Hot Shot: Beyonce Strikes A Pose In London Town

Published: Sunday 19th Oct 2014 by David


Peep this pic of Pop purveyor Beyonce, striking a pose in the city of London today!

Sharing the snap with her fans after spending time in the prestigious neighbourhood that is Notting Hill, the hit-birthing chart slayer can be seen sporting her now headline grabbing bangs one year after she learned that her ‘Heat’ perfume had become the best selling celebrity fragrance of all time!

Love what Beyonce looks (and smells) like?

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Exactly how many bodies have HEAT sold, I need numbers.
    She looks cute

  2. Beysus October 19, 2014


    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      You’re still here after that effortlessly dragging I gave you and your fellow hive members yesterday.

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        B**** please. BEYONCE outsold Una! That drag alone should kill you Nazis…

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        But she hasn’t..,
        Rihanna 250 million records > Beyonce 140 million records

        Just wait until Home & R8 eras

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        Chart News, Hun… And as if those albums will reach over 2 mill in the US… *sips tea*

      • Mike October 19, 2014

        Wow! With all of those records Rihanna sold she should at least be a billionaire, right? Lol. You navy crack me up. All of those records and no wealth to show for it……I feel like Rita (with her shrewd investments and endorsements) will be passing Rihanna soon.

    • Molly October 19, 2014

      Slay what?? Befraudce team lieing again. HEAT didn’t sell more Britney’s Fragrance or Lady Fadgas either. #FlopSinglesandFragrances

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        At least Bey can actually sell singles, albums and fragrances… When will CiError??? #BodyFlop

      • smh October 19, 2014

        Paris Hilton, JLO , Britney ,E. Taylor fragance sales >>>>>>

      • Beysus October 19, 2014


  3. Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

    Slay When will Rihanna, that musty ass Rogue fragrance will never sell as much as HEAT.

  4. Beysus October 19, 2014

    In 2013, in addition to becoming the best-selling celebrity-branded fragrance line, the perfumes went on to become the third best-selling fragrance worldwide with $400 million earned at retail globally. In 2013, it was revealed that Beyoncé’s line of perfumes Heat is the best-selling celebrity fragrance line with $400 million earned at retail globally. BYE B!TCHES

  5. Eloviano October 19, 2014

    “… after she learned that her ‘Heat’ perfume had become the BEST SELLING CELEBRITY FRAGANCE OF ALL TIME!” nuff_said hahaha

    And death at my fellow Hive dragging @Skyfall to the point of insanity in the Rihanna post.

    Hunty when I tell you the Superior Hive be dragging for filth sans mercy.

  6. Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

    Still crying at how easy it was for the queen to outsell unapologetic

    • metzo October 19, 2014

      DEATHH @ you finally using some logic.

    • m7 October 19, 2014

      Yess! Very easy indeed.
      Outselling a 2 year album in 9 months both locally and globally is a damn shame!

  7. TRUTH SERUM October 19, 2014


  8. msshadyboots October 19, 2014

    Look it’s Jane Toussaint!! Her perfume smells like a musty cooter

  9. Beysus October 19, 2014

    Death at Skyfall, the 2 faced b****..

  10. smh October 19, 2014

    ◾Paris Hilton’s perfume line is valued at $1.5 billion.
    ◾Britney Spears has sold over a billion bottles of perfume in the last five years, with global sales of over $1 billion.
    “To date, Spears has grossed an estimated $10 billion from perfume sales across the globe, with sales of more than a billion.”

    • Gaga King October 19, 2014

      you better tell them, Beyonces perfume or Rihanna’s aren’t even in the top 10 of best selling celeb fragrances

      • FAF October 19, 2014

        ^does white diamonds not constitute as a “celebrity” fragrance????
        cuz elizabeth taylor outsold all this s*** TBH #legend

  11. Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

    I see the Navy are mute, death their edges must Be in ruins, that what happens when you come for Beyonce

  12. truth October 19, 2014

    Her bangs look like when a child cuts their own hair.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      I know right, terrible horrendous wig, but that’s what happens when you try to be trendy and keep up with Rihanna

    • @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014


  13. Mark111 October 19, 2014


    • realist October 19, 2014

      Seethe Bish!!! Your no having walls, musty Puss Fave will never. Now be seated h**.

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        Can yoy speak English please. I don’t understand Faggish.

    • realist October 19, 2014

      Smh.. typical response from a brainless hating fart like you. Continue seething, it’s not going to change anything B****!! Now instead of being pressed, how about you go give your fav tips on how to keep her legs closed and keeping a man.

    • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014


  14. smh October 19, 2014

    Rihanna’s Rebelle is doing exceptionally well in the UK and has now become the fastest selling celebrity fragrance, outselling the following:
    Britney Spears’ “Midnight Fantasy”
    Jennifer Lopez’s “Glow”
    Beyonce’s “Heat”
    And even Victoria Beckham’s “Intimately Beckham for her”

  15. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

    I never understood why TGJ make posts like this, they do that with Rihanna too when They are looking for a Stan war. The hive didn’t drag anybody, not when they are praising a flop album outselling a flop album( they’re words not mine) by a couple of units. And yes the navy would cling to record sales just like how the hive clinged to your numbers and movie gross to inflate Beyonce’s impact because “4” flopped. Well at least she outsold two flops before retiring

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014


    • metzo October 19, 2014

      Did you take your pills today?

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        Where did I lie?

  16. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

    Beyoncé looks nice there though, I like the sweater

  17. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Known of her albums are the best selling though.
    21 – 11 million in the US alone
    Dangerously In Love – 11 million world wide

    The Emancipation of Mimi – 6 million in US, 12 million WW
    Dangerously In Love – 5 million in US, 11 million WW

    4 – 2.8 million WW
    TTT – 4 million WW

    Beyonce – 3.4 million WW
    Frozen – 6 million WW

    • Beysus October 19, 2014

      Adele will never repeat that success… Everything else Mariah released that decade sold 2 mill at most… 4’s sold 3 mill and didn’t need a generic single… Frozen’s a soundtrack…

      • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

        Yasss read that Delusional b****, Adele is just another Norah Jones death, EOM happened ten years ago keep clingy s***.

      • Beysus October 19, 2014


      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Death you mean to tell the the hive has been lowing this whole time, DEATHHHHHHHH SCREAMMMINGGG

      • Beysus October 19, 2014


    • ME October 19, 2014

      1. 21…. 11mill in US alone

      Dangerously in Love… 11mill WW

      GGGB… 9mill WW

      • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

        Screaming at Rihanna, she will soon be Katy’s and Ritas lessor

    • Tboz’sSideburns October 19, 2014

      @skyfall bittch why are you so flakey, what is with you and this frozen soundtrack nonsense, next you’ll be pulling out DVD sales and comparing it to Beyonce. Weren’t you supposed to be in intensive care after the Hive came for your edges in the Rihanna thread?

  18. @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

    What’s tragic is she s***** perry’s old wig and thought she’d look good in it.


    • @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

      She found*

    • Kii October 19, 2014

      Hey babe

    • annaMae October 19, 2014

      Not some randomer commenting on appearances when he looks deranged in his avi. Not a cross-eyed-dry-skinned-pale queen coming for Beyonce when he really needs to come thru with some vaseline.

  19. Eloviano October 19, 2014

    @Skyfall gurl are you okay?

  20. metzo October 19, 2014

    “. October 18, 2014 at 9:22 pm
    Skyfall says:


    MOTS: 5 million
    AGLM: 7 million
    GGGB: 17 million
    Rated R: 13 million
    LOUD: 15 million
    TTT: 14 million
    Unapologetic: 14 million
    Rihanna= 250 million records sold.
    When will your fav?
    2nd best selling female artist of time.
    Reply. ”


    The Navy are comedians I swear.

    • Beysus October 19, 2014


      • metzo October 19, 2014

        Chile. I’m agape by the delusion.

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      Skyfall has lost her damn mind, after that dragging she received last night! LMAO

  21. ME October 19, 2014

    “User Actions

    Chart News
    @NayronSB GGGB US sales (latest known number): 2,666,000. ~8 million ww.
    Reply Retweet Favorite More”

  22. @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

    This picture looks like she’s been caught taking a dump.
    But I like how she’s supporting her sisters career at Mc Donalds by wearing it’s colours

    • Kii October 19, 2014

      Hey s***……

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      Was that supposed to be funny?

      • @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

        Who are you?

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        I’m asking the same thing about you. Who the f*** are you?

      • @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

        Wait, who are YOU? I don’t think your stans would be a good fit. I mean, I doubt adelaphants could fit within the beyhive

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        LMAO ummm ok. Guess that was supposed to be funny as well.

    • annaMae October 19, 2014

      Not some randomer commenting on appearances when he looks deranged in his avi. Not a cross-eyed-dry-skinned-pale queen coming for Beyonce when he really needs to come thru with some vaseline.

  23. @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

    Where’s ozzy? I came here to return it’s roots

  24. ME October 19, 2014

    since we are clinging to ther artists now…

    Frozen….. 3mill in US (ALMOST A YEAR OLD)


    • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

      Yassssss Rihanna could never go 3x Platnium in the US

  25. Kii October 19, 2014

    Why are people using chartnews as a source the person that
    Runs that account doesn’t post figures that were provided from
    The record companies he uses various sites and blogs the same person even got Iggy’s WW sales wrong

  26. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    The King looks great! Those bangs are starting to grow on me too! They were cute in her ICONIC Why Don’t You Love Me video! 😀

  27. m7 October 19, 2014

    Katy is already outselling Rihanna in singles sales.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Not true Katy’s singles are over certified, she has about 13-15 million of inflated sales from over certified singles. Take Firework for example it sold about 6 million in the US but is certified 9x plat

  28. ME October 19, 2014

    Since we are clinging to other artists…

    Music Box…32mill WW (ONE ALBUM)

    Beyonce (artist)… 33mill WW (FIVE ALBUMS)

    Rihanna…..26mill (7 ALBUMS)

    • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

      Death Rihanna is literally the bottom of the barrel b****, who would Stan for her?

