New Song: Rihanna – ‘Towards The Sun’

Published: Tuesday 24th Feb 2015 by Sam

With a performance at tomorrow night’s BRIT Awards all but confirmed, Rihanna has seen new song ‘Towards The Sun’ unwrapped on BBC Radio 1 moments ago.

Secrecy (or should we say confusion) still shrouds how exactly her new album/s will be rolled out. What is presently known is that the track is the lead release from the ‘Home’ movie soundtrack – which itself will reportedly serve a project of sorts for the star.

Take a listen below…

Via Direct Lyrics:

With its tribal production and sonic sense of urgency, the track has all the ingredients to be an epic anthemic number. By its climax, however, it quickly becomes apparent that it’s a missed opportunity – much like its musical sibling ‘Princess In China’.

Put simply, it’s missing an air of compelling and drags drearily. Sans the song’s flirt with falsetto at the start, there’s nothing vocally that sticks and the cut criminally cruises after the bridge rather than exploding in the way the preceding parts suggests it would.

It’s almost like cake mix that never made it into the oven; it boasts all the key ingredients   and tastes decent, but would ultimately satisfy more if heated up and allowed to rise into something more appealing. It’s undercooked.

Your thoughts?

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  1. KeKe February 24, 2015


    • Navi Kiss Kiss February 24, 2015

      King David stanning for it on twitter.

      • Bey Supreme February 24, 2015

        But will the charts? I doubt it. This album is ganna flap.

    • Eris February 24, 2015

      Her lips looks huge here, her forehead well (titanic re surfaced ) that song sounds like I’ve heard it before nothing new frankly this song would peak at 17 at best on the hot 100 just bcos it’s Rihanna it would peak at 98 if it were a Ciara song tho

      • Faf February 24, 2015

        And ci would get her coins for writing it #smartbitch

      • rosy February 24, 2015

        How the fuvk u know don’t worry about rih b**** u haters can’t even give bey a number one but u come on here hating rih accomplishments gtfoh dry p**** gal

    • You tried February 24, 2015


    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* February 24, 2015

      I have chills. Rihanna is here to sl/tay.

      • Its Cheryl 2Bh February 24, 2015

        You have chills? Close your legs girl.

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* February 24, 2015

        I said what I said and I stand by it. This song is phenomenal. You fagggs can burn like you’re supposed to.

    • metzo February 24, 2015

      Nice song. Reminds me of princess of China, which I loved

      • truth (icki is OVA honey! THEPINKSHIT Flippidy flipidy FLOP!!! February 24, 2015

        Honey, wtf did i just listen to???? 😐

  2. DEL BEY February 24, 2015

    #R8 is here

    • Bey Supreme February 24, 2015

      Admin: Spam links will not be accepted.

      • Loyal 2 Breezy February 24, 2015

        Oh Riwhore! You’re still trying to deep after Four Five Second Place flopped? Girl go back to what you know and be the pop tart that you are. You are nobody’s Tracy Chapman boo boo.

    • Eris February 24, 2015

      girl Pls let’s stick to our own fan base, these narcissistic navy stans would’ve be dragging Bey just cos, so seriously don’t throw them a bone, besides the song isn’t that good, Rihanna can do way better, i need me some S&M and Te amo, Russia roulette kinda songs basically all the songs from Rated R her best era yet, Loud was well too Loud and the other 19 albums she’s released are a bore

      • Lana Tropicana February 24, 2015

        Seven albums and only one number one. The shame.

      • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

        It’s true certain members of the Navy would have already began dragging bey if she dropped a new song, but obviously the HIVE is the wiser stan base, we don’t display bitterness and sourness as much as other stan bases, thats why bey is still queen, because we don’t waste our energy arguing with peasants.. (for the most part)

      • Eris February 24, 2015

        @Del Bey I feel u sweetheart, however that ( I stan(d) for noTalent kid would beg to differ ) that little imbecile is the most delusional 8 year old I’ve ever encountered…. also how’s ur Blog going sweetheart, i wish I could check it out

      • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

        It’s so true @Eris, I Stand is probably actually 8 and I shouldn’t waste any more time of ‘it’, and thanks for asking boo, I’m not happy I can’t post the link any more but what am I to do, it’s going okay though, I’m currently writing a piece on this song, check it out if you can after wards..

  3. KeKe February 24, 2015

    Wtf Riri girl you tryna put me in icu like wtf!!!
    Imma need to buy a new wig to hide the damage you did to my edges!!! #R8 im sooo ready for you

    • Chile, did you see Annaliese tale that wig and makeup off? Gurl, i was too scared!!! February 24, 2015

      You gonna need a new wig? Chile, I’ll need a new damn scalp. This song pulled my edges out and when it charts higher than Ciara’s current expected failure, they won’t grow back until her next era. Shoot, we both got it bad.

  4. DEL BEY February 24, 2015

    the song is cute, I need to listen to it a few times before making my judgements, but I can see this climbing up the charts easily, its giving me a coldplay vibe

    • KeKe February 24, 2015

      Exactly!! I immediately thought of that duet they did when i first listened

      • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

        Yesss Princess of China tttts, I see where Rhi is going this era, she’s going for the rock and roll sound, that indie vibe, is there anything she cant make look good?

    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015


    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

      WHATS THE UPDATE . WORDPRESS. COM – Check out my review on the track!!!

  5. KeKe February 24, 2015

    Sam stay salty you dysfunctional bottom i bet you mad that u didn’t score a press pass for the brit awards

    • Chaka Yonce February 24, 2015

      And how would you know that?

    • Eris February 24, 2015

      bleachRi Is so mediocre, how is she relevant and Keri and Cici aren’t? i mean she ain’t prettier than any of them

  6. Bitchplease February 24, 2015

    Nice one. #R8 😉

  7. BeyIsKing February 24, 2015

    Well, Ms. Fenty that’s how it’s done. That chorus is everything….

    • Eris February 24, 2015

      RIHANNA is bleaching ,also this song would peak at 17

  8. BeyIsKing February 24, 2015

    A possible chart topper that is not an easily disposable pop song…not even I being in the Hive can hate. She did good on this one

    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

      Agreed, we as members of the HIVE know when to give credit where its due, rhi sounds fresh on this, it will no doubt become a hit

      • BeyIsKing February 24, 2015

        Exactly…she’s done good this time. It’s undeniable

    • Bosslady February 24, 2015

      I appreciate your maturity…you’re one of the few on here who’s honest.

      • Rated R February 24, 2015

        Positivity , Can We BeyHive and the Navy come together.

    • caribbean native February 24, 2015

      Dont jinx it with ya hive voodoo b****….

  9. NavyCommander February 24, 2015

    I hate it,i wanted a ratchet p**** popper anthem

  10. chris February 24, 2015

    We’ve heard this before with the Coldplay collab. I know she is trying to show growth now but this isn’t original. I hope she has more ‘urban’ tracks on her new album.

  11. Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

    ummmmm, I’ll pass. Me and my best friend just literally listened to BBC premiere this mess a few minutes ago! I see the direction she’s trying to go in, but just comes off as pretentious. Some parts of the song is cute. Others….. are not! The vocals are…..hers! I don’t see her selling well unless she gets back to the generic cheap hits her fans love.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

      Prismatic, we get it. You do not like Rihanna… Now chill the song was good and rihanna never had a “generic” song or single nor has she sold bubblegum pop. Stop hating and give the credit where it’s due

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        I don’t have to give credit if I don’t like it. Tf you’re talking about, I’m not going to be fake. Rihanna’s music is fast microwaved urban bubble gum pop. I’m sure that’s why the grammys never really recognize her “hits”

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

        That makes no sense, Prismatic.

