Watch: Monica Performs U.S. National Anthem At Mayweather/Maidana Fight

Published: Sunday 14th Sep 2014 by Rashad
monica-that grape juice - national anthem

Two unanimous decisions came from tonight’s Mayweather/Maidana fight:  1) the winner and 2) that R&B diva Monica killed the U.S. national anthem.  Taking to the ring before the highly anticipated fight, see Mo belt out her most memorable rendition of the tune yet below:

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  1. Mula September 14, 2014

    sigh a ghetto flop mess #hood rat #BRANDY IS BETTER

    • kingcutie September 14, 2014

      Mad or nah?

      • luaoscakc September 14, 2014

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    • Taylor September 14, 2014

      Please stfu, and by the way, i’ll pass.

    • Bey/Rih stan September 14, 2014

      NOT! I’ll take MONICA over Brandy’s ugly murdering flop ass any day.

      • beautifuldisaster89 September 14, 2014

        Honey that comment was a little far….that’s y’all problem you’re so focused on these peoples personal lives you’re not paying attention to what’s important…THEY’RE TALENT!! Brandy nor Monica should be considered clops they both have paid there dues….I honestly think they’re both underrated

      • beautifuldisaster89 September 14, 2014


    • Kev September 14, 2014

      You sound pressed as hell…have a seat.

    • Mariah “Diva” Carey September 14, 2014

      What does Brandy’s ugly @ss have to do with Monica? If Monica’s a flop, then what do you call Brandy “Who performed for 40 people in a 90,000 seat arena” who’s on her 3rd straight FLOP ALBUM. Ugh, I can’t stand when basic bit^h’s talk sh*t.

    • HALF AMAZIN September 14, 2014

      I’m tired of people trying to make their rendition of this song so unique or memorable that the fvck the song up. Adding those runs and holding those notes are unnecessary. At least she didn’t forget the words. Everyone who forgets the words becomes a flop or an even bigger flop.

    • SMH September 14, 2014


  2. VH1access Blog September 14, 2014

    Love her, can’t wait for the new album

  3. kingcutie September 14, 2014

    Mo killed it as usual

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) September 15, 2014

      That was a mess honey

  4. Taylor September 14, 2014

    Monica’s a vocal beast! Absolutely love her!

  5. oh yes mam September 14, 2014

    oh yeses mam she sang the hell out of that song. it reminds me of whiteness version. s*** she even sang it better that all the times BEYONCE sang it. and it wasn’t even at the super bowl or for the president. hahaha.

    • oh yes mam September 14, 2014

      TYPO… sorry i meant to say whitney version.

    • SMH September 14, 2014

      Please, anybody can sing the national anthem better than beyonce and her basic ass nocals.

      • Kayla C September 14, 2014

        Amen lol

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ September 14, 2014

      This post is about Monica,why do these bitter f*** feel the need to drag the queen into everything? You b****** are nuts. #StayPressed.

  6. missdiva September 14, 2014

    Sighs..look at how Beautiful monica looks so i can see why brandy fans always Mad LOL Anyways monica did great Love her so much…been here 20 years and will remain cayse she so relatable, always got the people support!PeoplesChamp

    • Kev September 14, 2014

      Exactly. I love Monica, so real, so talented, and so beautiful.

    • Mariah “Diva” Carey September 14, 2014

      Seriously though, Brandy fans are always the first ones in a Monica post talking sh*t, but never the other way around. They really need to leave that tired 90’s b******* behind.

      • 4evershelton September 14, 2014

        No boo brandy fans are not LETS BE VERY CLEAR! Those are bey/ rih fans doing that s*** then sayin they brandy stans so your naive ass can fall victim and talk s*** on brandy! We love monica! And make sure you cope CHRIS BROWN X-ALBUM AND CATCH BRANDY AND CHRIS DUET

      • asipofbrandy September 14, 2014

        First off, I have to say that Brandy’s name shouldn’t have been brought up here in the beginning and as a fan of both of these women ya’ll really need to let that non-existent beef go cause they are grown ass women and great artists so cut the b******* that is all. #STARZnDOVESUnite

    • Google vocal bible lol September 14, 2014

      Monica fans be so mad hhaha sit y’all asses down…monica is done lol she looking like someone granny and she tries so bad to hold a note, just be u girl lol because them goat notes ain’t working lol

  7. Kev September 14, 2014

    She killed it! Can’t wait for that album.