  29. Suicide Blonde October 19, 2014

    So now Rihanna has sold 250 million records, the epitome of inflated numbers.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Honey, let’s not act like we don’t Know that Rihanna and Madonna are the two best selling female artist of all time, followed by F****** Cowrey, Cellituene Dion, and Cokeney Houston. What are inflated are beyonce single sales…. Deathh

      • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

        B**** stfu and quit inflating Rihanna’s records sales to make yourself seem better, she is 7 albums and hasn’t even sold over 30 million albums.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Excuse me but b**** who was talking to you I was having a converse with Suicide Blondie ho, keep ya too since out of it, and yess oh Rihanna has sold 255 million Records more than all ya favs and you will deal psychotic bitchhhhhh

      • Suicide Blonde October 19, 2014

        No, you’re wrong, most singles sales are manipulated, some get certified without real sales, it’s all a lie.

  30. BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 19, 2014

    What’s up with Skyfall? He’s acting like a crazy navy member. He’s usually really calm.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      “Shes” usually really calm. Nothing wrong with me hun, just clocking tea.

      • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

        Exactly who’s tea are you clocking b****, where are your receipts? Stay pressed and fuming you delusion c***.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Leave Me ALONE BITCHHHH!!!!!!!!!

      • deseThotsCantClockMeNowadays October 19, 2014

        Not Skyfall arguing with himself and clocking himself after the severe dragging he received yesterday

  31. @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

    Yeh since we are clinging to other sales

    Lady Godga 4 albums – 23 million
    Singles – 66 million

  32. BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 19, 2014

    Anyway,the Queen looks fantastic. Her bangs alone have made more impact than some of your faves.

  33. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    Rihanna is the 17th highest selling artist with 150 million plus. She’s the youngest in the top 20 and Beyonce, Britney and others are even close nor in the top 30. #facts

    • Suicide Blonde October 19, 2014

      Britney is undercertified, she is the one closer to the 200 m.

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        No she’s not. Don’t forget that half of her career wss a train wreck and later flops.

      • Suicide Blonde October 19, 2014

        I won’t discuss but you should let the hate at home and start using your brain, i’m pretty sure that you are more than this, just being honest.

  34. Suicide Blonde October 19, 2014

    Oh f***!, i didn’t knew there were two Skyfall, nevermind, lol.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      There’s only one, the other is An imposter bittccccchhh, I would never Stan for a ho like Beyukece

  35. @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

    When I thought i’ve seen it all on here, skyfall has britney spears 2007 levelled meltdowns

  36. @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014


  37. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    The irony of a Madonna stan talks about inflation. Lol Ask how her sales jumped from 200M to 350M.

    • Suicide Blonde October 19, 2014

      Her sales are still undercertified, albums + singles combined, 350+, she’s one of the few artists who records sales are real, actually at this point her old record label could have inflated her numbers but they don’t, do yo homework, she surpassed the 200 m with albums alone, if you still have any doubt ask yourself how Rihanna went from 85 million records to 150 in one year.

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        Depends on what year. Probably 2 high selling albums filled with countless singles that sales, plus the pervious albims and singles.

      • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

        You better drag Rihanna

  38. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya kii kii kii kii kii

  39. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    It’s nice that Tina Knowles is dressing BeYAWNce again. Bringing tacky back.

    • @Matt_Phoenixx October 19, 2014

      Lmao I cant

    • realist October 19, 2014

      LMAO. .Say what you want b****!! It still won’t rise aaliyah from the ashes and won’t make rihbola an album selling artist!! Stay clinging to those whores (literally)

      • Realest October 19, 2014

        Please don’t use my name.. Especially when you’re making yourself look like an IDIOT talking about dead people

      • Brian310 October 19, 2014

        She doesn’t need to rise from the ashes when her name is still relevant in 2014 and let’s not talk about where’s because Beyoncé list has the same amount of dudes as her and Aaliyah wasn’t shaking her ass like a $2 ho.

      • LDN Chick October 19, 2014

        Your fave was fuckking grown men at the age of 15 for beats. Not a thotliyah stan talking about hos.

      • msshadyboots October 20, 2014

        But boncey was singing about how somebody else’s man was with her in the middle of the night in “with me” she was 14 or 15 u can’t tell me she hasn’t been fuking for tracks since then not to mention Kelly Mitchell said basically smashed her cakes..I’m sure Daddy knowels had her bent over for who ever was willing to put them on..and solaunge was pregnant at 16..I’m sure Beyodel was a virgin when she met jayz..bragging about her sick ducking skills is so classy

  40. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    I still can’t at BEYONCE outselling Unapologetic in 9 months lmaooo

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      Go watch PBS and learn how to count. The number of the day is 10.

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        5,9,10. Doesn’t matter she still outsold UNA in less time. Weren’t you clocked for that last night? LMAO

      • Sass October 19, 2014

        But you dont even use any receipts so sit down.

  41. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 19, 2014

    Samantha, you are one messy a*s queen…

  42. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    October 18, 2014 at 7:47 pm
    metzo says:
    -”4″ era sold 14 Million records. “Beyonce” era sold over 10 Million records so far. Don’t make me pull receipts.

    Screaming, the inflation and over certifications is real.

    • ME October 19, 2014

      the irony of you to talk about inflations

      • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

        Clock ha, explain how Rihanna went from 150 million records to 250 millions in 1 day you crazy b****.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone B**** ass ho, before I snatch ya lips of ya green p**** ads Ho now SIT TF DOWNNNN

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014


  43. Sass October 19, 2014

    Beyonce looks nice. The Navy are seething because she outsold Unapologetic so they cannot use that drag anymore.

    • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

      No Beeeeetch, your seething at the presence of the over powerful NAVY HO. Now go suck ya daddy’s d*** while your d*** mommy record and sent it to your grandparents as a christmas present video, titled “Family Bonding”

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Now you trying to pretend to me b****, you should of changed the Hive b******* from your name ho, you could never be me f*** you and the hive.

  44. Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

    I love effortlessly @Slay_Hive is clocking tea.

  45. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    The Pest logic. DEC 13 to Oct 14 is o months. Lol They can’t count and their fave don’t know her lefy and right, lol. #DumbHive

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      9 months*

    • Lydia October 19, 2014

      She outsold it in less than a year. Sit down.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        No Beeeeetch, your seething at the presence of the over powerful NAVY HO. Now go suck ya daddy’s d*** while your d*** mommy record and sent it to your grandparents as a christmas present video, titled “Family Bonding”

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        By slaving away with 3 tours. (Stands quietly like Beyonce in that elevator.)

      • Lydia October 19, 2014

        777, Diamonds?

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        A seven day tour is slaving away? Lol, you pest are so dumb.

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        How was Bey slaving? You upset because she outgrossed “Miss. WW ” “stadium status” effortlessly??

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Sis they are so biased I swear you can’t take these thots seriously they lack a basic education nuff said *sips tea*

  46. Lydia October 19, 2014

    The bangs looks nice here with this look. Shes pretty!

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Quit lying ho , she look a desperate mess, much like your fatt Mommyyyyyyyy. How’s that yeast infection going ho. Still buring?

  47. LB October 19, 2014

    That hairstyle is absolutely tragic, if she’s trying to be trendy, she has failed on all counts.

    There should be a state of emergency declared and anybody with a razor should be recruited, Beyonce is hurting people’s eyes with that tragic horrible hair.

    Just like her HBO concert, nobody is here for that disgusting amazingly abhorrent, abominable, appalling, awful, tragic, cruel, dreadful, eerie, frightful, shameful, shocking, terrible, scandalous, hideous, gruesome, gargoyle like, attention seeking, mess of a hairdo and look.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      DEAAAAAAATHHHHHHHHH SCREAAAAAAMINGGGG!!!!!! She looks like a cheap prostitute, from South America

  48. Queen Aretha October 19, 2014

    LMAO @ Skyfall going off the deep end after that Bee Hive drag..Lol

    Anyway Queen Bey looks gorgeous.

  49. fatusankoh October 19, 2014

    omg queen bey look beautiful flawless their is no one like our bet Sam thanks for this post it make my day I am so proud of my fellow behive lets contioun to love support our bey for life don’t let the hatters get to us I wish our bey all the blessing more success in all she do

  50. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Another win for the NAVY, when will they ever be at to scalp the hive.

    • Sass October 19, 2014

      Honey, the Hive already won. Beyonce outsold Unapologetic. It speaks for itself.

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      girl you ain’t dragging nobody! You’ve lost your dam mind. You b****** are salty and ran in here as soon as a Beyonce post was posted! kiii

  51. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    And quit saying “Beyoncé: The visual flop out sold “Unapologetic” because it hasn’t

    Beyoncé – 3.4 million
    Unapologetic – 14 million

    Beeettttcchhhhhh now deal ho before I snatch ya small intestines out ya ass

    • Beysus October 19, 2014

      14????????? DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      When are you gonna post a receipt psycho b****???

    • ontherun October 19, 2014

      Do you know the difference between records sold and album sales?

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Yass b**** do you????

        Unapologetic album sales – 14 million album sales
        Unapologetic record sales – 30 million

  52. Sass October 19, 2014

    Lmao the struggle logic.

  53. Sass October 19, 2014

    This skyfall person is such struggle. Screaming.

