New Song: Danity Kane – ‘Tell Me’

Published: Tuesday 7th Oct 2014 by Sam

October 28th marks the spot for Danity Kane fans.

The controversial clique may have disbanded, however they’ve put aside their highly publicised differences to release their third and presumably final album, ‘DK3’.

Having already whet appetites with the delicious ‘Lemonade’ and schooled folk on the ‘Rhythm Of Love’, the starlets have unpacked ‘Tell Me’ as the next taste of the LP.

The song, which was penned by member Dawn Richard, was made available as an “Instant-Grat” track for those who pre-ordered the album in the European region.

Take a listen below…

Granted some corners of the song’s finish sound demo-ish, there’s no diluting that it’s all sorts of blazing.

Indeed, in appealing to today’s club climate, the track is smartly dipped in DJ Mustard’s flavour while also positing a fresh DK twist.

Again bittersweet, because – beyond listening to it-  it’s almost certain that there’ll be no video, no push, no…nothing. Still, at this junction, we’re just elated we’re receiving something.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tboz’sSideburns October 7, 2014

    Lolol did Dawn really write ‘Hanging from the Shower Rod in the Bathroom’… and got Mother Theresa (Shannon) of all people to sing it LOOOOOL, I see you Dawn. giving me Love & Hip Hop ATL references ctfu

    • ithaleyaaw October 7, 2014

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  2. Bitchpleasee October 7, 2014

    Not bad but loving the emotion in it. Dawn always turning me off with that Brandy imitated run..smfh

  3. Bitchpleasee October 7, 2014

    Not bad but loving the emotion in it. Dawn always turning me off with that Brandy imitated runs……


  4. Blue Ivy October 7, 2014

    Y’all give these h*** too much

  5. whoiam October 7, 2014

    From the snippets what I heard, Tell Me in my opinion is one of the better songs on their album.

  6. whoiam October 7, 2014

    DK fans changing the information in Wikipedia inputting Lemonade & Rhythm Of Love highest itunes chart positions does not change the fact that neither single charted on the Hot 100 singles chart or any of the R & B charts publish in Billboard.Its just laughable that someone corrects it that their did not chart & a DK fan returns to change it. Get over it, it happens not every song from every artist chart well. Every music act has had low charting positions

    • TBoz’sSideburns October 7, 2014

      gurl LOL i saw dem articles and was searching for full RECEIPTS and got none. someone put Rhythm of Love on a ’88’ chart position, 1 day after it leaked before it could even be registered on the billboard. SMH

  7. whoiam October 7, 2014

    Finally I have to change my prediction on their album sales, I initially predicted 20k but after seeing what happened to their last single. I have to reduce that down to 10k-15k 1st wk sales

  8. Thomas October 7, 2014

    Fans where going crazy for this album but you know what they should’ve pitched each and every song as a demo coz them songs really don’t have that kick!!!
    Their first week sales are gonna be a myth!

  9. Timago October 7, 2014


    Floppity Kane – “Flop Me”

  10. JOHNVIDAL October 7, 2014

    Are they supposed to be kown? Or at least respected artistically? I don´t know who they are.

  11. TheOuyonB October 7, 2014

    So many misinformed, immature posters on this site. The age demographic is quite evident here. Listen, Danity Kane is no longer together. This album is being released independently, with no promo, there are no official singles being released. This album is merely a “Thank You” to the fans who were actually waiting for the return of DK. There has been absolutely no promotion of any kind at this point, so sales number are neither of their concern. If you’re a fan, purchase the album and if you are not, go on about your business.. How difficult is that?? Some people can be ridiculously idiotic. If you don’t know what you are talking about, business wise, leave it alone. I promise it’s not that deep.

    • whoiam October 8, 2014

      That’s your view, which is only guess work like everyone else. My view is that is good that fans is getting an album but lets get real it has nothing to do with thanking fans but more to do with paying bills. Many acts have released albums with no promotions, its down to fanbase numbers. So stop making excuses for the possibility that their album sales will be poor. When Lemonade was release they were still together & that done poorly. DK fans was not making excuses when they return, DK members & fans were talking about taking over the world less than a year ago. You could see that the fanbase was not there when they did that 13 date small venue tour & could not sell out most of the shows. The reality is that the fans moved on during their absence & did not return.

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