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        Well that’s your problem slayriah.

      • Chaka Yonce February 24, 2015

        Don’t speak for the Hive b****. YOU are not our ambassador ok? The song is shittier than a fat b****** toilet after an all you can eat buffet at taco bell. Don’t you ever speak for me.

    • KeKe February 24, 2015

      So you went out of your way to listen to a british radio station when you are all the way in NY?

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

        Right… He’s obsessed with Rihanna

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        B**** it is 2015 and my best friend has a SMART PHONE with internet service!! It is possible to listen to anything you want now-a-days smmfh kiii He ran in here and woke me up to listen to it because he is a fan! We didn’t like it.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

        Lmao. You’re the supreme rihanna hater and you woke up because you wanted to listen to rihannas new song? #UndercoverStanAlert

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        Clearly you missed the part when I said “He ran in here and woke me up!” with that loud ass yodeling in that song! I’d never stan for her. I don’t buy her s***! You’re starting to give me LB vibes.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

        You’ve been giving me Tyler, Noami, Prismatic, Digger Bey, etc…

    • Rihboy February 24, 2015

      Why you mad!!! Because her song will poppers better than 50 flop of Greys crazy in flops?

  12. gilbert February 24, 2015

    only listened to it halfway. i must say it sounds interesting. not a fan of her but looking forward to what she has to offer with #R8

    • Lake Erie February 24, 2015

      Me 2!

      • Eris February 24, 2015

        she’s also bleaching her damn skin never forget that, that’s the most important ring here people

  13. Lake Erie February 24, 2015

    It’s a nice song. I like it. Different.

  14. K February 24, 2015

    Riri doing her thing.

  15. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

    I like it! It’s better than most of the songs out now

  16. gilbert February 24, 2015

    OKAY! i’m gonna admit it. this is really embarrassing coming from a member of the Hive but i must say.. i kindda missed riri. YES I SAID IT! Hive don’t attack me lol it’s refreshing to hear her again. cos lets be real, as much as we hate her, the girl has some serious catchy tunes :p

    • Skyfall February 24, 2015

      lol, don’t be embarrassed

  17. trellbeylike February 24, 2015

    I can dig this!!! This a great song for the movie. Im so ready for my rih bops!

  18. Eris February 24, 2015

    sounds very Kesha to me, Rihanna is Bleaching and honey perm that hair, that kitchen is nappy as f*** and I can see ur track falling out girl

  19. Unbiased February 24, 2015

    I’m sorry, but I can’t help imagining Chris Martin singing this ten times better. I like it, but damn I hate when artists try to imitate the demos. Whitney didn’t write, but she always made arrangements so it would sound like her.

    • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

      Yesssss. Rihanna imitates her demos a lot. She sounded exactly like Sia on diamonds. It just comes off as phony to me.

      • RihHive February 24, 2015

        Why change something if its already perfect? You cant hate on Sia. She wrote the f*** outa Diamonds and Rihanna delivered it just like it was envisioned. I wish Beyonce would have given us Pretty Hurts as Sia envisioned it. I still think Pretty Hurts is one of the greatest songs of the decade.. If only it had gotten the proper treatment the world would have appreciated it more. Moreover, with the success of Diamonds Sia took that same blueprint and wrote herself Chandelier and even gave us some Rihanna-esk twangs and diction.

    • Faf February 24, 2015

      She’s starting too high sounds strainey

  20. Cake like Lady GaGa February 24, 2015

    Its a nice song. I see it going to #1 on the BB100

    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

      to bad gaga will probably never see a number one again

  21. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

    Sam, the song is fine the way it is. There is nothing wrong with it and it doesn’t need overdone theatrics. Less is more Sam. The song is really catchy, the melody is stuck in my head already, perfect song for fhe kids movie

  22. Fantasia Slayrino February 24, 2015

    This girl hasn’t got an original bone in her body besides the type that goes nto her v*****. Yeah I said it! What is her sound? She hasn’t got one.

