First Week Predictions: Keyshia Cole’s ‘Point of No Return’ To Move 22,000 Units / Tinashe To Move 17k

Published: Wednesday 8th Oct 2014 by David


‘She‘ chanteuse may have poured her heart and soul into her new album ‘Point of No Return’, but it would seem the general public have decided not throw their hearts and wallets in its support today, now that it’s first week sales prediction has been announced.

Unfortunately, after the critically acclaimed ‘Woman to Woman‘ opened with 96,000 units in 2012, ‘Return’ is set to touch down on the ‘Billboard 200‘ with anywhere between 22 to 25,000 units next week, marking her lowest opening week number to date.

On lower ground, Urban Pop sensation Tinashe isn’t set to fare any better. For despite owning the summer with the smash hit single ‘2 On’, the entertainer proves there’s more work to be done now that her debut LP ‘Aquarius’ is set to sell between 17 to 20,000 copies.

Via ‘Hits Daily Double’:

Jason Aldean (Broken Bow) 290-310k
Hozier (Columbia) 50-55k
Weezer (Republic) 30-35k
Alex & Sierra (SYCO/Columbia) 28-32k
Stevie Nicks (Reprise) 25-28k
Keyshia Cole (Geffen) 22-25k
Jackson Browne (Inside) 17-20k
Tinashe (RCA) 17-20k
New Found Glory (Hopeless) 17-20k
Sixx:A.M. (Eleven Seven) 15-18k
The Piano Guys (Sony Masterworks) 14-17k
Yellowcard (Razor & Tie) 12-15k

What went wrong?

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  1. Beysus October 8, 2014


    • What have you done… October 8, 2014

      Where is your album and how did it chart? And I don’t mean Beyonce either. I mean YOUR album or anything worthy you have done…. In life that is…..
      I’ll wait

      • Beysus October 8, 2014

        Um as if I want to be artist… And anyway what have YOU done is a bigger question…

  2. Beysus October 8, 2014

    The critical acclaim makes up for Tinashe though…

    • Molly October 8, 2014

      It sold less than S***** Ashanti mixtape lol what a joke

      • Beysus October 8, 2014

        When has Ashanti had critical acclaim???

      • FAF October 8, 2014

        Ashanti is on her OWN label though so u can’t compare

        she pays out of pocket to promote herself

        these ladies are on labels & had promo

        more than even basic instinct

        and u got Mariah Jlo Keyshia and Tinashe selling like this

        I knew keyshia should’ve waited to do her reality show for her CD to drop!!

    • gurl October 8, 2014

      Yep and Tinashe will become a great touring act in the future. Se needs to go to Europe and do tons of summer festivals. She can get into 5000 seat venues in a couple of years.

      Keyshia already has the hits but her live act is HORRBILE.
      She focused on dancing instead of vocals…. that would be like Ciara focusing on vocals instead of dancing.

      Keyshia needs to put a soul tour together and get those vocals right.
      NO MORE BACKUP DANCERS KEYSHIA. Get some backup singers and get back to the basics… the vocals.

  3. Molly October 8, 2014


    • FAF October 8, 2014

      I dont think its funny, its sad actually and I feel bad for them

      they had promo even before this week

      and tinashe’s album is actually good.. its not even like they have high single sales to save this era like Ci did

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 8, 2014

        Biitch hush. Talkn nout foolish ass ciFLOP

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 8, 2014


  4. Christian October 8, 2014

    Your career is dead, Ghostbuster.

    Hang it up Keyshia. At least you still have royalties

  5. CATFISH KNOWLES October 8, 2014


  6. Molly October 8, 2014

    Keyshia career is officially over kii the b**** is trash now anyways.

  7. pat October 8, 2014

    FLOPS, but keyshia’s reality show and a dope single will probably save the album. Tinashe should treat this album as a set up for getting her buzz going and go straight to album number two. I’ve seen this work.

    • BubblePopElectric October 8, 2014

      Agreed! Miguel and Ariana did this and it worked wonders for their careers.

    • k October 8, 2014

      She’s already working on her second album

  8. MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

    I told ya’ll local artist Tinashe wouldn’t sell 25K.

  9. King October 8, 2014

    Tinashe’s album is critically acclaimed though and how many other artists have debuted in the top 10 with your debut album. Remember Katy perry didn’t reach the top 5 for her debut and yet she’s out here grabbing number one singles even though she’s as basic as a build a bear. And Tinashe is actually talented.

    • IggyLongstocking October 8, 2014

      Sweetheart, there is no excuse for 17k when you have one of the biggest singles of the year. Iggy puts her to absolute shame.

      • Skyfall October 8, 2014

        Tinashe didn’t have one of the biggest song of the year, but Iggy did and her album is still internationally uncertified

  10. BeyBeyKing October 8, 2014

    Tinashe is a nice girl but you can tell she thought she was coming to slay. Too bad she’s a singles artists at BEST! Does 2 On even have a certification? And how is it possible that Ashanti outsold her without HALF of the buzz, promo or support.

    • CATFISH KNOWLES October 8, 2014


      • Lolz October 8, 2014

        Ashanti is an independent artist though.

      • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

        She cant sing!!

  11. Dirty Laundry October 8, 2014

    Tinashe should join love and hip hop if she wants a chance at real stardom.

    Oh and Keyshia we’re all laughing at these flop sells.

    • #yawn October 8, 2014

      you need to shut the fuccckkk up because Kelly will debut with 1000 copies sold next go around the nerve of you to call SOMEONE A FLOP WHEN KELLY IS THE BIGGEST ESTABLISHED FLOP

      • Sarah October 9, 2014

        the joke is on you..everyone predicts Kelly to flop yet she still outsells all the other R&B girls..and i would rather be established than be washed up like Keyshia Cole..her album was cute though

  12. Britney Stan October 8, 2014

    Tinashe stans must feel stupid saying she was coming for ciara bey and rihs wig

  13. CiciWasFinnaBeABride October 8, 2014

    Ciara is laughing her ass of somewhere cos 2 On made more impact than Body Party but she sold 3 TIMES AS MUCH AS HER.
    LMFAO!!!! Too bad! Wannabes never prospa.

    • #yawn October 8, 2014

      don’t get to happy because Ciara will flop harder her next era and lets no act like fantasy ride, basic instinct and Ciara all don’t even add up to 500k

    • Mark111 October 8, 2014

      Why are we acting brand new? 1) I didn’t even know that Cole dropped an album. She even said it herself that the label wasn’t behind this era and that’s why it’s her last album with them. 2) Even artists with the biggest hits are selling p*** poor. It’s a singles age, no one wants to get to know a full body of work. The days of having your car/cd player/stereo limited to ONE CD is dead and gone. Now people just want to play hits or their favorite songs and have access to their whole music library. All genres are selling less and less expect for a few (and I mean like less than 20 artist). 3)Tinashe album is great, but the promo was everywhere. 2On was a hit, but didn’t give you a preview of the theme of the album. i’m sure half thought it was gonna be an urban album with the way 2On was promoted. She has a core fan base, so I’m sure with time she’ll hit 100K or like some said, create buzz and bring out the 2nd album. I see why Streeter and Mila J released LP’s and not albums yet. I even stated in the past that her light skin will get her out faster, but not farther. 4) I told y’all BraveHeart had great numbers for an inde artist. R&b artist (that can write and produce) should just go inde, so we can get good music.

  14. Love And War October 8, 2014

    What’s the point of having a critically acclaimed when no ones buying it? yall can stop with the excuses.

    • Beysus October 8, 2014

      Ever heard of “downloading music for free” or “free streaming”???

      • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

        BS! You guys clowned Iggy… seeth hunty!

      • Beysus October 8, 2014

        How’s The New Classic doing??? *sips tea* Doesn’t seem like a classic if it’s getting mixed reviews and low sales…

      • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

        I don’t care about Iggy’s sales boo… but she has sold more thank 17K chew on that!

      • Beysus October 8, 2014

        Please, she won’t be relevant next year…

      • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

        But TinkTink aka 2 Off aka 17K isnt even relevant and her album came out yesterday! Weeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Beysus October 8, 2014

        Critical acclaim Hun… *sips tea*

      • MisdamenorFan October 9, 2014

        Tink Tink critically acclaimed?!?!? Where dafuq did you see that hun? Those record sales are critical and she will acclaim her a** back to acting.

      • Beysus October 9, 2014

        Shut It H**….

    • #yawn October 8, 2014

      you should be saying that to tamar OH WAIT let me refresh your memory in 2000 that muppet fav of yours debuted at 127 and it took her over 10 years and a reality show to get some local relevance in the ghetto its been a year and love and war is still uncertified she has had 2 reality shows a talk show a tour with john legend and rkelly her own solo tour and she is STILL A FLOP LMFAO

  15. Lolz October 8, 2014

    Well I’m not surprised. I still like Tinashes album though. But the type of music she makes is just not what will get her to sell (100k first week is considered good these days). Unless you are Beyonce, R&B based album won’t do over 50k. I just hope she doesn’t sell out after this.

    • Love And War October 8, 2014

      Shes a true flop even K.monkeychelle sold more and she has never had a hit like 2 on

  16. FentySoSnatched October 8, 2014

    Can you hear that? That’s the sound of egg hitting Tinashe’s fans’ faces. You really thought she could come for Rihanna and get away with it? Poor yeu.

  17. 2ForTinashe October 8, 2014

    Tinashe is more critically acclaimed than Iggy but Iggy sold more so do sales really matter?

    • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

      Oh hunty TinkTink wish she had Iggy’s career.

    • Britney Stan October 8, 2014

      Funny how more people checking for iggy than Tinashe flop ciara wannabe ass

      • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

        LOL her next single should be 2 OFF

  18. CATFISH KNOWLES October 8, 2014


    • Beysus October 8, 2014

      They’re probably to busy listening to the critically acclaimed album…

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 9, 2014


  19. Slay_Hive October 8, 2014

    Wow Keyshia, it seems like her career has been going down the drain since she dissed the Queen. She’s done tons of promo. Guess the every one is over Ms. Cole

    I’m not surprised with Tinashe’s sales, I knew her sales would flop, but didn’t know it was going to flop this bad. She is bringing nothing new to the table and will fizzle out soon. She got lucky with 2 on. Heard her album was good, but didn’t care to listen to it. I guess most people downloaded for free.

