Watch: D. Woods Sounds Off On Danity Kane Break-Up

Published: Sunday 14th Sep 2014 by Sam

Danity Kane‘s demise continues to leave a sour taste in the mouths of the masses. However, it’s a reality their loyal supporters are having to make peace with.

Naturally, given the drama that was drummed up surrounding the lack of D. Woods in the group’s initial return line-up, it’s no surprise that attention has now turned to what the founding member thinks of the latest implosion.

During a new interview on Madame Noire’s ‘Where Are They Now’ segment, Woods offers her response.

Check it out below..

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  1. maurice September 14, 2014

    she looks mad old, no wonder they kicked her out

    • luaoscakc September 14, 2014

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  2. K_E_N_E September 14, 2014

    I wish she would get a perm and some make up. She woke up like this or nah?

  3. aaa September 14, 2014

    she look made crazy and old and stupid as hell

  4. Tisha September 14, 2014

    She’ll probably end up being more successful for having not jumped back into the group only for another break up and physical altercation, it already sounds like she’s ahead.

  5. Nicole SLAYzinger September 14, 2014

    DK and their 11 stans shaded & dragged DWoods so bad but where are they now? Hmmm. Karma is a b**** isn’t she, Aubrey and Dawn?

  6. Molly September 14, 2014

    Who? oh nobody.

    anyways dk is more tired than Britney Spears and Jlo

  7. Stylzt September 15, 2014

    She looks mighty fine to me fresh looking, I am glad she did not take leaving the group as a negative fault and moving onto other great things. Dainty Kane was actually a good group I don’t know why they could not get along.

    • Bye Felicia September 15, 2014

      Too many egos and they were manufactured.

  8. JOHNVIDAL September 15, 2014

    The masses???? LOLOL The masses don´t know who these girls are give me a break!

  9. nobitchassness September 15, 2014

    I guess she’s doing well… tbh I’m still abit mad DK broke up over that fight coz all that music has just gone to waste.

  10. CJ September 15, 2014

    Omgggg the six flags reference cracked me up. Now that I’ve watched this interview, I actually like her. She’s funny. And smart for not rejoining.

  11. whoiam September 20, 2014

    D Woods was just answering the questions from the interviewer, no one can argue that she made the right decision not to return. Watching Aubrey O’Day moving on to her 4th sister in DK. Have we seen this before, I thought Aundrea was your sister at the start,moved on to D Woods being your sister, When they reformed I thought Dawn was your sister, you took enough pictures with her at one point I thought only 2 members reunited. Suddenly Shannon has become your sister. D Woods you was well out of dealing with these shady people like Aubrey O’Day in my opinion the worst out of the lot & the one with the least talent But for some reason the DK fans most popular member

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