Dawn Richard On Danity Kane Split: “I Have To Move Forward”

Published: Wednesday 29th Oct 2014 by David


Dawn Richard is moving on and leaving Danity Kane behind her.

Unbothered (or perhaps unaware) of covert moves made by one ex-bandmate hoping to tarnish her reputation within the industry, Dawn took to ‘Billboard‘ to speak on her departure from the group recently.

There, she also spoke openly on her plans to conquer the charts as a solo act, and why- despite its messy demise- she wishes all of Kane’s members the best.

Her words below…


A portion of Billboard‘s ‘Dawn Richard Announces ‘Blackheart’ Album Release, Talks New Music & Moving On From Danity Kane‘ reads:

In August 2013, however, Richard announced that she would put her solo career on hold to reunite to Danity Kane, telling Billboard earlier this year, “My girls asked me to come back, and I had to pay homage to the fact that there wouldn’t be ‘Goldenheart’ if there wasn’t Danity Kane.” The reunion produced a tour and a new album, DK3, that was released earlier this week, but a physical altercation in the studio last August put an end to the lineup of Richard, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex.

The abrupt disbandment came during a rocky period for Richard last summer: her grandmother passed away, and her father was diagnosed with cancer. “All of the craziness happened at once,” says Richard, “and I hit a place where it was a do-or-die moment for me. I really wanted to prove that I had a story to tell, and not only that, but that I wanted to make people that I lost proud.”

Blackheart was originally conceived right after the release of Goldenheart in early 2013, but was put on hold for the Danity Kane reunion; with that project completed, Richard quickly returned to finishing her next solo effort. The new album will feature more production work from Richard herself along with close collaborator Noisecastle, and move away from the R&B sound of its predecessor. “Blackheart is purely falling into the electronic world, and pushing the envelope,” she says.


Along with the album, Richard will concurrently launch a footwear collaboration with Lust For Life that is available for pre-order. And although Richard says that she hasn’t spoken to her Danity Kane co-members since the incident in August, she says that she will always be part of the girl group known for hits like “Damaged” and “Show Stopper.”

“I’m still a part of the other five — I’m never turning that down,” says Richard. “I just think I’ve done the best that I possibly could. I did my part in releasing the [Danity Kane] album, so now all I can do is support whatever’s out there and wish everyone the best, and now continue to make great music that doesn’t affect my group. We’re not promoting it, we’re not even doing videos or anything for it, which was the decision that wasn’t my own. So I have to move forward.”

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  1. NikFerg October 29, 2014

    B**** You Won’t Go Far Trust Me! #DK3 #FuckDawn

    • You tried October 29, 2014


      Get a life because from the looks of Dawns “Blow” video.. SHES GETTING HERS! The thought of your delusional ass say #DK3 in the same sentence say she’s nothing shows u r a idiot ! She was and still is the most successful without the group and i would like all of them to post their bank accounts and checks and see who is making the most money and not INSTA POST! *coughs* SSSSSHADE! Lmao

      DAWN is here to stay

      Best of luck to those other InstaModels

      • NikFerg October 29, 2014

        She’s An Abusive Lame B**** Her Songs All Sound The Same She Will Never Be Anything But A Club Performer! #DK3 Was Her Only Chance But She Chose To F*** Everything Up! Back To The Struggle Now B****!

      • MamaWallace October 29, 2014

        Shut the hell up “You Tried” punk ass b****.

  2. beebo October 29, 2014

    girl bye!! If Brandy’s last album couldn’t sell what makes you think your wanna be ass can do better???

  3. You tried October 29, 2014

    DAWN has my respect!
    She’s a business woman and whatever went on went on! Get back to work and keep it moving ! These delusional fans don’t realize these are their 9to5s this is how DAWN makes a living ! Would u sit around and wait for unemployment Bd stay on TWITTER AND INSTA or get to work and pay bills !

    TGJ I’m kind of dissApointed in ur first post about DAWNs solo move again knowing her background of business and knowing this record was put on her fkr the so called “DK3”. Stop flip flopping and hating on a hardworking woman! Chicks fight do what they are human them blonde b****es need to go back to Walmart and get to work!

    dAWN we love u

  4. Mark111 October 29, 2014

    Not that I care, but why are Dk fans acting like Dawn wasn’t the most talented and creative in the group? Only 3 out the 5 could sing and two of them weren’t in the group anymore. So let’s not act like the two blonds hold a candle to Dawn or even D. Woods. Sure Audit (or whatever her name is) was great for TV, but music? Never. Dk wasn’t even on PCD lever, so stop making them, the reunion and the 2nd break up as if they’re TLC, Spice Girls or DC3.

    • You tried October 29, 2014


      Please let these kids know!!! Lol

      The delusion is sooooo real!
      Dawn was their meat on their sandwich
      She was the special sound and the star in the group clearly
      The one with the most respective credits! And the only b**** with a voice and the only B.I. To survive the groups departure!