    Cierror’s lessors 😀 😀

    • FutureCIARA October 9, 2014

      Truth T

      • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) October 9, 2014

        Howz cici and aerial dad future doin hun?? U know he fu ck riri. That y they made that song Love and Affection so IMAGINE the irony of it all when cici said someone need to point rhi in the direction of love and affection considering Rhi was prolly popnpussy on futures diickk as she was sayn it. Thats y rhi(satan) was guving cici such a hard time…she was fucckn her man. Now check THAT! kii.

      • AshBashCarter October 9, 2014

        So basically you saying Rihanna is a h o e … we all know that alreAdy.

  20. Mrs.Princess Derulo October 8, 2014

    This is why new stans should learn to humble themselves when they come on blogs like TGJ cos we all know this is the biggest black r&b blog that everyone reads so all the other stans saw the Tinashe fan come on here and drag everyone’s faves. Now you turned them away when they could have helped your fave do more than 18k lol.
    You have well and truly been embarrassed boo boo.

    • #yawn October 8, 2014

      oh please Jason derulo is the biggest male flop he doesn’t even have a GOLD ALBUM SO shut the fuckkkk up

      • Charli S.E.X October 8, 2014

        But he has numerous hit singles. Is 2 On even certified yet?

  21. Beysus October 8, 2014

    The New York Times said Tinashe was “coming for Beyonce’s spot”… I mean these are the same people that said Beyonce is “no Ashanti”…

    • Slay_Hive October 8, 2014

      I saw that too, and I laughed my ass off last night. They had to have been joking! loool

      • Beysus October 8, 2014

        HAAAAA WTF????

  22. Love And War October 8, 2014

    Even Rita whora would’ve sold more than Flopnashe

    • BadGyalRita October 8, 2014

      Call me when Vince can afford to buy Tamar’s singles and albums again. #IRS #NumberOneOniTunesButNotEvenTop50OnMainChart.

      • MisdamenorFan October 9, 2014

        Your use of hashtags here indicates your level of intelligence.

  23. Valerie October 8, 2014


  24. Lil Wayne stan October 8, 2014

    Flops, god this is tragic. The industry truly is one big flop.

  25. Ciara (The Female MJ) October 8, 2014

    I am laughing so hard right now but not at Tinashe. She’s just a young girl trying to do her thing but we all saw how someone from her team came here and disrespected all of us for no reason because they thought we wouldn’t clock they were a troll. Too bad you forgot to change your password and we all saw you were cosigning your own comments with different accounts.
    Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? Don’t you think you owe us an apology? You had the nerve to call Ciara a flop when she has NEVER sold as low as this in her life.

    I have three words for you dear.


  26. NickiBeenBad October 8, 2014


  27. Skyfall October 8, 2014

    Album sales are absolutely atrocious, shout out to Jason Aldean I hope sells past that 310k. Streaming had destroyed music sales. Everyone is talking about critical acclaim > sales. But at the end of the day what good is it to make good music if your not making any money off of it. Non of these artist will be given a chance to do a successful arena tour because no sponsor is gonna take a risk on them if they can’t even sale music. Streaming is only one if the causes. Personally of I was an artist I wouldn’t allow my music/album to be streamed until a month after it’s been released.

  28. QueenAquarius October 8, 2014

    Tinashe is a new girl and she has so much potential so I’m not mad at the sales. By the way, do I see Iggy and Ciara fans laughing when both they’re new albums are floppity flip flopping all over the charts. Yeah I f****** thought so.

    • Iconic Cici October 8, 2014

      B**** atleast they sold more than 17k first week lol

  29. cruz October 8, 2014

    Album sales mean less and less anymore – Aquarius is a dope album period. 2 On is a radio smash, the rest of the album isn’t radio tempo – it is head and shoulders above the pop-dance-hiphop radio formula s*** radio requires anymore. Listen to it in full and try to tell me that album isn’t quality – i DARE you.

    P.S.Look at the Billboard top 5 songs – All terrible. Sales does not equate to quality.

    Tinashe is an artist not a puppet

    • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

      Boy bye! You made that the hell up. She is no more of an artist than Kreayshawn

      • Lenny October 9, 2014

        You are seriously in denial. Music critics have said that for having a club ready track like 2 on, one of the most unique things about her album is that it doesn’t start off with party songs which is the norm of today’s artists, showing her uniqueness at the beginning

      • MisdamenorFan October 9, 2014

        Lenny YOU are in denial! She can’t sing, she can’t dance and she most certainly sell albums. She should have just called that album “A Bish Can’t”

  30. CATFISH KNOWLES October 8, 2014


  31. MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014


  32. Iconic Cici October 8, 2014

    Crying at these pathetic ass numbers. Tinashe will never know what its like having mainstream success she got lucky with 2 on. Hilarious though yall said she’d take Ciaras place cici never sold under 30k Tinashe can’t even do 20k kiiiii

  33. I Am…Romeo Fierce October 8, 2014

    Commercial artists are supposed to SELL! That is their job so there is no excuse for flopping when so much money has gone into helping her to SELL. It’s not as though Tinashe didn’t have radio on her side because she did. People like her but not enough to buy her albums and her fans need to accept that and look forward to the next era.

