Weigh In: Not One Album Released This Year Has Gone Platinum

Published: Thursday 16th Oct 2014 by Rashad

The year’s fourth quarter is being greeted with dismal news:  not one single album released this year has been certified platinum.

Indeed, despite at least 60 songs shifting over 1 million copies, their parent albums cannot proclaim such.  We thought things were bad last year when only five albums went platinum, led by Justin Timberlake‘s ’20/20 Experience’ (which had sold over 2 million copies by last year’s closing).  But, this year’s looking to be much worse.

To add insult to injury, 2014’s best selling album by a solo act is Beyonce‘s self titled fifth album…which was released in December 2013.

We’re waiting on Rihanna, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift to save the day.

Full report below:

Via Billboard:

“…after nine months, not one artist-album has yet to hit the million-unit mark, although the Frozen soundtrack is the year’s best-seller so far with a robust 3.12 million units.

The best-selling artist title this year is Beyonce’s self titled album with 776,000 scans, followed by Lorde‘s Pure Heroine, with 754,000 units. But like Frozen, both of those albums came out last year, which means that so far the top three selling albums this year were released last year.”

As reports have it that Beyonce is readying a re-release of her critically and commercially acclaimed  album, her grip on the claim of ‘best selling album of 2014’ is set to only be cemented.

Can anyone save the day?

Your thoughts?

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  1. truthtea October 16, 2014

    No sh*t! Some of these albums just barely came out. But of course I think they purposely created this article just so they could mention Beyonce.

    • Nope October 16, 2014

      Of course they did. The should rename this blog Beyonce News and Fan Site. When Mariah’s album didn’t sell much they called her a flop. When other people don’t do well TGJ makes excuses for them. Hypocrites.

      • RCi October 16, 2014

        then why u still coming here then? move on… bye

    • yandy October 16, 2014

      So the f*** what if they did? Don’t like get the f*** out. #duces

  2. Alex October 16, 2014

    Yeah so basically, the music industry is dying.

  3. ontherun October 16, 2014

    Atleast the real singers can still rely on touring for revenue. Bad luck for the others

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 16, 2014

      A real “Artist” would still able to rely on songwriting credits and don’t even have to tour unless they want to 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Valerie October 16, 2014

        Bey has plenty songwriting credits though. She tours because she is in demand and can. Fail.

    • ontherun October 16, 2014

      Lol you’re actually pressed enough to make a comment that disnt make sense just to shade bey-as if theres loads of money in songwriting when the musics not even selling

    • true October 16, 2014

      Real singers and REAL performers. Britney is making millions in Vegas based on performance skills mostly.

      • John October 16, 2014

        thought u said real singers… Smh

      • let’s be real October 17, 2014

        what performance skills tho sis?

  4. Slay_Hive October 16, 2014

    Yeah this is such a shame. Beyonce will save the day, when she re-releases her album. I predict that Rihanna will struggle in the U.S. and WW this era. She’s already not a big seller in the U.S., and she barely reaches platinum with big singles.

    • CATFISH KNOWLES October 16, 2014


    • Kween Ebony October 16, 2014

      TF! Rihanna always sells singles! Stay and Diamonds are two of the best sellings of all time! With barely any effort! Meanwhile Drunk in Love barely scratch 1 Million. *Sips Tea*

      • Slay_Hive October 16, 2014

        Honey I want Rih to abandon pop music and go FULL urban and R&B and will see how much she sells. I don’t give a damn about $1.29 singles, when my fave is selling $16 albums. 😉

    • Valerie October 16, 2014

      Say it one more time!

    • llawrence October 16, 2014

      I don’t understand this cause I just read that the RIAA said that Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus, and One Direction’s album’s went Platinum in January and February. So who’s lying.

      • faf October 16, 2014

        ^noone has gone platinum who RELEASED in 2014

        I don’t think y’all are reading….

        Do you think beyonce will re-release an album and sell 1 mil units of it by the end of the year?

        that was an entirely different album last time she did it

  5. Career Ender October 16, 2014


    • John October 16, 2014

      SIMPLE. And beyonce just isn’t talented. and uses her body to sell.

  6. BeyRihLiyah October 16, 2014

    this is horrible the industry is DEAD! streaming literally is one of the biggest problems because now you can listen to a whole album early so since you listen to the album early you already know if the album is going to be crappy or not which effects your decision

  7. Me>>>you October 16, 2014

    It’s pretty much clear that music is dead now. The only thing people wanna buy are cheap and forgettable singles. Just imagine how horrible album sales next year will be.

