Watch: Tamar Braxton Performs ‘Let Me Know’ Live For First Time (Full)

Published: Sunday 12th Oct 2014 by Sam

As earlier reported, last night saw Tamar Braxton serve up the premiere performance of her hot new single ‘Let Me Know (ft. Future)’.

The showing took place at the For Sisters Only event in Atlanta, Georgia, before an audience of thousands.

Ever outspoken, the 37-year-old R&B belle has made it routine on ‘Braxton Family Values’ to stress how much of a perfectionist she is.

It begs the question, then, did she hit pitch perfect notes with her first showing of ‘Let Me’? Watch below and let us know!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Yonce October 12, 2014

    How many times will this video get uploaded? Her singing is not getting any better. Having Past featured on this song is annoying. Past was and is not needed on the song.

    • Jagger October 12, 2014

      The gnats are always the first to perch in a Slaymar post OMG y’all are f****** obsessed yo. Tays vocals will slay your faves even on her worst day, creep.

      • llawrence October 13, 2014

        That’s the best you got Bey just finished a sold out tour that grossed over 200 million dollars, the muppets little tour probably on grossed 200 thousand so who slayed who, you guys need to stop trying to compare the muppet to the King B. no match. Bey can buy and sell the muppet, her husband, her label and put them in a circus. Let’s keep it real is this song on Billboard yet?

    • entlorszha October 12, 2014

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    • Tamartian October 16, 2014

      ooooh Shut up b******,I’m a beyhive but honesty is needed sometimes like bey said on Honesty..tamar Can sing and we all know that so please…stop showin your stupidity

      • llawrence October 16, 2014

        I left a comment earlier but it didn’t get attached to you, nobody said Tamar could not sing we were commenting on the song, you can go to any black church and find some great singers and some of them can out sing Tamar, if we think the song is wack we have the right to say whatever the f*** we want and if anybody is a b**** it’s your ass. Honestly there are some other artist in the game that are better singers then Tamar. Just because a person can sing does not make them an entertainer and that’s something Tamar is not.

  2. You Stupid October 12, 2014

    Soooo… I guess she walked to that audio equipment table to press play for the pre recorded whistle and runs huh? *sips*

    • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

      Clock her!!!

  3. Blaze October 12, 2014

    NOt sure what the person in the 1st comment talking about, but she sounded great.. Music was just a lil lod but im sure it was from the quality of ceellphone..nice song

  4. yasssssssssss B**** October 12, 2014

    this song has grown on me !

  5. Molly October 12, 2014


    • Jagger October 12, 2014

      Someone with more talent, relevance and acclaim than CiERROR that’s who DAMN D***

      • Molly October 12, 2014

        Lies lies and more f****** lies where is her platinum album or grammy? oh ok

      • Jagger October 12, 2014

        Her platinum single Love and War? Her gold single The One? Her album that’s approaching gold? Her successful reality and talk show? Compare that to CiERRORs 130k sold and cheating baby daddy. At least Tay was nominated. CiERRORs Grammy belongs to Missy!

      • Molly October 12, 2014

        B**** bye lol Ciara has numerous gold and platinum singles keep clinging on those two flop songs did love and war even make top 40? Doubt it kiii

        has 8 top 10s
        16 top 20s
        and a GRAMMY!


    • Jagger October 12, 2014

      CiERROR current sales : 133k
      Love and War : 400K oh ok, you were saying? Stop clinging to 2005 and face the fact that your fave is DONNNNNNEEEE!!!!

      • Molly October 12, 2014

        Her man bought 75% of those albums thats the shade she did all that promo (2 reality shows and a talk show ) but can’t even get a gold album kii

      • Jagger October 12, 2014

        Honey when’s the last time CiERROR had a gold anything? The self SHADE!

      • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

        Love & War is NOT PLATINUM! The One is NOT GOLD! Where are you girls getting your receipts? According to the RIAA:Recording Industry Association of America, the ONLY BRAXTON with a certification is TONI.

      • llawrence October 13, 2014

        Check your facts the muppet did not sell 400 of nothing try google.

    • An0thrNight272 October 12, 2014

      Ciara’s last gold single was Body Party, Tamar is no where near ciara’s level of talent or musical success, do tour research kid

  6. Pisces October 12, 2014

    This tune is very forgettable.

  7. Jagger October 12, 2014

    Slaymar keeps the gorls pressedt. The Queen of Contemporary R&B remains unbothered.

    • Rci October 12, 2014

      who? I’ve never heard of her but she sounds a hot mess. Rihanna even sounds better than this… and thats not saying much.

      • Jagger October 12, 2014

        B**** are you drinking lean or something? Are you deaf Foxy Brown?

      • RCi October 12, 2014

        Tamara is nothing but a beyonce tribute act. Beyonce selling out arenas and stadiums while Tamara selling out walmart parking lots. Tamara even has the two backup dancers just like Beyonce has always used i.e. kelly +michelle. Too bad Tamara’s wig looks like it fell off the rack at K-Mart otherwise she would have the Beyonce look down.

    • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

      Queen of Edgelessness …

      • Jagger October 12, 2014

        That would be your fat ass wig wearing half dead granny boo

      • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

        If anybody is a fat ass wig wearing half dead granny it would be your fav who is 1/2 of 100, always dressed like she was styled by a mortician, vocal struggling, t***** … Let Me Know when she gets a RIAA certification

  8. Molly October 12, 2014

    You can’t shade Ciara when you stan for Toni Braxtons shadow…. When Fagmar can slay charts instead of fat gay n!ggas then get back at a real b itch like me.

    • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

      I detect no lies Molly!

    • You Stupid October 12, 2014

      OOOP! *clutches pearls and cups mouth*
      – that was a chk mark on the “read-n-clock” list

    • Jagger October 12, 2014

      Where is Cierrors husband?

      • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

        Her Baby Daddy is making your fav relevant

  9. BeyRihLiyah October 12, 2014

    didn’t they post this video earlier (shrugs)

    • Molly October 12, 2014

      They’re desperate sis

      • BeyRihLiyah October 12, 2014

        they really want her to happen but it isn’t woking lol

      • Molly October 12, 2014

        Exactly this b**** is like 38 bearly starting a legit singing career lol #Strugglemar

    • Jagger October 12, 2014

      They posted a snippet and Beyodel, Rihalien and Aaliyah could never slay a vocal like Tamar … EVER! I see that d*** Molly is still pressed because her fave couldn’t hold a note if her backbend depended on it. 🙁

      • BeyRihLiyah October 12, 2014

        lets not go their when tamuppet was struggling with them vocals all of 2013 does the soul train awards ring a bell and tamuppet will never have a career like beyonce ,Aaliyah and rihanna my 3 favs slay that muppet

      • Rci October 12, 2014

        listen, this h*e can’t even out sing ciara.

      • Jagger October 12, 2014

        Ewwww your grammar is despicable just like your faves Beyodel and RihAIDS

      • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

        Google Search “Tamar Braxton Vocal Issues” … too many pages to count … IJS

  10. Yea ok October 12, 2014

    Tamar got toooo much money for her wig game not to be on point at all times. These cowardly lion performance wigs be drainiiimnmggg me. Tamar. Your gays are doing you WRONG! And I want to like this song but my dislike of future is greater so I won’t be buying it. Waiting on next single.

  11. BeyRihLiyah October 12, 2014

    I find it funny that tamuppet isn’t that much older than brandy ,monica, aaliyah, beyonce, Kelly, britney, xtina and ,mya and all these woman had Successful Careers as TEENAGERS and tamputt is in her late 30’s trying to have a career when she these woman I named all had careers as teenagers LOL

    • Jagger October 12, 2014

      And she is currently outselling all of them except Beyodel OOP! Who cares about her age? What god has for you is for you no matter the time, so drink bleach and pick a coffin f*****…

      • BeyRihLiyah October 12, 2014

        who is she outselling love and flop is still uncertified after a whole year no one knows except for ratchet ghetto people

      • llawrence October 17, 2014

        Where are you getting your facts the muppet didn’t come close to selling out none of those artist. Google try it.

    • Molly October 12, 2014

      Lmao drag that ugly ass b**** her late ass wanna start a career at 37 girl bye no ones here for you

      • Jagger October 12, 2014

        SAYS THE CIERROR STAN! Brandy outsold her last album just let that sink in m*****

      • Molly October 12, 2014

        But brandy didn’t get a top 30 hit off her album but has FAGMAR ever had a top 30 hit ever in her career?

      • Jagger October 12, 2014

        Yazzzz cling to singles while avoiding album sales which are more important! CIERROR can’t outsell 90s artists LMAO dumb ass D***!!!

    • llawrence October 13, 2014

      Damn I wish I said that lol!!!

  12. Molly October 12, 2014

    “Tamar is the definition of a struggle artist”

    her stans cannot shade bey, rih,ciara, or aaliyah so sit tf down f****

    • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014


  13. Jagger October 12, 2014

    Anyway slay on SLAYmar! These lessor faves ain’t doing it!!! YAAAZZZZZ tamartians!!!

    • llawrence October 17, 2014

      Hey did that trash single with the muppet and Future chart yet I don’t think so. FLOP just like her album will when it comes out. The muppet’s short lived music career is OVER AND OUT just like her edges.

  14. BeyRihLiyah October 12, 2014

    Love and Flop isn’t even certified all of my faves debut’s are certified

    • JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

      Clock these struggling stans!!!!

    • Mark111 October 12, 2014

      Your faves were certified at age 16 (Bey with DC), 17 and 15. Frist two gold and Aaliyah 2X plat. Wacxton first album charted at like under 120 something. lol

      • BeyRihLiyah October 12, 2014

        lol exactly

        Aaliyah was 15 bey was 17 and rih was 16 and tamuppet is still uncertified

  15. JJJSchmidt October 12, 2014

    Let Me Know when Love & Flop goes Gold …

    • Molly October 12, 2014


  16. eric October 12, 2014

    She needs more confidence in her singing ability, and that will help her to relax her body and release a stronger and more controlled sound. It still wasn’t bad though.

  17. NOLIES October 13, 2014

    ^^ Oh my.

    That prerecorded whistle didn’t fool me, but those cheers said that others didn’t follow suite. I can’t stand her attitude AT ALL. Like why does she act like that? Also, her team needs to be shot. Her outfit & overall look… NO MA’AM Get your life

  18. FutureCIARA October 13, 2014

    What a messssy post!


  19. Rio October 13, 2014

    I like the song, that was horrible though.

  20. Tamartian October 16, 2014

    ooooh Shut up b******,I’m a beyhive but honesty is needed sometimes like bey said on Honesty..tamar Can sing and we all know that so please…stop showin your stupidity

  21. llawrence October 16, 2014

    I don’t understand your statement, the fact that Tamar can sing what does that have to do with our comments, you can go to any black church and find a gang of people can sing and out sing Tamar. If we don’t like the song we got the right to say whatever the f*** we want and your the B****!!!

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