Slayage: Jennifer Lopez Sparkles On ‘Golden Globes’ Red Carpet

Published: Sunday 11th Jan 2015 by Sam

Riddle us this: how is it that every year, despite not being nominated, Jennifer Lopez manages to decimate the competition at award shows?

Tonight’s Golden Globes was no different.

The ‘Boy Next Door’ actress werked the red carpet at the coveted Los Angeles event looking like a bag of money and good living.

At 45, La Lopez is ageing like a fine wine…she only gets better with time.


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  1. Ray January 11, 2015

    Beyond beautiful. She looks 35 at most.

    • You tried January 11, 2015

      This chick is the GODDESS of RED CARPETS!!! Check her Resume YASSSSS *SNAPS* LIKE THE QUEENS LOL

    • Missy January 11, 2015

      Actually the top of her wig is dry and nappy, SHE LOOKS LIKE AN AGING DRAG QUEEN from boots and saddles in the villiage on Tuesday night; Her worst look ever

    • Missy January 12, 2015

      Very drag queen. Very HARMONICA SUNBEAM old school and the dress looks trashy

  2. BEYHIVEorDIE January 11, 2015

    Always the same type of skanky dress with this has been.

    • Missy January 11, 2015

      I agree, are these people blind SHE LOOKS LIKE A DRAG QUEEN

  3. Rosie January 11, 2015

    She wears the same 5 dress styles and same f****** color at literally every awards show.

  4. TRUTH SERUM January 11, 2015


  5. SMH January 11, 2015

    Sorry, she’s looked WAY better in the past. Here she looks haggard, and that dress is ugly.

  6. Molly January 11, 2015

    J.ho is a bit overrated and after aka flopped i just lost all hope for the b****…Beyonce will forever slay this b****.

    • krysalid January 11, 2015

      maybe her last album flopped, but still do you think is she a flop?
      1.4 billion box office receipts
      75 million records sold
      beyonce can dance but is she a profesional dancer?
      jennifer can dance: salsa, tango, flamenco, hip hop, etc…
      plus she has the most viewed female video in youtube/vevo
      beyonce loves her, you should too! please check in google image “beyonce copy jlo” 😉

      • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 11, 2015

        Chile, I don’t even like Beyonce, but your J.Lo stats are quite fabricated. 75 million records sold??? Thanks for the laughter, sis.

  7. FutureCIARA January 11, 2015

    @FutureCIARA: That effortless SLAY! Queen JLO, she may not slay ears with her music, but she’ll slay a carpet!

  8. Tyler January 11, 2015

    Ok…I see you JLO!

  9. LB January 11, 2015

    Not going to lie, she looks good. This look is very Bey-inspired, I am Sasha Fierce, and I live for every moment of it.
    Slay momma, slay.

    • TheElusiveLamb January 12, 2015

      I LOVE your avi! Butterfly is my favorite album ever and changed my life forever.

      • LB January 12, 2015

        Yasssss, Butterfly = her best album ever

  10. Gee January 11, 2015

    Sorry in my opinion this is one of Jennifer’s weaker looks she aged in this look she has definitely done better.

  11. DanYiel Teflon January 11, 2015

    I don’t see it for her sorry J.Lo fans…

  12. OMG Logic!!! January 11, 2015

    Presenting is all she’ll be doing with trash like “Boy Next Door.” The trailer for that movie legitimately looks like some sort of Collegehumor parody.

    • LB January 11, 2015

      IDK, maybe it’s just me but that movie looks so good.

    • Rosie January 11, 2015

      “It got pretty wet here”
      “I love your mom’s cookies”
      Looks like the best comedy of 2015.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 12, 2015

      It´s a no brainer it will be another mediocre movie from her. Probably terrible. Like her entire career. Cameron Diaz and JLo have to be the worst lol

  13. Black power January 11, 2015

    She’s an ageless beauty! Stop hating bc your fav needs make up to look half as good!

  14. The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 11, 2015

    Sam, can you spell, sis? Trying “aging” and not “ageing.” That’s like a kindergarten word, sis.

  15. Lake Erie January 11, 2015

    She’s been talked about a lot lately. There’s American Idol, some behind the scenes doc show she’s premiering, her new movie (which I’m going to see) and now this!? Yep, she’s doing big things! Beyonce better gone somewhere and have her baby cuz Jenny is Bizzzack!!! 😉

    • Mark111 January 11, 2015

      How’s that album doing tho? And where the h3ll did that movie go?

  16. Mark111 January 11, 2015

    I didn’t even know the Golden Loads was on tonight. That’s horrible promo, no wonder their ratings are always low.

  17. The elusive cici January 11, 2015

    Wow bey could never with her tacky county ass. She’s been inspired by Jlo from the very beginning

    • Rosie January 11, 2015

      “tacky country ass”
      nnn at this coming from a Ciara stan. Wondering how much Future owns in child support.