  34. Queen Mya 4 King Usher October 8, 2014

    Not the Tinashe fans making out as though she’s anybody’s India Arie. She wants to be a huge celebrity/ super star but can’t get the sales to make it happen because she only has one hit song that isn’t even certified. Better luck next time Mini Me.

    • #yawn October 8, 2014

      you are mya stan wasn’t she destiny’s child , Aaliyah , Brandy And Monica’s LESSOR HAHAHA she is a FLOP As well and she only had a little bit of relevance because of lady marmalade

      • Queen Mya 4 King Usher October 8, 2014

        Were you saying something? I was too busy polishing Mya’s GRAMMY to hear you.

  35. Jewel October 8, 2014

    Oh come on guys lets not act surprise. Jhene managed to do 70k. Tinashe is just so predictable and bland star wise. People like a bit of uniqueness. You don’t have to be pretty, in fact the more authentic you are the better.. Look at Lorde. But Tinashes album is nice though. But she just hasn’t got that factor that makes you look or listen twice. She’s just ‘cute’.

    • You Stupid October 8, 2014

      I agree with this whole heartedly. Her album is great… I just CAN’T get with her for some reason… I can’t even put my finger on it… I wish her well but I KNEW this was gonna be the outcome… I said 20k at most and tadaaaa… So sad… :sips and reads “flops weekly”:

    • Lenny October 9, 2014

      Right, Tinashe is “bland and predictable” but yet Jhene has been criticized for her album being “bland and predictable” with no variety from song to song. You have it backwards. You need an “image” to sell an album these days and for Jhene her image is just being the female version of Drake that’s broken hearted. At least music critics are all admitting that Tinashe has potential to become even bigger.

  36. #yawn October 8, 2014

    why are Ciara , tamar ,iggy, and Kelly stans trying to talk shittt when none of them bitttchess have certifications or a decent career all them hoess are MANLY UGLY FLOPS

    • Skyfall October 8, 2014

      Tamar is the only one that had had a Platinum certification, Love and war the single is Platinum and the one is gold

      • #yawn October 8, 2014

        no she not she is not listed on riaa .com I been checked the website on the certifications portions and she has never popped up

    • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

      How many copies did Fancy sell? Kelly & Tamar most def has certifications. 2 OFF

  37. Rima October 8, 2014

    Wait she couldn’t even outsell Stale Aiko? hahahahahahaha

    Shes like a ebt version of ciara anyways


  38. Jewel October 8, 2014

    And I don’t think not having a full album stream would have made any difference. She’s just not attention grabbing.

  39. beautifuldisaster89 October 8, 2014

    Honestly I think ppl are missing the bigger picture here…the reason artist aren’t selling well is because illegal downloading is increasing mediocre promotion and these friggin Stan wars…

    • CATFISH KNOWLES October 8, 2014


    • Loco4Aiko October 8, 2014

      But the way Jhene’s slay is set up though.

    • BaddieBey October 8, 2014

      No hun, Tinashe is boring and that’s why nobody is here for. If anything stan wars helped to get her name out there.

      • Skyfall October 8, 2014

        Why Bey Stan’s so ignorant, NO ARTIST that is releasing this week is selling over 50k except for 2. This has nothing to do with Tinashe. Hell she is basically unknown outsell the small little urban world.

      • Jewel October 8, 2014

        @Skyfall stop. Explain why Jhene managed to do 70k with a full album stream beforehand then.

    • Skyfall October 8, 2014

      Girl bye, people were still selling in 2010 2011 2012 and 2013 sales just became atrocious this year. It’s due to streaming people can listen to a whole album for free without wasting the space on their phone or computer to illegally download it.

      • Jewel October 8, 2014

        Tinashe would not have sold over 20k even minus an album stream. She’s just not interesting, that’s why she’s not selling. Even jhene managed to sell 70k.

      • beautifuldisaster89 October 8, 2014

        Sorry there Shirley I have to disagree sure there have been several artist that have sold well in the last couple of years but I do feel Stan wars party a factor ppl are so stuck on one or two artist that they don’t like to venture out

  40. TanyaHeartsTinashe223 October 8, 2014

    Where do Nicki fans get off laughing when she is basically the laughing stock of the industry. And don’t get me started on Iggy Payolazela and her culture appropriating racist ass. When it comes to Ciara I’m just like Future and have nothing to say to her so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • MisdamenorFan October 8, 2014

      SEETH! 17K 2 OFF

  41. Taylor swifts number 1 fan October 8, 2014

    Taylor swift fans unite for the 27th of October is coming. Show your support by buying Taylor’s new album. Let’s get her too number 1

  42. Skyfall October 8, 2014

    If Taylor swift sales more than 1 million again he’ll even 800k+ I will give her her props, considering what has happen to album sales.

