New Video: Elijah Blake – ‘Strange Fruit’

Published: Tuesday 30th Sep 2014 by David


New video alert!

As his sophomore EP ‘Drift’ rise on iTunes USA‘s R&B albums tally, Elijah Blake unwraps the visual for his new single ‘Strange Fruit‘, pulled from the Jhene Aiko-approved project.

With director Sean Alexander, Blake delivers an Adam & Eve inspired story set in his very own Garden of Eden, filled with snakes, temptation and a look just as dark as the haunting bop it was shot to support.

Why everyone and their mom is raving about the EP and its brand new video?

Take a bite below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. DeruloDreamer September 30, 2014

    Deadass this dude is my new fave.

  2. iSpeak Truth No Fallacy September 30, 2014

    This is straight up satanic! I know many of you guys will try to justify his actions and the video saying that is some artistic, esoteric interpretation, but it’s not. This man just reenacted the creation story where he finally eats the “Strange Fruit” and decides to turn away from God. Wake up people!

    • That dude October 1, 2014

      lol. Your funny. It is artistic and very creative. Satanic? naw. I dont think so. I think its trying to show the repercussions from engaging in the fruit. If hes walking into the water how does that mean hes turning from god? Last time I checked water is what people get baptized in to get cleanse their sins. I think him walking in the water is showing that he has realized he made a mistake and now hes coming back to god. Or getting cleansed. look at his facial expressions. they show regret. He obviously engaged in the sin but at the end decided it wasnt for him. At the end of the day its thought provoking and we need more content like this to stir up conversation. Nice meeting you.

  3. Teflon Boy September 30, 2014

    The video is creative and artistic, even the song’s productive sounds inventive.., it’s just a shame it’s let down by such generic lyricism.

  4. #ooops September 30, 2014

    who? oh wait another R&b flop

  5. ENOUGH ONIKA September 30, 2014

    Whack as sh*t

    • Kingpin October 1, 2014

      your probably a generic music fan

  6. king z September 30, 2014

    im torn on how to feel about this. As far as the song goes, i looove the verses. they are HOT TO DEF. the chorus however..i guess that’ll grow on me.

    the video was cute – very artistic…until they got to that random ass STEP scene. that made no sense.

    the underlying message of this song does scream illuminati tho. as the commenter above said, it’s clear this is meant to represent a “turn against God” with the snake and the bitten apple. come on Elijah. not u too!

    • porter October 1, 2014

      I think you have it wrong king z. I took it a different way. I feel like the water can represent a cleansing and him walking into the water represents his regret. I think your to caught up in this whole illuminati conspiracy theory. This vid is actually dope and different from anything Ive seen this year.

  7. Mimi Carey September 30, 2014


  8. NOLIES September 30, 2014

    Since he bit that strange fruit, I’m guessing he can now give us an album? These EPs are using what should be singles to promote albums, not free music.

  9. paul October 1, 2014

    Yo this video is crazy. I think its creatively genius. Not only is it different from all the generic videos out there right now but its thought provoking and seems to have a deeper meaning of substance. I feel like the approach was amazing!!! looking forward to everything of his in the future. This kid gets it.

  10. carrissa October 1, 2014

    LOVE IT!!!!

  11. Kingpin October 1, 2014

    He shoots he scores!!! Dopeness all around!

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