  8. she did that September 14, 2014

    Good job Mo!

  9. PUSSYONCÈ September 14, 2014

    The second rnb ratchet ho.

  10. Mariah “Diva” Carey September 14, 2014

    Yes girl sing!!!

  11. cocobutta September 14, 2014

    My girl knows how to hold a big note.
    She slayed but dragged it just a tad to long.

    Very strong and powerful singer though.

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014


  12. Mo’s Stan September 14, 2014

    This was just desperate. Embarrassing

  13. Mark111 September 14, 2014

    Why are Brandy fans so mad? Monica always had the better voice and had a longer career and more successful albums. Sure Brandy was big in the 90s, she was that t*** pop girl, but let’s be real, as soon as those lil white kids seen Britney and Christina Aguilera, that was the end of Brandy’s career. She made a mark, she set the standard for the Ravens and the rest of those Disney/Nick chicks.

    • SMH September 14, 2014

      Lol brandy fans stay mad because they know Monica shiits on her vocally (and when it comes to looks too lol).

    • Google vocal bible lol September 14, 2014

      Brandy fans never mad because brandy don’t sound like a f****** goat lol take your fav monica back to that farm

    • Knowles Carter September 14, 2014

      I disagree. Brandy is the more skilled vocalist. She can do so much more with her voice and she doesn’t make the same album over and over like Monica. Monica had one platinum album in 03, then a gold (certification) in 2010 thanks to her BET reality show then she went back to flopping in 2012.

      • FAF September 14, 2014

        Mark111 is clearly on drugs.. Monica is great but if you google, you could learn her albums were overshipped. she had more #1 singles but brandy slayed her in album sales.. NSN did over 17mil WW thats more than Mo’s discography

        now she still has current GOLD albums, thats the only thing that separates her from brandy

        but brandy’s lie about her marriage ruined her image

      • What About Us? September 14, 2014

        Good for Mo and Brandy, but how’s Ciara WW sales?

  14. aaron September 14, 2014

    she started out great but that end was like church karaoke she needs to polish up her climax or find a alternative route that end was cringe worthy. I dont need to bring another singer into the mix to hear what i hear

  15. SMH September 14, 2014

    THIS is what you call a Vocal Bible. Not that alien looking heffah brandy, who’s brother is more relevant than she is right now.

    • Shade free September 14, 2014

      Tell them why you mad though? Lmaooo brandy never called her self the vocal bible that’s something the INDUSTRY and FANS coined her. That viewing Monica just did single handedly showed why she could NEVER. Parts of that was good, and I’ll use parts LIGHTLY. It was over sung, and pitchy. VERY PITCHY to be precise. Brandy COULD and she HAS. BOW the f*** down h**! Btw monica looks like a drunk and love reject…no shade

    • Google vocal bible lol September 14, 2014

      Haha u wish this goat was the vocal bible hahaha please hashtag vocal bible and google it hahahhha no where will monica pop up, u guys kill me because y’all really like the way that goat monica sound lmao that s*** hurts my ears lmao brandy will be on Chris brown X album go cop that lol

      • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

        Chris felt sorry for Brandys broke ass that’s the only reason she’s on his album. He knows that Monica is superior to Roachdy.

  16. JFB September 14, 2014

    Monica SLAYED the living hell out of this song. Took me to church and back BRING ON THAT ALBUM.

  17. S****** Blonde September 14, 2014

    That was just WOW!, i swear people complain about everything, at her age, after all these years, her voice is still out of this world, that was better than Whitney’s superbowl rendition, even tho i can hear a little bit of her in Monica, that was perfect, BRAVA!

    • Candy September 14, 2014

      Are you joking? Better than Whitney’s? Lmaooo!!!

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      Monica is the new age Whitney. The torch has been passed and she carries it with class!

  18. pat September 14, 2014

    Y’all have got to b kidding me. This was a hot, pitchy, monotone,not knowing where she was going with the runs, mess.

  19. Google vocal bible lol September 14, 2014

    Boy oh boy monica fans is so pressed they came right to this post and tried to let brandy have it, all I have to say is hashtag vocalbible on insta lol or perhaps google it hahaha dumb monica fans …monica sounds like she was queen of the goats on a farm lmao haha …..monica fans don’t come for bran because i can talk about monica all day haha so make sure y’all check BRANDY out on CHRIS BROWN X album song called DO BETTER ….no goats allowed hahaha

    • Botch please September 14, 2014

      Pressed, but wasn’t it a Brandy fan who came into a Monica post to talk s***. Now please go worry about your flop UGLY fav. Now have a nice day.