    • Beysus October 19, 2014

      That was 2 and a half years ago h**…

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        So it sold 2 million in 2 years b**** bye and go suck out the cottage cheese out ya granny p****

      • LB October 19, 2014

        But the hive have been claiming this for more than two and a half years.

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        WHAAAAAAAA?????? It’s sold 11 mill as of 2011 h**…

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Provide a receipt then

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        Stay pressed b****…

      • LB October 19, 2014

        So you have no receipt then

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        To date, the album has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide.[82] Dangerously in Love remains as Beyoncé’s best-selling album to date,[72] with cumulative sales of 4.92 million copies in the United States as of June 2014.[73] As of June 2011, the album has sold over 1,150,000 copies in the United Kingdom,

      • LB October 19, 2014

        LMAO are you bringing me wikipedia? Did you update that yourself?

      • Beysus October 19, 2014


    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Screaming, I should of believed you when you said it hadn’t sold 11 million, the hive.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        I was just LOLing at them pulling that receipt out of their as$

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        They’re like flies, when you see a group of them buzzing around, there’s bull $ hit around it.

      • LB October 19, 2014


    • Kii October 19, 2014

      They are using Wikipedia as a source

  54. Kyle October 19, 2014



    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      No it hasn’t unapologetic is at 14 million in album sales while be can’t even sell 4 million albums.

  55. LB October 19, 2014


    *Pulls Unapologetic receipt from TWO YEARS ago*

    Hive: BLAH BLAH BLAH, Beyonce has outsold Unapologetic

    *I pull receipt from TWO YEARS ago proving Dangerously in love didn’t sell 11 million*

    Hive: BLAH BLAH BLAH that was from TWO YEARS AGO

    ME: FACE PALM!!!!!

    • Beysus October 19, 2014

      Lol it took Unaflopagetic to sell over 3 mill in a year and a half??? Poor delusional nazi…

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Oh that’s cute, how long did it take 4?

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Nevermind, I just remembered 4 didn’t cross the 3 million sold mark

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        Yes it did h**….

    • Kyle October 19, 2014


      • LB October 19, 2014

        You sure do if you have to inflate those figures by what, another 3 million. 8 million looks a lot different from 11 million, but I guess the HIVE have got a difficult time counting so we can forgive you for that.

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Clock them sis

  56. blue October 19, 2014

    another mess of a post.

    • LB October 19, 2014

      It all started when Beyonce thought it was a good idea to leave the house looking like a fat horse.

  57. Disturbia October 19, 2014

    She looks cute here I like it

  58. Kyle October 19, 2014


    $15.99>>>>>>$11.99 WITH A DISCOUNT
    10 MONTHS>>>>> 2 YEARS

    And theur faves getting outsold by Miley and Katy yet shes supposed to be the biggest popstar in the world!

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Are you sneaking grown men in your room at night to destroy your grotesque bootyhole??

  59. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    They so upset BEYONCE outsold UNA, that they bringing up an album from 11 years ago! LMAO

  60. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Just like the hive love to use Destinys child to inflate Beyonce sales

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      Beyonce was the lead singer. If those sales can’t be accredited to her than to who? Kelly… Michelle…. We all know Beyonce was the group. Only a few hive members add DC sales anyway.

    • Beysus October 19, 2014

      If we’re comparing Bey and Rih, DC should be included…

  61. LB October 19, 2014

    $15.99 with 19 VERY EXPENSIVE music videos vs $11.99 with no music videos.

    I paid $15.99 for Unapologetic btw.

  62. blue October 19, 2014

    another mess of a post. Love how the hive actually belief that “heat” outsold in less then a year, britney, j-lo, elizabeth taylor’s perfumes which have been the biggest selling celebrity perfumes for years. lol… Like where is the logic and yet it hasnt top any best selling list released that year… And they wonder why their always called dumb

  63. Kyle October 19, 2014


    DIL>>>>>> GGGB
    DIL>>>>>>>RATED FLOP
    DIL>>>>>>> LOUD
    DIL>>>>>>> TTT

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      21 > DIL
      EOM > DIL
      The Fame > DIL
      Confessions > DIL

      • Beysus October 19, 2014

        Pressed Nazi > Pressed Hive

      • Kyle October 19, 2014


  64. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    And the Pest thinking they’re Raven and saying what will be remembered or not. No one is playing Baby Boy, Naughty S***, Deja Vu, Ring The Album, Up Grade U, anything from 4 and nothing from Beyonce other than Drunken H**. Video phone? Ha!

  65. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    I love sam always always make false accolades for Beyonce without providing receipts.

  66. LB October 19, 2014

    I’m talking about Dangerously in Love because it has proven that the HIVE have got a difficult time counting, might explain why countdown flopped.

    I mean 8 million looks a lot different from 11 million, but I guess the HIVE have got a difficult time counting so we can forgive you for that.

  67. Cake like Lady GaGa October 19, 2014

    So @Skytroll got the email about a new t********* post, hopped on his windows 98 pc, was the first one here, only to tell us he doesn’t like and don’t care for trannyone?? LOL ok!

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Actually I have notifications off boo, secondly I checked the site when the post was just made so I decided to comment because I can, are you telling me that you allowed Lady Gagas Artpop flop even though it was suppose to be the album of the millennium

  68. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    So did GGGB outsell B’Day, I Am… Sasha Fierce, 4 and Beyonce and only 1 million behind Dangerously in Love.

    • Beysus October 19, 2014

      The ONLY album that’s supposedly surpassed them…

    • Kyle October 19, 2014


    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

      SCREAMING. That’s exactly what it means! Lmfao this post is a mess, the hive all happy that their fave outsold a flop album by 10 units or so (Rihanna’s sales haven’t been updated in awhile so we don’t know how much she sold) so if she outsold a flop then doesn’t that make her a flop? This is why Beyoncé toured her ass off, she had to because she wasn’t going to make any bank on her album, especially how expensive it was to make

      • LDN Chick October 19, 2014

        The reason why it has not been updated is because its not selling for them to log the details. They still report 21s sales. So sorry, but your fave is still at 3.4 million while Beyonce is about to cross 3.5, and go up from there.

  69. Cake like Lady GaGa October 19, 2014

    But @skytroll has been perched here for more than 2 hours, yet he claims he doesn’t use t*********.. Lol, the kiiii’s write themselves.

  70. ME October 19, 2014

    BEYONCE outsold Unapologetic in 10 months

  71. LB October 19, 2014

    Anyway Beyonce needs to stop letting Tina Knowles dress her, I mean the fact that absolutely nobody is wearing Hood of DEADwrong should have been a sign.

    That disgusting hair should be considered a weapon of mass destruction for destroying our eyes with its ugliness.

  72. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    $16>>>>>> $1.29

    Who’s listening to Rude Boy, S&M, What’s My name, Cockiness, and the rest of the other EDM thot anthem trash that makes up Rihject’s discography?

    Beyonce has PLENTY of songs that are more memorable than a lot of Forehead’s #1 singles. 😉

    • Kii October 19, 2014

      Name the songs that people “Remember” lol Crazy in love and Single ladies?

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        Halo, If I were a Boy, Love on Top, Sweet Dreams, Dangeroulsy in Love, Run the world, At Last, ETC 😉

  73. Cake like Lady GaGa October 19, 2014

    And SCRREEEEAAMMMMMIINNGGGG at the Soweto fagggg doing the most, didn’t the H.IV+ bottoms expose and draggg your a$$ last week? Yet u still here acting like a fool. LOL

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      700k, 25 million promotional budget and flopping tour. You have no dog in this fight. Go sit and but Gags two flopping albums.

  74. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Wait so the hive are bringing in Wikipedia receipts but tried to clock me when I did the same.

  75. Kyle October 19, 2014


  76. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Please how Rihanna is a trend hopper and Beyonce is NOT? Rihanna’s been doing EDM since 2007, while Beyonce went from Soulful “R&B” in 2011 when it was popular to Urban club bangers, when it was popular.

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Rihanna music IS the trend these thots don’t get it they all lack an education and are fatherless tbh

      • LDN Chick October 19, 2014

        Rihanna is the trend? I’ve never heard anything more delusional. Trend amongst you faggish tweeny bottoms but thats about it.

  77. Kii October 19, 2014

    Death at the hive clinging to DC sales next thing JT will include Nsync sales and claim them as his own

  78. Disturbia October 19, 2014

    Idk why the hive are trying it when their fav sold less than 40 million albums even xtina and Avril sold more album enough said

    • ME October 19, 2014

      rihanna sold less than 30 million albums, lets not

      • Disturbia October 19, 2014

        But I thought she was a singles artist? Why is beyonce barely outselling her 3M is not album seller numbers Taylor Swift went 3x platinum faster and sold over 5M ww @ me when bey does that this decade

      • ME October 19, 2014

        still not an excuse for “the world’s biggest popstar” to sell less with more albums

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Yet according to the hive beyonce is the baddest b**** in the game? She only sold 3M y’all need to humble yourselves you swear like she did pink or Bruno numbers

      • ME October 19, 2014

        actually its 3.49mill and its still more than “the world’s biggest popstar’s” last album

  79. Kii October 19, 2014

    Death at the hive using chartnews as a recipes the person behind that account inflates sales and does not post verified album sales so bye

    • ME October 19, 2014

      not when the Nazi used chartnews first

  80. Kyle October 19, 2014


  81. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

    The DumbHive is getting dragged worse than raven dragon tales hairstyle

    • Carmen October 19, 2014

      What are they dragging. Yall just mad Beyonce outsold your struggle ass fave.