    • RihHive February 24, 2015

      She actually has one of the most unique sounds in the industry… Who else sounds like Rihanna out there? I’ll wait…

      • Faf February 24, 2015

        Sia or whoever writes her song
        She sounded like the dream on all the songs he wrote

  23. ENOUGH ONIKA February 24, 2015

    Yah no…I’d rather take Beyonce’s “Standing On The Sun.” I’ll admit, the engineer did a nice job cleaning up those vocals to hit those high notes though!

    • Molly February 24, 2015

      Lmao messy b****

  24. Ciara the Flop February 24, 2015

    Rihanna is all about reinvention and innovation in this new music era, and I am here for that. Go, Rih Rih!!!

  25. 내가 제일 잘 나가 February 24, 2015

    Omfg this song gives me goosebumps

    • Bey Bey King February 24, 2015

      No sweetie, that’s h*****.

      • DEL BEY February 24, 2015


  26. 내가 제일 잘 나가 February 24, 2015

    Rihanna at this point: 내가 제일 잘 나가

  27. Stephy. February 24, 2015

    She reminds me so much Madonna. She just re-invents herself every era. Great song.

  28. Molly February 24, 2015

    It’s cute.. That chorus is everything tbh.

  29. Skyfall February 24, 2015

    I love it, it’s gives me so much life.. I can see this on the Home soundtrack. Shoutout to the hive for being supportive and not shady.

  30. No February 24, 2015

    You guys don’t know the definition of Innovation. Coldplay and Imagine Dragons are already doing music like this. Rih is generic, and just sings what writers give her.

    • KeKe February 24, 2015

      I see you unbiased

      • KeKe February 24, 2015

        And not you talking about Imagine dragons when all they have become are sell outs

    • Skyfall February 24, 2015

      Ok and gas she ever claimed to be an songwriter like some. She is a pop star (Britney, Madonna) who said it was innovative? But pressed souls it’s simply good music and that’s that.

  31. Molly February 24, 2015

    Lmao when isn’t Shit_Hive pressed?

    • Sherry February 24, 2015

      Miss girl is always perched in Rih posts. She couldn’t wait for new music.

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        I’m perched in whatever MF post I want to perch in and yaaaass girl I’m such a fan I couldn’t wait to click that free download link because she will never get my coins! *sarcasm* *rolls eyes*

      • Molly February 24, 2015

        Lol right hun, shout out to the mature hive members like DelBey.

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        Lol He’s mature because he likes the song and has a different opinion than me? kii I wish you h*** would understand that we ALL have different opinions. Besides, He has a blog he’s trying to promote. 😉

      • Molly February 24, 2015

        He’s mature cause he can give credit and isn’t hating on the same chick 24/7 like yourself. #GetItTogetherShitFace

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        I just gave credit to Ciara the other day though! kii I can and have given credit several time before. If I don’t like something. I don’t like it b****! I’ve never been fake! Never will be! The nerve of you to call someone else mature but call me ShitFace. kii
        Such a pressed little pup! Last bone imma toss your way! 😉 BYE!

      • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

        Yassss give me that free promo… just finished my article on the song, take a look queens.. WHATS THE UPDATE DOT WORDPRESS DOT COM… Xx

    • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

      B**** you know how to skip over my comments, but you’re so pressed you had to address me, huh? I haven’t dragged Ciara yet b**** but don’t try it!

      • Molly February 24, 2015

        H** please you’re such a salty b****.. Just admit the song is good and go on with your low budget ass life.

        Oh and also b**** you have no reason to come for Cici because im not addressing Thotyonce im addressing you.