  8. CATFISH KNOWLES October 16, 2014


    • Kween Ebony October 16, 2014

      Nicki never discounts albums!

    • DudeNamedMicheal October 16, 2014

      The lies! Her album is highly anticipated! You know you waiting on it too.. Lmfao bye felecia

    • faf October 16, 2014

      which is why beyonce needs to rerelease after all that hype bc she couldnt shift more than 2mil after 2 tours and the superbowl?

      • XoMoDe October 17, 2014

        How much did Nicki’s last album “shift” though? Last time I checked, it still hasn’t scanned a million and it’s now been YEARS and it had a rerelease. Beyonce is doing fine compared to who you claim. Nicki would queef to have Beyonce’s numbers…

    • Twitter: @OnikaBoss October 17, 2014

      N**** please, Nic has never struggled with sales or had to discount. You comment the same s*** under every post.

  9. BeyRihLiyah October 16, 2014

    Welp atleast Mrs.Carter went Multi-Platinum 🙂 and when R8 Drops Rih will get that Certification for sure and also nicki might save the day and taylor she will see a certification because she’s a has a dedicated/solid fan base

    • King_Lonnie_19 on twitter October 16, 2014

      It always take Rihanna a full year and half to go platinum in the U.S, So rihanna want save anything tbh.

      • BeyRihLiyah October 16, 2014

        but she still will have certified album theirs people who don’t even see a certification at all

    • MisdamenorFan October 16, 2014

      If Nicki releases an album next week it wont be platinum by the end of the year…

  10. Me>>>you October 16, 2014

    Beyoncé was the last artist to get a platinum album. And even her album came out last year. So let’s see the others. 2014 is not over yet. So maybe some people will save this year.

    • llawrence October 16, 2014

      I just read that the RIAA said Beyoncé, Miley, and One Direction had platinum albums in January. This site is putting out wrong facts.

      • Nia October 16, 2014

        The RIAA is units shipped to retailers not units sold.

  11. arfa October 16, 2014

    I bet first week platinum for Taylor Swift

    • Cupid October 16, 2014

      I also think taylor will push 1mill with ease. Her album has been in the top 2 all month it seems with just pre orders.

  12. Kisses October 16, 2014

    I feel bad for these artists especially the new ones.

  13. King_Lonnie_19 on twitter October 16, 2014

    Beyonce coming to change that before December best believe that s*** with the re-release.

  14. Stephy October 16, 2014

    The Music Industry Is Dead. The Only Thing That Really Sales Are The Singles. That’s It! Ain’t nobody buying albums anymore. I also believe, if Beyonce would’ve released her album the traditional way. Its would NOT have surpassed the 2+ million mark. FROZEN was a huge seller due to that movie.

    If the music industry wants to see sales pick up. Artist, needs to start snatching all of their music/albums off the internet. Prince, does an excellent job with snatching his shitt off Youtube etc… So, why can’t other artist do the same. All major artist needs to go on strike imo

    The government needs to take over the internet & monitor EVERYTHING. It should be able to keep the piracy down. It makes no sense how easy it is for me to get an artist song for free. It literally takes me under 60 seconds to get s song for free. Smh, I cannot do the same for Prince tho. You BARELY can find a Prince song on the internet to download for free.

    So, if they want to raise album sales. Big artist needs to STOP supporting the internet. That would mean taking all their Vevo accounts & more DOWN. But, it would be very HARD to stop people from uploading stuff. But, its worth a try. Rihanna should do it. She needs to end her vevo account, get off of Twitter & snatch ALL her stuff off of Youtube. I guarantee, her album sales would go up drastically. Its not that people don’t like music anymore. Its just they are getting your stuff for free. LOL

    • Cupid October 16, 2014

      Although the Behive denies it, we all know “Beyonce” wouldn’t have sold well with a traditional release. I also agree that all music that are available for purchase shouldn’t be available by any means of free download. Rihanna’s sales amaze me because generally her albums are available for free almost as soon as her album drops.

      • XoMoDe October 17, 2014

        No, we don’t all “know” that. Because I can assure you that I’m not buying any album by any artist I’m not interested in…no matter how it’s released. The stunt Beyonce pulled could have just as easily backfired on her; kind of like how Kid Cudi’s similarly released album didn’t produce anywhere near the same kind of results Bey’s did.