      • Disturbia October 19, 2014

        Yet the hive are always comparing their theif fav to rih oh the irony

  82. LB October 19, 2014

    I’ll just leave you with this to ponder on,

    Unapologetic – 1 tour – 15 million records

    Beyonce – 3 tours – 19 expensive music videos – 5 million records

    The album sales are virtually the same. Think about that for a minute.

    • Beysus October 19, 2014

      2 tours Hun…

  83. LB October 19, 2014


    The only thing the hive should be dragging is razor through that horrible wig. You can take the girl out of the ghetto but…

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

      Lmao she just needs to cut her hair, she looks so more better and young!

  84. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Ok then let’s add DC to Beys sales.

    10 Albums
    71 singles
    = 190 million records

    7 Albums
    53 singles
    = 150 million records

    Death. Barely sold more even with DC

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      Weren’t you just swearing up and down the Rihanna has sold 250 Million records?? kii

      Make up ya mind girl, and provide receipts!

      DC is still one of the biggest selling girl groups of all time, and that was because of Beyonce’s presence. 😉

  85. Cake like Lady GaGa October 19, 2014

    I honestly can’t at it clinging to Riherpes for dear life because it knows its bandwagon fave will not do “21” numbers again. And at it “stanning” for Riherpes so it can suck @LooseBottoms a$$, I cannot with this a$$ licker

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      sis you stan for gaga worry about getting her some relevance before you come for rih h**

  86. LB October 19, 2014

    I guess Kelly Rowland putting a horse on the cover of TAGG must have inspired this tragic look

  87. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    Beyonce doesn’t trend hop like Rihject. 4 was an R&B album recorded during a time when EDM(trash) was popluar, and still managed to get a PLATINUM album and sell 3 Million WW. Without one Hot 100 hit. 😉

    When will Rihject ditch the pop trends and record an R&B album?

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      The excuses tho I can’t didn’t you h*** go around saying she sold off her name alone? 3M is not impressive nor does it dictate an album seller and y’all will deal

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      No 21 was more popular during the time that 4 was released, then after TTT and Unapologetic, and more urban singles slaying she decided to make an urban album

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      Yes she sold off of her name and didn’t need a generic top 40 hit to sell her album. 3 Million is around the same amount that Rih sells with her “hits”

      Didn’t Rated R sell 3 Million with a #1 single? DEATH

      • Disturbia October 19, 2014

        Your comeback is flawed honey I thought rih was a singles artist shouldn’t she do 3M? Why is beyonce so close to her in sales? When beyonce does 5 or even 4 @ me until then remain pressed an album seller would never stall at less than 4M ww

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Rated R didn’t get a #1 single until the end of the era so try again Rihanna had already sold 3 million before Rude Boy hit #1

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        Honey I was just showing you how basic your faves album sales are, because according to ya’ll she has 13#1 AMERICAN hits and no one can touch her.
        There’s is no reason Bey should be selling about the same as a person with cancer-healing hit singles! kii BYE

  88. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Death at the hive clingy to At Last as a Beyonce song

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      She made it hers, and she was invited to sing the song for the Obama’s, during his first inauguration. When will Rihanna? LOL

  89. LB October 19, 2014

    Beyonce is the queen of trend hopping, she waits to see who Rihanna works with before she works with them, definition of a trend hopper.

    I mean Drake, Sia, Dream? Ha all those worked with Rihanna first. Beyonce didn’t start putting high fashion in music videos until Rihanna did it first.

    Even her new instagram pics scream “Rihanna inspired this”, well except from the fact that Rihanna does not photo-shop her instagram pics.

  90. ME October 19, 2014

    Beyonce… $115 million (2013-2014)

    Rihanna…. ?

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Rihanna is worth 120 million now, during her first years in the business she was losing money and had very bad lawyers and attorneys to wear she only had 1 million in her bank account I think she’s done good for herself in what…. 3 years. So keep quit before I stick a polish sausage up her ya loose booty ass ho

      • ME October 19, 2014

        so you mean to tell me Beyonce made $115 million in a year and “the world’s biggest popstar” has made $120 million in almost 10 years ? ok

  91. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Screaming at this delusional b**** “Floppy like Lady CooCoo” babe I’ve been stabbing Adele BLUE Adkins since 2009 during 19 era, before 21 was even thought of I effortlessly drag with her 21 receipts alone or with Adele period but I don’t because I don’t need too, and screaming at you saying Adele will never see 21 success again, will Lady Gags see The Fame – Born this Way success again considering she can’t even get a Platinum album any more.
    Things Adele has that Lady Gags don’t

    Diamond album
    10 Grammies (6 in one night)
    Golden Globe
    Academy Award

  92. Carmen October 19, 2014

    Lol. Beyonce slays Rihanna. Her album has outsold all of Rihannas albums in the US after 10 months.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Loud – 1.8 million in the US
      GGGB 2.6 million in the US

      So no Beyonce didn’t outsell all of Rihanna albums in the US, you stank mouth titty boy, I think you mommy breast milk is expired

      • Carmen October 19, 2014

        Oh one album! CONGRATUALTIONS! Lmao.

      • Carmen October 19, 2014

        Death @ her outsellimg ‘iconic Loud’ already

  93. realist October 19, 2014

    LOL!! Pitfall is so tight and angry. . Its comical lmao..

    And that Marked111hole like I said before
    Stay clinging on whores, thats all your good for.. Forever stanning for open legs lmao.. it still won’t rise aaliyah from the ashes, nor will it make rihbola an album selling artist lol.. now let me leave #toodles

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      The fact that it took Beyonce 10 months to “outsells” is NOT anything to brand about s****. Taylor would of outsold it within 2 months she is a real album seller

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Death, lies. She is LOCAL.

      • realist October 19, 2014

        Lmao.. say what you want Pitfall. Now u r clinging onto Taylor because Rihbola is only viral for her torn down walls and 99c discounted singles. Hilarious I tell u!!

    • Brian310 October 19, 2014

      She is still relevant in 2014 ho.

  94. ME October 19, 2014

    BEYONCE….3.49mill (has been they said) in 10 months

    Unapologetic….. 3.47 (the world’s biggest (popstar)in 23 months

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      Unapologetic sales are from Nov 2012 to Dec 2013. Again with the DumbHive not being able to count. Lol

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        They’ve not gone up because its NO WHERE on any charts. So its not selling. Chart News tweeted that in April 2014.

      • ME October 19, 2014

        the last time those sales were updated was in April this year you moron

  95. Carmen October 19, 2014

    Can the Navy answer this. Why has BEYONCE outsold all Rihannas albums in the US already?

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Rih is not an album seller we never claimed she was and the us is her weakest market albums wise there you have it

      • ME October 19, 2014

        but rih is the “world’s biggest popstar” , being a singles artist is not an excuse

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      And bey is supposedly the baddest b**** in the game again a self drag she only sold 3M even after another year she will never reach album seller numbers even with a rerelease

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      Because Rihanna is international and Beyonce us local. Hint why 2M plus is from the US ONLY. (I mean, that what the Pest say when Taylor is brought up. )

      • ME October 19, 2014

        okay bottom line is BEYONCE outsold Unapologetic and you can continue with the excuses

      • Carmen October 19, 2014

        @Mark111 no that does not answer why she outsold it in THE US.

  96. Masone October 19, 2014

    masonic colors tho

  97. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    DEATH @ Beyonce being the trend hopper. When Rihanna hops more trends than she does d****!

    Rihanna’s career is based on trend hopping. She CAN NOT record an album without it being the sound of the current moment. Then reason you won’t see her record an album without Top 40 radio ready singles. Bey’s career isn’t based off of the charts, she has managed to record the music she wants and still have it sell. Bey is clearly the superior in this debate

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Rih is a pop star are you stupid? And you didn’t answer my question why is beyonce so close to rih a singles artist in album sales currently explain

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        Yes Rihanna is pop. That is the only music she can record to sell. Bey is pop/R&B. Whatever Bey releases will sell. Rihanna wouldn’t dare record an album like 4. She just isn’t versatile enough. 😉

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      That’s your comeback? If bey can sell anything why do y’all have to cling to r&b so much bey is as commercial as it gets r&b is no excuse she will forever be outsold by someone else

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        What do you mean cling? The album was R&B. The highest selling R&B album of 2011. Beyonce even admitted that 4 was not for the charts. She takes RISKS, and goes against the trends because she can do that. When will Rihanna not play it safe?

  98. Disturbia October 19, 2014

    Beyonce sells albums better than rih overall yes but an album seller she is not and was never

  99. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

    Why is the hive ignoring the fact that your faves album only outsold Rihanna’s flop album(the hives words) also how the hell are you going to ignore the fact that DIL only sold 8 million as of two years ago? So that means she sold 2million more and yet her new album cannot pass 3.6? This s why you’re getting dragged, you guys are dumb. It was better if y’all used her three tours gross to drag but we know that was also inflated and she needed the money lmao

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      No, you’re getting dragged because you’re stupid. She’s did it in more than half the time. Cling to your microwave singles artist.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        You are a dumbass, s*** what does that have to do with the hive saying UNA was a flop so why are y’all getting excited? You need to think before you f****** post. It’s not your can stand with us. Did Cheryl Cole ever sold as much as TTT or UNA? No? Bye FeliCa

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        She actually outsold both of those “smashes” in the UK so you can sit down with that. And you don’t get it, your girl sold LESS THAN beyonce in DOUBLE the time, not to mention she sold LESS Than miley, katy AND lorde in the US, her biggest market.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        You mean with UNA? That’s fine. She still has LOUD, TTT and GGGB to look back at for album sales and if we look at record sales, Miley, Lorde and Disney Perry don’t come close. So keep clinging to them to try drag. Again bye Felicia

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Prism and lorde literally outsold every us rihanna album except gggb in less than a year. I’m f*cking screaming.