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        I’m salty because I’m not a fake ass kissing bipolar b**** like you?! The song is TRASH in my OPINION. I don’t like it, so there for I’m not going to be fake hun! LMAOOO Also I’ve said nothing but nice things about Ciara’s new music. So no I am not always salty. You’re just a pressed bothered b****! *adds you to the list* 😀

      • Molly February 24, 2015

        Fake??? Never that b****, Just cause I can give a b**** credit unlike your b**** ass you wanna call me fake? kiii

        And death at you saying you’ve been saying nothing but nice things about Ciara, B**** WHEN? You at one point were Ciaras biggest hater calling her all types of names so gtfoh with that bullsh!t.

      • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

        Honey I just gave Ciara credit the other day when the navy was attacking I Bet’s Bubbling under chart position! I used to drag her years ago because of YOU and her other trolling fans!
        You come off as VERY fake boo. One day you’re bashing Beyonce, the next day she’s talented. You’re not consistent and believable and I’ll never take your comments seriously, like I’m sure majority of people don’t. 😉

  32. Sherry February 24, 2015

    This is super! It’s a very nice soundtrack song and Rihanna is giving something different vocally. 2 thumbs up!!!

  33. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 24, 2015

    #GARBAGE (She will surely FLOP!)

  34. Diabetes UNBOTHERED February 24, 2015

    & she been looking DISGUSTING lately. maybe its all the BLEACH

  35. Monica Fan February 24, 2015

    This is basic. WTF is innovative about this? You throw this word around toooo lightly. But its better than 45 seconds.

  36. That’s all February 24, 2015

    I watched the movie Bird MAn and the character of the critic reminded me of Sam. One of these days Rihanna will run into him at a bar, where he sits “miserably” writing down negative things to say. That’s when she will walk up to him and read for filth and remind him of how being a critic is the bottom of the creative pool.

  37. The Rudest B**** February 24, 2015

    The only people who think this is innovative are people with limited musical knowledge. Ok? Do you understand me? The song is a basic version of what Coldplay have been doing for years. Madonna and Janet used writers too but they clearly directed their sound and look for their eras, Rihanna is a puppett who puts on gimmicks like she puts on makeup before she goes out to eat with Melissa Da Gorilla and Jen Chubbylumpkins Rosales.

    Anyway, excuse me as I listen to all five of Beyonces number one albums. How many does Riwhore have again? Only one? Oh no. The struggle to compete is AUTHENTIC! Unlike her. Ha ha. Yeah, i’m so rude.

  38. sunblind February 24, 2015

    snore @sam. same old?!? got nothing better. and you can’t even bake a cake. and it’s not bad of a song. i hear some #X potential. seriously borrowed tunage of that china thing for real tho. green thingy. you gotta recycle.

  39. Beysus February 24, 2015

    Lol NEXT!!!!

  40. Skyfall February 24, 2015

    Slay_Hive you are so pressed it’s ridicouls. B**** instead of trolling TGJ hating on Rihanna go and get your damn GED so you know how to “WRITE” sell or sale accordingly. This song is great, Rihanna has already proven her vocal ability numerous times over the years. So your constant bagering of Rihanna is redundant. Your own hive can acknowledge this is a great tune, put since you’re so far up Beyonces ass or should I say Katy Perry you can’t see that.

    • Molly February 24, 2015

      Read ha!!!

    • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

      LMAOOOOOO I’m so pressed yet you’ve dedicated an entire essay to ME?! I don’t need to get a GED when I have a High School Diploma b****. Miss me with the stale sell/sale reads! Instead of being so worried about my MF opinions, how about you enjoy your fave’s music and not put so much concern into what I have to say about it. Because I mean what I said! I don’t like the song, it is trash to me! I don’t represent the Hive and neither do they represent me. We are entitled to our own opinions boo!

      *Adds you to the LONG list of hating ass b******* *chuckles*

  41. LB February 24, 2015

    SOMEONE HOLD ME. This is Rihanna’s Ray of Light moment.

    Blondie, you seeing this s***, I my heart.