  15. OrangeYouGladIDidntSayBanana October 16, 2014

    You’re mentioning Taylor now! 🙂
    It should be interesting to see if her country fans that actually purchase albums abandon her considering her shift in genre and if her pop fans actually purchase instead of simply downloading it

  16. Aml October 16, 2014

    It’s just a sad world
    Imagine 10 years time I bet it will just be singles get releases and albums
    by major or consistent artists.
    All I can say is RnB is truly dead.
    To get a Top 10 debut on the Billboard 200 you have to sell 25K

  17. Stephy October 16, 2014

    I think Taylor Swift will be the first album to go Platinum this year tho.

    • the voice October 16, 2014

      And then Drake. His first week numbers are usually good.

  18. Valerie October 16, 2014

    ‘The Bestselling artist title this year is Beyonce’s self titled album with 770,000 scans’

    *Sips tea*

    Beyonce wasn’t only the last last album to platinum… She went multi platinum also.

  19. tits mcgee October 16, 2014

    The Internet killed music sales. Stealing, streaming,
    and watching vevo and YouTube, have replaced
    buying albums.

    To much focus on 99¢ singles to sell and not the
    single to sell the whole project.

    Sad days. The industry needs to tighten up.

  20. Lil Wayne stan October 16, 2014

    King Wayne will save these number, Carter V drops 10/28

    • ronnoc October 16, 2014

      That princess b**** won’t save a damn thing. His days are gone.

  21. Brandys Starr October 16, 2014

    Music business is dead.

    • Get it. October 17, 2014

      Yeah you’re right, just like Brandy’s career has been dead since 2000 smh.

  22. Theman October 16, 2014

    “Frozen” sold and is still selling way more than Beyonce..
    Her album only did what it did due to smart marketing..
    That album ain’t been selling that good due to a lack
    of a hit single.. The labels & artists shall make sure that
    the promo aligns with hit singles. Build hype around an
    entire album. Gather a solid fan base.. Don’t allow full
    albums to be streamed on “YouTube” and “Spotify”..
    Only allow the singles to be streamed.. Make eras
    for albums and not just singles.. Get creative and
    crafty.. They stop promoting the albums like after two
    singles.. Radio also should latch onto songs much

    • Stephy October 16, 2014

      I Agree 100%

    • Valerie October 16, 2014

      The units she’s doing here for are for 2014 and she’s still the top selling artist, save the marketing excuse, that lasted for about a month in 2013.

      • Slay_Hive October 16, 2014

        Thank you!! smh

    • Kii October 16, 2014

      But she’s still the top selling artist this year. Can’t be doing too bad.

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 16, 2014

      I wholeheartedly agree with you but these ho’s on this site don’t wanna hear it tho. the best damn comment i seen on here in a while.

    • Brian310 October 17, 2014

      The problem is the 90s stars have failed to aid the industry forward like past artist did for them…..Most of them lost their focus(Brandy, Lil Kim, Nas, Mya etc) others got complacent(Xtina, Usher, Ludacris, Ashanti etc etc) while others just couldn’t handle fame (Britney, Toni B. Lauryn H., DMX, Kurt Cobain etc etc)

  23. Beysus October 16, 2014

    Some of these havent even gone Gold..

    • Mark111 October 16, 2014

      Some? MOST!

    • tits mcgee October 16, 2014

      MOST of these albums have not gone gold.


    • Beysus October 16, 2014

      Well most then… The only albums I care about are Sam’s , and half of Mariah’s and Ariana’s…

      • tits mcgee October 16, 2014

        For me the only ones I bought was Toni
        and Face + John Legend. On the verge
        of getting Mimi. Ariana has some cute

        The problem for me is that so much of
        this music sounds the same with no
        real voice or personality. Just blah, sis.

      • Beysus October 16, 2014

        Exactly!! Music was so much more original like 10 years ago but people are using the same sound/melody now.

      • tits mcgee October 16, 2014

        Redundancy is one of the biggest issues.
        How do people expect to have their music
        stand out when it’s the same producers
        working the same sound for everyone.

        After a while it becomes really boring.

      • Beysus October 16, 2014

        I know!! Most stuff is electronic… :/

  24. Beysus October 16, 2014

    Queen Bey!!! She is worth every penny!!

  25. Kii October 16, 2014

    Dead. How they gonna allow all albums from 2013 outdo them!? *FacePalm

  26. Mark111 October 16, 2014

    Oh look at the music bizz missing the girl that could sell a million each year. But they call SHE the singles artist, lol. I would like to know how many albums went gold this year.

