Did Nicki Minaj Freeze Songwriter Out Of ‘Anaconda’ Credits? Eric Bellinger Weighs In

Published: Wednesday 1st Oct 2014 by David


Since it’s the arrival of its music video, Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Anaconda’ has seen now fewer than 100,000 units moved with every passing chart week.

Alas, not even the sweet smell of success could mask the brewing stench omitted by drama weighed in on by singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger, responsible for Chris Brown‘s smash hit single ‘Fine China.

This week, before it surpasses sales of 1 million units in the US, the single has found Minaj’s story behind its conception thrown into disrepute, now Bellinger claims that she is refusing to acknowledge his production work on it.

Why? His decision to tease fans with the single before the rapper had given him the OK to do so.

So, what Eric intends to do about it?

Watch and learn below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

    This backstabbing shady h** is constantly stealing from people. She stole the Queen of Rap Lil’ Kim’s entire swag, flow, and lyrics. She stole Terrence’s wig designs. She stole Fendi’s finder’s fee. Now she’s stealing song credits. When will you learn that Flopnika Garbaj is a common thief without a shred of decency or tact? When will people stop stanning for this fraud?

    It’s okay. This b**** has sown so many evil seeds that her harvest will be devastating. Let her keep running around thinking that she has gotten away with all her evil and she is “stacking cheddar.” Karma is about to show that Flopnika who the real baddest b**** is!


    • Stephy Tha Mental Case October 1, 2014

      Hahaha you better clock Ms.Garbaj.

      • TRUTH SERUM October 1, 2014

        Really??? That new name tho. Lmao

      • onkwskyzha October 1, 2014

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    • TRUTH SERUM October 1, 2014

      Kim, is that you???

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        B****, is that your momma at the corner of the street trying to sling pusssy for crack cocaine? Yes it is!

    • Nicki Is queen October 1, 2014


      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        Oh, but you noticed the video & noticed that I’ve posted it before. B****, be gone. Go and listen to your fraud ass swagger-jacking flop fave Flopnika Garbaj.

    • Facts on stacks October 1, 2014

      she’s the beyonce of rap 🙂

    • Arua October 1, 2014

      Shut the f*** up with that tired ass video that no once cares about. and all this talk about karma do you even know how karma works? all the mean spirited things that you wish on Nicki will come back to you ten fold sweaty, hope you’re ready.

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        B****, you are so dumb. Karma won’t affect me because I am pointing out the bad karma that Flopnika Garbaj has put into the universe. I don’t do people dirty. Flopnika Garbaj has literally built her career of theft, swagger-jacking, and using people and then discarding them. She has literally put so many bad karma seeds into the ground, and she will reap the whirlwind. Karma is coming for that b****. Good karma is coming to me because I respect people and I tell and support the TRUTH. If anything bad karma is coming to Flopnika Garbaj’s fans because they see the truth and lie for Flopnika. They lie and pretend Lil’ Kim doesn’t have a case because they want to support a fraud. WATCH OUT, B****. KARMA IS COMING FOR YOU, TOO!

      • Arua October 1, 2014

        No b****, That’s not how any of this works, and nothing you have said is the truth. using your flawed logic then karma should be after all of todays musicians seeing as how no one today is original and have used or sampled or were inspired by others works and using people and then discarding them.
        you’re still putting negativity and bad energy out into the world (yes that includes the internet) it will always come back to you. so yo better prepare that ass

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        You retarded b****! Sampling a song is not the same thing as stealing someone’s publishing (Eric Bellinger), stealing someone’s finder’s fee (Big Fendi), or stealing someone’s entire identity, flow, music, lyrics, fashion (Lil’ Kim).

        Flopnika Garbaj is a damn common thief and a swagger jacking fraud. Flopnika’s fans are f-ucking morons like you. Get the hell out of my face, you retarded f-uck! Karma is coming for Flopnika Garbaj and her retarded fans.

      • Arua October 1, 2014

        Kim stole an asian woman’s whole face and swagger but do you ever say anything about that tea? do you ever bring up how krim got clocked for using big as her ghost writer or how she has a new team of ghost writers? when will you ever talk about how kim got clocked for stealing someone else’s beats for her flop pushed back mix tape? lmao f*** outta here,Like i said continue to use your flawed logic and watch every thing you do or say fail.