    Mark111, you here, you seeing this, right before my eyes, Rihanna delivering a masterpiece.

    Yassssssssssss, Skyfall, Blue, Slayriah, anybody, hold me

    • Molly February 24, 2015

      You’re so extra b**** shut up!

    • RICHIE_RICH February 24, 2015

      Girl too much

    • Skyfall February 24, 2015


    • Suicide Blonde February 24, 2015

      I was thinking about that, R8 would probably be a masterpiece, it will leave Rated R in the dust.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

      *fans LB*

      The tune is so good that it got prismatic waking up in the morning to listen and seethe. Poor thing.

    • TheElusiveLamb February 24, 2015


    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

      The song is cute sis, giving me coldplay bonus track teass tho

  42. jlove February 24, 2015

    I love it r8 go baby
    I can’t wait to hear jlo song too…..
    R8 and jlo my favorites

  43. jlove February 24, 2015

    Love riri

  44. Naomi February 24, 2015

    This songs is milesss better than that awful Four Five Mess. Its cute nothing more or less.

  45. RICHIE_RICH February 24, 2015

    Cute RiRi

  46. Beysus February 24, 2015

    I suppose she’ll release her next single on the 24th of March then… I bet she’ll drag out R8 for the whole year since she can’t pull a BEYONCE…

  47. Eloviano February 24, 2015

    I don’t like it.

  48. RICHIE_RICH February 24, 2015

    Read Slay_Hive …….

    • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

      Yess I’m sick of these b****** coming for me! I will send yo ass back wigless! I’m bout that life for real! LMAO

      • RICHIE_RICH February 24, 2015

        Us ATL b!tches Knock the girls since we so ghetto. Run up!!!!!!!!

  49. Suicide Blonde February 24, 2015

    She’s all about the music this era, i see her getting critical acclaim and taking home album of the year at the Grammys.

    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

      If Bey didn’t not sure rhi can, she can prove me wrong though

      • XYZ February 25, 2015

        Bey’s Album wasn’t bad, but is was no Album of the year material either…I mean, I liked that Album, but you don’t really believed that she’d receive the grammy for those ratchet Songs, didn’t you?

  50. Prismatic Returns February 24, 2015

    You better go innn Slay_Hive. Yaaaaaaas wigs have been snatched and basic b****** put into their places. God is good.*in my Whitney Houston voice*

    I’m not feeling the song. She came off as basic, try hard and dare I say RIHDUCTIVE. It just sounds unfinished. But I must say it’s better than 45S.

    I hate it when artists step off their lanes. Stick to your lane, she’s alienating her core fan base with these type of songs.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

      Prismatic returns? B**** you never left, you just let slay hive troll then you switch it up when slay hive gets dragged too much

      • Skyfall February 24, 2015


      • LB February 24, 2015


    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

      hunny, take a rest

  51. Barb Wire February 24, 2015

    Rih gurl I love you but I’m not feeling this. Sounds like a Coldplay rihject. You can do better than this. Bring me a club banger not this cheesy mess.

    • blue February 24, 2015

      this is exactly why she is doing music like this right now…you people have put her in a little box and she doesnt want that.

  52. Bosslady February 24, 2015

    I love it!

  53. The Bajan Princess February 24, 2015

    Slay Hive is Rihs biggest fan!!!! That heaux was PERCHED for the world premiere before the Navy was! Kiii!!

    • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

      Slay Hive all on they mouth like like like like liqka!!! 😀 😀 😀

  54. hmmm February 24, 2015

    The thing about rihanna is that all of her music are growers. Maybe this song will get better but I think it’s extremely boring.

    When you come back from a hiatus, you are supposed to come HART!!! Her comeback hasn’t been explosive like it should have.

  55. NayvOrDie February 24, 2015

    Noooooooooo Rihanna noooooooooo. I don’t like it. I feel like Rih has yet to release a song that truly shows what #R8 will be about.