    • S****** Blonde September 14, 2014

      Nothing special, she sounds like Aaliyah there, even Beyoncé did it better and she is not called ‘The Vocal Bible’.

      • Knowles Carter September 14, 2014

        Stick to Madonna and rock bands because you clearly don’t know how Aaliyah sounded lmao. She sounds like signature BRANDY with the smokey, yet sweet tone, control and flute like vibrato.

      • Mark111 September 14, 2014

        Don’t go there Dead Blonde. Your mad cause no one will NEVER ask Madonna nor any of your crappy rock bands to sing the NA.

      • Brian310 September 15, 2014

        I hope that wasn’t supposed to be a dig at Aaliyah because her rendition was great for a 16 year old…great transition, belting, control and vibrato.

    • Candy September 14, 2014

      Oh my! I loved this! Where and when was this?

    • Botch please September 14, 2014

      That was a hot cigarette sounding MESS, with her UGLY ASS.

  20. Knowles Carter September 14, 2014

    I’ve always said this girl needs vocal lessons. She used to brag about never having a vocal coach and it shows. Even the greatest singers have vocal coaches. The ending ass terrible…made me want to turn in my citizenship.

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      Don’t you stan for a yodeling fraud? B**** bye. Monica is R&B royalty and she doesn’t have to be naked or fake pregnancies to do so. Boom!

      • SC_ September 14, 2014

        Seriously? I don’t have anything against Monica but you need to keep it cute because I will gladly drag her.

  21. DAVEY September 14, 2014



  22. beautifuldisaster89 September 14, 2014

    Ok…..I’ve bought several Monica albums I still listen to after the storm till this day BUT my problem is she never knows how to keep it simple with her live performances..she sang the song way too slow she held out notes way too long and her runs were messy…if she would’ve cleaned this performance up it was have been more solid IMO

    • Brian310 September 15, 2014

      You were reading my mind cause I feel the same way.

  23. Notsuoh September 14, 2014

    A MESS!!! Those long God awful notes and 14 keys she sang in at once! I cant with mary had a little lamb. Id never get into a debate with a Dove. They dont know real vocals!!

  24. Candy September 14, 2014

    As a fan of Monica’s AND being a singer myself, I give this performance a big fat NO! Monica will continue to destroy her vocals until she realizes that less is more! Oh and by the way, the Monica v Brandy thing is so 1998. They are both R&B icons.

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      Correction: Monica is an R&B icon whilst Brandy is a flop illuminati w****. Her and Beyoncé are high priestesses in the illuminati.

    • Cici/Aaliyah September 14, 2014

      I’m not even a Monica nor Brandy fan, but it’s true though, you Brandy Stan’s seem so pressed though. And in your own words below….

      Odds are, if you’re going out your way to prove your fav’s worth, you must truly feel that your fav is inferior to artists you’re hating on.

  25. Pat September 14, 2014

    That was not a good performance at all!

  26. Ajanni September 14, 2014

    This was overdone. The performance was over the top and flat out ridiculous. Yes, she can sing but her rendition was overrun and theatrical.

  27. Me. I am Cake Like Lady GaGa September 14, 2014

    I don’t understand how a Monica article managed to get so many comments

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      Are you bothered because your fav is beyond irrelevant?

  28. Leesha September 14, 2014

    It got progressively worse as it went on

  29. ajm265 September 14, 2014

    A lot of y’all could never and will never. All you will ever be is nothing more than a computer bully. Anyways monica did great. Good to see her using her lower register.

  30. Slovenia September 14, 2014


    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      Looking in the mirror d***?

  31. Dustin September 14, 2014

    As per usual she was doin the most and sounding amazing. I can’t with that lipstick and hair though.

  32. eric September 14, 2014

    Why does it always have to be argued who is better between Brandy and Monica? Can’t we just celebrate both artists for bringing their own unique talents and qualities to the table? None of the ones talking want to go to work or school and constantly be compared as a lesser to someone else, so it’s time to kill all that.

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      Because we all know Monica shits on Brandy.

  33. BEYHIVE_MINAJ September 14, 2014

    Loved it.

