Hot Shot: Lady GaGa Continues Recording New Album With…RedOne

Published: Wednesday 21st Jan 2015 by Sam

Lady GaGa‘s army of Little Monsters have their paws up in anticipation this evening.

For, the Pop titan continues to tease and titillate about the recording of her fourth solo album. More specifically, her reunion with her hit-making partner in rhyme RedOne.

News of the two’s re-teaming first surfaced last week when a snap of them in the studio was shared on Instagram. Today 28-year-old GaGa whipped up a frenzy with another shot of her and Red once again working on new music.

As anyone who’s followed the singer’s story will recall, she and Red were once an unstoppable tag team after unleashing smashes such as ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’, and ‘Bad Romance’ on the masses. However, for reasons unknown, they ceased working together in the same capacity following 2011’s ‘Born This Way’.

Let’s hope more anthemic Pop gems from the dynamic duo are on their way. Preferably before the end of the year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. King M.J January 21, 2015

    Definitely looking forward.

  2. HoneyChildPlease January 21, 2015

    Child if she bring it like the first album honey is here for it! yesssss

    • Stephy Jackson January 21, 2015

      Love You Boo!

  3. Lobe January 21, 2015

    Look who finally got their head out of their ass!

    Hopefully this was consensual and not a studio mandate. If it is, their chemistry will mix right and Lady Gaga will reclaim her crown!

  4. Tea honey January 21, 2015

    I think she will still flop ..unless she gives up the gimmicks cause the GP isn’t having it

  5. FutureCIARA January 21, 2015

    GAGA SLAY US AGAIN!!!!!!! I need Fame Monster Type SLAY!!!!!


    So ready for Bad Romance salvage. Gaga bring it!

  7. Paulo January 21, 2015

    Wooo! Bring some more Judas Scheisse type of slayage! Question: is he the only one she’s “keeping”? Is she going back to Garibay too? hmmm.

  8. Charlieyoncé January 21, 2015

    I LOVE GAGA! She better slay! ❤️❤️

  9. Cici slaaaaays January 21, 2015

    She’s too far gone flop


      Coming from a CiError fan? Too far gone? Ciara has had 2 successful albums, 3 flops, AND a soon to be flop. Cmon now…. Gagas FLOP outsold all of Ciaras flops

  10. LB January 21, 2015

    Glad she has finally seen the light, looking forward to it. Hopefully it is progress though, The Fame/Fame Monster was good, probably Gaga’s best albums, but they were generic.

    For example, Ciara – Goodies, good but generic.

    Gags is talented so hopefully her talent shines, we’ll see.

  11. Mark111 January 21, 2015

    Anytime you ask an artist to redo what they already done albums ago, then they already lost.

  12. DanYiel Teflon January 21, 2015

    I purchased GaGa First 2 albums & they served!!

  13. CT January 21, 2015

    she needs to release in 2016, and give the girls some time to miss her.

    • No Name January 22, 2015

      you mean f**$ who cling to stats..,

  14. Al January 22, 2015

    When I first saw The Fame CD I knew she was going to be huge. From Born This Way onwards she has been s*** the odd song has been good. I hope this album will be good I loved the first era just like Ciara people get too full ahead of them from when they first start stay true to who u are and work with best!

  15. JOHNVIDAL January 22, 2015

    It´s obvious everything she has done after The Fame is better than The Fame, this opinion is shared by pretty much every person with some taste in this blog (not that many 🙂 ). If you are asking her to slay commercially like in The Fame days then fine, if you are asking her to go backwards and release music where she has to hide her voice and limit herself artistically then just NO. I hope this collabos mean she will releases something maybe more commercial but never loosing what she gained as an artist after her debut. That debut was good for a debut and different than what was hot on radio back then probably. But leave it there.

  16. Musika January 22, 2015

    Too bad her collab with Zedd for Artpop didn’t work out well which is why I’m very happy to see her reuniting with RedOne, the main person who gave her first hits in her career. I hope she reunites with Cherytree Records as well.

  17. @RealMattPhoenix January 22, 2015

    Lady my lady lady

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