Lady GaGa & Tony Bennett Cover Downbeat Magazine

Published: Sunday 5th Oct 2014 by Sam

Lady GaGa is enjoying a career renaissance thanks to ‘Cheek To Cheek’, her collaborative album with Jazz legend Tony Bennett.

The LP, which is comprised of classic covers, topped the Billboard 200 this week; and while some may have felt content with the feat, the promotional push for the project continues to press ahead full speed.

Together, the pair grace the cover of Downbeat Magazine‘s November 2014 issue.

Just like the music on their record, the duo look striking.

Peep more pics below…


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  1. Yonce October 5, 2014

    Screaming at Flopga clinging too this old fart.

    • eciumanliya October 5, 2014

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  2. Yonce October 5, 2014

    This new imagine is such a gimmick to make her seem more soulful/ jazzy. This girl is so fake that’s why I don’t f*** with her.

  3. Beysus October 5, 2014

    Mmm Hmm *sips tea* so???

  4. Lana Lover October 5, 2014

    Has anyone even heard the flop album? I think gaga bought some copies like she did with chartflop.

    • CT October 5, 2014

      B**** f*** you and lana choppef and scrwed ass face and lips tell your fave to get some stage presence and get her record selld up and that goes for you other haters as well TELL YOUR FAV TO GET HER RECORD SELLS UP…

      • Lana Lover October 5, 2014

        So does this mean you didn’t purchase flop to flop? hahaha Lana is now superior to Fadga keep seething tho

      • CT October 5, 2014

        Superior??? In what world??? She cant sing better dance better and she still cant sell more records and she is still grammyless the only thing she can do better thsn gaga is out drink her… your fav lucked up and sold 5million copies of an album but now shes flopping let me know when she oursells artpop sweetheart she will never see fame or btw numbers either..

  5. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa (cheek to cheek is #1) October 5, 2014

    And the H.IV+ will seethe!!

    • Lana Lover October 5, 2014

      Why would the hive seethe when Bey slays your late tired flop ass fav

  6. lostOne October 5, 2014

    I like gaga with black hair it gives her a more edgier look. Yall calling her a gimmicks cus she changes her hair color once again sisses r hating on a woman for the simple fact that she’s a woman!

  7. lostOne October 5, 2014

    How can an album been out for a week and it’s a flop s*** it even debut at #1. .are yall sisses vocabulary that smal that flop is the only word yall know!

    • Lana Lover October 5, 2014

      The album is a flop and won’t sell more than 300k

      • lostOne October 5, 2014

        So if it sells more than 300k would u kill urself? I think yall sissies keep 4gettin that this is a jazz album

  8. CT October 5, 2014

    I love how people on this blog love to bash gaga when she has sold more records than most of your favs in 5 years and some of your favs have been out 2 decades…. what need to do is get your fav record sales on gagas level been in the game forever and she still struggling for 100mil records…

  9. lostOne October 5, 2014

    If artpop flopped so did millions of albums since it sold 2.8 ww if artpop a fail so is Beyonce’s album
    the music industry anything over 500k is a success which is the reason why they have a gold certificate

    • ME October 5, 2014

      lol @ 2.8 WW

    • Britney Stan October 5, 2014

      I think you mean 2.2 million lol don’t inflate sales makes you look desperate.

    • Tasha October 5, 2014

      Beyonces 4 went platinum. That is not a flop.

    • Rosie October 5, 2014

      In what universe has it sold 2.8M? It sold 2M at most considering it was off of every chart worldwide by February.

  10. Dark Horse October 5, 2014

    Artshit didn’t do 2,8 million you monster are so delusional. Gaga is a certified has been.

    • lostOne October 5, 2014

      Since u a fan of lady gaga u should know her album sales. On wiki she sold 2.6 m as of july 2014 and onifpi she sold 2.8 m so far.. if gaga a has been wat would u classify katy as..

    • CT October 5, 2014

      And katy is a certified big titty nocalist with no impact no stage presence and even with all her success still as gaga lessor just like lana gsga sings better and dances better now have a seat in those arenas katy didnt sell out and have another seat in those stadiums that katy will never tour in #sheknowbetter

  11. Sass October 5, 2014

    Artpop is is not even platinum. Death @ 2.8 million. Its sold 1.7 million ww.

  12. JOHNVIDAL October 5, 2014

    Love the pic where she is grabbing his arm. The album is great and it´s a pleasant surprise. I wasn´t that interested in jazzy Gaga but I´m loving the album now. Congrats to her for being versatile enough to pull this era off.

  13. Rosie October 5, 2014

    And it’s stan was trying to call L’Uomo irrelevant? The f*** is this magazine. Dead at it literally clinging to a nursing home artist for relevancy and calling Artpop fake when she was swearing up and down that it was the best album of all time back before it flopped. She’s as delusional as her fans.

  14. NOLIES October 5, 2014

    She looks older than him

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