  34. DMWN September 14, 2014

    Monica is, has been and probably always will be a much better vocalist than Brandy. Monica’s voice has more clarity, more sophistication and is more agile/seamless and smoother than Brandy’s. Brandy’s voice is raspy, childish sounding, mumbly and at times harsh.

    • Rima September 14, 2014

      Said no one EVER! Please list everyone who cites Monica as a vocal influence.

      • Avi September 14, 2014

        Said everyone without wax in their ears. Monica was always a better singer than Brandy.

    • Botch please September 14, 2014

      EXACTLY @ DMWN! Speak that truth.

  35. Rima September 14, 2014

    What does brandy have to do with this? She is a better singer than monica

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      Please clean your ears ugly d***

  36. Dev September 14, 2014

    This has to be thee worst rendition of the national anthem.

    As far as i’m concerned Monica peaked at 14 when her debut album was released, and her voice has been deteriorating since then. On every album since her voice sounds well worn and weathered and here is sounds like she should be knocking 50 in age.

    Im waiting for KeKe, Fantasia, Kelly P so give the national anthem life

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      All of those b****** are flops. Monica is a legend and can and will sing those R&B diva cast members under the table.

  37. MoBreezy September 14, 2014

    True CLASS AND SOPHISTICATION. Beyoncé and Brandy could NEVER do it like Mo. #REGAL

    • Botch please September 14, 2014

      Now you’re being a troll, don’t bring Beyonce into this, because I see what you’re doing.

      • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

        Get out of my box with that trolling foolishness. Did I lie?

  38. Botch please September 14, 2014

    You Brandy Stan’s are just like your fav, pressed, basic, and UGLY AS HELL. And please quit using MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS to agree with yourselves..PATHETIC. And that vocal bible s*** LOL please, that ugly b**** sounds like she’s been smoking cigarettes with a stick up her ass.

    • MoBreezy September 14, 2014

      ROACHdy will never be on Monica’s level. Flop has-been vs R&B royalty. The new Whitney/Anita. BUGdy could never.

  39. TYRA September 14, 2014


    • Botch please September 14, 2014

      That was a troll. And boo, Monica’s last hit wasn’t So gone, she went on to having others “Everything to me, and Love all over me”.

  40. TYRA September 14, 2014


  41. royalkev September 14, 2014

    Lol @ the struggle to start up some beef (left behind in the 90’s). I can’t with these people exaggerations though … better than Whitney???? I don’t think this performance was one of Monica’s best. Of course, Monica has a powerful voice though, I’m not shading her. I just feel like I’ve seen her do better vocally – even when tackling some of Whitney’s songs. People are clearly coming in here with some agenda, Doves & Starz are not on that mess in 2014! The emotional stanning have some people trying to make everyone else clash just because their fav is being dragged to the pits of hell in older posts. Odds are, if you’re going out your way to prove your fav’s worth, you must truly feel that your fav is inferior to artists you’re hating on.

    • Cici/Aaliyah September 14, 2014

      I’m not even a Monica nor Brandy fan, but it’s true though, you Brandy Stan’s seem so pressed though.

      And in your own words below….

      Odds are, if you’re going out your way to prove your fav’s worth, you must truly feel that your fav is inferior to artists you’re hating on.


      • Cici/Aaliyah September 14, 2014

        I’m not even a Monica nor Brandy fan, but it’s true though, you Brandy Stan’s seem so pressed though.

        And in your own words below….

        Odds are, if you’re going out your way to prove your fav’s worth, you must truly feel that your fav is inferior to artists you’re hating on.

    • UGH September 14, 2014

      Says the f*** with the flop blog pitting artists against each other, writing essays on Rihanna, writing essays on Mariah Carey, and more. You CAN’T talk. You and your flop blog are hypocrites. STFU. Brandy CAN’T even sing. She would have a better chance of signing a multi-million dollar deal as a poster child for starving children of Africa, before she ever gets talent or becomes mainstream again.

      • Queen Whitney September 14, 2014

        LOL @ her being the poster child. Seriously though, they hype that frog face looking b**** lol up as this vocal God, when she’s really as basic as they come. Seriously though, I can’t stand her voice.

    • Royalkev September 14, 2014


      Pressed? What about? Seriously, that’s everybody’s come back to these things, but what exactly are we mad about in this post?