      • musicMatters101 October 29, 2014

        Dawn was not “Danity Kane” in full. Each girl collectively brought together something and together they had the X Factor, as some say. Dawn-Creativity. Shannon-Best Dancer. Aubrey-Image/S** Appeal. Aundrea-Voals/Range. D.Woods-still thinking about hers…Urban Appeal? ? ? But yes. each held their own strengths.

    • MamaWallace October 29, 2014

      Uh Mark111 you are dumb as f***. Right when you said D Woods was one of the best vocalists you shot your own foot. Lame.

      • MamaWallace October 29, 2014

        I agree with MusicMatters

  5. dee October 29, 2014

    why so hateful? i’m glad to hear blackheart is coming but sad no r&B sound

  6. You tried October 29, 2014

    Dawn we riding with u! Your talent is effortless! U were born to do this and don’t stop! These haters don’t recognize greatness but for BILLBOARD to cover you and only you SPEAKS VOLUMES! You have the industries respect and that’s all that matters!

    They hate on QUEEN B and still she dominates their favs ! Dawn they will hate on u and U still press on!

  7. J October 29, 2014

    She didn’t waste any time. Not even a day. Smh.

  8. DK3 Lover October 29, 2014

    you know what, I respect the fact that she didn’t disrespect the other girls, i can’t stand hateful people, and after reading this I get that she has to move on with her project, however I’m not buying all of this she is VERY tactical indeed, she clearly holds some sort of grudge and wants to prove that she can out do the other girls because there is no way on earth you would release a music video for your own solo project on exactly the same week that your own album with your group is released that is a nasty move! at least allow the DK album to do its thing this week and the R O L video before you release your own, even if its just for one week, thats not cool!

    As far as there not being any videos or marketing done, I find it very difficult to believe that Shannon and Aubrey would bust there a*** to get this album out there if deep down they did not want a reunion, but i’m sure they were not willing to have one unless she apologised first!

    Open your eyes people if Shannon and Aubrey were mean girls they could have done the Rhythm of Love video without Dawn, instead they respected her enough to not be in the video too as this was a project that all 3 girls worked on, siince the incident they have been cool and just got on with it and to be fair so has Dawn, however did any of you notice that on the day of the video shoot for ROL was the same day Dawn did her one off gig in China! Again another rookie move to put the Attention on herself at the same time as DK

    I Think Dawn has been through a lot and had a very bad year and i don’t believe she is a bad person, but i do believe that when someone is in a bad place, they become bitter and angry with everyone and want to prove something, her words and intentions are in the right place but her actions show her anger deep down

    • musicMatters101 October 29, 2014

      YES YES YES! I agree with everything you said. I do think the way Dawn slides in digs at Aubrey and Shannon is so subtle that the average reader or person doesn’t pic up on it. yes maybe Aubrey and Shannon have taken subtle jabs at Dawn, but they are much more direct and out there. Dawn when she fires back says things that make you have to read between the lines. Like instead of her saying that the other girls supposedly do not want to film music videos, why not instead say, when the right time comes, the girls and I will certainly film a/some music videos. That way your stating clearly now is not the time, but also that you are open (addressing that same point she tried to make minus the shade)!

      I can’t believe she released the “Blow” song/video a day after, what kind of bullish!t is that mess. Like yeah clearly she is trying to get views and buzz from DK3 and Danity Kane in general…. Don’t be so disgusting about it. Because majority of Danity Kane fans, of all five girls just are NOT into the music she creates solo. She needs to do solo contemporary R&B and Pop music, not alternative Pop/R&B/Dance music. I will pass on that!

      • taqueria arandas October 29, 2014

        I think you wrong about the shade,and you are reaching for that… Anyone chasing clouds will find shade. Her statement is a clear response of there will be no additional effort to support or promote the DK3 album to her knowledge, why would she say “when the right time comes, the girls and I will certainly film a/some music videos. That way your stating clearly now is not the time, but also that you are open” if thats not the case? Did I miss the moment where the Aubrey, Shannon, & DK management said they were open to even working with Dawn, cause I clearly remember THEM saying it was done on their side and they were refusing to continue with her…. NOW WE MAD Dawn is carrying on with her career and releasing a visual… of a song not available for purchase anywhere… there is nothing wrong with being tactical, and everything wrong with being exploitative

  9. LICK October 29, 2014

    Good. Happy she is moving on. There is nothing shady about doing what she loves. She has bills to pay and i’ve been following her for sometime to know she waste no time in grinding. Danity Kane is over. Get it over it. If this was DK2 you all would be like ‘YASSSSS Dk2, Dawn who?’ Leave Dawn alone. Don’t be mad because is not the others doing it.

  10. Cupid October 29, 2014

    I feel like Dawn wasted the groups time, the fans, and her own with this one. Knowing what all she had going on she should’ve held the project with DK3 off until she felt comfortable with doing so. Her intentions was for her own project from the beginning. I feel she’s using her mourning as an excuse.

    • Jay October 29, 2014

      You can’t predict death or any harm to your family. Aubrey had put out an album. Shannon had put out an album. Dawn was working on Blackheart. Her intentions was like everyone elses; make music.