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      I completely agree with you these hive members are dumb as rocks bey deserves better fans

    • Valerie October 19, 2014

      Why does Rihanna only have one album to do decent numbers?

  100. CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

    Why rihanna is a microwave singles artist:
    Rihanna: 53 singles, 150 records sold
    Lady Gaga: 22 singles, 125 records sold

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Again your opinion and honey you stan for Cheryl if that isn’t a kii I don’t know what is stay blessed

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Who the f*ck cares who I stan for when I’m posting FACTS? You, like the rest of the no logic navy, have no response so sit your a$$ down.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      shut up ho mad cause my favs destroys yours, Lady Gaga is OVERRRRRR now go shove a garden hose up your smelly kootie cat ho

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Nah, it seems like your seething at the receipts LOL.

  101. Cake like Lady GaGa October 19, 2014

    Its going on to 3 hours that she has been here. Yet she claims to hate t*********, where the logic at?? LOL, it must go get a life, really

  102. Valerie October 19, 2014

    Why has RIHANNA the international icon only got ONE album to sell over 4 million without the US?

  103. Queen Aretha October 19, 2014

    Lmao @ the Navy seething and having a melt down “Face palm” Lol I can’t.

  104. Valerie October 19, 2014

    Can we discuss how IASF, B DAY AND DIL all managaed to sell 4 million minis the US. Yet muss Global icon only has GGGB out of SEVEN?

  105. ME October 19, 2014

    the on the run tour…$100mill

    the monster tour… ?

    *waits for a nazi to say rih is not a touring seller/artist

  106. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    Why is Miss Rihanna stuck @ 10 Million albums sold in the U.S. and she has 13 #1 hit singles???? LMAOOO

    Which only further proves that she is only good for a cute little generic bop that will be forgotten in two weeks. 😉 kiiii

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      Lol 53 f*cking singles released and 150 million records sold. Gaga has sold 125 million with only 22 singles. She’s a microwave singles artist. Good for a good 1-2 month bop and you’re done w it.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Why is Lady Gagas career over ??????? B**** you sink knew she was a fad ass b****, Rihanna been in its game going on 10 years. Rihanna Releases singles that and don’t promote them at all which is why she has so many plus those 53 also include songs she’s been featured on ho, now go go eat poo

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Why can’t you answer my f*cking question? I stated facts, not a “lady Gagas over” illogical opinion.

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      A hit won’t sell your album anymore and you calling rih’s music generic when run the world happened and that was generic af your fav wanted a hit boo boo 😉

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        Hits and generic singles is whaat your fave depends on to sell her albums boo.. What do you mean. RTW was a flop and the album STILL went platinum and sold more in the U.S. that several of your faves albums.

        The U.S. only matters to the navy when there discussing her hit singles, but run away and hide when we bring up how her albums don’t sell s*** in the U.S. The b**** should be MILLIONS ahead of everyone. But BASICanna is not! 😉

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Going platinum every year is not embarrassing I would never run from that and not you calling anyone else’s fav basic when bey doesn’t have an original bone in her body she stays “being inspired” lol thief

  107. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

    The “oh Baddie bangs outsold UNA in half the time “drag makes no sense,exactly how long did it take for UNA and TTT take to outsell “4”? Isn’t it a kii that the “Mcmusic” has outsold the “full body of work”? Your drag doesn’t make any sense especially since it took Baddie bangs to strip and eat c** for her to sell past UNA. Screaming at scarecrow clinging to Baddie Bangs because it’s fave cannot stand against the CSquad let alone the navy. Call me when your fave can sell like her UK contemporaries

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      You’re so stupid. The only rihanna albums to outsell cheryl in the UK are loud and gggb. Sit the f*ck down. And why haven’t tttrash or unap outsold 4 in the U.S. yet? That was beyonce’s flop. Why did miley, katy AND lorde all outsell unap and tttrash in LESS THAN A YEAR in her BIGGEST market? Why don’t you f*** ever have an answer?

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        albums are not measured by a fraction they are measured by a whole. You’re only using domestic sales because it makes your fave and Beyoncé look better
        . That’s fine that your fave sold that much in her native land but where else is she certified? Isn’t that mean she’s local? Have a seat

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        No f**, I’m using it because it’s her biggest market. Idgaf if rihanna is a big seller in Botswana.
        Also, not you using the local drag again because at the end of the day, why the f*ck does it matter when she’s still SELLING? Stupid navi.
        And you didn’t answer my question f**.

  108. Valerie October 19, 2014

    You’re trying to come for Bey, but in less than a year the US have shown more support for that album than MOTS, AGLM, RR, LOUD, TTT, UNA.

    Not to mention on average Bey sella more than her internationally too.

    SO wtf are you dragging? Your fave is oversaturated on radio, social media and she cannot outdo Beyonce, Katy and even Miley.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      But what about those world wide sales tho beeeetch

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Honey did I not just pist receipts. Your fave cannot even sell 3 million WITH much international promo. What kind if global icon?

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

      It doesn’t matter because you keep comparing the flop album to the non flop album, you claim Beyoncé is a mega seller but she never sold a album like Mariah Carey or Usher. I never denied because selling albums but your logic is flawed if you believe Beyoncé is not a flop if she only outsold a flop.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        Denied Beyoncé

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        What? Are you ok? How is the album a flop when its OUTSOLD your faves. What kind of self drag smh.

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Beyonce was the last album to go platinum in 2014. And not just platinum but MULTI platinum (something Rihanna cannot do). What are Mariah, Usher and all ge other irrelevants doing in 2014?

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        So how is UNA a flop if it sold just about the same amount of albums? #DumbHiveStrikesAgain

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Where did I call it a flop though? I’ll wait.

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        And Beyonce won’t be at ‘the same’ in the next couple of months. It will outsell it even more.

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      This is 2014 b****, not 1995. Use your f*cking pea sizes naviiiii brain for once. She IS an album seller in 2014.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        No stupid b****, Frozen sold more than Beyonce lol a f****** Kid soundtrack ayes that ho who is suppose to be an album seller.

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Exactly. As soon as Rihanna gets clocked, they think its logical to rewind back to the 90s.

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Just because ONE album sold more makes her a non album seller? Just because thriller sold more than 21 makes 21 a non album seller? That’s your stupid f*cking logic. Stay off the streets b****.

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        You have the audacity to call the Hives sales inflated.

  109. Valerie October 19, 2014

    Alll this comes down to is, your fave has to release at double the pace of Beyonce and she still can’t outdo her album sales. Her record sales are nothing impressive for her quantity either. The fact that Beyonce effortlessly outsold that oversaturated pop mess speaks volumes.

  110. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Screaming at the inflation of the hive!!!!

    According to them 4 era sold 14 million records and Beyonce era sold 10 million records… Death

  111. Valerie October 19, 2014

    Skyfall Replied:
    October 19th, 2014 at 11:43 am
    No it hasn’t unapologetic is at 14 million in album sales while be can’t even sell 4 million albums.


  112. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Worry about gaga selling out her tour, and perch here for 3 hours like the hive was in the rihanna post ho

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      Worry about lorde and prism snatching every rihanna album except gggb in less than a year. That’s f*cking embarrassing for your iconic fave.

    • Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

      Worry about Rihanna being outsold by all her peers

  113. Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

    I left for and comeback and this crazy b**** is still here… You need to check to a mental facility fast b****.

  114. Skyfall (Hive Member) October 19, 2014

    The Navy is so basic, death why is Rihanna being outsold by literally everybody in the US?

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Keep clinging to the US, 250 million records sold WW when will Beyonce, hell she doesn’t sell over 200 million with inflated and DC sales combined ho, now go choke on ya daddy d*** while ya mammy put her spoiled breast milk in a glass and make you drink it

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        150 records b****, from 53 singles. A true microwave singles artist.

      • Disturbia October 19, 2014

        They cling to the us for dear life and even then bey gets outsold they are pathetic

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        That doesn’t make sense, Beyoncé 48, what is she supposed to do announce 2 singles era. That doesn’t make one a microwave singles artist. Like your drags are not making sense

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Idk if you have any logic tbh. Your fave has released 53 singles to 150 records sold. Lady f*cking Gaga has released 22 singles to 125 records sold. Your fave is a microwave singles artist. a generic 1-2 month bop. 53 singles in a 9 yr career?! Madonna has 78 in a 30 year one.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        150 sold is an old stat that hasn’t been updated just like your faves presence everywhere in the world except the UK. Also why not use a Cheryl Stat or does she not passed the 50 million mark as of yet?

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Stop deflecting. 150 is NOT an old stay. Just admit that she’s only good for a 1-2 month bop.

  115. Valerie October 19, 2014

    Even MILEY CYRUS outsold your fave. And Katy will soon snatch that wig after Superbowl as well. I see why they mad.

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Miley only sold 2M WW you hive are dumb stay in school hun

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        They’re talking about in the US but they won’t bring up WW receipts because beyonce barley sold 1 million outside of the US

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Why does the hive need to cling to recwipta from Botswana like the navy does though? Those are their biggest markets so its a kii

  116. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    “So how is UNA a flop if it sold just about the same amount of albums? #DumbHiveStrikesAgain”


    Doesn’t UNA have two hit singles that ya’ll love to brag about? Why is Bey selling more, when according to the navy, hit singles are more important than God himself?? kiiiiii

    Bey is scalping the b**** bald and isn’t even trying!!! *Chuckles*

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      No ugly junkie b****….exclude Diamonds and Beyonce has a hit drunk in love that peaked at #2 just like Stay only stay actually sold and became one of the best selling singles of all time so they both had at least one top 5 hit and sold the same beertch but we don’t have updated sales on unapologetic so I would hold my tongue b****

      • Yazmine October 19, 2014

        And she still couldn’t beat beyonces album sales. How sad.

