Nicki Minaj Sets New Release Date For ‘The Pinkprint’

Published: Tuesday 28th Oct 2014 by David


By the December of 2010, Nicki Minaj‘s debut album ‘Pink Friday‘ had surpassed sales of 1 million units in the space of four weeks.

Now, no doubt hoping to match and mimic the success of the release, this week has seen the ‘Only‘ rapper push the release date of her new LP ‘The Pinkprint’ back to the December of 2014!

Details on her new move below…

Originally set for a November 24th due date, ‘Pink‘ had been set to go head to head with releases launched by Beyonce and One Direction, due out within the same period.

Now, the rapper has had a change of strategic heart, and has pushed the album’s release to December 15th, extending the period she has to secure blockbuster sales for the hotly anticipated project.

Quite interestingly, its new launch date will see it miss out on the benefit of Black Friday sales and the press her hosting gig at the ‘MTV European Music Awards’ would have bagged it two weeks earlier.

Though push backs often spell trouble for smaller acts, we’d say a new release date may be just what Nicki needs this time around.

After all, with ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ still unable to cross the 900,000 unit mark in the US almost three years after its release date, it’s clear Minaj has some work to do before completely restoring her status as a guaranteed albums-seller.

So, with just under two months to go before ‘Pink’ touches down, here’s hoping the next few weeks see Minaj use scheduled promo slots in November to push pre-order sales, and-should she really want to win over the general public before release day- unlock a rags to riches themed “My Time Now” TV special.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RihNaj October 28, 2014

    Wish she had pushed it farword but She’s smart, be patient with her ppl
    This album still gon destroy life’s 😉

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 28, 2014

      The album is going to flop. She thinks she will slay 10 days before Christmas. This biitch is delusional. She is not Beyonce. I can’t wait to see those tragic numbers (or clock Birdman’s payola).

  2. Queen October 28, 2014

    iggy will do 45K first week.

  3. Nicki Is Queen October 28, 2014

    She made the right decision I guess? there is just way too much competition in November

  4. Everyone’s A Critic October 28, 2014

    Saw this coming… I’m very disappointed. A little competition got an “artist” scared?! Unbelievable. That’s how you know music is sales driven

    • Twitter: @OnikaBoss October 28, 2014

      No, she changed the date because for some reason Birdman choose to release “Rich Gang 2” the same day. Which he was trying to feed off her buzz if you ask me.

    • Edwin October 29, 2014

      it was the label’s decision due to rich gang’s album coming the same day and the carter V also being delayed and nicki’s album can’t come before the carter V.

  5. CT October 28, 2014

    Nicki noooo my heart cant take it.. it will still slay tho.. now watch truth come up here trolling” yea iggy goy her scared honey” bye trick dont waste your time.

  6. SipTheTruth October 28, 2014

    She should have stuck to the original date. She should prove why she’s the queen by going up with album sellers like beyonce and 1D.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. October 28, 2014

      Flopnika Garbaj is done! Hahahahahahaha! This biitch is the pushback queen! She knows she can’t compete with Beyonce and One Direction. Po dat. LMAOOOOOOOO!!!

      Copycat whack biitch, you a mofuqqing HASBEEN!

  7. CT October 28, 2014

    I think nicki wants that third number 1 album in a row.

  8. CT October 28, 2014

    Can someone tell me why jIGGA boozalea single is flopoing

    • Girrrrrrrrrrl October 28, 2014

      This albums is about anticipated as going for your yearly Pap smear.

  9. TGJ October 28, 2014


  10. Marisol October 28, 2014

    Her last album went platinum yet?

    • Edwin October 29, 2014

      it is confirmed platinum by the RIAA, she even took a photo with the plaque.

  11. nicki minaj October 28, 2014

    not her fault its young money fault they pushed it back so rich gang can be released on that date which is stupid

  12. Realest October 28, 2014

    Still can’t sell platinum with all those generic pop hits? Again kids, I tell yA NO AMOUNT OF VEVO REFRESHING CAN PRODUCE A NUMBER ONE, QUALITY ALBUM. But good luck to Nicki and her “music” and I hope she achieves longevity and hopefully will one day produce an album which promotes quality, ORIGINALITY and authenticity- not rihanna knock offs and fad chasers.

    • Edwin October 29, 2014

      *sigh* another butthurt lil kim fan, it’s a pity that ya’ll old asses pushing 30 still on social media commenting on nicki minaj’s stuff, truly sad, but what can i expect from someone who idolizes lil kim, the b**** is a mess herself.