      • The elusive cici January 11, 2015

        Ciara eat sleeps and breathes high fashion. Beyonces oddly shape ass could never do it she knows nothing about style with her tacky ass. Btw did Lana kill herself yet and is her album gold

    • Keke January 12, 2015

      Have Ciara’s last three albums clocked in 500K each

      • The elusive cici January 12, 2015

        S*** the f*** up

    • Tyler January 12, 2015

      Your faves a baby mama for a living. Stay in ur lane.

  18. Royalkev January 12, 2015

    This woman’s fashion slays! JLO’s a veteran! She knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s a hit way more often than a miss on the red carpet, there’s too many fabulous looks to count when it comes to her.

    – Famous Grammy Versace dress
    – 2011 Ama’s
    – 2012 Vanity Fair
    – … and My personal favorite: 2013 Met Gala (Jenny in the Michael Kors leopard print dress)
    – 2014 MTV

    Just to name a few…

  19. Tea honey January 12, 2015

    Slay gurl you run it and at 45!!!! Amazing

  20. TheElusiveLamb January 12, 2015

    I don’t know why haters are saying she’s aged, when she looks better here than her debut. She simply is a red carpet & fashion Goddess. She never fails.

  21. Adrian January 12, 2015

    Anybody notice her nipple is partially out in this pic? LOL

    • Suicide Blonde January 12, 2015

      That’s not her nipple, i thought the same at fist but is part of the dress, i i see it in other pics, what a pervet, lol.

  22. Suicide Blonde January 12, 2015

    J.Lo can pull off anything, she dresses and looks better than everybody, the whole world watch the red carpet just for her, those legs, that smile, that body, the flow, she’s pure s**.

  23. MariahIsMusic1 January 12, 2015

    She’s beautiful but way overrated, there’s nothing unique about this check.

  24. rita ora can win a oscar January 12, 2015

    YES! Talk about networking and GRABBING Opportunities. RITA ORA WAS AT THE AFTERPARTY AND SHE slated in red figure hugging dress and grace kelly blonde chignon. SHE was with her ‘ wifey ‘ Supermodel and actress, Cara Delevigne. Giel power. LOL LOL WHERE WAS RIHANNA? Seething and mad. Rihanna tried to break Rita and Cara up; even going as far as paying Cara to hang out and spy on Rita’s every move. That is who sad, miserable and obsessed she is.

    Well, THE 2 london girls are at the Golden globes after party LAUGHING AT KINKY haired, flat nosed Rihanna/.

  25. rita ora can win a oscar January 12, 2015

    RITA ORA hustle is like nothing i have seen. She is not letting the fact that she has not had Smash solo HIT STOP HER. She is so filled with ZEAL, she is girding harder than women with hits. RIHANNAN WAS NOT DOING MOVIES, FASHIION LINES AND ATTENDING Golden globes in her debut album year. IN 2007, she had WW hits, but she was not as hard working as RITA/


    I like how she was in the studio, working out with trainer, then went to golden globes and delayed with ease in RED dress.How was your sunday?

  26. rita ora can win a oscar January 12, 2015

    RITA ORA HAS MADE IT BIG. Shall I tell you why? She has got in the heads of rihanna and her all stand; that is the best way of defeating someone/. When u ar win their heads… OWN THAT person. RITA OWNS rihanna.

    Rihanna is rude to Rita even though they are on the same label. In fact, she used to be nice with RITA, but the moment RITA came out started to get deals and covers…Rihanna cut her off. RITA OWNS RIHANNAN –

    RIHANNA is still COPYING RITA style and now even poses on fashion covers. Sell Rita UK elle cover of 2014 and Rihanna USA ELLE COVER. RITA WORE YELLOW ZAC POSEN AT AMA; rihanna WENT TO ZAC POSEN STUDIO THE NEXT DAY. RITA owns rihanna’s mind.

    CARA DELEVIGNE: Was Rihannna having with the London model BEFORE RITA CAME OUT ? NO. CARA AND POPPY DELEVIGNE WEALTHY RICH sisters WHO HANG WITH RITA, RIT AND CARA became famous in the UK for their wifey outings in Lodnon. Rihanna, who is jealous of Rita, saw this and STARTED TO PAY Cara delevigne to HANG WITH HER AND………..COLLECT information on Rita next moves.

    Rita owns that FLAT NAPPY HEADED H**.

    NOW, U have RIHANNA navy on the IG of RITA’S Makeup artist, stylist an hair guy hurling abuse like” You will never be rihanna” ON the IG of her makeup artist. THEY KNOW IT is over for rihannaa

    • Rihanna #1 fan t January 12, 2015

      Ignorant Rihanna Did it first.. Rita Ora admitted to admiring Rihanna’s Style.. Please stfu you sound so dumb!!
      Its obvious she stole Rihanna’s look..

  27. Rihanna #1 fan t January 12, 2015

    Jlo is phenomenal got to love her!

  28. moe January 12, 2015

    No one can do it like JLo . Sorry bey sorry rih … she is the sexiest woman alive . Cant wait for the boy next door …

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