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        @Yazmine Exactly. This skyfall b**** so mad she turned into a psycho LMAOO

  117. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

    Just looked at that Rihanna post. Damn the hive is pressed. Smdh

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014


      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

        Is someone trolling under your email!?

    • Valerie October 19, 2014


  118. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Unorthodox Jukebox sold 5 million in a time where albums don’t sell when will Beyoce
    Red sold 6 million WW In a time where albums don’t sell when will Beyonce
    Frozen sold 8 million WW in a time where albums don’t sellWhen will Beyonce
    21 sold 25 million in a time where albums don’t sell when will beyonce???????

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      Not you using 2+ year old albums to try to drag the sales of a 10 month old one. Death!!!!!

    • Yazmine October 19, 2014

      Um you keep asking when will. Have you not learned yet? She still has the Grammys and November to come. And album sales were not declining like they have this year alone.

  119. ***FLAWLESS October 19, 2014

    BEYONCE>>>> rihanna

    STEAK>>>>>> old rotten fish

    Cheesecake Factory >>>>>> mcdonalds

    • Queen Aretha October 19, 2014

      Lmao @ that pic of Rih..LOL

  120. Yazmine October 19, 2014

    Dead. The navy still seething after that recent revelation I see. #NoDiscountNeeded.

  121. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

    The hive makes you want to scratch your head so 4 is not a flop but UNA is and Beyoncé is not a flop for selling 5k a week only selling 3.5 million but TTT is also a flop because it only sold 4.5 million ww.? wait but it wouldn’t matter if Rihanna sold more because her domestic market is USA and she didn’t sell more than Baddie bangs there. Lol ok um how much did Adele sell in the US?

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      They are the dumbest group of people I have ever seen so delusional

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      Stop dodging my question f**.

    • Yazmine October 19, 2014

      How can you compare 4 to Una. One had two tours and was extremely pop friendly. Didn’t 4 still basically sell the same amount in the US anyway? #NavyLogic

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      4 didn’t have any ebola curing #1 hit singles that ya’ll love to brag about, which means Bey is taken more seriously as an aritst. TTT and UNA were lead with TWO generic pop singles and struggled for platinum in the U.S.

      Why is someone who’s has so many hits, album sales so basic????? 😀

  122. CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

    Let’s talk about those one direction sales, skyfall. Talk about flop album sales w the hype they get.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      All the singles flopped for the album except Best Song Ever #2 and SOML #6 and the Midnight Memories is at 4 million WW, without a #1, more than Katy, Miley, Lady Gaga, Beyonce. Their tour is probably gonna gross over $300 million, although this current era is pissing me off because syco is f****** s*** up.

      UAN – 2x plat in the US & 900k+ in the UK over 5 Million WW
      TMH – 2x plat in the US & 900k+ in the UK over 5million WW
      MM – 1.4 mill in the US & 700k+ in the UK over 4.5 million WW

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        They should be doing more w the touring numbers they pull. Their albums stall after a few months. And the grammys should stop paying them dust.

  123. Disturbia October 19, 2014

    I’m glad skyfall made this point beyonce only sold 2M in the us and 1M WW that makes your fav LOCAL hun

    • Valerie October 19, 2014

      Um have a seat. Rihanna promoted EVERYWHERE is Europe and still could not sell 3 mllion.

      • Disturbia October 19, 2014

        So is beyonce in the us ..the media is obsessed with her yet she gets out sold in her strongest market time and time again what kind of self drag

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Beyonce is multi platinum on the US as a result.
        She is not promoting internationally so of course her sales wont be as high. When Beyonce does HAM on the international promo she does better than Rihanna.

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      Beyonce sold 2 Million in the U.S.(The biggest and most important market) and 1.5 Million WW..and it’s only been 10 months. Let’s get that right sweetheart. 😉


      So I guess Rihanna’s hit singels are LOCAL. Since she is more successful singles wise in the U.S. but struggles to sell her albums. 😀 Ya’ll should really go out and support your faves albums more.. Get them sales up boo! LOOOL

      • Disturbia October 19, 2014

        I don’t have to cling to any of those US #1s rih goes #1 everywhere something beyonce has never accomplished and not you telling the navy to buy her albums when beyonce is selling just about the same as rihanna come back harder boo

      • ME October 19, 2014

        BEYONCE outsold Unapologetic case closed

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        Well if Rih’s singles are so “global” Why is Bey selling the same amount as her WW? Since Bey has never accomplished that.:D You’d think Ms. Global sales wouldn’t be so basic with “WW” hits! Make sense sweety!

  124. LeKing October 19, 2014

    they talk about ‘beyonce vs rihanna’ again. they call it ‘life’.

    cool look tho.

  125. ME October 19, 2014

    ya’ll can cling to “4” all you want but that doesn’t change the fact BEYONCE outsold Unapologetic in less time, with less promo and not a single discount

  126. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

    First of all, Rihanna and Beyoncé are BOTH slaying.

    I don’t see what’s the point in trying with these delayed ass drags because BEYONCÉ sold a few thousand copies more than Unapologetic. The real tea is that the albums are basically equal in Worldwide sales but over 50% of the sales from Bey’s album comes from the US. UNA pushed well over 2 million in non-US album sales. That’s what’s most impressive here and a true representation of a GLOBAL star! Unapologetic’s record sales are also much higher. Rih is consistently selling both singles and albums while Bey can only sell the latter and mostly locally. Think about that before you throw that stale ass shade. #next

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      Very very well said they are both still successful but watch these girls come up excuses

    • Valerie October 19, 2014

      @Slayriah. No shade but Beyonce has more albums to sell over 4 million internationally than Rihanna.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

        That’s not the point I was trying to make sweetheart. If you break down each individual album’s US to WW sales ratio. Rih will win. That is a FACT. Bey’s album sales are great but Rih does better worldwide. Sorry.

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Honey the facts are Beyonce ON AVERAGE sells more than Rihanna both internationally and the US.

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        The only album on par with 3/5 of beyonces international sales is GGGB.

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      No no no, not 53 singles in a 9 year career.
      Madonna has 78 in a 30 year career.
      She’s a MICROWAVE singles artist, good for a 1-2 month generic bop.

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        And Cherry Coke is still a non factor.

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        And you’re still watching her vids, while she goes to # 1 ooooop

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      And with that, good day pest.

    • LDN Chick October 19, 2014

      Only 2 million outside the US with all that promo. Lol that’s not impressive.

  127. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

    Wait.. There’s more on top of Rihanna is a flop she is also a microwave singles artist with having 53 singles while Beyoncé only has 48. So automatically that makes Rihanna’s music trash and generic, while Beyoncé songs like Video Phone Freakum dress, drunk in love, partition, run the world, countdown, I was here, déjà Vu, work it out and her other much TIMELESS hits are not generic because we all know Beyoncé takes her time and makes very memorable, classy music. Not to mention that singles sales don’t matter because Beyoncé cannot sell them so if you can as well as albums then you are labeled a “singles artist”. Does that make Adele, Taylor Swift, Usher or Mariah Carey singles artists too?


    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      LOL I see you still don’t understand logic. 53 singles in a f*cking 9 year career. Madonna has 78 in a 30 yr career. Gaga has only 22 and has sold only 25 million less. She’s good for generic bops. Pitbull, kesha tease.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        My our logic is filled with loop holes, why does it matter how many singles she had during her 9 year career? She has them, she promoted and has those sales to her name. Just like Beyoncé has 48 to her name. You guys are looking for s*** to drag Rihanna but it doesn’t make any sense since Rihanna is consistently selling and the fave you’re clinging to only sold a few copies more than UNA and you call it a flop so what makes you think that Beyoncé is going to do bday numbers by selling 5k a week? This whole drag is flawed especially how Beyonce’s album was crazy expensive and she didn’t break even with the amount of units sold st least Rihanna doesn’t had to worry about releasing UNA just so she can break even with costs

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        It DOES make sense though. Do a little math babe. She releases about 7 f*cking singles a year. She’s known for her singles yet lady Gaga is slaying her there.

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        That statistic is to show how concentrated her eras are. She’s had a 2 year break, so it’s really 50 singles in 7 years. Death! It’s new microwave single after another. No classic like a prayer, crazy in love eras. All California girls-tease, rude boy eras.

  128. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

    And Bey’s bangs are looking much better these days. It was a damn mess at first. Lol slay in that pic B*****!

  129. Kii October 19, 2014

    Why are the pests claiming that 4 didn’t have a hit when Run the world was basically everywhere radio and tv

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      Oh so now the navy wanna call RTW a hit, when ya’ll dragged it back in 2011? I thought hits were only #1 according to the navy?? LMAOOOOOOOOOO

      The album STILL went platinum. Has TTT , Rated R, UNA caught up yet? *chuckles*

    • Disturbia October 19, 2014

      They just make excuses that’s all they do

    • Kii October 19, 2014

      That’s the thing you thought you should do less of that because it’s clear that you not good at using your brain slay hive

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        LOL of mad eh??? BYE

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        LOL mad eh??? Nothing else to say? BYE 😉

  130. Valerie October 19, 2014

    @Slayriah her global sales are really not that impressive since:
    UNAPOLOGETIC sold cheap, discounted sold only 3.6 in 2 years. AND IT WAS HEAVILY PROMOTED POP ALBUM WITH RADIO GLOBAL HITS: SNL, Victoria serets, ELLEN, 777 tour all over europe and mexico, wetter das in germany and XFACTOR TWICE AS well as french TV show and it FLOPPED
    BEYONCE CAME WITH RNB, NO single no promo and slayed her life in a week. BEYONCE OULSTOLD UNA with less effort

    She couldnt even cross 3 million internationally.

