New Video: Alicia Keys – ‘We Are Here’

Published: Monday 8th Sep 2014 by Sam

Well, that didn’t take long.

Yesterday, Alicia Keys teased a new song from her upcoming new album (the first since 2012’s ‘Girl On Fire’).

Fast forward 24 hours and the cut, which now has a confirmed title of ‘We Are Here’, has arrived in full, video  form.

Check out the visual below, which came packaged with an open letter from Keys upon its delivery….

The day I wrote this song, I was sitting in a circle of people of all ages and we were asked, “Why are you here.” Why am I here?? This really hit me on a deep level. I realized no one had ever asked me that question before.

As I prepare to give birth to a new child, I can’t help and think about the world I’m bringing my baby into. No matter where we come from, when we see the state of the world today, we can all feel the growing frustration and desire to make a difference. And we all have a voice – we just need to know how to make it heard.

I have a vision that I believe is more than a dream, that I know can be our reality.
I believe in an empowered world community built on the true meaning of equality – where we are all considered one people, regardless of race, religion, gender, zip code, belief system or sexual orientation.

I believe all of our voices should be heard, so that our representation reflects our population. We need our leadership to reflect an equal balance of the gifts that both men and women have to offer.
I believe in a world where every child born receives a quality education – where their unique gifts are nurtured so that they may be a beneficial presence in this world.

I believe in mutual respect and cooperation among all peoples and all nations. It is time to end all forms of racial injustice for our black brothers and sisters and all people of color.
I believe in an end to the prison industrial complex in America and a renewed justice system that is based on fairness and truth.

I believe in universal global health care based on Integrative Medicine, so that our bodies are acknowledged and treated as one system, and we can help control the spread of diseases like AIDS, Malaria, TB and Ebola.

I believe we have an ability to end poverty, oppression, and hopelessness that often breeds despair, terror, and violence.

I believe in common sense gun laws that serve to protect children and families and society from unnecessary violence.

I believe in Peace & Love & Unity.

I believe that this vision can be a reality.

And, it’s not about me. It’s about WE.

Together we can give birth to a kinder and more peaceful world for ALL children.
Our souls were brought together so that we can love each other sister, brother. We Are Here. We are here for all of us. That’s why #WeAreHere.
Sent with Light,

Alicia Keys

With its uplifting lyrics and melodic production, the beautiful ballad re-affirms why Keys is still here almost 15 years after her debut.

It takes a skilled wordsmith to package such potent lyrical content in such a way that sees it still be inviting to the ear – especially in this current club-climate.

The first Ms. Keys cut in some time to grip us, which is ironic as its teaser initially had the opposite effect.

Bring on the album!

Your thoughts?

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  1. maurice September 8, 2014

    I went through Alicia’s entire cataloge last night.
    “As I Am,” one of her best albums.

    Alicia can sell records and doesn’t need to show her pum-pum!

  2. Molly September 8, 2014


    • Sam September 11, 2014

      You mad? I love Alicia Keys.

  3. LB September 8, 2014

    I like it, very nice Alicia Keys

  4. SMH September 8, 2014

    This is what a star looks like. And she doesn’t have to spread her legs and sell her ass on national TV while her daughter watches from the front row.

    • Molly September 8, 2014

      Yes you better throw that Beyonce shade kiii

  5. Mark111 September 8, 2014

    Qith everything that is going on in the world, this song is needed. You can tell this isn’t to sell anything, it’s to give people hope. The people that won’t like it are the ones that just want to shake their butts and then still wonder why their not happy in life.

    • LB September 8, 2014

      Don’t forget opening their legs with their daughter sitting front row and centre, singing along to trashy lyrics like partition

      • Kev September 8, 2014

        You two weak b****’s STAN for Rihanna though, the irony.

      • truthteez September 9, 2014

        @LB and Mark yall are so obsessed with beyonce its not funny. She exudes so much power over your lives that even the littlest of things keeps u mad and pressed. I pity yall u need deliverance.

        And don’t come for beyonce when you two stan for the queen of all trash Rihanna b****** sit down.

        I know the truth hurts hey.

        Btw prepare yourselves for the bitterness you going to feel next year when beyonce wins atleast 3 grammys mitches

    • Dirty Laundy September 8, 2014

      Yessss @ the Rihanna shade! I thought she was yo fave tho.

  6. Dirty Laundry September 8, 2014

    She is stale now.

  7. facts September 8, 2014

    Love her! Real music!!!

  8. nah September 8, 2014

    zzzzZZZzz. No thanks. Appreciate the message though. Alicia needs to starts experimenting sonically

  9. please September 8, 2014

    oh here come the ‘real music!!’ stans… y’all need to get a grip for real. As positive and uplifting the message is supposed to be. The song is still a generic snoozefest.. She needs to retire all that constant ‘eh eh eh eh’ ‘oh oh oh oh’ fake ass Rihanna chanting..

    • Facts September 8, 2014

      You mad or NAH? Cause Alicia isn’t bothered! #CarryOn she isn’t going ANYWHERE!

  10. The Truth Emeritus September 8, 2014

    This is like the new “Whats Going On.” I have to say this is refreshing to hear in comparison to the usual Mickey Mouse formula these female pop stars use. Classic A Keys.

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