    • Stephy October 16, 2014

      Mark, stop acting like Rihanna’s last album didn’t come out in 2012. The same year Adele sold another 5+ million album & Taylor sold 1+ million in a single week.

      If, Rihanna releases THIS year. She will have trouble reaching that Platinum status…

      • Valerie October 16, 2014


      • Mark111 October 16, 2014

        1) Those two women numbers has NOTHING to do with Rihanna. Rihanna sold albums and records and had hits before, during and after their albums. Don’t come at me just because Me. I Am Flopping. The Divorced Coo Coo isn’t selling. You don’t go plat year after year after year and called a flop. That’s consist bubby. Rih has her fans base and those two have theirs… even tho Taylors are mainly 12 year olds, but whatever.

    • NOLIES October 16, 2014

      If your career has more singles sold than albums, then yes, your b**** is a singles artist, especially considering her songs don’t stay in people’s memory more than her men stay in her bed past that first night.

      • Mark111 October 16, 2014

        Weak. A singles artsit can only sell just that… singles. Rih can do both… around the world. We’ll see that Beyonce re-release flop, it won’t even do 80K cause missy can’t make a hit to push it. (But the album did), that was hype, look what happen when the hype died down = 4k a week. #sit

      • Slay_Hive October 16, 2014

        How was Beyonce’s album hype when it’s sold 770,000 this year, making it the best selling so far THIS YEAR. Please find your logic boo. Beyonce will automatically sell more than 80k. She didn’t need a hit to push it and I’m more than sure this re-release will do well too. I can understand Rihanna being a singles artist. Her singles tend to sell millions more than her albums. Beyonce’s name sells, because her fans and the GP know they will be getting QUALITY! 😀

      • Benji October 16, 2014

        Where’s Rihanna’s album?

  27. DudeNamedMicheal October 16, 2014

    Nicki is definitely taken that title this year!!! #PinkPrint will go PLATINUM!

    • DudeNamedMicheal October 16, 2014


  28. Mark111 October 16, 2014

    I see why Usher pushed his ish back. This is not a good year for music sales. And it’s only going to get worst. Oh and another year that Gags can’t go plat, lol.

  29. Beysus October 16, 2014

    ERRBODY is gonna flop from now on… All the artists that have been here long enough (i.e Beyonce) should just release the album. Leave the singles for the new artists…

  30. Valerie October 16, 2014

    And stop with the whole clever marking bullshitt with Beyonce. Y’all said that died after 2 months and her album apparently ‘stalled’. So why the fawk is she the top artist 10 months later?

    • Beyflop October 16, 2014

      b**** calm the f*** down why you mad? Bey doesnt even acknowledge your pathetic existence

      • Valerie October 16, 2014

        Who are you and why are you in my comment section more pressed than a pancake?

  31. Suicide Blonde October 16, 2014

    Gone are the days when musicians were selling ten million per album in the US alone, singles would never have the same credibility that albums have, no matter how much they sell these days, and yes, there are albums artists and singles artists, some are both, some.

    • BeautifulDisaster89 October 16, 2014

      it’s crazy how in the 90’s going gold was frowned upon now if you go gold that’s an accomplishment lol

  32. NOLIES October 16, 2014

    If the correct promo campaign is thrown in for some (I MEAN SOME), then a few may go gold. I believe Ariana, Sam, and etc will see gold by early next year (if the promo is beneficial). Others like Jason, can depend on multiplatinum singles and cling to tours to bring back money to their labels and money in their bank accounts. Trey, Chris, John, and etc can depend on touring as well. Pharrell has other plugs than music, so artists like him don’t have to go crying a river when the elite asks where’s their money. Artists like Mariah (when she’s not getting dragged) & Kylie have their legacies, and it pretty much ends there. Even though if Def Jam can do a re-release for Iggy, they should try one for MC in December when her XMAS music hits everywhere.

    • Beyflop October 16, 2014

      gurl bye with your long ass paragraphs

      • NOLIES October 16, 2014

        F** go troll somewhere else. I will see you during the holidays when I donate that free turkey. Bye bye.

      • YonceTroll October 16, 2014


    • Mark111 October 16, 2014

      MC might not even be on Def Jam anymore, that mess is doen. Iggy is only getting a re-release to add more Fancy like songs onto it because she don’t have anymore songs to push out. Chris been flopping since 09, so this is nothing new and Trey don’t even have a plat album, so he’s in his range.