    • Valerie October 19, 2014

      That was a comment by @Former Rihanna Stan btw^

  131. Kii October 19, 2014

    4 was promoted to death Vmas Bet awards billboard awards she even had to cling to J cole just to remain relevant

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      still went platinum without a hit.. Why is it so easy for Bey? LOOOL

    • ME October 19, 2014

      and yet BEYONCE had less promo and was never discounted and it still sold more than Unapologetic but continue

    • Kii October 19, 2014

      4 had all that promo dude it was supposed to be be platinum u idiot BEYONCE had all that hype behind it I mean that crap was even on news channels so quit using the no promo excuse

      • ME October 19, 2014

        and yet BEYONCE had less promo and was certified 2x platinum

        whereas Unapologetic was discounted and had more promo but still sold less than BEYONCE

  132. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    Name Rihanna one song (other than umbrella)that made an impact in music? One video or performance? You know its real sad when a certain fanbase talk about “iconic” the main thing they can talk about is “FASHION” *SIPS TEA*

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

      Stay, Diamonds, Pour it up, Russian Roulette, We found Love, Disturbia, Wgere have you Been?, Lovvvveeee Song, take a bow,

      Please name one for bey

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Death! Only amongst the Navy are those memorable. Especially the last 7. The first two are memorable because they are the most recent.

  133. Valerie October 19, 2014

    Meanwhile. The only international push Bey had was the Brits. So thats not drag. I would expect Rih to sell like lana del rey managed to with all her international promo.

  134. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Wtf my P**** stank!!

  135. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    WHY does the “biggest star in the world” only has 2 albums out 7 that sold over 5 million WW? I mean yall say shes global not local right? I also cant at the Navy saying singles cant sell albums when they cling to Rihannas hits i cant

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      She’s a single artist remember?

      • ME October 19, 2014

        excuses excuses for the “Global icon”

    • ME October 19, 2014

      and with 13 #1s you would expect her to be on RIAA

  136. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Still wondering where the drag is of Chersoldier bringing Rihanna’s 53 singles. It just means she’s released more material per album to radio that doesn’t mean she’s actually promoted the 53 singles which also include her features.

    • Mark111 October 19, 2014

      Yet 90% of them are top 40 hits. Cherry Boom Boom has 0.

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Cheryl has 4 number ones. All of her singles are TOP 20 f**.

      • Mark111 October 19, 2014

        USA hooker. 0

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      The drag is that she’s released 53 singles to 150 million in records sold vs Gaga who’s released 22 singles to 125 million sold. It looks like Gaga has more classic records based on those sales.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        But you have to remember that Rihanna first two albums didn’t have major hits and neither did Rated R. And each Rihanna album Has about 5 singles were about 2 – 3 are mega sellers, so out of those 53 singles only a small handful makes up that 150 million in record sales

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        It’s still embarrassing in comparison to Gaga.

  137. Mark111 October 19, 2014

    LB and I plus the Navi bought Beyoncé albums, so we arr fans. The Pest only buys Beyoncé albums and think they’re music experts. Goes to other artists pages dissing them. And that’s why Bey is hated. With that said, it’s time to stop. Shut your shade doors and give props to both ladies selling albums when music isn’t. I will not respond to the pest, I mean Hive from now on, cause clearly they’re children or hyper bottoms. So I’m done.

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      Beyonce is more popular than rihanna LOL.

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      How do you know what the hive buys? I’ve never bought anything from Rihanna because she’s not worth the coin, but you can’t speak for the entire fan base.

      Also what do you mean the hive goes to other artist pages and diss them, like YOU and the navy don’t spam Beyonce’s post with your usual weak “single” shade!

  138. ashley October 19, 2014

    Death at the navy getting dragged AGAIN! Do ya’ll ever get tired of coming for Bey and having your patches scalped, yet? LLS

  139. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    But why the NAVY talking about generic singles when half of TTT was generic? Not to mention that the 2 singles that actually did good on TTT were generic af (WE FOUND LOVE AND WHERE Have You BEEN?

  140. Valerie October 19, 2014

    @Mark111 How do you know who’s albums I buy? Sit the f*** down. I purchase lots if music not just Beyonce.

    • Valerie October 19, 2014


    • Kii October 19, 2014

      Prove it

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        The most recent album I bought was Tinashes, which was a fantastic album. She gave me Janet tease with an urban twist throughout.

        I also recently bought Sam Smith. So TF down.

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Personal fave song on that album: Not in that way.

  141. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    Name Rihanna one song (other than umbrella)that made an impact in music? One video or performance? You know its real sad when a certain fanbase talk about “iconic” the main thing they can talk about is “FASHION” *SIPS TEA*

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Name a Beyonce song other than single Ladies.

      Disturbia, We Found Love, Only Girl, And Diamonds

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Not Disturbia!!! Death.

  142. Skyfall October 19, 2014


    I Agree, hopefully Story of My Life gets a nom for best pop song, and MM gets a mom for Album of the year or best pop vocal album

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      Oooo that’s not happening lol. Maybe a pop group nom. They need to write more.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        They have writing credits on every song on MM except 2 songs and every song on this new album even though Zayn 3 songs that he did with Naughty Boy and Emelié sundae where cut because they didn’t sound “1d enough” also the songs by Ryan Tedder and 1975 got cut as well.

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Well I only see 2 more albums for them before they go solo. Niall and Louis are f*cked when that happens.

    • real October 19, 2014

      You are very dense!!smh.

      • Kii October 19, 2014

        Like ur mothers pussay

  143. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

    No shade but some of the BeyHive have zero comprehension skills.

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      Like Mariah couldn’t comprehend that nick was cheating.

      • Valerie October 19, 2014


  144. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

    Why is CharityFlopdier clinging on to the hive and Gaga’s c*** for dear life? Lmaooooo

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      I’m not clinging babe. You wouldn’t know anyways LOL. Cling to Mariah’s 1995 vocals 🙂

  145. Lydia October 19, 2014

    I can’t wait to see how Rihanna does next yea. Two eras in one year has the potential for tragic individual sales. She’s already overexposed yearly. I predict the Navy will be combining the two.

  146. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    Lmaoo @Skyfall saying Disturbia, We Found Love, Only Girl, And Diamonds made an impact i cantttttttttttttttt

    • Valerie October 19, 2014

      Not Disturbia lmao. Just like one said loveeeee song did as well.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 19, 2014

        It made an impact because that’s when people started using Calvin Harris, love song made impact because that’s when everyone wanted Future, Disturbia had made an impact because that’s where Miley Cyrus and countless others got the dark themed, Diamonds had impact because your fave started to use the writer for her songs, pour it up had impact because that’s when your fave started to use partition. There are many songs that Rihanna impacted the industry with, enough of the delusions , arena sets trends while bey just copies and follows them

      • Valerie October 19, 2014

        Lol BYE! No one knows that besides her fans! We’re not talking about writers, we’re talking general impact on culture.
        And Disturbia did not start to no damn dark theme. Britney already did the dark theme, So did Christina and countless others in the 00s please stop with the reaching.

      • Josh October 19, 2014

        Beyonce did sweet R&B chick first, Rihanna followed
        Beyonce did more ratchet urban, Rihanna followed
        Beyonce did dark on IASF, Rihanna followed

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Yass We Found Love, Distrubia, Love The Way You lie, and Diamonds.

  147. Lydia October 19, 2014

    And all I’m seeing in this post is the same struggle excuses. Facts are: Beyonce sells albums better than Rihanna. The only reason she beats her in record sales is because of the quantity she releases. She is the epitome of smoke and mirrors.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      So because a artist releases more albums in a quicker amount of time that makes them smoke and mirrors?

      Mariah released an album every year in the 90s does that make her accomplishments any less than Madonna?

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Not madonna I mean whitney

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        But mariah was writing her hits lol

  148. ashley October 19, 2014

    “No promo yet u got news channels hyping this crap?”

    What does that have to do with Beyonce tho. Beyonce didn’t promote the album herself. She can’t help that she is a superstar and everyone talks about her every move.

  149. ME October 19, 2014

    lol nobody said BEYONCE had no promo

    i said it had less promo compared to that other album (which sold less)

  150. LB October 19, 2014

    I just came to say that besides Rosie, Suicide Blonde, Mark111 and Skyfall, the hive cannot match my music catalog. They only buy Beyonce albums and think they’re music experts LMAO…I mean just listen to Slay_Hive, his comments are filled with logical deficiencies and redundancies.

    Anyway at the end of the day, yes both Beyonce and Rihanna are slaying but music history will show that the music people remember are hits, not #1s but hits and Rihanna has got not local but INTERNATIONAL hits.

    Ask Madonna, Mariah has got more #1s than her but Madonna has got more memorable international music. And the same will be true for Beyonce, she hasn’t got the international catalog that Rihanna does. And that is why Rihanna can tour Asia, Europe, Africa and South America on her music alone whereas Beyonce sticks to what is familiar.

    These are just facts, Rihanna will have more memorable music because her music is loved EVERYWHERE. Beyonce’s music is mostly confined in the US, just count how many memorable songs Destiny’s Child have, I can only think of one, Bootylicious and that’s it.

    • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

      If that were even remotely true then rihanna would have better touring numbers LOL.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Oh you’re still chasing around my comments like a hungry puppy I see

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Lol you’re the one who changes your gravatar to cheryl. I just had to clear up that stupid argument lol.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        And yet you’re all over my reply boxes even when I’ve been paying you dust. Go watch X Factor or something, I’m done putting up with your idiocies

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        Lol I’m never in your reply boxes babe. Again, I just had to clear a stupid argument up hahah.

