Bittersweet: Disbanded Danity Kane Blast To #1 On iTunes

Published: Monday 27th Oct 2014 by Sam

Danity Kane‘s days as an active group may have burned to ashes, yet their music is rising like a phoenix.

The disbanded divas released their third and final album ‘DK3’ today and the set is proving a winner straight out of the gate.

Details below…

Delivered to fans a day earlier than planned (perhaps to off-set the effects of its leak over the weekend), the ‘Lemonade’ led set rocketed to the #1 spot on the iTunes US R&B tally.


And while an impressive feat in itself, the project is potently holding its own on the overall chart where it currently sits at #6.

It’s imperative to note that it’s doing so without the backing of any performances, a major label, interviews, or digital banners. Nothing but the support of a loyal fanbase and word of mouth.


The entire episode makes the finiteness of it all that much more grating. After all, how often in today’s patriarchal, ageist climate does a group – comprised of females all over the age of 30, without a major label deal – achieve such out of the cannon success? It doesn’t happen. As such, it jars to think of how much better the album could be doing if pushed. It’s just a shame that the group are too busy pushing each other (physically and verbally) to bring this amazing body of work to life visually and on-stage.

What’s more, the saddest part of the narrative is that realistically the group was each member’s most viable chance at really “making it-making-it” musically — a point we’re sure they’ll each come to realize in time.

That said, cliche as it sounds, perhaps some things are just not meant to be. The fact the group were on the cusp of shooting three videos when drama struck may support the argument of some that it was the fate of DK to not “last”. Put simply, much like the superhero the group is named after, Danity Kane is arguably better enjoyed as a fantasy, a concept on paper that is almost too good to be real.

Whatever the case, we’ll eternally give them kudos for still releasing this fireball of an album. It’s all sorts of epic!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Destinyboston October 27, 2014


  2. Destinyboston October 27, 2014

    Congrats ladies

  3. Destinyboston October 27, 2014

    Great album!

  4. Dirty Laundry October 27, 2014

    Their album is out? lol 8k first week bye

  5. Dustin October 27, 2014

    Bittersweet is right. This album is sure to silence the haters that say Dawn carried the group vocally because Shannon and Aubs have vocals for days on these tracks.

  6. SMH October 27, 2014

    That’s females for you. Women are too petty and jealous of each other to work together to see the big picture.

  7. musicMatters101 October 27, 2014

    Yeah to think they achieved all of this from on their own, is amazing in and of itself! My least favorite track from the album certainly is “Roulette” but I know many ppl love it on Twitter. Favorite is between “Pieces,” “Rage” (this turned out to be amazing, and “Rhythm Of Love.” But honestly all the tracks are good and worthy of a listen. I just can’t vibe the 80s sound of “Roulette” it annoys me. 4.5/5 album from first listen IMO

  8. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!! October 27, 2014

    Taylor swifts album is out now!!! Let the swifties unite and get Taylor to number 1!!

  9. Room319 October 27, 2014

    Every moment from reuniting to fighting: marketing plan

    Never a dull moment while selling records (great songs, btw)

  10. Rihboy October 27, 2014

    They are at 6 now. The album is dry. To making the bandish ! Allin a day’s work is really the only solid piece.

  11. Danity Stan October 27, 2014

    This was so well written and beautifully put. Danity Kane has finally proven their potential. Too bad they’re no longer together; I still applaud this effort.

  12. Danity STAIN October 27, 2014

    this was so well written and besutifully put! i may be pissed that they broke up but i am thankful for this last effort, am more thankful to have seen them live during thier No Filter tour. Danity Kane; with this post break-up HIT OF AN ALBUM has finally proven their potential.

  13. TheElusiveLamb October 27, 2014

    I like the album. I just hate that they are no longer. The worst part is I attended their No Filter Tour… they led me on. I feel used. I feel like they got the group together just for the tour money,so they could pay their bills.

  14. Bella3 October 27, 2014

    I’m happy for DK’s fans they’ve been waiting for this way to long so as long as there happy with the album that’s Whats up, but as far as giving DK themselves props? Hell no they went about this hole thing so badly & they were so childish on all accounts. And we all know how great they can be but yet they still decided to be a hot mess. But hopefully they’ will get it together. And as far as TGJ shading Taylor because that’s what they were doing talking about DK don’t have a Big Lable or Big Performances or Digial Banners! Well You know Tayler does what the F*ck she needs to do to be the ICONIC Star she’s becoming & they weren’t say how bad Digital Banners were when BEYONCE ( who’s already ICON) did it? Lol What big moves like Bey & Tay tell me is that if you want to rock the world you need to be on your Big Boss sh*t.

  15. Indie October 27, 2014

    What a brilliant article, I hope the girls read this and get it together cos this album is BRILLIANT! There is not one mediocre tune in it it’s fire from beginning to end and they did it all themselves! I Love DK3, by far there best work

  16. whoiam October 27, 2014

    Congrats to DK for the release & choosing the right week to release, most better selling albums was not going up against Taylor Swift’s probable 1m 1st week sales. so they pick a good week, when you are sitting in #6 also behind acts like Sam Hunt, Trip Lee & Emblem 3 after the 1st day it probably tells you that you not going to sell a massive amount. I think if they can get anyway close to recent sales of Tinashe 19k or Keyshia Cole 25k their would of done well. I admit that they were a good girl group & probably had the potential to be more successful not only in USA but globally. Its nice to big up hitting the #1 R&B itunes album spot but you really do not know until probably Wednesday when the charts settle down where they will end up. DK have a chance of #1 on the R&B billboard charts because Chris Brown was #1 on Billboard R&B charts last week and he probably sold around 10k

  17. Nor October 27, 2014

    Even Mila J hit #1 on iTunes R&B and ended up doing less than 5k first week lol
    This isn’t a big accomplishment worth a topic. They will FLOP

  18. Cici’s goodies October 27, 2014

    2k first week

  19. Cupid October 27, 2014

    The album doesn’t “flow” as a body of work should but each song individually are pretty good.

  20. whut October 27, 2014

    The ladies need to get over themselves and push those egos aside and get out there and work this album. It’s a solid album that has potential to be a big thing. I always thought they could be that Next Big Group, and I still believe it.

  21. cocobutta October 28, 2014

    The material is FIYAH..
    I was on my way home and my head nodding was on overtime.

    Just imagine what more we would could of had with their usual signature interludes etc…

    Just needed couple more track but I’m satsfied.

    In my Rage & Pieces mode right now but even Roulette has grown on me & I wasn’t a fan of that at 1st.
    All in a days work is just an work hard anthem. LOVE IT

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