      • NOLIES October 16, 2014

        Trey’s Ready album is platinum and you’re probably right about Def Jam and Mariah. And of course Iggy wack ass going to release more songs like Fancy, bc she’s untalented.

  33. Beysus October 16, 2014

    Hell maybe Adele or Taylor might have trouble. Adele will never have 21’s success again…

    • Rosie October 16, 2014

      I don’t think Taylor will do 1 million again. But if anyone calls her a flop for doing 650-700K I’ll laugh because that’ll still easily make 1989 the best selling album of the year in just two weeks.

      • Beysus October 16, 2014

        Hahaha yea.

  34. Theman October 16, 2014

    Beyonce is as mainstream as it gets.. Her sales are good
    enough but not outstanding.. If Taylor can move nearly a
    million units save the crap.. Beyonce has the media at her
    feet.. Just look at how ridiculous they are over a stupid bang
    .. If she had a massive hit she’d probably be selling more..
    Everyone keeps using the excuse, oh well she’s an r&b artist..
    She’s not a typical r&b artist. She sold nearly 700k, which is
    hella awesome.. But her album didn’t have as much longevity.
    A rerelease will do wonders. She needs a massive pop hit..
    Her stans brag about her first wk sales. Then when u toss
    Adele & Taylor in they like to say oh well she’s an R&b artists..
    Lol she just doesn’t sale as much for a person with so much

    • Slay_Hive October 16, 2014

      Adele and Taylor have two completely different audiences than Beyonce. Adele has adult contemporary and Taylor has young country fans. These two are the exception for this generation when it comes to mega album sales. why is Adele and Taylor always compared to her? Beyonce on the other hand is an R&B/Pop artist. Her sales are impressive for the current R&B market. Drunk In Love was one of the biggest hits of the year. Was #1 on R&B charts and reached #2 on Hot 100. Even with barely promoting the albums has sold 770,000 this year. Making it the best selling album of this year, and with it being an urban/R&B release. Who else is doing that? So either way it goes Beyonce is doing well for her genre!

  35. Theman October 16, 2014

    Also, Adele doesn’t have to replicate her previous album
    sales.. She did what none could in a crappy era of music..
    She’s still going to sale well though.. Beyonce stans it’s cool
    to support other artists.. Beyonce does her thing anyway..

  36. Rosie October 16, 2014

    I’ve been trying to tell these misinformed blog f*** this since like May. That’s why I laugh everytime they try to use this as a drag. No one buys albums anymore, and first week sales over 150K this year are considered massive smash hits; it’s really sad. Not to even mention the fact that less than 10 albums have even gone GOLD this year.
    But the music industry deserves it for not only mistreating artists for the longest time but also being 10,000 years behind when it comes to adapting things. No wonder to see more independent artists than ever slaying.

    • Suicide Blonde October 16, 2014


    • tits mcgee October 16, 2014

      Yes. Especially when you Stan for people
      who debut with sales between 10 to 60k.

      This music sales thing is in the dumper, I
      never saw the fever for your fave. She is
      not thrown in our faces ever second, nor
      played on pop radio much in the U.S., but
      her sales still eclipsed most of these
      artist, So…. yeah. Lol

    • BeyRihLiyah October 16, 2014

      Preach! and people want to call Lana a flop when she did 300k with no promo and half of these people have Large Promo Campaigns and they cant even reach 300k

  37. Theman October 16, 2014

    Again a typical r&b artist would be K.michelle or Tamar..
    Beyonce is R&b/Pop.. Since her recent singles ain’t
    go nowhere on the pop charts y”all trying to downplay
    her pop appeal. Lol a lot of pop artists have hit singles,
    but their albums ain’t sale. First they say that the kiddos
    don’t buy music as much, but that’s the excuse that you’re
    going with lol.. Taylor has the fan base that Beyonce
    should have. Em,Pink,Pink,Bruno all sale albums too..
    Pop or not.. Sara B. is an adult contemporary artist
    and her sales aren’t like Adele’s.. Beyonce is more hype
    though than all else.. “Drunk In Love” was a big r&b song,
    not huge overall though.. Streaming earned that song most
    of it’s success..

