New Video: Gwen Stefani – ‘Baby Don’t Lie’

Published: Tuesday 21st Oct 2014 by Sam

It’s here!

Gwen Stefani‘s video for comeback single ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ premiered seconds ago on VEVO.

Produced in tandem by Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco, the track serves as the first to be lifted from the No Doubt songbird’s third solo outing (due later this year). As at writing, it currently sits at #6 on iTunes.

Check out the Sophie Muller directed clip below…


Your thoughts?

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  1. CATFISH CAREY October 21, 2014


    • Aml October 21, 2014

      Hahahaha I think this will bomb and fergie gona bomb harder than Shareefa I mean Keyshia cd point me to kmart

      • jimyuae October 22, 2014

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  2. HELL NO October 21, 2014

    I love her and I really like this song, but I wish the video was more exciting and had a story to it. It’s kind of annoying to watch because of all the colors and animation. I hope her next video is better.

    • Molly October 21, 2014


  3. Molly October 21, 2014

    The video bored me the song doesn’t interest me. #TryAgainGwen

    • Yazmine October 21, 2014

      Where is Ciara’s new video?

      • Molly October 21, 2014

        She’s in the studio with dr like slaying.

      • Molly October 21, 2014


    • Jamie October 21, 2014

      You do know success comes to those who slay “outside” of the studio as well right?

  4. king_ricoHive October 21, 2014

    I’m Feeling Gwen Lets hope she Does good .

  5. Meghan trainor stan October 21, 2014

    Gwen FLOPani
    HASBwen Stefani

    • Mother October 21, 2014

      Lol this b**** stans for a one hit f****** wonder and has the audacity to come for Gwen. She’s royalty! When will your ugly fave??

  6. I’m Booked October 21, 2014

    I’m So Here For Gwen!
    She Is So Freaking Beautiful!

  7. ORA October 21, 2014


    • tits mcgee October 21, 2014

      Says a fan of Gwen’s doppelganger! Except without
      actual talent or real(without make-up) good looks.

      Your fave puts the no frills in generic. She is the
      most basic bixtch in music!


  8. Everyone’s A Critic October 21, 2014

    SERIOUSLY!!!!!!? You plan a major comeback and your song has zero substance and a pointless video. This doesn’t look nice in her discography! It might be a grower but it’s still WEAK

  9. BubblePopElectric October 21, 2014

    House Mother Stefani is just too gorgeous! The video was cute. I think this is just the warm up though.

  10. chester October 21, 2014

    Love the video. Really liked the wizard of oz reference. And the dancers were cool. Had to watch it twice. Love the song. I see huge radio play with this.

  11. tits mcgee October 21, 2014

    I love the b&w pattern against Technicolor,
    motif!! The video is fun and the song gets cuter
    with every listen..

  12. TheElusiveLamb October 21, 2014

    I really love Gwen, but u can’t really get into this video. The graphics are nice to watch for a minute, but after that it loses me. She looks STUNNING though, and the song is cute.

    • Molly October 21, 2014

      When will mariah? Kiiii @ her not being able to afford another video.

      • Umm October 21, 2014

        Mariah’s like the 4th richest woman in entertainment after Oprah, jk. Rowling and madonna. DUH idiot

      • TheElusiveLamb October 21, 2014

        Sweetheart, Mariah is fine w/o the music videos. I’ll continue to stan for the Chanteuse and you continue to Stam the baby mama

  13. SMH October 21, 2014

    The song will be a hit because it’s a pretty decent song. But she could have kept this video. I’m surprised at Sophie Muller too. She has made some iconic videos for Gwen, No Doubt, & Sade, this is MILES beneath what she can do.

    • toohotfortv October 21, 2014

      Omg! I was thinking the same thing. Not only is the song a bit lackluster in gwens discography but I’m very very disappointed with what Sophie did here. She’s always done beautiful work and was, imo, one of the premier music video directors along with hype williams, floria sigismindi, chris cunningham, and a few others. It seems like she’s lost a bit of the magic (along with hype, unfortunately). Furthermore, with it being so inexpensive to make quality visuals nowadays, why would anyone give us this. Even the dancers looked cheesey and contrived. And listenII love most of what gwen does. I’ve been a fan since “trapped in a box”. This just isnt dope and I can’t lie.

  14. Yea ok October 21, 2014

    Loved the yellow brick road reference. She looks gorgeous and I ljke this song. I also like fergies new song. Buying both.

  15. Channie October 21, 2014

    Ciara could never

  16. iSpeak Truth No Fallacy October 21, 2014

    As I truly do love Gwen Stefani and believe that she is a legend in her own right, this right here is not interesting at all. The song is boring, and so is the video. There’s too much going on without doing anything if that makes sense. I hope that she has better stuff in store for us, because from the looks of this Rihanna has nothing at all to worry about.

  17. Rihboy October 21, 2014

    This song is reminiscent of the song burn by Ellie founding to me. The studio work could have been much more clean as far as the audio. The video is just a thumbs down. Not one ounce of effort! She sat in front of a green screen! And sashayed the entire time. 1/5. No likey. So far she has sold me yet.

  18. rihicon October 21, 2014


  19. RihHive October 21, 2014

    I can see Rihanna influencing these h***. This is the messy “baby” brother of #RudeBoy who suffers from ADHD

  20. Navy bick October 22, 2014

    I liked it; cute.

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