Danity Kane’s Dawn Richard Announces Release Date For New Solo Album / Debuts Video For ‘Blow’

Published: Wednesday 29th Oct 2014 by Sam

Well, that didn’t take long.

Danity Kane‘s final album ‘DK3’ hit stores this week, much to the delight of the disbanded trio’s legion of loyal fans. However, given the reality that the group is now defunct, member Dawn Richard is wasting no time pushing on with her solo journey.

Today saw her not only announce the release date for her sophomore solo album ‘Blackheart’, she also unleashed the video for the project’s lead single ‘Blow’.

All the is served after the jump…

Taking to Instagram, the 31-year-old revealed the cover for ‘Blackheart’ – which you can check out below – and confirmed that the set will be hitting retail on January 15th.


Check out the newly unwrapped video for the LP’s first offering, ‘Blow’ below…

Very Dawn. Take from this what you will.

That said, kudos to Ms. Richard for not sitting at home and lamenting. She’s soldering on and trying to make waves.

Now, of course, we maintain our stance that DK was each lady’s best bet at hitting it “big-big”, but sometimes in life it’s imperative to have a plan “b”. And, by the looks of it, Dawn has her path mapped out A-Z.

Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see what comes from her former comrades in the months ahead.

Sidenote: This whole Danity Kane narrative has more twists and turns than an episode of Sunset Beach. Indeed, their LP release week is now defined by winning on the charts, a member-less music video, and now this curiously timed solo roll-out. Oh, the reality of Danity Kane…

Your thoughts?

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  1. MisdamenorFan October 29, 2014

    This is kinda hot…

    • Test October 29, 2014


    • You tried October 29, 2014

      The hate is REAL!

      Dawn you killed it!
      Name any female singer this year that has killed like this other than queen B!
      Dawn is a power house and she ain’t going no where

      The originality is what we have to RESPECT! What other chick or male is doing this!! I’LL WAIT…..

      Soooo 100

  2. Xpfields October 29, 2014

    Totally wack.

  3. Thomas October 29, 2014

    Good for her. She put this album on hold for Danity Kane and technically she would be releasing her third album in January.
    Just imagine whilst she’s been working, them two backing singers have been accomplishing nothing, just throwing shade on Twitter..
    So love her or hate her she’s about her business!

    • KillaK October 29, 2014

      Shut the f*** up Thomas

      • Thomas October 29, 2014

        U mad? You must want her to sit around counting sticks like your basic ass. Pressed.

    • truuuuuuue October 29, 2014

      Shes The one who sung mostly back up on that album tho…

  4. Will she make it? October 29, 2014

    The video was entertaining to watch.

    I think the lyrics were too much..


    I couldn’t make out most of the lyrics…

    but I could dance to the beat.

    I lost respect for her after she got work done and couldn’t just be honest and admit to it and had the audacity to get upset, when called out on it.

    I think Beyonce is one of the few black females to be in a group and make it solo…nobody seems to care about Dawn, if she is not in Danity Kane.

    • You tried October 29, 2014

      You sound really stupid! No u sound dumb as HELL

      Dawn made this masterpiece to slap dumb b****es like u in the face! She’s iconic in her own right and so original and of course DAWN is thinking bout DAWN you clown! It’s clear that at the end of the day and no matter how n e one twist the story DANITY KANE is OVER!!!!! Get OVER IT!!! Damn !

  5. Trey October 29, 2014

    Somebody call this biiaatch and tell her shes an idiot.

    • nancy grace slays October 29, 2014

      Shut the f u c k up u f a g!!!!!

  6. Yea ok October 29, 2014

    I like dawn but ever since this break up I’m on the fence about her. As far as this video I feel there was a lot of good work and effort put into it which I appreciated but the song is slightly mediocre. I enjoyed the last minute of the song and video the most. And I thought everyone knew it’s in poor taste to put on Native American headdress ?