    • Tron October 16, 2014

      The difference is that Beyonce doesn’t pander to trends like most pop stars eagerly do. Pop radio would jump to play a Beyonce song that unabashedly catered to a sound that was generally trending with their listeners, but for the past 5+ years she’s been stubbornly resisting playing up to what’s wanted or expected…only makes time to do a small handful of large scale promotional performances…and as a result of not pandering and ass-kissing, her singles don’t go as far as they COULD if she were willing to play the game. However, the fact that she can go left when everyone is right, have a bunch of under-performing singles and still sell albums to current hit standards (4) or outsell artists who have a bunch of radio-ready singles the race up the charts (BEYONCE) just goes to show how powerful she is. K. Michelle couldn’t do that…and neither could Iggy.

      • ashley October 16, 2014

        Very well said!!!

  38. Benji October 16, 2014

    Frozen slayed. And well done to Beyonce. This shows if her album was all hype, she would be nowhere on this list. So y’all can hang that up.

  39. Mark111 October 16, 2014

    The PEst can’t make up their minds (lack of). IF you only sold 700K all this year out of your two million. That means that 1.3 million were in the last 3 weeks of 2013. HYPE. Another large part of the 700K would be from the success of Drunken H**. Now add tours (with an S), flopping HBO special and the grammys/VMA. So did she have promo or not? Did she have a hit or not? Again with twisting things to make Bey great. #WaitsForR8

    • Slay_Hive October 16, 2014

      Hype or not..Who has beat Beyonce in album sales this year?? I see you’re still missing the point, that in this current music market, Bey is selling the most! Find your logic boo. The VMA’s helped boost her sales the week after, even though the album had been out for months prior. I wouldn’t count HBO as traditional promotion. You can wait for R8 but I guarantee she will struggle. She already struggles for Platinum in the past with hit singles. She better hurry up and release. She’s being forgotten about each day she waits! LOOOOL

    • Slay_Hive October 16, 2014

      P.S. When was the last time Rih went Double Platinum with the hype for her hit singles? LOL BYE!

      • BeautifulDisaster89 October 16, 2014

        honestly i’m kind of think she might pull some good numbers this go around one thing I’ve always said about rihanna is that she doesn’t give you an opportunity to miss her she pops out singles and albums pretty much every year but I think she finally let ppl miss her so I think she might come out on top

      • Lydia October 16, 2014

        I don’t see why Rihanna fans think is their lane to drag. When she struggles to get plaque every year. I mean Beyonce went 2x platinum and Loud still isn’t. That’s embarrassing.

      • XYZ October 17, 2014

        @ ashley – Lydia mentioned Loud first and my point was that America isn’t the only market and that it does not count if Beyonce is two times plat in the US while she still has only about 3 mill. Worldwide, while Rihanna is not two times plat in the US but managed to sell a whole lot more world wide. I don’t care what they sold, since I own both albums, but I’m tired of those people always saying that Rihanna is a singles artist, when in fact she sells albums very well too. Of course she does not sell Adele numbers, but neither does Beyonce, but in comparison to those other girls selling 80 k at best first week, Rihanna is doing great…And so what – Beyonce is a better album seller than Rihanna, everyone knows that. Doesn’t take away the fact that Rihanna is one of the biggest pop stars these days.

    • XYZ October 16, 2014

      But while bey sits at 3 mill ww (2 of it in the us), loud sold 6 mil ww.

      • ashley October 16, 2014

        Sweety Bey is approaching 3.5 Million WW. Get it correct, and IASF sold 8 Million. Your point in bringing up a 5 year old album?

      • ME October 16, 2014

        IASF sold 8 mil WW

      • XYZ October 17, 2014

        @ ashley – Lydia mentioned Loud first and my point was that America isn’t the only market and that it does not count if Beyonce is two times plat in the US while she still has only about 3 mill. Worldwide, while Rihanna is not two times plat in the US but managed to sell a whole lot more world wide. I don’t care what they sold, since I own both albums, but I’m tired of those people always saying that Rihanna is a singles artist, when in fact she sells albums very well too. Of course she does not sell Adele numbers, but neither does Beyonce, but in comparison to those other girls selling 80 k at best first week, Rihanna is doing great…And so what – Beyonce is a better album seller than Rihanna, everyone knows that. Doesn’t take away the fact that Rihanna is one of the biggest pop stars these days.

        sorry, hit the wrong reply button

  40. Blacksista October 16, 2014

    Knew this was going to happen. Now all we got is Beyonce because of jealous Stan wars. There is room for everyone.