      • musicMatters101 October 29, 2014

        She did not have to release the album or first single day after the ‘DK3’ release, that is poor taste!

  11. taqueria arandas October 29, 2014

    Here go those shade detectors again…. Nothing shady about any of this… She is moving on, people want her to stay in the group and have her in a situation she tried to make work… Danity Kane had potential but at the end of the day, both times they ALL had to force themselves to coexist… Dawn couldve said plenty inflammatory things ,but she hasnt and never will attack the character or shortcomings of the other girls like they did towards her… The position of the others need to destroy Dawn every chance that get just to flavor their appeal, while Dawn has let the work speak for itself…. Yall acting like Dawn released the album and/or single today, she dropped a visual a non-earning commodity. There is no purchasing power opportunity taken away from Danity Kane by this move… THERE IS NO SHADE clearly she is JUST MOVING ON

  12. OVERIT October 29, 2014

    I use to support Dawn, before I get attacked Lol I want to say I was a huge supporter to all the girls. Aubrey was blamed for the breakup before and yes she was off the chain but she loved DK. She had success just like Dawn as well, 2 shows, and a album she produced. We all know that. Same for Dawn she was successful but she was never at Danity Kane status actually none of them got to that status after the group. Dawn has lied many of times before, and has said plenty of times before Danity Kane wouldn’t get back together, (they got back together), She said she reached out to the girls before and it was confirmed she didnt, she don’t get along with Kaleena from DM anymore, the producers on her first album don’t want to work with her either anymore. Now she releases a video for her album the same week DK last album comes outs. SMH I’m sorry but she doesn’t support her fans so im not supporting her, she told us all to get over and move on but we all know she need to pray to hope that she gets a 3rd chance move on. Remember She said tell me was changed and vocals were different, I thought it sounded great no member sounded like the lead singer, so i don’t get why she hit her group member???

  13. musicMatters101 October 29, 2014

    I understand for her to continue on and “do her.” But I believe it is in extreme poor taste to do so and release your video for your song literally a day after the release which was “fro the fans/gift to fans.”

    I mean it makes. Clearly Dawn is utilizing the Danity Kane buzz from the release to gain further buzz and exposure for her solo project. I still see her solo music as being way to “weird” and odd for the typical R&B/Pop fan who followed her mainstream career. I think thats why she won’t go very far. That is my opinion Dawn fans and stans. I do think that had she created music more along the lines of “Lights Out,” “2 Sides,” and “Tell Me,” she would have at minimum minor success.

    Truth be told, black women in music have a hard time when they are NOT producing R&B/Soul music, or Hip Hop music. Yes you have the select few like Rihanna and Beyonce who are accepted into Pop, but thats two in over 15 years.

    I honestly wish they could regroup and make this work, someway somehow. I don’t see why/how they could just sit there and NOT be about their business. Like how many of us on here has ever punched one of our co-workers during work hours/in general even. That is just NOT what you do with business partners. If ALL of these girl groups that breakup over petty mess when solo they aren’t much of anything (3LW, Danity Kane, PCD, etc.) would realize you don’t need to LOVE your co-workers got that understood and let their egos go, girl groups would last much longer. I guess women can NOT work together that long. Boy bands last much longer and don’t have half this kinda drama!

  14. Keith October 29, 2014

    @MusicMatters101: I dig a lot of what you’re saying but I get frustrated at those who don’t open their minds and ears to black artists who aren’t a pop machine (Beyonce), a hoodrat (Keyshia) or a fat ass with a voice (Kelly, KeKe, Aretha). As an African-American we are capable of so much more in terms of expression – our culture can be so rich and nuanced…I just wish the powers that be understood this or we simply just rejected all those who limit us to a few expressions. Then it would be clear for artists like Dawn. On a less serious note, if the DK diehards can’t see that Dawn was the only reason to look at DK3 I feel sorry for them, LOL and I liked DK3 myself…

    • musicMatters101 October 30, 2014

      See thats the thing. I don’t think Dawn’s creativity is or was the only thing the rode DK3. For one Aubrey’s image and personality over shines and shadows every other member in interviews. Shannon’s skill dancing live, on point is pretty stellar as well. Dawn is creative, I agree. But its not like Dawn wrote or co-wrote ALL of the music. She only did so on two songs here. TBH I actually thought the album was going to be solely written by all DK4 girls. I didn’t assume they would sing songs the production team The Stereotypes were working on, and or other songwriters. So yes I do see how Dawn is a creative individual but I don’t think she drove DK3. Look at Britney Spears, who barely has wrote any of her hits, I believe the only “hit” she wrote was “Everytime” which peaked at like #15 on the Hot 100.
      Yes, it would be nice if there were not stereotypical roles for the black singer/artist. And great if they could perform any kind of music they’d like. But its the same thing for lets say non black people getting into Hip Hop (Iggy Azalea, Eminem, Bubba Sparxxx) non white people getting into Rock music, non white people getting into Country music (Darius Rucker)…. they ALL hold stigmas.

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