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        You are a f-ucking r*****. I am done trying to reason with the vile ghetto rats that call themselves Flopnika Garbaj fans. But don’t worry… Karma is the exterminator and she is coming to wipe out you vile ghetto rats, and the rat-in-chief Flopnika Garbaj.

    • Chillin October 1, 2014

      This video actually speaks the TRUTH and all of you barbs who hate on it..wanna be blinded to the fact that Minaj is a fake & a fraud..

      • Arua October 1, 2014

        well that fake fraud is accomplishing some pretty amazing things for a black female rapper and making bank while doing it. what have you done with your life and why should we care what you think about the queen? **sips tea and waits**

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        Thank you. Only the delusional Barfz who see the truth and support a lie will hate on the video.

        I think it is funny how people keep saying Flopnika Garbaj has accomplished so much. How did she accomplish it though? By swagger jacking, backstabbing, and stealing from everyone. Yes, you can accomplish some pretty decent things by being a vile b**** with no decency, but KARMA can take away all those accomplishments in the space of seconds. WATCH HOW FLOPNIKA GARBAJ ENDS HER CAREER! It won’t be pretty. Karma will come for the b****.

    • K October 1, 2014

      LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. you are no different from a dog barking at a flying bird, you dumb f-ck. don’t you have anything to do, than be running on blogs with that stupid played pout video. that no one gives a f-ck about, you really have time on your hands. don’t you have someones mixtape to go promote that’s what you need to do. than be wasting time on a losing one sided battle, that bin going on almost 6 years now that y’all are in with y’all fav. and the more y’all trying to drag down Nicki she just responding with pure success, don’t yall see that everything y’all do she flip it. the more y’all drag the stronger and high and more successful Nicki minaj gets.

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        B****, keep talking about Flopnika’s “success.” Karma is about to bite the silicone out of Flopnika’s behind and leave that fraud ass b**** in a pit of misery and despair. Her “accomplishments” will mean nothing when karma strikes. Flopnika thinks she can run over everybody and do people dirty to get to the top. Watch how karma will drag that swagger jacking b**** by her edges. There are laws to the universe. You reap what you sow. Flopnika better get ready for her harvest of evil.

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        @Lil kim is the g.o.a.t. honey i love u!!!! U slayn all these hoez…YAAAASSSSS!!!!!! (Cracks knuckles, put on mini skirt w thong, put porkchop grease on lips and shashays down the post to back up my bish @lil kim.) Les do this…

      • Wheresmyjizzle October 1, 2014

        K go munch on Truth Semens BLUE WAFFLE you PHUCKN THOT!!!!

    • Lil kim = sad October 1, 2014

      1) The fact that you’re responding to EVERYONE’S comment shows you have no life
      2) The fact that you’re on an Article that talks about Nicki shows that you’re still searching for her
      3) Lil kim and Fendi are jealous and the only reason they are getting interviews is to talk about Nicki.

      • Wheresmyjizzle October 1, 2014

        Shut the Phuck up with that lame shyt. They’re simply stating FACTS thot!!! Keep Seething!!! While you’re at it go wash that dookie box its full of s**** and lots of shyt!!!! Thot!!!!! Your face= sad!!!! Deal hoè!!!!

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        Listen, you stank pussied thot. I state FACTS! I know you Flopnika Garbaj fans like fiction, but the truth is what sets people free. You Flopnika fans are just mad that Team Kim is about to end this h**’s career with facts. LIL’ KIM DOCUMENTARY COMING SOON! Karma is coming for that Flopnika b****. WATCH AND SEE!

  2. Rima October 1, 2014

    Cheek To Cheek goes #1 making it Gagas 3rd consecutive #1 album.. Gaga is slaying the game!

    • GaGa’s Tampon October 1, 2014

      They thought she was over but she keeps proving these haters wrongs

    • Nicki Is queen October 1, 2014

      YASS slay b****!

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        Fu ck i. Yo biitch dont write her own raps kii

  3. SipTheTruth October 1, 2014

    Not surprised. Too many artists do this.