  151. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    One thing I know for sure is that Beyonce has NEVER made a song as bad as FRESH OFF THE RUNWAY “SIPS TEA”

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Lost Your Mind

  152. LB October 19, 2014


    Check out Tori Kelly’s EP “Handmade songs by Tori Kelly, IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!

    Also after listening to Fifth Harmony’s EP, 5th Harmony > Little Mix by far.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      I prefer Little Mix, their better singers to me but yass I love Tori Kelly she slays me so hard, I don’t understand why scooter is pushing Ariana when he needs to be pushing Tori

  153. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    @LB BEYONCE tours are successful i n ASIA idiot!!When has Rihanna toured Asia?

  154. LB October 19, 2014

    What Asian date did Mrs Carter Show have?

  155. Lydia October 19, 2014

    @LB Beyonce has just as many memorable songs as Rihanna. Without #1 attached to them. No one will remember S&M over Run The World. I am from the UK and Beyonce had a theme dedicated to her on X Factor with her songs last year. She is an international star, in REALITY people don’t care about the numbers attract to them, it’s the impact on pop culture that people remember. SINGLE LADIES didn’t even go to #1 in the UK yet it had more impact over here that 90% of Rihanna songs. THAT is what people remember.

  156. LB October 19, 2014

    Since the hive like to talk about amazing music, answer me this question, which song has Beyonce recorded is better than “cold case love”? I’ll wait.

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      What do you mean. That’s subjective. I could say Love on Top is just as good or better. Especially vocal wise, and let’s not act like forehead wrote the dam song! lmao

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Sorry, you’re on my list of people I refuse to have rational topics with. Go throw more pointless shade

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        LOL Am I supposed to give a f***? Clearly NOT

    • Lydia October 19, 2014

      Satellites and Dangerously In love slay it.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Satellites is a really good song but I don’t think it is better than cold case love

  157. Lydia October 19, 2014

    He problem with you bottoms is you spend too much time on blogs over analysing statistics you forget how it really is in the real world. NO ONE CARES. No one will remember ‘all Rihanna’s hits’. Ask them to name 5 Beyonce songs and 5 Rih songs they can do both.

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      Who said anything about all of the hits? We said most memorable and I’m a female b**** I have a REAL p****

      • Rosie October 19, 2014

        Is it fresh?

      • Lydia October 19, 2014

        @Skyfall LB did now back off angry butch.

  158. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Walk up in this b**** like own this ho, phresh phresh phesh

  159. LB October 19, 2014


    I can give you some memorable Beyonce songs,

    – Crazy in love (that’s it)

    – Irreplaceable
    – Listen

    – Single ladies (US only)

    – NON

    – Drunk in love (even though Blow, XO and Mine are better songs)

    • Lydia October 19, 2014

      You just proved my point even more. How can you say Single Ladies is only memorable in the US. That song had more impact culturally than any Rihanna song.

      • CherylSoldier October 19, 2014

        He’s trolling you.

      • Lydia October 19, 2014


  160. LB October 19, 2014


    The only example I have to mind of an artist with as many global hits as Rihanna is Madonna, have people forgotten her music?

    • Lydia October 19, 2014

      Of course not. No one will forget Beyonce or Rihanna’s music. I’m saying in general there are stand out songs from EVERY artist. And it’s not based on your statistics purely.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Well I agree with you on that one.

  161. Lydia October 19, 2014


    I can give you some Rihanna ones:



    GGGB: Umbrella

    Rated R: NONE

    Loud: What’s My Name,


    Una: Diamonds,

    That is REALISTIC. NO INE CARES about 13 #1s,

  162. LB October 19, 2014


    Little mix are better singers but Fifth Harmony HAVE GOT FAR MUCH BETTER MUSIC just from listening to the EP.

    I agree, Scooter should be pushing Tori Kelly instead of Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly is AMAZING, I have both her EPs and slay my entire existence so much.

    It’s like listening to Emeli Sande in the sense that her music can be enjoyed from start to finish.

  163. kingbeybitch October 19, 2014

    @LB She didnt go to Asia on The Mrs Carter Tour but you already knew that how ever she did go do an Asia leg on The Beyonce Experience tour and the I AM tour when has rihanna?

  164. LB October 19, 2014


    My analysis is this,

    – Nothing

    – Unfaithful

    – Umbrella
    – Please don’t stop the music
    – Disturbia
    – Take a bow
    (these songs were huge international hits)

    Rated R
    – Questionable but I think maybe just Rude Boy unfortunately

    – The whole album mostly
    but if we had to break it down
    – Only girl in the world most definitely
    – What’s my name
    – Love the way you lie

    – We found love obviously
    – Where have you been

    – Diamonds obviously
    – Stay????

  165. LB October 19, 2014

    Diamonds world tour hit MACAU, Singapore, Manila

    • Rosie October 19, 2014

      Not Macau!

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        Shut up lol

      • LB October 19, 2014


        ya it hit Macau for two shows.

      • Rosie October 19, 2014

        Slaying the third world I guess.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        China is the second biggest world economy and still one of the fastest growing economies.

      • Rosie October 19, 2014

        The Chinese music industry suggests otherwise. And with its inequality and bubble economy, it’s still very much a third world country.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        But she went there for a sold out concert, it may have large inequality, but nothing compared to a country like Brazil and people tour there, so I fail to see your point.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        She grossed $2,909,479 there, so again the third world shaming point you made is irrelevant.

      • Rosie October 19, 2014

        Inequality in China is just as high as Brazil’s. China is very third world still and its economy is mirroring Japan’s in the late 1980s. I’m saying a high grossing, sold out tour of North America and Europe, which Beyonce did, is far more impressive.

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Why is it more impressive? Because China is a growing economy and the second largest economy in the world?

        Well you can have your opinion, I personally feel music that encompasses borders, even the third world where it is difficult to get is more impressive.

        What is even more impressive is a people with high inequality are willing to pay plenty of dollars to see a star.

        But then again, as you have shown, North Americans have got a misplaced superiority complex, thanks for sharing that.

  166. Lydia October 19, 2014

    @LB of course you would say that, you are stan. I could list A LOT more Beyonce songs than you did also.

  167. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Beyonce concert at Wynn hotel in Vegas is better than any concert that she’s ever done

  168. Skyfall October 19, 2014

    Realistically if Rihanna & Beyonce did a song it would slay

    • Rosie October 19, 2014

      Rihanna’s vocals wouldn’t be a good match.

      • Skyfall October 19, 2014

        I think it’ll be a good match if they do a ballad

  169. LB October 19, 2014


    A stan is one person who only buys their favs albums and thinks it’s the best thing ever, I buy multiple albums and listen to a wide array of music.

    Slay_hive = Stan
    Mark111 = Music fan

    There’s a difference.

    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      First off you nothing about me personally to come to that conclusion. I am a super fan of Beyonce’s. I enjoy her music, and her performances. There are also several other artists that I enjoy. My ipod is filled with different artists and genres. Rihanna being the least important and talented to me. FOH

      • LB October 19, 2014

        Oh really? Like which artists? I doubt there is much depth in your music taste if you think Beyonce’s music is the greatest thing ever.

      • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

        I don’t have to sit here and tell you my taste. It’s a shame how pressed I have you, that you insist on addressing me. Beyonce is the best imo. I am a SUPER FAN of hers, and I’m entitled to feel that way. F*** you and your music b****!

    • Lydia October 19, 2014

      @LB, Well I am a Bey stan who listens to plenty of music. And you don’t know anyone personally to come to a conclusion based on blog comments. There other Beyonce stans on (I have noticed in the past) who also listen to other music (@Richie_Rich, @Bey Fan, @Realist, @Tyler @Belladonna and many others). That’s irrelevant to my point anyway.

  170. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    “I mean just listen to Slay_Hive, his comments are filled with logical deficiencies and redundancies”

    and your comments are not? lmaoooo I can’t even count the number of times a read with you started with “Beyonce opened her legs” or “The HBO ratings” kii Get real b****!

  171. LB October 19, 2014


    I regret buying Jessie Js album, it is horrible. I only like like 4 songs. I should have spotifyed it.

  172. LB October 19, 2014


    Get away by Jessie J slays though

    • Skyfall October 19, 2014

      I didn’t buy I I just got Bang Bang, Personal, and Ain’t Been Done but I’ll check out those songs

      • LB October 19, 2014

        I love personal, the song is fantastic.

  173. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

    They only buy Beyonce albums and think they’re music experts LMAO…I mean just listen to Slay_Hive, his comments are filled with logical deficiencies and redundancies.

    DEATHHH!! I’m so done. But the accuracy though >>

    • Rosie October 19, 2014

      Weren’t you clinging to itunes Malaysia receipts to try to drag ariana grande though?

  174. LB October 19, 2014


    It’s a shame A.K.A flopped though, it’s actually pretty good.

    • CATFISH CAREY October 19, 2014


      • LB October 19, 2014

        I have it on Spotify and I agree, the deluxe songs are good.

  175. Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

    LOL I get a kick out of how these b****** are so bothered by my presence! 🙂 Keep my name in your mouths b****** *blows kisses* 😉 Slay_Hive keeps a b**** SEETHING!

  176. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 19, 2014

    Bothered by a bum who doesn’t even know the difference between “sell” and “sale”? LMAO


    • Slay_Hive October 19, 2014

      Yes b**** you are very bothered. That out of all the Hive members in this post, you b****** obsess over me. Don’t worry about me and my grammar b****. How about you got and purchase a ticket for your fave’s struggle vocal tour!