    • CATFISH KNOWLES October 8, 2014


      • Skyfall October 8, 2014

        Obviously not if no album is certified Platinum this year, and no artist is selling more than 60k weekly except for a handful. She just a large fan base because her music isn’t inappropriate and she’s supposed country.

      • Mark111 October 8, 2014

        Oh really, then explain Gaga, J.lo, Britney and so many rock bands low sales? Stop with the Whites buy and Black don’t. Cause if you do a lil google search, MUSIC isn’t selling. The business will be dead in a matter of 5 years.

    • Ri October 8, 2014

      Taylor Swift will sell over 1 million! The only people who buy albums today are white people…. thats why r&b and hiphop albums aren’t selling but Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift etc sell big numbers. Its not a coincidence that the best selling rapper is a white man.

  43. Aiko Soulmate October 8, 2014

    LMAOOOOOOO Funny how yall were bragging about 2 ON ha success, now shes flopping. Jhene did 70k without a hit or promo lmaooo Jhene wins >

  44. #yawn October 8, 2014

    I still don’t get why Ciara fans are talking when she has had 3 flop consective albums that don’t even add up to 500k

  45. TinasheIsQueen October 8, 2014

    The fact that Tinashe is more relevant than Ciara is why you h*** are so pressed. Tinashe had Lena Dunham talking about how good the album is but Ciara can’t even get her own label to put out her own single after she put out the single cover and said it was dropping.
    That’s why the C Section are so mad at the Queen but don’t Overdose on the hate b******.

    • ASipofBrandy October 8, 2014

      A Queen who can’t even sell over 20k with a hit single. OK.

      • #yawn October 8, 2014

        but brandy peak during never say never remember and then in the 2000’s that lair who lied abo being married was replaced by Alicia keys, ashanti, amerie and the other girls who came out around the time full moon came out and that album underperformed

  46. #yawn October 8, 2014

    why is a mya stan in here your fav is the forgotten rnb girl lady marmalade gave her relevance in 2001 and then when it was done they threw her ass back in the gutter

  47. gurl October 8, 2014

    see now this s why Keyshia needed a label. Interscope didnt promote or a&r HER CD.

    She needs an exec producer to help her. Did she do any tv aside from BET??? Chile

    Good luck with the next label Keyshia cuz those songs on this CD were awful

  48. Skyfall October 8, 2014

    I was talking about album sales altogether, not just Tinashe. streaming is why album sales have decreased significantly NOT illegal downloading.

    • Jewel October 8, 2014

      You said it has nothing to do with Tinashe. It really does. She is uninspiring that’s why she’s not selling over 20k. That is massive flop you cannot blame on just streaming. As we have seen, people can still sell over 50k with an album stream.

      • k October 8, 2014

        WellJhene Aikido sold 34,000 with her LP , then her album sold 70,000 copies
        Tinashe could experience something similar with this second album she’s working on.

  49. Beysus October 8, 2014

    As of January 2014, “Body Party” has sold 552,000 digital copies in the US. Released March 8, 2013

    As of August 8, 2014, “2 On” has sold 473,000 downloads in the US. Released January 21, 2014

    OK??? A shorter amount of time b!tches and it’s catching up!!!

  50. #yawn October 8, 2014

    I already knew tinashe was going to flop don’t nobody know her or care about but what got me hot is that all these flop fan bases are trying to drag her if your not the hive or the navy you shouldn’t even have an opinion

  51. Skyfall October 8, 2014

    The RIAA are gonna have to change the certification for album sales:

    750k = Platinum
    375k = Gold
    250k = Silver

    • Mark111 October 8, 2014

      Nope, let it be. If you can’t pass those marks, then you don’t. Then again, seeing how no 2014 album went plat, hell I’m sure only a few went gold, maybe so. I’d say:
      500K Platinum
      250k gold
      100k silver
      5 million diamond

  52. Skyfall October 8, 2014

    But haven’t anyone else notice that even singles aren’t selling like they used to, I mean they are selling significantly well but Even singles are selling at a slower pace

  53. Slay_Hive October 8, 2014

    There is no way this album should be under 100k, After the promo and having a hit single, and yet Ashanti sells without having a major label backing her, and no hits.. This album won’t even see 250k.. She’s gonna need a bigger hit than 2 on to sell more copies.

    • CATFISH KNOWLES October 8, 2014


      • Slay_Hive October 8, 2014

        How is that a pointless comparison? Ashanti does not have a major label backing her, and nor did she have ANY hit singles rotating on radio, and her sales were pathetic as well.

        Tinashe on the other hand is suppose to be this new “it” girl. With a hit single. and she can’t sell more 20k All that promo and she can’t outsell an old washed up R&B girl?? kii

  54. Mark111 October 8, 2014

    Why are we acting brand new? 1) I didn’t even know that Cole dropped an album. She even said it herself that the label wasn’t behind this era and that’s why it’s her last album with them. 2) Even artists with the biggest hits are selling p*** poor. It’s a singles age, no one wants to get to know a full body of work. The days of having your car/cd player/stereo limited to ONE CD is dead and gone. Now people just want to play hits or their favorite songs and have access to their whole music library. All genres are selling less and less expect for a few (and I mean like less than 20 artist). 3)Tinashe album is great, but the promo was everywhere. 2On was a hit, but didn’t give you a preview of the theme of the album. i’m sure half thought it was gonna be an urban album with the way 2On was promoted. She has a core fan base, so I’m sure with time she’ll hit 100K or like some said, create buzz and bring out the 2nd album. I see why Streeter and Mila J released LP’s and not albums yet. I even stated in the past that her light skin will get her out faster, but not farther. 4) I told y’all BraveHeart had great numbers for an inde artist. R&b artist (that can write and produce) should just go inde, so we can get good music.