  4. Rima October 1, 2014

    Nicki disgusting ass is always doing someone wrong first Fendi, then Kim, then Mariah, also her former wig guy and now this dude she can’t be trusted.

    • Nicki Is queen October 1, 2014

      Her former wig guy lost the court battle he was a thief anyway 30 million for wigs? Bye!

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        Like nicki…n7mbers ones for songs she didnt write

    • Salty S**** October 1, 2014

      And What about all the mean,disgusting and vile things that Fendi,Kim,Mariah have done boo?

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        SHE HAD IT COMN…just like yo mammy…all in her mouf! She swallows

    • Why you mad babe? October 2, 2014

      This is G.O.A.T, b**** you ain’t foolin’ nobody.

  5. Mingxxx October 1, 2014

    Thief beyonce is the biggest liar and copyright thief in the game. Nicki minaj I dont think is that shady. Cash money wouldnt have signed her if she was a fraud. no dis- respect to the real Queen B lil kim.

    • Iggy Iggy To Bigge October 1, 2014

      This has nothing to do with Beyonce stay on topic

    • MRB October 1, 2014

      You must not no cash money! Them gutta dudes are known for stealing and fraud!

      • ~The Arcade~ October 1, 2014

        exactly they have about 200 artists and only focus on 4 of them, plus they are known for not giving ‘their’ artists any royalties.

    • Rihboy October 1, 2014

      Everything on cash money is a fraud.

  6. Iggy Iggy To Bigge October 1, 2014

    Nicki Minaj is a snake ive never liked her desperate, cheap, delusional ass she stays playing people. Her career will be over in the next 3 years.

    • Nicki Is queen October 1, 2014

      Does the new flop have certifications??

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        Did nicki write her own raps? Does yo mammy acknowledge yo GAY ass

    • Bey-Minaj October 1, 2014

      I must warn you tho, people been saying she will be done in 5 years. Its been 5 years and she is still the Queen of Rap so…

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        She done ho…just like yo stink pusssy mammy

    • Salty S**** October 1, 2014

      and Iggy is a s*** that has had more black c*** in her then Kim k. I don’t think she even has 2 years left in the industry, she had better release that s** tape real quick like.

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        Nick is the sluut…u ho

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

      Queen of RAP? With zero Grammys, zero Billboard Hot 100 #1 songs, and zero critically acclaimed albums? Queen of Rap unable to sell 1,000,000 copies of a second album at the height of her relevancy? Flopnika Garbaj ain’t no damn queen.


      The real QUEEN OF RAP is Lil’ Kim. Grammy Award winning, Billboard Hot 100 #1 single-owning, every album she has released has been critically acclaimed, double platinum debut album and sophomore album that went platinum IN SALES in 28 days.

      FLOPNIKA COULD NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Wheresmyjizzle October 1, 2014

        Draaagggg these mothaphuckers!!!!!!!

      • Bad girl October 1, 2014

        *Checks receipts* all lies! platinum in sales in 28 days? on what planet crack head?

      • Chillin October 1, 2014

        When you speak the truth…these h*** are no where to be found..kiiiii

  7. LB October 1, 2014


    Cheek to Cheek is #1 LMAO, slay a bit Gags, wasn’t expecting that.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

      Spread my cheeks and eat my ass

  8. Nicki Is queen October 1, 2014

    Nicki will sort out everything with him before her album drops so it won’t be a big thing and hopefully won’t lead to lawsuits
    She has the right to be mad at him tho..

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

      No BIITCH yo biith is a fraud…like kim said…u THOT

  9. Nicki Is queen October 1, 2014

    She will sort out everything with him before the album drops nothing to see here

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

      Fu ck u

  10. Justin Bieber,Lady Gaga,Miley Cyrus,One Direction,Cheryl or Beyoncè October 1, 2014

    i changed my name a bit to add queen Cheryl

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014


    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

      U still a ho

  11. eric October 1, 2014

    Somebody actually wants to take credit for writing that garbage song??

    • K October 1, 2014

      eric ignorant were in that video you heard him say he written anything,learn to listen.

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        Learn to spell

    • Arua October 1, 2014

      Umm yes. Seeing as how that “garbage” song is almost platinum. Eric feels like he’s entitled to some of those coins.