  41. BeautifulDisaster89 October 16, 2014

    I think that there are plenty of reasons why there is such a decline in music sales…streaming, illegal downloading, stan wars, people are more interested in singles than albums, and promo (but I have to use lack of promo as a light excuse because some of the ppl who have released albums this year have been doing a lot to get the word out about their projects).. I wonder what it’s going to take to get music sales back on track ?!?!?! I kind of think it would be smart if artist released the single, video, and album out simultaneously. That way you can get people intrigued a bit..yay or nay?

  42. Lydia October 16, 2014

    Well done Beyonce. I can’t believe she still slayed everyone who released in 2014.

  43. Taylor swifts number 1 fan October 16, 2014

    A taylor swift video… I like to see more of this on here haha!
    I just hope taylor can get to number 1, when her album comes out:)
    It’s a shame album sales are so low:(

  44. Pat!? October 16, 2014

    Gtfoh! Please tell me what the purpose of this post was! I was following u until u tried to make it all about Beyonce. Are u mentally ok dude?

  45. Stephy October 16, 2014

    Mark911, please! You think I give a rats ass about Mimi’s new FLOP ass album. My fav DOES NOT HAVE TO SELL ANOTHER RECORD EVER AGAIN! Mariah don’t even care. She is currently on tour sounding a complete mess & it still selling out. Her 14th studio album maybe a flop but who cares. Ain’t like she got else shitt to prove.

    My point was Rihanna’s last album releases came out during good years in album sales (even tho it still takes her a YEAR to go platinum). If, Rihanna released music THIS year. She would NOT sell as well. This is probably the WORST year in album sales HISTORY. Rih is VERY consistent. No one said she wasn’t dumb-ass!

  46. Dante October 16, 2014

    A lot of people seem sad but i bet some of you are illegally downloading the albums. Just in that picture alone I bought Ashanti, Chris, JLo, toni&babyface, sam, trey, and michael. I still buy full albums because the artists work so hard on them for the fans. I will continue to buy albums because I would hate to see this industry die off (completely)

  47. absolved October 16, 2014

    What makes me laugh is when people get on a high horse and say things like “the old model doesn’t work anymore” in regards to CDs, traditional promotion, radio, MTV, etc., etc. Well how well is that “new model” (YouTube, Spotify, streaming, 360 deals, focusing on singles, etc.) working out? I haven’t seen much of anything beneficial happening with these alternative ways they keep trying to hatch. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The music industry signed its own death warrant when it got into bed with iTunes, YouTube, and buckled to digital streaming in general. They stupidly ALLOWED people to not buy albums and now we got a generation of ignorant 90s babies thinking that listening to whole albums on YouTube on s***** computer speakers are better than CD quality and high end stereo speakers. The old model was the better model and if they were smart, they’d collectively push it again…else the years to come will only be worse.

  48. Theman October 16, 2014

    MC is one of the greatest ICONS ever.. She outsold many
    of the artists who recently released albums lol !! She should release
    a couple more singles or reboot this era.. She is selling out
    stadiums over in ASIA !! Her voice has also been sounding
    a lot better. She’s making that bread.. Beyonce’s album has
    sold well in this market. But with her hype, ploys, and media
    presence she should be doing more..

    • ashley October 16, 2014

      Bey sales are fine for how terrible album sales are in this current industry. I’m glad that people like you think Bey is the standard.

    • let’s be real October 17, 2014

      but honey will Mariah out gross Beyonce tours? no. and when beyonce eclipses Mariah and becomes the richest woman in music (its coming) then what? i love mimi but y’all lambs be pulling straws

  49. Theman October 16, 2014

    Who’s albums have Yall purchased out of all of these
    artists? Yall talk so much crap, what have y’all purchased?

    • ashley October 16, 2014

      Beyonce’s was the only one worth purchasing.

  50. Molly October 16, 2014

    Nickis last album didn’t even go platinum so what makes you think her new album will especially in THIS climate?

  51. the voice October 16, 2014

    I hope the labels don’t just try to blame it on illegal downloads.

    Taylor, Drake and Beyonce still sell.


    1. Stop sending disposable crap to radio over and over again.
    2. Sign A&R executives that know how to A&R RNB albums.
    3. Hire better songwriters
    4. Sign more SINGER/SONGWRITERS. Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Mary J, R Kelly, Lauryn Hill, and MAxwell are still selling out venues after all of these years.
    …. GOOD Singer/SOngwriter music stays in your heart forever. Thus, they will always be able to tour.
    5. When u sign Singer/ Dancers, make sure they are great performers like Janet, Michael, Ciara, Beyonce, Britney, and Usher and not lackluster talent like Mila J.