  13. Realest October 28, 2014

    Awww poor nicki. Pushback? Awwwww! Too bad vevo views can’t push album sales, it can only makeup for lackluster singles. Poor dat… And poor 900,000( not even) I hope she achieved longevity (and maybe a quality album).

  14. Mark111 October 28, 2014

    Push backs are never good. You have a top 5 hit, how you let two rerelease scar you? This proves that she can’t handle competition and that she’s not as tough as her stans make her out to be. The person that disrespected so many female rappers thay came before her can’t handle a White girk from down under. One thing Kim was right about is she don’t want to bring female rappers back, she wants to be the only. So call “Queen of Rap”, yet you’re pushing your ish back? The Nutcrackers can’t say ish about anyone, cause let me tell you something, Rihanna dropped her albums no matter who else did on her dates. And there were HUGE albums she went against and sold more than her in the first week, but she STILL jad successful albums. Pink Print will do no nore than 100k and 500k total.

    • Edwin October 29, 2014

      it was the label’s decision GOD, y’all stay talking s*** without the reciepts. I do sense some anger in your comments, i can tell that lil kim fans still mad that nicki killed her career, but ok, the only thing y’all got left is to spread negative s*** towards nicki on blogsites.

  15. Mimi Carey October 28, 2014

    It will flop

  16. GEEZUS October 28, 2014

    I heard they were going to push the album back till December 15th a few weeks ago. Young Money also pushed back Wayne album.

  17. Umm October 28, 2014

    The Queen of rap, when rap is literally the worst it’s ever been in history? No thanks.

  18. Phat bootie October 28, 2014

    There’s no hype for Nicki or lil Wayne’s albums. Drake is carrying that label saleswise

  19. Taylor Swifts number 1 fan!!! October 28, 2014

    Taylor’s new album is out now. Swiftes unite and let’s get talyor to number 1!!

  20. NewFlame October 28, 2014

    Lol at the barfz excuses. The stink print was pushed back because no ones checking for it…

    • MisdamenorFan October 28, 2014

      The Flop Print

  21. Rihboy October 28, 2014

    Smart move. Yonce is going to milk the remainder of this year. I don’t see it being a threat to Rih rih at all though. Her album is the most anticipated. Bey is just rereleasing with other songs recorded. I think bey is trying to get that number 1 single. It’s nothing wrong with wanting that. This holiday season is going to be crazy!

  22. zolabn October 28, 2014

    I loved that she’s pushing her album backwards… how many time did iggy push back her album to compete with nicki …Nicki is smart, she knows what she’s doing…… and u say she is afraid of competition yet she released her debut album on the same day as Kanye west and outsold him and rihanna #no shade. let’s see if Iggy push back again

    • Edwin October 29, 2014

      exactly, people need to know their s***.

  23. zolabn October 28, 2014

    I loveee that she shifting backwards…. because I wanna see if Iggy shift hers again…Nicki is smart…and remember she released her debut with kanye and outsold him…. and has Kim put anyone on the map, and check out PTAF girls and their record deal

  24. NT October 28, 2014

    You guys must be blind Iggy said that she might not even be releasing Reclassified on that day and Eminem the known album seller is releasing something that day as well, so if she wants to have 3 no.1 she’ll have to move the date right out of November

  25. Britney Stan October 28, 2014

    Damn Iggy got Nicki scared to release. Push backs aren’t a good look.

  26. Iggy Iggy Too Biggie October 28, 2014

    hahaha Iggy has this b**** shook. Nicki can’t handle real competition.

    • Edwin October 29, 2014

      out of all people, you mention iggy? the girl who struggles to go gold in her DEBUT? don’t make me laugh…

  27. TheElusiveLamb October 28, 2014

    I hate hearing this. I personally believed that keeping the same release date would have pushed more units. Going up against Queen B & 1D (album sellers) would have forced her fan base to go support the week of. I’m still excited though. I think it will be worth the wait.

  28. JOHNVIDAL October 28, 2014

    Damn it! So this makes the promo campaign even longer I guess. Longest promo ever for an album, like 2 whole years of big promo non stop 🙂

  29. Rosie October 28, 2014

    If this was an Iggy post the Barbz would be calling her a “fad” and “threatened.” The excuses. And we all know December releases are a mess.

  30. Iggy > Nicki October 28, 2014


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