Yikes! Cheryl Cole Continues Vocal Assault With Acoustic Performance Of ‘Only Human’

Published: Wednesday 29th Oct 2014 by Sam

As a barely there vocalist, Cheryl Cole‘s point of appeal has always been her ability to blaze a stage while flawlessly lip-synching.

However, the campaign for new album ‘Only Human’ (due November 10th) seems geared towards selling her as more than a Pop-robot.

To aid that cause, the star’s camp have cultivated a collection of stripped back acoustic performances from The X Factor judge. The primary problem? What’s left to listen to when the “singer” in question possesses a voice as thin as a sheet of A4 paper?

Find out below, where Cole’s new performance of the album’s title track awaits…

In true Cheryl fashion, that was dreadful – with some notes that were genuinely appalling.

Perhaps there’ll be redemption of sorts when she takes to stage on The X Factor this Sunday to perform latest single ‘I Don’t Care’.

Pending then…

Your thoughts?

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  1. CATFISH CAREY October 29, 2014


  2. I.D. October 29, 2014

    Oh how we’ve turned…. TGJ used to support this chick as much as they supported Rita Ora….

  3. “Cheryl Thin Vocal Cole” October 29, 2014

    What’s left to listen to when the “singer” in question possesses a voice as thin as a sheet of A4 paper?

    HAHHAHAHA FUCCCCCCCK THIS UN TALENTED LOCAL BITTTTCHHH only human will flop harder than a million lights she want even go silver P.S. why is this hooker on X-factor Judging people that are more TALENTED THAN HER she must be fuccccking the s*** out of simon for this GIG

  4. Gaga’s Monsters October 29, 2014

    Flop blog…comment sections sucks/too slow !!!

    • Everyone’s A Critic October 29, 2014

      How rude! If you had enough time to troll like a little bish in the comments you could’ve used your little brain to type in a different web address if this is soooo bad! Flop is Gagas last gimmick… Oops, sorry, ALBUM

  5. Tay October 29, 2014

    1989 is out now!

    • Dem Lessors October 29, 2014

      Ok, this has become spamming now. Every time you comment you mention Trailer S***!

  6. SipTheTruth October 29, 2014

    When your backing singers are better than you, thats when
    you know you should give it up.

  7. Mimi Carey October 29, 2014

    Where’s the Cheryl stan? Death

    • CherylSoldier (~Only Human~) October 29, 2014

      Right here b****

  8. lolhart October 29, 2014

    These videos she keeps releasing are about as convincing of her vocal abilities as her “marriage” to a black man after being arrested for racial assault.

  9. Cake like Lady GaGa October 29, 2014

    At the stan-war bait.. Maybe Sam must first try fix his flop low-budget ghetto blog before trying it with Cheryl.

  10. Beysus October 29, 2014

    I mean… Using “Cole” is enough shade…

  11. Blue Ivy Rodriguez October 29, 2014

    I feel bad for her one Stan she’s going to be up and down this post replying to every single comment that insulted it’s fave. Especially since it’s been clinging to the HIVe but the HIVE is dragging your fave too. So sad…

    • CherylSoldier (~Only Human~) October 29, 2014

      Yet everything you just said is false lol. Rihanna got dragged in the last cheryl post.

  12. Britney Stan October 29, 2014

    Who is this tone deaf b****?

  13. ontherun October 29, 2014

    She should find another way to promo cuz this isn’t exactly helping her cause

  14. Everyone’s A Critic October 29, 2014

    CUE CHERYLSOLDIER coming to save this vocaless basic bish

  15. Everyone’s A Critic October 29, 2014

    I actually liked this song!! The last 2 singles from her are catchy, the last two videos were ATROCIOUS but let’s be honest. She didn’t sound at all bad in this video.. A little flat at times but this was GOOD for her

  16. Prettybae October 29, 2014


  17. LeKing October 29, 2014

    YOU GO, THATGRAPEJUICE! That’s what I call ‘professional journalism’.

  18. Mark111 October 29, 2014

    This wasn’t as bad as the others. She just need some vocal lessons. Her problem is executing the note on time and staying in key (nor carry the note). IF she could master that rasp tone she hit randomly, she would have somewhat of a “soul, grunge” voice.

    • Dem Lessors October 29, 2014

      She’s been getting vocal training since 2002 when she was in Popstars: the Rivals, the only reason she got through was because the old pervy guy on the judging panel fancied her.


      • CherylSoldier (~Only Human~) October 29, 2014

        Just like your fave was an industry puppet who did drugs and f*cked on the regular. Don’t even mention Cheryl’s vocals when you stan for britney.

  19. CherylSoldier (~Only Human~) October 29, 2014

    I love that she’s giving her fans a side of her that we never see and shooting down those lip syncing rumors. SLay queen, can’t wait til Sunday.

  20. lolhart October 29, 2014

    Will a lot of people be watching though? I read that dancing show for old people is now beating Cheryl’s show by 2.5 million in the ratings

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