      …But were pressed right? You sound like you are very passionate about hating Bran. That does nothing to me! Btw, I hardly every discuss Mariah, Rihanna or Monica. What my opinions on topics concerning them doesn’t need to meet your approval. TF do I care about what you think though?!

      • JLo September 14, 2014

        Said the f** who stans for the UGLIEST chick “Aka Brandy” in music.

    • Royalkev September 14, 2014

      ^ When are you going to use your main account so we can really see who you are though?

  42. SC_ September 14, 2014

    Idk why Queen Beyonces name ends up in every post around here (literally), but it’s obsessive. Yall should also be ashamed going back & forth about Brandy and Monica like it’s 1998. Brandy, Monica and Aaliyah were the 90’s trinity and all of them deserve respect. With that being said, this wasn’t Monica’s best performance, but everyone knows she can sing. So can Brandy and Aaliyah also had a beautiful voice. I swear you gay guys love to put women against each other unnecessarily. #HateIt

  43. SC_ September 14, 2014

    Idk why Queen Beyonces name ends up in every post around here (literally), but it’s obsessive. Yall should also be ashamed going back & forth about Brandy and Monica like it’s 1998. Brandy, Monica and Aaliyah were the 90’s t-r-i-n-i-t-y and all of them deserve respect. With that being said, this wasn’t Monica’s best performance, but everyone knows she can sing. So can Brandy and Aaliyah also had a beautiful voice. I swear you gay guys love to put women against each other unnecessarily. #HateIt

  44. FutureCIARA September 14, 2014

    Whens her new album coming out?

    • Thriller or Smooth Criminal September 14, 2014

      when will that flop baby mama or baby daddy (we still need to know if shes Ciara or is she chris because were not sure if shes a man)going to release his or her 4th FLOP CONSECITIVE generic GARBAGE OF an Album

      • Rih Rih September 14, 2014

        At “Thriller or Smooth Criminal”, please stfu, thanks.

  45. Rih Rih September 14, 2014

    Lol at you Brandy fans starting s***, and in the process, getting dragged. Anyway Monica did her thing, that girl can sing her ass off. Side note, i’ve always preferred Monica over Brandy.

  46. Truth September 14, 2014

    What a bunch of bored queens. Seriously, everyday is the same with you corny gay wads. Pit this female singer against that one (or bring up Beyoncé out of the clear blue), instigate some drama so that you can pretend to be 5x tougher online than your swishy ass actually is in real life. This is what happens when little boys don’t have fathers and are overly coddled by their mothers who wished they had had a girl.

  47. Queenofhearts September 14, 2014

    Monica sounds like she’s underwater when she sings and don’t get me started on those tired 1995 long notes that she can’t even execute. She’s a notch above Keyshia Cole vocally.

  48. There once was a pimp and his h**…. September 14, 2014

    Oh look, most TGJ commenters are showing their lack of vocal pedagogy as usual. Never, throughout Monica’s music career has she ever been a better vocalist than Brandy. Brandy is an actual classically trained vocalist, whereas Monica decided to b******* her way through the industry with her amateur/untrained vocals just like Xtina( which is so evident it’s not even funny). Everything was a mess in this performance from her poor intonation down to her butchering the melody with those unnecessary elongated notes and unwanted runs at the end. Frankly, Monica’s rendition is about as great as a goat attempting to sing the anthem.
    #Pure struggle

  49. TAMARTIAN#1 September 14, 2014

    Monica makes very poor decisions as a vocalist. This is why Beyoncé is the top b**** in the game. She is constantly evolving vocally. Why is Monica still singing like an amateur after 20 years in the game?

  50. Spilling all that tea. September 15, 2014

    Instead of you Brandy fans worrying about Monica, worry and think about WHY your ugly flop fav hasn’t had a hit since the 90’s, with her basic horse sounding, raspy, no vocal range ugly ass.

  51. EnRanc September 15, 2014

    Brandy’s voice often lacks confidence and she usually sounds like a chipmunk with laryngitis. Whose music you happen to prefer is whatever, but make no mistake that when it comes to SINGING that Monica IS the better of the two.

  52. knock on norwood September 15, 2014

    Monica is an overrated singer.
    Most of her fans know nothing about
    The technicalities of music. Brandy
    Is the better singer today, has still
    Sold more albums today, and always had
    The better career overall, past present
    And future. Choke on that, pigeons.
    Please list singers and artists who
    Cite monica as a vocal influence.