  7. emilien03 October 29, 2014

    Nobody cares about that black era… She’s nothing without DK

  8. Kitty Puurrzz October 29, 2014

    Her pushing solo material so soon is KEY evidence as to who was the demise of Danity Kane part 1 and part 2. Can’t knock Dawn’s hustle true but seriously Dawn….? Come on. She’s so shady and it shows. I will not be supporting her AT ALL unless it concerns DK

    • emilien03 October 29, 2014

      Exactly what i think

    • hawtchitoes&tockys October 29, 2014

      i SWEAR people always tryna detect shade… Blackheart was in motion WAY Before DK3 even started being an option, she put it on hold to focus on the group effort… BUT YOU BELIEVE THE NARRATIVE you want to… I will not be supporting DK AT ALL unless it concerns her

  9. KeKe October 29, 2014

    This is horrible

  10. cocobutta October 29, 2014

    Bish the best dose of music you could give us is at least that DK essence.
    I like she like having her own alternative sounds but it’s just too much for me to be listening to songs like Rage, Tell Me, Two Sides, Pieces, Lemonade etc…; then fall back to this song.

    For a girl on a budget she makes some real decent videos. Bombs is still the bomb.

    The material solo wise needs to up a notch for her to take that next step.
    Mad talented

  11. You Stupid October 29, 2014

    People seem to be forgetting that this album was ALREADY in the works/practically finished BEFORE DK even reassembled. It’s obvious that she is releasing material from it now to capitalize on the exposure (although it may be little) that the release of the DK album will get which is SMART considering honestly, her solo base is not as widespread as the DK base. As stated before, I don’t think this will make “waves” but the release of it is definitely on time. I’m not going to speculate on the demise anymore but if I put a project on hold to pursue something else and it falls through, you damn skippy I’m going to go back to it and release it to get SOME TYPE of exposure so with that said I AINT HATING DAWN… DO U!

  12. Evil blogger October 29, 2014

    Listening to the lyrics I’m trying to figure out why she kept using words like we & us instead of me and I. Makes me wonder if was done on purpose or if this song was written for danity Kane and since it didn’t make the 10 song cut she re recorded or mastered her demo . Idk I think dk3 fell apart because dawn got big headed and knowing ms oday she didn’t hold her tongue. But I’m all for this era…

    • taqueria arandas October 29, 2014

      She always writes in term of the complete story… so its a reflection of the world she’s creating, in it so far she is speaking for the warriors who fuel her image and purpose…. the Hearts… so its not about her alone but her lineage…

  13. The Wig Snatcher October 29, 2014

    Even though I do not like Dawn personally because she is a fake, wanna-be diva b*tch who sounds too much like Brandy, this song does sound good. I applaud her for having “the show must go on” mentality.

  14. taqueria arandas October 29, 2014

    Its a buzz video/single… Its not the full effect of her artistry….

    Dawn had option after the first run and will have options after the second run… One thing is industry wide she has the respect of her peers some of the others dont….

    Hard work & Determination should always WIN in my book… yall worried bout trivial shade, Cant be mad at someone who really works at her craft non-stop… Danity Kane failed everytime because the goals and endgame was different…. One side chases the fanfare and celebrity and can stir up controversy with the best, the other side like to give you more depth and content and is more focused on the art….

    Nice lil buzz single, cant wait til the story is revealed in relation to Goldenheart

  15. Rihboy October 29, 2014

    What is this? Mess.

  16. Dem Lessors October 29, 2014

    The song and video are good but I ain’t supporting her after that incident. DK3 is my favourite western album this year. Why can’t these women just get along and leave their egos out of their work. I can’t even!

  17. pat October 29, 2014

    routing for her but this over produced “train” sound has got to stop…u have VOCAls n dance talent…quit trying so damn hard gurh

  18. J October 29, 2014

    I can’t knock her hustle cause for an independent artist this video and song are pretty hot. Kudos.

    However the timing of it all is BEYOND SHADY for fans of the group.

  19. LICK October 29, 2014

    Lets go Dawn!

  20. Charliebrown October 30, 2014

    This b**** is so f****** DOPE!

  21. antoinette October 30, 2014

    Everyone likes to use the word “shade” a lot. This album was practically done before reunion with Danity Kane. Life is just imitating art. Dawn said herself, she does not want Danity Kane fans to pick sides. If you want to ride with her fine, if not that is okay too. Haters you need to stop acting like you were in the meetings and in the studio witnessing what was going down. If you were not there shut up.

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