Ciara Shares Post-Pregnancy Body In New Snaps / Reveals She’s Lost 60lbs…In 4 Months

Published: Friday 3rd Oct 2014 by Sam

Check out Ciara!

Famed for her catchy tunes and toned physique, the new mother took to Instagram moments ago to flaunt the return of the latter.

The ‘Promise’ singer gave birth to her first child, Future Zahir Wilburn, back in May and after just four months is rocking rock hard abs again.

Granted the snaps above and below do a solid job of relaying her message, the star added the caption:

After Delivering My Son I Feel Like There’s Nothing I Can’t Do. I Feel Like I Can Conquer The World. #ANewMe #NewMusic. So Proud To Rock #mycalvins 60lbs later!!

She added for the second shot (which you can peep below):

I feel so proud to say that 4 months after delivering a 9 lbs. 10 oz. baby, I can finally rock My Calvin’s! #mycalvins

View her visual exclamation mark after the jump…



Can’t wait to hear the hard work she’s been putting in in the studio too.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly October 3, 2014

    Damn! Her body is everything! Go Cici 🙂

    • Partition October 3, 2014

      the new classic is still not gold yet after almost 6 months LMFAO and Ciara is about t0 release her fourth flop SMH FLOP ASS MANLY BITTTCHESSS you stan FOR!!!!!!!!!!

    • R8 B****’s October 3, 2014

      She looks like a t*****.

    • IJS October 6, 2014

      I did like her with a lil more weight I hope she doesnt loose anymore weight but she does look good…love her flat stomach!

  2. Crazy Coolie October 3, 2014

    Back to looking like a hermaphrodite.

    • NOLIES October 3, 2014

      Agreed. He/She looked more feminine pregnant… mainly because it was verification that she had a v*****.

    • sleazy October 4, 2014

      She looks hot and helathy! Yall over here in your drag thinking you servin fish! Honey look in the mirror that’s a mess! always messy

  3. LB October 3, 2014

    HOT!!!! She looks good.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 3, 2014

      She lost 70 pounds AND her man kii!!

      • sleazy October 4, 2014

        Lil kim lost her face, career and pride *twerks to anaconda*

  4. LB October 3, 2014

    Trivia question, between Fantasy Ride and Basic Instinct, approximately how many first week album sales did Ciara lose? Is it like 60K?

    60 must be her lucky number

  5. Revolution October 3, 2014

    Her body has never been attractive to me. I love women with soft, shapely figures. But good on her for loosing all the weight. She wasn’t a small pregnant woman either.

  6. R’wanda Anaconda October 3, 2014

    Das dat b****!!! GO CICI!!!

    • R8 B****’s October 3, 2014

      Lol Classic!

    • sleazy October 4, 2014

      You and ratchets lol Ciara wasa bacially telling her she will beat her ass and beat her on stage!!!! Rihanna couldn’t reply to that cus its the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So she got bitter trying to throw FAILED shade cus Ci was booking dem stages….. Now for you to clock anyone you fail cus you a man trying to be a woman you already failed at life so bye

  7. Fancy BISH October 3, 2014

    She need to do a R&B/Pop version of Physical by Olivia Newton-John 😉

  8. Dem Lessors October 3, 2014

    At least she kept the arms cute this time. Them shoulders and arms where as hench as the Hulk at one point!

    • LB October 3, 2014

      TBH those arms were bigger than her album sales, but that’s non of my business

      • Dem Lessors October 3, 2014

        No one can argue with that.

    • Mark111 October 3, 2014

      A Britney fan is talking about shoulders? Ha! The irony.

      • Dem Lessors October 3, 2014

        Well at least her big ask shoulders would match her being on of the best selling artists of last decade and her net worth.

      • Dem Lessors October 3, 2014

        *ass *one

    • CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014

      Do you think Britney’s weight started fluctuating before or after the cocaine addiction?

      • NOLIES October 3, 2014

        As bad as your favorite was dragged in her own post, you need to have several. Britney (2014) >>>>>>>>>> Cheryl Colocal.

      • CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014

        Go check back babe.

      • CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014

        Cheryl can be inspired all she wants, but fortunately she wasn’t inspired by the meth habit, ratty weaves and asylum stays.

      • CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014

        Death @ cheryl just being polite so that britney didn’t have an emotional breakdown.

      • Dem Lessors October 3, 2014

        Keep recycling the same tired s***. What is this made up drug addiction you’re claiming Britney has. Cheryl used to date a druggy then she suddenly lost a lot of weight, b**** didn’t fool no one.

      • CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014

        No b****, britney WAS a drug addict. She was using all throughout the early 2000s babe. Shes probly still lighting up that crack pipe after that britney Jean disaster.
        You came for my girl first, I’m just bringing the receipts.

      • CherylSoldierr October 3, 2014

        Death! Not her ex husband saying that they were doing ectasy and coke before they got married!!! Britney was a white trash drug addict. Everyone in the industry knows.

  9. LB October 3, 2014

    I miss Ozzy, I’m sure he is gathering FutureCiara on Twitter

    • Ozzy October 3, 2014

      Miss you soooo much LB!!!!!!!! And yes, FC has been gathered SEVERAL times in your absence darling. Patiently awaiting your return hun.

  10. Dark Horse October 3, 2014

    She’s hotter than bey and rih imo

    • NOLIES October 3, 2014

      Downloaded your FREE copy of Prism yet?

    • R8 B****’s October 3, 2014

      Lmao, girl, are you feeling ok, you seem to be having delusions of grandeur, because not even on Rih’s or Bey’s worst day will Ci-T***** ever look better.

    • Yeah I Said It October 4, 2014

      And they’re all hotter than Katy imo

  11. Love Life October 3, 2014

    Not the most feminine looking of women is she? No shade.

  12. Skyfall October 3, 2014

    She looks cute, but I’m not surprised she lots weight. Kim is always on the move and she’s been following her around Paris like a lost puppy, the true meaning of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

    • Mark111 October 3, 2014

      You know what! I was just saying, “Man, Ciara is all around the world, she must be coming hard with this next era.” And then you came in and made sense. #FooledMeOnce

    • Antonio October 3, 2014

      But wasn’t she already in Paris before Kim arrived there and wasn’t she only at 2 events that Kim were at, so I don’t get how she was following her especially consideri PFW was the first time they’ve been around each other in months but keep guessing tho

    • Yeah I Said It October 4, 2014


  13. CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014

    She’s so s***. Navy in here acting jealous.

    • NOLIES October 3, 2014

      Navy? Too scared to say LB? I can’t tell who is more scared: Your favorite singing live or You getting dragged by LB?

      • CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014

        When have I ever been dragged by it or scared to reply to it? Stop trolling f**.

    • NOLIES October 3, 2014

      B**** sit down. A woman can’t be a f**. But she can fake top marry one for a flop hit. That’s something your fav can contest to. The only true reason you may ever have an upper hand is when you cling to the BeeHive to make sure they don’t DRAG you lower than your fav’s thirst for relevancy. She’s such a flop. Just accept it. Please don’t give me that number one, because how many units did it ship & what kind of album sales did it ship? Learn to STFU

      • CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014

        B**** can you tell me why you’re literally in every single one of my mentions? I’m not paying you b****. Even in every single one of my faves posts, bringing my name up, before me. Cheryl is a very successful UK pop star. You don’t last 12 years in pop music, with number ones in almost every year, without being successful. So keep going w your tired little drags while clinging to Fagbird, while you two continue to obsess over me.

  14. Ozzy October 3, 2014

    Ciara looks GREAT!!! Her body bounced back quick and I’m interested in hearing what she’s been working on. Maybe this time she’ll find some success. Anyways, till then I’ll be enjoying Tinashe’s album which is AMAZING.

    • CherylSoldierr (Only Human ~ Nov. 9) October 3, 2014


  15. AmbeRussell October 3, 2014

    “MyCalvins” is used a lot by her. Must be a new song or is she the new model for their women’s line???but the best of luck to he. She just needs to do more than a one weeks worth of promotion as well as perform and learn when to move onto the next single. She spent too much time on body party last summer.

  16. NOLIES October 3, 2014

    Yes she looks cute, but she shed more weight than she shifted units off those dusty shelves. Poor thing. She’s been in the game for ten years, and her global success is as real as Future using a condom.