    • Beyonce= Legend. September 15, 2014

      I’m not a fan of either, but I have to disagree, Brandy’s is the one who’s overrated. Her voice is irritating as hell.

      • Beyonce= Legend. September 15, 2014

        Excuse me, I meant, “Brandy is”.

      • knock on norwood September 15, 2014

        Monica will hold a flat ass note out until Jesus comes back and y’all would swear up and down that she was the best singer since Whitney Houston, and that’s nothing but devilment and delusion.

        There’s absolutely nothing unique or anything that stands out about monica’s voice. She’s a poor mixture of Whitney/Mary J blige fused together, and she has no distinct sound or style. What I find most confusing here is that majority of these folks will easily praise her for producing mediocrity, but will refuse to give Brandy her props for anything.

        I can admit when monica is good, but this simply wasn’t. She’s been incosistent vocally for some years now. All people say about her is that “she can SAANG”, but unfortunately that’s where it begins and stops for her. Monica was never on Brandy’s level, and she never will be so stop with the lies and delusions of granduer already.

    • Qaz September 15, 2014

      What I know is that Brandy’s voice is typically hoarse and grating and that Monica’s voice is smoother and easier to listen to. That’s what I know. And what I suspect is that most of these Brandy defenders are the same one or two people posting under multiple names.

      • knock on norwood September 15, 2014

        Speak on what you know, and keep it at that. What you’re giving is your own personal opinion. Vocally, monica has been inconsistent for some years now. Overall, Brandy takes her craft much more seriously and actually has a passion for music. She has better technique, better tone, intonation, and a wider range.

        Your dislike of Brandy’s voice is just like me saying “I don’t like chocolate”. Just personal tastes, but from a technical standpoint, Brandy wins hands down. Even if some Brandy fans are using multiple accounts, why should that bother you? It amazes me how much monica fans/supporters like to keep tabs on what OTHER folks do, and act like they’re not pressed. In real life, it’s not like monica can bring traffic like this on her own, let’s be real here.

      • TRUTH September 15, 2014

        B^tch, have a seat, NOBODY gives a f^ck about Brandy’s ugly murdering a** as is evident seeing how she hasn’t had a hit since the 90’s, and is on her 3rd FLOP album, I REPEAT, HER THIRD FLOP ALBUM. Now please take your opinion of Brandy’s basic chipmunk a** voice, and go stand in front of that bit^h’s Range Rover. Have a nice day.

      • knock on norwood September 15, 2014

        @Truth B**** mute! You need to fall back in someting that reclines, and mind your own damn business. Monica murdered that man, you h*** know she killed jarvis, and she even admitted to carrying a gun! Your fave is nothing but a washed up criminal who should be in JAIL.

        You h*** stay bringing up Brandy’s name because y’all know she’s still a THREAT to your ghetto ass fave, that’s why y’all can let go of this beef and stay trying to make her happen by comparing her to GREATNESS that is Brandy Norwood.

        Face facts! Monica hasn’t had a top 10 R&B song in 4 years! Fact! Monica hasn’t had a crossover hit in over a decade since 2003’s “So Gone”! Fact! Monica went from a platinum album to not even going gold with “The Floppings of Me”. Fact, monica had a shelved album (all eyez on me), it doesn’t get any worse than that. Fact! Clive Davis used Brandy’s song as monica’s sophomore album title to push her sales, but who is the one making money and collecting royalties every time she sells a copy of that sorry ass album? Brandy f****** RAYANA Norwood b******, keep her name in your mouth. She will forever SLAY this ghetto bird, past present and future! Deal with these truth ghetto ass h***!

      • TRUTH September 15, 2014

        LOL Bit^h, stfu with that jibber jabbering mess you just spit out, you sound so fu^king mental. Now seeing how I don’t debate with the mentally ill, I won’t be wasting anymore of my time. Have a nice day you crazy bit^h lol.

      • knock on norwood September 15, 2014

        @Truth Sorry, I don’t interview ratchets like yourself. You’re f****** dismissed, stage left.

  53. Mila J Stan (M.I.L.A. In stores 9/30 b******) September 15, 2014

    My fav stans for Brandy so I will defend her! Monica has no technique or real range. Everything about Brans voice shits on Ghettonica <<<

  54. Mila J Stan (M.I.L.A. In stores 9/30 b******) September 15, 2014

    Monica sound like a whining goat. Brandy has the real range look how low she started while Monica yodeling in the same off key the whole time. Poor Whitney!!!