    • Katy’s Cat October 8, 2014

      When is Aliyah releasing an album?

      • Mark111 October 8, 2014


      • #yawn October 8, 2014

        but you stan for katy who doesn’t even have mult-platinum album and remember when birthday slipped down the charts and remember when that s**** tried to copy Britney jean dress at the vmas and remember when gaga read her smelly ugly ass for filth

      • Katy’s Cat October 8, 2014

        One Of The Boys – 1,473,000
        Teenage Dream -2,800,000
        PRISM – 1,303,000

        U were sayin?

      • Mark111 October 8, 2014

        Katy Hudson 100k.

  55. Sass October 8, 2014

    It will be interesting to see what your Taylor’s, Adele’s and Bruno’s will do with their next releases.

    • Mark111 October 8, 2014

      Stop acting like they can’t flop. Swift ditched her country fans, so I don’t see her selling passed 500K next go round. Adele has a very high standard to match, I see her doing 500k to 600k the first week.

      • Sass October 8, 2014

        Excuse you? How did I act in any way? Stop making assumptions. That’s why I said it will be INTERESTING.

      • Mark111 October 8, 2014

        Oh ok. I guess I misread it. I been seeing tones of Adele and Taylor this and that and I just be like, “At one time, Usher, MC, Britney and so many others were huge album selling too. and now look.

      • Sass October 8, 2014

        Yep, I agree. People love to cling to certain artists like that because of their sales. As soon as they start going downhill, everyone jumps ship.

  56. FantasiaSlayrino October 8, 2014

    Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Ashanti is outselling girls who are slaying on radio, book major tv gigs and even perform at major award shows.

    • #yawn October 8, 2014

      has that ugly country bumpkin passed the 7th grade yet with her ugly m***** no reading dont even know what 12 * 12 is ass and that bittchhh is a flop as well

  57. Mother October 8, 2014

    Yikes!!! Poor Tinashe, her album slays tho. As for the other one, im screaming!

  58. NOLIES October 8, 2014

    Seriously, I now question what the industry is going go do. If established divas and acts like JLO, Mariah, Toni, MJB, & etc are selling 8k-66k and new/newer acts like Jason, Jhenè, August, Kid Ink and etc. with heavy rotation are doing under or around 80k, what are they to do? Seriously, I don’t know how any stans can drag others, because between streaming to the number on the HOT 100 and other gimmicks, no one has the right. #RIP Music

    • Mark111 October 8, 2014

      RIP music BIZZ. the same bizz that been ripping off artists for decades. Music isn’t dead, it’s more free and alive than ever.

      • NOLIES October 8, 2014


  59. NOLIES October 8, 2014

    The sad thing is they have away Keyshia ‘ album on Wendy Williams…

  60. Rosie October 8, 2014

    The noise I just let out.
    All of the s***-talking her stans did you would’ve thought she could at least do 30K. ALL of my faves did more than that.

    • Katy’s Cat October 8, 2014

      But why is Lana struggling to hit gold

      • Rosie October 8, 2014

        Not when This Is How We Payola still hasn’t sold 400K.

  61. Keri Qween October 8, 2014

    They flopped hard especially the Tin chick but I figured that no one knows her

    Ciara is no longer the biggest flop

    • NOLIES October 8, 2014

      Says a Big Bird Stan…

      • Keri Qween October 8, 2014

        Keris albums are certified stupid try again

  62. Lenny October 8, 2014

    I really don’t see the problem with Tinashe’s sales other than being about just 5,000 less than I expected. People keep saying how Rihanna sells more but forget that Rihanna’s debut album debuted at #10 and sold 69,000 first week back in 2005 with 1 hit song and look at her now. Or how about a more closer look at Robin Thicke, who is more into the R&B genre than Rihanna, who sold an album this year with only 24,000 copies debuting at #9 back in July of this year, less than a year after the biggest song of his career AND one of the biggest songs of 2013 with Blurred Lines. Even if his Paula album was just about Paula and nothing else, that 24,000 first week is still NO EXCUSE to be made there. All Tinashe needs to do is get back in the studio and begin work on album #2 immediately and continue to collaborate with other established artists, whether being on features or writing songs for them (maybe write songs for Rihanna’s, Ciara’s AND Beyoncé’s next albums, since yall think album sales mean talent) and she will have a brand as big as them.

    • k October 8, 2014

      She’s working on her second album now

    • MisdamenorFan October 9, 2014

      Who the heck would take songs from Tink Tink aka 2 OFF aka Floppy Bird?!?!