  17. Partition October 3, 2014

    is this a man or a woman ?I cant tell he/she is literally the biggest flop of the music industry this FLop babymama total worldwide albums sales is 7 Million While Ashanti worldwide sales stand at 15 million HAHAHA Ciara id ashanti’s LESOR

    • Mark111 October 4, 2014

      The irony is that this womam actually carried her shild and Beyoncé is still questionable to this day. I usually don’t go there, but the hive need to not set themselves up like thay.

      • Mark111 October 4, 2014

        You don’t get out of here with that blurry James Cameron prouction mess.

      • Naomi October 4, 2014

        Have a seat. Its a damn video. You can’t fake your nose spreading, you can’t fake your boobs, ankles and lips swelling. All of which Beyonce had when she was heavily pregnant. Women understand this. Im so over gay men and teenagers acting stupid around this subject. The only thing questionable, is people common sense these days.

      • Naomi October 4, 2014

        And hating asss jealous women.

      • Yeah I Said It October 4, 2014

        @Naomi Leave him. Some of these basic b****** could have a first class ticket up her womb in 2011 and they still would find room to be sceptical. Half the people who shade Beyonces pregnancy are not even serious about it. I feel sorry for the ones who have actually deluded themselves into thinking she (and everyone close to her) would do something sick like that lol. #DelusionsOfTheGrandeur

  18. Slay_Hive October 3, 2014

    awww She looks good. Beyonce and Ciara have beautiful faces without make-up. Can’t say the same about the ugly bajan girl.

  19. Partition October 3, 2014

    Ciaras flop singles prior to body party

    1.go girl(#78 0n bb 100)
    2.Never Ever(66 on bb 100)
    3.Like A surgeon
    7.Gimmie Dat
    8.Sorry me good

    • Mark111 October 3, 2014

      Almost a damn album itself.

    • Yeah I Said It October 4, 2014


  20. Uknowdakid October 3, 2014

    She coming back looking forward to the new music

  21. Just asking….. October 3, 2014

    Why she can’t keep a man?

  22. hello October 4, 2014

    Omg its a miracle. Transgender women getting pregnant

  23. blue October 4, 2014

    i think she has lost the weight mostly because the chick has one fast acting metabolism, remember her saying she literally has to try everything NOT TO loose weight…add to that her desire to lose weight and the fact that she has always been very active and her dancing and yes she could lose that much fast.

  24. sleazy October 4, 2014

    You and ratchets lol Ciara wasa bacially telling her she will beat her ass and beat her on stage!!!! Rihanna couldn’t reply to that cus its the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So she got bitter trying to throw FAILED shade cus Ci was booking dem stages….. Now for you to clock anyone you fail cus you a man trying to be a woman you already failed at life so bye

    • Rihanna #1 fan t October 4, 2014

      Clearly nobody cares.. this post ain’t about Rihanna who is clearly the baddest b**** right now .. as well as of course Beyonce and Nicki everybody else is irrevelant.. but anyway ciara looks good..

  25. sleazy October 4, 2014

    Beyonce marriage is shambles she stays with a man who beats her at least rihanna offically left…. Besides ciara doesn’t have to photoshop a gap between her thighs bey needs to stop hanging with precious at KFC and satart performing her music on tv shows

    • Mark111 October 4, 2014

      BET awards was the only stage she booked since that tweet. So… (oh and vh1 divas)

  26. Dev October 4, 2014

    Ciara i see you. Now don’t lose another pound and don’t do the Matrix move every again.

    • Mark111 October 4, 2014

      Why when it’s her signature move? That’s like telling MJ not to moonwalk or Beyoncé to write a song… it’s crazy!

      • Naomi October 4, 2014

        Or Rihanna to slay the stage!

      • Dev October 4, 2014

        Sorry, i JUST recovered from Beyonce writing a song.
        Sometimes you need to change your signature, especially if no-one can read it

  27. Naomi October 4, 2014


  28. Yeah I Said It October 4, 2014

    She looks good. Shes not cute to me tho.

  29. Rihanna #1 fan t October 4, 2014

    What baby?! lol Ciara looks so good.. !!
    proud of her.. future better get his act together !!

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