  55. Mimi September 15, 2014

    LOL @ these Brandy Stan’s still talking s***. Are you fools trying to convince us, or yourselves. Your ugly fav is basic, get over it.

  56. Greg September 15, 2014

    Wow Monica is slaying that national anthem! Also what’s going on here, why are Brandy fans in here with that tired 90’s beef. Anyway, i’ve never fancied Brandy, i’ve always like Monica more.

  57. knock on norwood September 15, 2014

    Monica is f****** done guys. She was never
    Big. Or on Brandy’s level ever! Full moon
    >>>>> any monica album. Never say never alone
    Outsold Monocants career! Monocant hasn’t
    Had a hit in over a decade! Instead of
    Feuding with us why don’t yall pigeons
    Buy her whack ass music!?

    • You jealous b**** September 15, 2014

      This dumb b****. You’re telling us to buy Monica’s music, but you as Brandy fans haven’t done that for her last three albums..what kind of self drag. And wasn’t it just last month when your ugly fav was on Oprah’s “WHERE ARE THEY NOW” b****, that’s the definition of a FLOP. Now, Monica’s last hit was “Love all over me 2010, when was Brandy’s, oh yeah, the “Boy is mine 1998”..Girl another self drag. B****, you’re embarrassing yourself, along with that mud face looking fav of yours..but continue though, your self drags are hilarious.

      • knock on norwood September 16, 2014

        Monica was never a f****** factor
        In music. At least Brandy can still
        Get interviews with Oprah. Monica’s
        Ghetto ass will be lucky if she gets
        An episode of unsung. She’s f****** done.
        Monica hasn’t had a hit in ten years!
        Put it Down out charted all flop ass
        Singles from flop life. DEAD @ the Monocant
        Stans saying we need to buy Brandy music
        When she’s still playing catch up to
        An album released in 1998! What a self
        Read! Lolz

    • TAMAR September 15, 2014

      I love Monica. By the way, didn’t Brandy perform to 40 people in a 90,000 seat arena LOL that was embarrassing.

      • knock on norwood September 16, 2014

        @tamar doesn’t tamar’s husband buy
        All of her albums? You can’t f****** talk,
        That chalk faded h** was outsold by a
        Mariah Carey wannabe. F*** outta here.
        Didn’t monica kill jarvis? #justicrforjarvis
        Tell me when Monocants broke ass husband
        Gets a f****** job.

    • I Stan for no one. September 15, 2014

      Girl you sound pressed as hell Smh.

    • Adele’s coming September 16, 2014

      Fixed it for you…
      Brandy is f****** done guys. She was never
      Big. Or on Monica’s level ever! Still Standing
      >>>>> any Brandy album. MissThang alone trumps Brandy’s career! Brandy’s ugly ass hasn’t
      Had a hit in over a decade! Instead of
      Feuding with us why don’t yall pigeons
      Buy this ugly b****’s whack ass music!?

      • knock on norwood September 16, 2014

        @adele I’m sorry, what was still standing’standing’s metacritic score?
        I’ll bet money that two eleven or Afrodisiac
        Have higher scores than ALL monica albums.
        Monica was outsold by ONE brandy album.
        What is it about that you idiots don’t get?
        Monica’s albums were over shipped, she’s a ghetto
        Flop who hasn’t had a hit in 4 years! No barbie
        Dolls, no endorsement, no tv shows, nada! Keyshia
        Cole, k michelle, and Mary j drag her.
        Brandy already scalped this thot. Now deal with
        That ghetto pigeons.

      • We’re back September 16, 2014

        LOL Dead at Brandy being on “Where are they now” that is hilarious, that ugly b**** is done.

  58. I Stan for no one. September 15, 2014

    Monica slayed it! Can’t wait for her to drop that album.

  59. Queen Nicki September 16, 2014

    I could never understand this ridiculous Monica vs Brandy beef. Anyway I like them both, but I do prefer Monica more.

  60. Beysus September 16, 2014

    I don’t like either one of them, Brandy’s an ugly fake murdering b****, and Monica’s ghetto as hell.

  61. knock on norwood September 16, 2014

    Comment Removed

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