  12. Mark111 October 1, 2014

    This woman is forgetting who she’s signed to. Cash Money will break these artist worst than La Face in the 90’s. Give it time, they’re not seeing a check, ask previous artist that were on that label.

  13. Rihboy October 1, 2014

    Honestly i wouldnt have wanted anything to do with such a trash song in the first place.

  14. Arua October 1, 2014

    Don’t leak other people’s music and you wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of mess Mr Bellinger.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

      Suck my diick

  15. Bey-Minaj October 1, 2014

    Billboard Hot 100: #3(+1) Anaconda, @NICKIMINAJ [8 weeks]…slow and steady wins the race.

    • Nicki Is Queen October 1, 2014

      Wow! YASSS!

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

      She didnt write it…and to come foe iggy…kii!!!

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        Billboard Hot 100: #4(+1) Black Widow, @IGGYAZALEA [13 weeks]…slow and steady wins the race.

        Flopnika Garbaj won’t be in the top 10 after 13 weeks, while Iggy is coming for that #1. Something Flopnika can’t achieve.

  16. Realest October 1, 2014

    Nicki been a fraud though. This just adds to the fake, whether:

    Stealing lil Kim s image

    Rapping about nothing and things not relatable to anyone.

    Making lines referring to herself as healthy and not needing meals, acting like she’s a thick b**** when clearly she’s a skinny girl with implants everywhere

    Disrespecting elders like: mariah, da brat etc

    This is nothing new

    • Arua October 1, 2014

      do you kim fans just repeat the same tired things over and over? You care that much about queen nicki to keep commenting on each of her post at least 20 times? you better stan for Nicki, because some of her fans aren’t even that dedicated.

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

        Do u STUPID ass nicki fans ever think?? U funky ho

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        No, they don’t think. They’re vile ghetto rats.

      • Wheresmyjizzle October 1, 2014

        Whora THOT you mad cause your getting dragged by your saggy c******* hair???
        Seethe THOT!!!!! While you’re at it go munch on Truth S****’s BLUE WAFFLE!!!! Nasty THOT!!!!

      • Arua October 2, 2014

        b**** you and your 3 personalities can go kick rocks.

      • Wheresmyjizzle October 2, 2014

        THOT the only rocks I’m going to kick are the ones in your head!!!! Go eat that BLUE WAFFLE HOÈ!!!

  17. HOWYOULIKEIT October 1, 2014

    Queen Beyonce should stop associating herself with this girl. She stole from so many people.

    • Kim/Iggy queen October 1, 2014

      Lmao at this idiot^^ not knowing that Bey is the biggest thief in the music industry.

      • Ben October 1, 2014

        that would be elvis…

  18. Barbie’s World October 1, 2014

    What did he think would happen when he leaked the clip of the song without Nicki’s permission? *sigh* people are getting more stupid as the days go by.

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

      Honey just stfu

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

        That’s how these Barfz are. They have no decency (just like Flopnika Garbaj). They think Flopnika Garbaj is entitled to do everyone dirty. They’re vile ghetto rats!

  19. truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 1, 2014

    Draaaaag ha!!!!!

  20. KINGMOTHAFENTY October 1, 2014

    Soooooo, how can people be so darn stupid. it’s COMMON SENSE not to leak something without the owners permission. im not the biggest minaj fan but right is right and wrong is wrong. and plus the song is trash, why have a fued over a trashy song.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 1, 2014

      So therefore that raggedy swagger jacking b**** Flopnika Garbaj has the right to steal his publishing? If you believe that, you’re a vile gutter rat like the rest of Flopnika Garbaj’s fans and you will ultimately fail in life regardless of any temporary success.

      You people are VILE FRAUDS AND SNAKES!

      • Wheresmyjizzle October 1, 2014

        And they have dry musty püssies!!! Stupid Barfz!!!

  21. FutureCIARA October 1, 2014

    I wonder if that boy ever won his lawsuit for those wig concepts that she stole!

  22. KiLLdaBitch! October 2, 2014

    HMMMM let her tell it, she Bites I mean writes or stole or wrote all her songs…. Ain’t NOBODY buyin her BS..

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