Dr. Luke Claps Back At Ke$ha With Lawsuit Of His Own / Alleges Extortion

Published: Tuesday 14th Oct 2014 by Rashad


Uh oh!  We told you guys this was guaranteed to get messy.

After pop songstress Ke$ha rocked the net this morning by unveiling news of a lawsuit against longtime music collaborator/producer Dr. Luke alleging sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, the hitmaking producer was forced to field off a few attacks of his own via social media.

Tired of the punishment, it appears he is looking to save his name by clapping back at the ‘Die Young’ diva.  Citing defamation of character and extortion, he claims that all of Ke$ha’s allegations are false and are ultimately a ploy to get out of her contract.

Ke$ha said it best herself:  this sh*t’s about to blow.  Read his statement below and tell us who you believe:

Via Billboard:

“As part of the effort to get out of the Gottwald Recording Agreement, Kesha and Pebe have also orchestrated a campaign of publishing false and shocking accusations against Gottwald to extort Plaintiffs into letting Kesha out of the Gottwald Recording Agreement,” states the complaint.

Dr. Luke’s attorneys say that a third party later saw a “draft complaint” of Kesha’s lawsuit, which Dr. Luke’s side says “contained false and scurrilous accusations,” although that third party wasn’t able to retain it.

His lawsuit doesn’t go into much detail about exactly which statements were false, and how they were made, but it does say that the defendants have published defamatory statements of physical and mental abuse “that Kesha and Pebe have themselves admitted are false.”

Dr. Luke is suing for defamation, plus he’s alleging breach of contract, saying that the terms of the agreement and subsequent amendments are valid.”


Your thoughts?

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  1. BeyRihLiyah October 14, 2014

    I believe kesha because artist get sexually abused all the time in the industry it happens

  2. Skyfall October 14, 2014

    Hot mess.

  3. BaddieBey October 14, 2014

    Kesha isn’t lying. This kind of disgusting thing is very common in the industry because the industry turns a blind eye to it. Instead of these stage moms and dads being militant with who their children spend time with, they throw them to the first producer, agent or director that promises them a deal and that gives PERVERTS like Dr Luke the freedom to carry out the PERVERTED act Kesha is accusing him of.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE. Stop being fooled by people you don’t really know and understand that a lot of our faves are working with people who should be behind bars.

  4. musicMatters101 October 14, 2014

    Team Dr. Luke.

    Kesha been trying to leave since she flopped with a good album helmed by Dr. Luke in 2012 ‘Warrior’

    Seriously, Kesha is NOT a hot piece of ass. Luke ain’t struggling to bed her.

  5. LB October 14, 2014

    “he claims that all of Ke$ha’s allegations are false and are ultimately a ploy to get out of her contract.”

    Well I did suspect this; unfortunately for Dr. Luke, the fact that Ke$ha went to rehab will hurt his case. His chances of winning this are slim due to that fact, and the worst part for him is civil cases are based on a balance of probabilities, good luck.

    As for who is right or wrong, well I don’t have all the facts, so I’ll watch.

  6. Yea ok October 14, 2014

    They said she been in contract for at least 10 years. Exactly what are the terms of this contract?? Jeez. As far as the abuse I believe it. And I also believe she threatened to sue if he didn’t let her out the contract.

    • musicMatters101 October 14, 2014

      She was first signed likely as a songwriter.

      But in Music contracts can be written as number of albums or major releases delivered to the label. Until an artist releases them they can still be legally bind by the contract.

      Meaning any music she records during the time belongs to the said label. Which is why she probably feels trapped.

  7. NICKI IS QUEEN October 14, 2014

    I’m with Kesha on this one.. No one randomly comes up with allegations such as these plus he looks like a p***

    • musicMatters101 October 14, 2014

      ppl do ALL the time tho. -_-

  8. HELL NO October 14, 2014

    Kesha, I love you and am rooting for you baby girl! I have been an animal since I was 15, when I was going through it at the time and her music was a great escape for me. She has stated numerous times that Dr. Luke has been nothing but controlling and degrading. It saddens me that people want to come here and say she is not pretty or talented. She is beautiful and for those saying she cant sing, let me tell you something, SHE CAN. All those who say she is untalented need to buy her “Deconstructed” EP on itunes. She is VERY talented, the whole reason she is seen as nothing but an autotune robot is because DR.LUKE only pushes the singles which contain heavy autotune. She has also constantly listed the singles she wanted to be chosen, but were not, because Dr. Luke would not agree to put them out including “The Harold Song,” “Machine Gun Love,” and “Past Lives;” all songs in which she does not use autotune and all songs that do not portray her as a nothing but a party girl. In addition, there are 7 mixtapes of her unreleased material which show she can CLEARLY sing and show she is talented, all can be downloaded for free on tumblr. As for people saying she will be nowhere without Luke, please, he may have produced some of her songs but he did not write them and he is not the reason people like Kesha. People like Kesha because she is Kesha and lets be honest, she is the only reason “Timber” even went number one; nobody is checking for Pitbull’s bubblegum raps. And finally for those saying she’s lying… Almost all of her music has been DUEL produced by Luke and Benny Blanco. Why would she only sue Dr. Luke if she was lying? It’s not like she is lying and suing all her producers to get out of her contract, she is only suing LUKE who has manipulated her career from day one. She has stated herself that she never wanted to be a popstar in the first place, she wanted to be a rockstar, and Luke will not let her because all that he cares about is what sells instead of true artistry. At the end of the day, she still sells major singles, including having the highest selling single to date for a female artist, and just because warrior did not go gold does not mean its a “flop.” Check the reviews. On metacritic Warrior scored higher by 10 points or more than “Prism,” “Artpop,” “Ciara,” “Shakira,” “Britney Jean,” “Bangerz,” “Stars Dance,” “Pink Friday:RR,” and “Born to Die.” The only popstars with better reviews were Beyonce and Adele. Sometimes SALES aren’t everything, it’s about SUBSTANCE and QUALITY. I’d much rather buy an album that sold less but was more enjoyable than buy an album that sells but gets boring after 2 plays… Prism. All tea, no shade…

  9. AzzieB October 14, 2014

    Oh, I so believe Kesha. These aren’t the first allegations against Dr. Luke, and I’m sure they won’t be the last. This man is f****** rancid and needs to go crawl back up his own a*** and decompose.

  10. FutureCIARA October 15, 2014

    They are both lying yet telling some form of truth at the same time.

    As abuse and contract bondage is no secret to anyone in the business, People that really know the business all know what is entailed when one wants success. Success comes with sacrifice, and usually threats are put into place.

    However its hard for me to want to take sides with a sick twisted individual such as Kesha herself, seeing how she acts in derogatory ways while in public (i.e. Drinking Blood on stage) causes me to have lost all the fuckz that I would have given.

    Some of these stars sign up for this stuff willingly, and when shitt hits the fan and they realize they are enslaved to these binding contracts of deception, and then decide they want OUT.
    Well it doesnt work like that, so they either continue singing songs asking for help or they spill all the T in a lawsuit, with true and false mixed statements.

    Good luck is all I can say.

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