    The consolidation of the major labels into just three labels has hurt the industry.

    Chris Brown and Jennfer Hudson should not be A&R’d by the same team. These labels don;t care about rnb

    • XYZ October 17, 2014

      but those are already established artists you’re talking about. of ourse they are selling out venues by their Name alone.

      but what about new artists? for example, tinashe is a great Performer and the Album isn’t bad either – but the sales are miserable…

  52. RICHIE_RICH October 16, 2014

    This is a sad time for the music industry!!!!! Off topic ….IMO maybe that’s the reason Beyonce’ really didn’t promote Beyonce’. This has been the worst era as far as promotion goes for Beyonce’ and it just doesn’t make sense, on why she really didn’t promote. This is just awful.

    Peeps its not about who fav did this who fav did that, it about the Music. Hell if the game keep going the way it is, what will we have to argue about? lol. With that said we should just be thankful and enjoy the music at the end of the day.

    Pharrell,Trey Songz, Chris Brown , Toni and Babyface, Tinashe’ and John, and MC are the only Albums I brougt this yr.

    I don’t do the downloading and etc. I go to target or best buy and buy the hard copy then download to itunes. I’m old school baby!!!!!!

    • RICHIE_RICH October 16, 2014


  53. Theman October 16, 2014

    Beyonce isn’t the standard sales wise though.. Hence she
    could and should be selling more.. Her sales a good
    but not outstanding.. A pop hit would really elevate her

    • Tasha October 16, 2014

      Why should she be selling more… have you SEEN the state of album sales this year? Beyonce is selling WELL considering she is not even promoting the traditional way and STILL outselling albums that came out this year. People like you need get out of your stuck in the mind set… This is 2014, album sales are much different. I mean did you not comprehend the fact she has the best selling album by an artist this year despite coming out 10 months ago?

  54. Tasha October 16, 2014

    Listen I don’t stan for Bey y’all need to stop discrediting. The girl done sold her expensive a*** $16 album in year of abysmal sales, didn’t push a pop hit or typical promo style and all that jazz is STILL outselling people all over radio and the Hot 100. Your cannot hate on that. This isn’t even 5 years ago. The STATE of album sales is atrocious and declined in the space of a year.

    • Yeah I Said It October 16, 2014

      In the Lonely Hour, Souled Out and Me.I am… all good albums.

      • XYZ October 17, 2014

        Me.I am… is a good Album, but Mariah’s behaviour is embarassing which is a cause that nobody is buying her stuff. She is a complete different example and Needs a serious makeover…

  55. Yeah I Said It October 16, 2014

    -People don’t buy albums anymore, they don’t listen to a body of work’ -Beyonce

    • Beysus October 16, 2014

      “My goal is not bigger. It’s quality…”

      • Yeah I Said It October 16, 2014

        And she achieved it.

  56. Mark111 October 16, 2014

    Let’s be real, what album that was released this year was GOOD? An album that you had to run out in buy? The ONLY album I can think of is Tinashe. Most of you stan for numbers anyway and that’s the only reason ya upset.

    • Yeah I Said It October 16, 2014

      In the Lonely Hour, Souled Out and Me.I am… all good albums

      • Mark111 October 16, 2014

        I can’t stand Acoco, whatever her name is (lack of) voice. Tinashe does a better job at that style. I also don’t have time for White Brits faking soulful vocals. Me. I Am… I like it, but not enough to buy it.

  57. Theman October 16, 2014

    Mariah’s album is amazing !! The era was just sloppy..
    Beyonce is a megastar.. But still a few artists still sale
    as well as her or more !!

  58. The Truth Emeritus October 17, 2014

    That’s becuse the industry is so focused on selling wack singles, the music has no longevity, there’s nothing classic about it, the music sucks, point black period. And these little kids on this site swear this music is about something. How about follow it up with some sells, not Twitter follws and “likes.”

  59. mingxxx October 17, 2014

    visual thief beyonce got more free promo then any other artist on billboard this year alone.

  60. Sandra October 17, 2014

    MJ’s album was one of the few albums to go Gold this year. Who else gets Gold albums 45 years into their career? Hopefully it’ll go platinum as well like his last album in 2010 did

  61. Twitter: @OnikaBoss October 17, 2014

    The only people who actually purchase an artist’s album are fans who support them. The general public can easily get them for free. And I can vouch for it because it’s only one artist’s music I buy because I’m a huge supporter of them…I’m sure you can guess.

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