  63. What have you done… October 8, 2014

    I find it funny that these artist landed a deal, recorded an album, sold the album, getting checks, performing shows, landing endorsement deals, and are living their dreams, but the person from behind the computer who more than likely has not accomplished as much or anything at all, is calling them a FLOP. And, what makes it even more of a sad day in Sadville is these folks cling to another person success to use as amunition.

  64. CherylSoldier October 8, 2014

    Death at Alex & Sierra doing more, but those numbers are expected. And Taylor’s projected to do 1 million first week according to hdd mark.

  65. tits mcgee October 8, 2014

    How do you sell less than Weezer/ S

    • tits mcgee October 8, 2014

      / Stevie Nicks?? How do you sell the same
      as Jackson Browne??

      None of these acts, have had a mainstream
      hit in 10+ years (at least!)!!

      Tinashe should be fine. At least, she is just
      starting out, and can build a fan base.

      Keyshia on the other hand, should be in her
      prime sales by this time in her career. This
      does not bode well for her, in particular..

  66. SMH October 8, 2014

    Flop this, flop that, flop, flop, flop. Aren’t you people tired of that word yet? lol

  67. Honestly October 8, 2014

    Honestly, Keyshia’s album isnt very good. It sounds like she just recorded the album to fulfill her contractual obligations to Interscope. She didn’t put much effort into it and it shows.

  68. J.E October 8, 2014

    Where is lady gaga former number 1? She forget to buy another 20K of her album?

  69. Rosie October 8, 2014

    Forgot to mention, GREAT numbers for Hozier. I don’t think Take Me To Church is even top 40 in the US yet. Columbia is great with promo so I wouldn’t be surprised if his album becomes a sleeper hit.

    • CherylSoldier October 8, 2014

      Betty flopped tho

      • Rosie October 8, 2014

        Mess @ HDD having no predictions for her.

  70. Dem Lessors October 8, 2014

    The way my jaw dropped! #PrayForTinasheStans. No more dragging of Ciara, Kelly, Ashanti…no one!

    • CherylSoldier October 8, 2014

      What about britney Jean?

      • Dem Lessors October 8, 2014

        I love you too.

  71. Rihboy October 8, 2014

    Keyshia is a thing of the past. Tinashe’s album is everything!!! I’ve listened to it in its entirety and have fallen in love with her ability to blend different sounds. Moreover I feel like these numbers are underwhelming. Pretend was given away for free, which was a ploy to put people on to her. Not a bad song, however not single material. Then her album is only 8 bucks!? Half of the track list consist of interludes. In my opinion it’s a rocky start but this won’t be the last for Tinashe. It seems like they are giving her a test run or something. She might actually succeed at what Rita Ora couldn’t.

    • CherylSoldier October 8, 2014

      Ora is succeeding tho

      • Rihboy October 8, 2014

        Not musically. She is barely passing by. She has yet to have a ground breaking record to her name. She is known more for breaking rob kardashians heart than anything else. She was suppose to be roc nations next big thing however she has ended up a feature/cover artist. In my opinion she isn’t succeeding at what she truly wanted to in the beginning.

  72. Ozzy October 8, 2014

    LOVEEEEEEEE this album! Dont care how much of a flop it will be. She did her THANG! And sidenote: Music this year has been awful even going into the fourth quarter. SMH I was hoping the holiday season would help but the only albums coming are Nicki’s and Taylor’s. No other big names tbh.

    • Rihboy October 8, 2014

      That’s an unfortunate fourth quater to me:(

  73. Theman October 8, 2014

    Streaming has chipped into albums.. Downloading is down.
    U need a smash single top ten, to move units..
    Album sales physically are more significant
    than digital albums in terms of overall sales..
    Radio has become very slow with songs..
    They should stop streaming albums, and
    set there eras up properly.. Promo has also
    become to scattered in the music industry..

    • Rihboy October 8, 2014

      So true about streaming. Thats a move tinashe shouldn’t have made.

  74. Rosie October 8, 2014

    Wait, Hozier is on SNL this week. He might do 60K.

    • Rihanna Lately October 8, 2014

      Is lana even gold yet? Stfu

      • Rosie October 8, 2014

        Is Rihfund STD-free?

  75. Rihanna Lately October 8, 2014

    So the last album to hit double platinum or Platinum is flopyonces? I am pressed tbh won’t lie. F*** this industry f*** hoeyonce f*** that b****, but she bought her albums so its pointless. R8 is coming for careers, yall faves won’t survive ummm who’s tinashe?

  76. Rihanna Lately October 8, 2014

    Katy Perry needs to outsell BEYONCE so that the hive can stfu

    • King B October 8, 2014

      are you the H** from twitter??

  77. Rihanna Lately October 8, 2014

    Beyoncé can’t even sell 5Million WW but she’s the “queen” right no #1 since 2008 but she’s the “queen”. Her record sales are basic for a “King”

  78. LB October 8, 2014

    Tinashe did what she wanted, which was to get her name out there. Now she can work on a second album and hopefully build on this momentum.

    IMO she should have gone the Syven Strutter/Jhene Aiko route of releasing an EP first, and then an album.

    But her name is out there, hopefully she can build on this, baby steps.

