history because of these 2 superstars and its one of the most memorable songs from the 90s.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2014

      It´s not one of the most memorable songs of the 90s at all though. And I´m a real fan of them. So many other singles released by the both of them during the 90s are classics and really memorable, not this. I don´t know if you were trying to force yourself to be nice to Mariah today or what LOL

  25. RICHIE_RICH September 28, 2014


  26. YoursGrande111 September 28, 2014

    Sam why are you holding my comments for moderation because I’m giving credit to legends which happens to be MC ?? Smh

  27. JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2014

    Dead at TGJ making a statement about female superstars coming together after being underservedly put against each other… when all they do is making biased posts and comparing artists all the time, bashing some of them but never others. Hilarious.
    Apart from that, beautiful words dedicated to these two true greats. Thanks TGJ I guess (although I swear they´ve made a post remembering this song at least 5 times by now. A little more of variety please! These two women have such amazing catalogues and not that well known songs-singles that you could do better).

  28. JOHNVIDAL September 28, 2014

    They weren´t even at their vocal peaks at all here. And still, so special anyway.

  29. “Dimple” September 28, 2014

    The Ariana taco bell Grande supreme fans are pressed over Mariah. So Mariah gained weight, big deal. That all you got? Ariana looks anorexic. She needs a nacho bell Grande supreme, or two. And that hideous “dimple” on her cheek is actually a xiii suckin scar from all the industry cookout she sucked at the ripe old age of 21.

    • “Dimple” September 28, 2014


    • “Dimple” September 28, 2014

      Ariana Lazy Mouth Grande. Forever sounding like she’s doing the chubby bunny challenge.

  30. Suicide Blonde September 28, 2014

    I always felt that this song didn’t showcased their abilities as vocalist, it is an iconic moment tho, just to see these two together was like watching a match between Rocky and Ivan Drago. Madonna’s reaction to this collaboration was priceless, oh how i miss Kurt Loader and his interviews.

    • truth September 28, 2014

      F*** Hagdonna. She could never sing like Whitney or Mariah. She definitely has never written anything close to what Mariah has. “Get on the dance floor.” “Tick tock”

      • Suicide Blonde September 28, 2014

        Mariah can write all the songs she wants but call me when does songs are as meaningful as the ones Madonna’s wrote. Let’s not talk about silly lyrics, when songs like “Touch My Body” exist.

      • Suicide Blonde September 28, 2014

        Oh she knows it, she once said that she would have liked to have a voice like WHITNEY, as you can see, she simply considered WHITNEY superior to Mariah, none of us are singers, yet, we judge other people’s vocals, cute video, the real performances are on Youtube, if you want to take a look.

      • Kisses for Kay September 28, 2014

        No sis, I am a vocalist unlike you. I have had 10 years of vocal training prior to obtaining a master’s degree in music so I can judge all I want. You on the other hand need to keep it cute because you make yourself look more foolish every time you comment.

      • Suicide Blonde September 28, 2014

        I would not entertain you, find another commentator who is willing to waste his time with you.

    • Yep September 28, 2014

      Songs that are as meaningful as Madonna’s lol ok. Delusion. How about Mariah’s TWO songs of the decade. How about all the meaningful songs through out her catalogue. Madonna didn’t right much, if any (bought song waiting credits) of her songs. She used “controversy” and sexxx to stay relevant.

      • Suicide Blonde September 28, 2014

        Songs of the decade that are just that, by any means meaningful, just another love songs from Mariah Carey, i could spend the whole day arguing with you but it’s a waste of time, you clearly don’t know about Madonna’s career and catalogue.

    • Yep September 28, 2014

      No fa9. You clearly no nothing about Mariah’s catalogue and her prolific writings.

  31. Theman September 28, 2014

    Mariah is the greater technical singer/vocalist..
    Her songs are much more complex.. Both
    are otherworldly. WH is a superb interpreter/performer..
    They are certainly one of a kind..

  32. MariahIsMusic1 September 28, 2014

    Both are extremely the best vocalists ever IMO. Classical song you’re delusional if you think this song isn’t memorable

  33. NOLIES September 28, 2014

    The most beautiful voice and range (besides Minnie) and the most powerful soulful voice (besides Patti & Mahalia) combining together… This song actually made me cry when I was a little girl. Very sweet to see it again.

  34. Marley September 28, 2014

    Do peoples sense of music memory not date further back than the 1970s. The best voices are from the likes Ella
    Fitzgerald, Nina Simone etc. Whitney and Mariah are the greatest of their generation though.

    • Suicide Blonde September 28, 2014

      I prefer the likes of Lisa Gerrard, Enya and Sissel Kyrkjebø, their voices are heavenly.

      • Marley September 28, 2014

        Of course you would… I’ll stop right there. Thats your opinion.
        But my point is they use the term ‘of all time’ when their knowledge probably does not stretch any further than 40-50 years.

      • Suicide Blonde September 28, 2014

        Why you say that?, they are great singers, out of this world.

  35. There once was a pimp and his h**…. September 28, 2014

    Great collaboration. It’s too bad how underrated it was.

  36. Stephon Maurice Jackson September 28, 2014

    I NEVER did like this song. Its reminds of something Celine Dion would sing. Which, gives the song a staleness to it. Both, were out of their vocal primes during this time. But, Nippy still shut Mariah DOWN. Celine would’ve shut BOTH of them down during this time tho. Celine was in her absolute prime in the ENTIRE 90s

    • J-No September 28, 2014

      God, you’re so stupid. You a have to be the dumbest person that comments here.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson September 28, 2014

        So, if you think im sooo stupid. Why, reply to my stupid comment? Keep it Movin Bitchhh

  37. Theman September 28, 2014

    WH didn’t over power anything.. She just sang way ahead of the melody.. Mimi
    took the cake on Oprah.. They were both still
    great.. Celine has nothing to do
    with this.. Being out of a so
    called vocal prime doesn’t
    make u any less than a
    great singer..

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