    Keyshia gurl, well I don’t know. I like some songs off of the album though but selling less than K.Michelle? Well in her defense, nobody really knew she was releasing an album, there was like little promo.

    • Mark111 October 8, 2014

      The label didn’t back Cole because it was her last album with them and they weren’t gonna back her so she can get a better deal somewhere else. You think you know shade? There’s nothing more shady than the music bizz. Example, when MC left Colombia, her next project (Glitter) flopped cause the netowrk of people she worked with in the 90’s stopped. So with Def Jam, she had to get a new team and build a new netowrk. That’s why her comeback wasn’t til 05 with EoMM. And Colombia gave MC’s old connections to J.Lo. We’re seeing this with Def Jam with Iggy. Def Jam pretty much gave Iggy Rihanna’s old network (with Def Jam). Rihanna’s team was great at getting hits, now that she’s gone, they’re giving that access to Iggy.

  79. LB October 8, 2014

    I’m shocked at how badly albums are selling though, I mean this is the 4th quarter, this is when albums are supposed to sell well.

    I guess there is just too much saturation in the market this time around, who knows.

  80. mingxxx October 8, 2014


    • Rihboy October 8, 2014

      Idk how true it is but it’s been trending on insta!!! The single supposedly drops this month and the release is on the 25th of November!!! The shade is real. the flop print won’t see daylight.

    • Special Delivery October 9, 2014

      She’ll be lucky if she sees platinum. She’s never seeing mufti platinum like Beyonce. All eyes are on the real sellers like Taylor.

      • Rihboy October 9, 2014

        She has a few platinum albums though? Soooo your point. She will outsell beys.

      • Special Delivery October 9, 2014

        Lol. Bookmarked

  81. Stephon October 8, 2014

    Congrats to them all.

  82. LB October 8, 2014

    Well the business plan for the music bizz has changed, streaming will take over, and since that is the route everyone is taking, set up that YouTube page and release that way through social media (Tumblr, Twitter, and all the other social media loose bottoms are obsessed with).

    At least releasing independently, you keep 100% of all the sales, save for the cut Apple gets; and if you have enough fans, you can go on tour (Todrick Hall, Miranda Sings, Lisa Lavie, Boyce Avenue).

    Ashanti – Braveheart ($10.49 x 20,000) = $209,800
    Ciara – Ciara ($7.99 x 52,000)(.07 artist royalties) = $29,083.60

    The math just adds up, especially considering the infrastructure for independent releases is there. Just go that route and build a core fan base that way.

  83. LB October 8, 2014

    @Mark111, Tinashe is pretty enough to get that a cute endorsement, plus her image is squeaky clean. She has got her name out there and her album has received universal critical acclaim, it is all up to her now.

    • Mark111 October 8, 2014

      True, she’ll be fine. I can see her doing promo til next year. Do you find it funny the two years Rihanna didn’t release an album, the whole bizz is falling apart? Last year no Black artist had a #1, this year no album went plat. Yet they call the girl that gets a #1 and go plat each year a flop? lol

  84. Afrodisiac October 8, 2014

    So BEYONCE and FROZEN are the ONLY albums from the past year to have gone multi-Platinum? Whatt? Damn 🙁

  85. Mimi Carey October 8, 2014

    Nobody even knows or cares about the Tinashe girl. She’s just another no name club banger artist like the majority of today’s rappers. I wish her much longevity. Keyshia….gworl no words.

    • King October 10, 2014

      Clearly you haven’t done any of your research on Tinashe. 2 On sounds nothing like the rest of her album except for “All Hands On Deck.” Everything else on the album is stricly R&B. Her mix tapes are not bangers, they’re R&B.

  86. October 9, 2014

    Keyshia didn’t put any effort into this album you can tell by just listening which given her circumstance I understand so I’ll wait until her next album and just bypass this 1…its time for a change in the industry, labels and artist need to really figure out a way to make the digital age work for them…to start off I would do away with physical albums and just have artist start releasing digitally.

  87. FutureCIARA October 9, 2014

    OMG, im GAGGING!

    Shame on the Tinashe stans gloating that she would do between 60-80k

    I wont give her too much tho, because its a “decent” album or whatever, but HAWNY!!!!!!!!!

    And Miss Keyshia should have waited to release during her reality show, Like WTF is wrong with her management and label not cooperating and thinking of this!

  88. FutureCIARA October 9, 2014

    Well, I guess thats it, Taylor and Adele have to bring IT!
    Nicki….. Gworl Im scared for you with singles like Anaconda & PNP….

  89. Special Delivery October 9, 2014

    Death @ Keyshia. Tinashe will fizzle out unless she changes drastically.

  90. JOHNVIDAL October 9, 2014

    Wow this is sad sad sad. Now the 60k copies Mariah sold first week with almost no prmo don´t look that bad. The idustry is disappearing. This Keysia girl sold like 100k copies last go round if I remember correctly. It´s too much decline after just 1 or 2 years. It´s not her or any other right now. It´s the industry disppearing. Yes there are still like 5 artist who can sell some copies (above 100,000) and that´s it. Sad sad sad.

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