    • blue February 24, 2015

      or you simply refuse to see the direction she is heading because it doesnt agree with the image of her you have in your head…anyway this is for the Home soundtrack.

  56. ^^^ February 24, 2015

    There is something missing from it. Maybe a feature??

  57. The Beysus Impact February 24, 2015

    It’s basically a Coldplay/Ellie Goulding reject. Lol she’ll never hit those high notes live!!! :’)

    • blue February 24, 2015

      wasnt that what you said about her performaning FFS and yet there she was sounding better than ever…

      Lol u should watch what you say


  58. umm February 24, 2015

    The song is just OKAY. A just okay is not a good move following fourfiveflops. I was rooting for her too. But her comeback is meh.

    • The Bajan Princess February 24, 2015

      It’s not from #R8 it’s from a kiddie movie idiot

      • umm February 24, 2015

        Who said anything about R8??? It’s a part of her legacy nonetheless. It still contributes to her brand does it not?? #SitDeFawkDown

  59. The Beysus Impact February 24, 2015

    First a Dolly Parton reject, then she dresses up as FKA Twigs, now this Coldplay/Ellie Goulding reject. Slay b****!

    • ^^^ February 24, 2015

      She was unsure of what gimmick she wanted to have this era so she thought “WHY NOT THEM ALL!!!!”

      • KeKe February 24, 2015

        Why you gotta comment under multiple names?

  60. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

    If Rihanna released a “generic ratchet bubblegum pop” song then she would be following trends, no originality, has no creative control over her career or music.

    If she released something new (for her—which she did) then she would be still unoriginal and won’t make an impact because she’s not using the same formula.

    Some of the HIVE are so pressed! Just because Beyonce’s self titled died down and her singles are fighting for which one can collect more dust doesn’t mean Rihanna is going to flop with her efforts

    • Naomi February 24, 2015

      Um Beyonce has two platinum and a gold singles by literally paying them dust try again.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

        How many records did she SELL again

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 24, 2015

        Your grammar is horrible btw. Geez!!! It’s not even a unique writing style like the others. LOL. And please explain “paying them dust” because if you’re talking about 9/11, it had a music video out in less than 2 weeks after its release. A music video is promo; its the usual stuff, so I don’t get it when you say she paid it dust. Death at “literally.” That was clearly a lie. You’re the only flea who still says that. Schooling your stupid ass is tiring. Stop making it easy for me. 😆

      • Naomi February 24, 2015

        @I Stan(d) who the f**** was talking to you and why are you so obsessed with grammar when yours remains terrible. Is that the only drag you can think of? A music video and THATS IT? Lol. Bye.

        @Blue I don’t know, probably around 6 million why does it matter? You tried to shade her singles and failed.

      • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

        Exactly 5-6 million records, now how much did UNA sell?

        When you come back there’s a seat over there waiting for you ————–>>>>> _/

    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

      no b****, I hope you’re predictions are as reliable as accuweather, because if R8 doesn’t sell at the rate ‘Beyonce’ did, you’ll be picking up your 99c edges from the ground

  61. Prismatic Returns February 24, 2015

    The only Blue Ivy I acknowledge is Beyoncé and Jay Z’s child.

    I don’t know who you are or what makes you think you have a right to converse with me.

    Make a reservation before coming for me next time sweetheart. I’m not the one.

  62. 내가 제일 잘 나가 February 24, 2015

    This is from the home sound track

  63. RihHive February 24, 2015


  64. let’s be real February 24, 2015

    I am HIVE till the death of me lol but this is nice I can see myself doing my stretching excercises or yoga to this song its very tribal and relaxing.i can see it being a #1 hit kids especially are it.

    • Tyler February 24, 2015

      Forreal? Lol

  65. StarXavi February 24, 2015

    This is a super cute song for a movie soundtrack. I love it. Cant wait for the album!

  66. RICHIE_RICH February 24, 2015

    The kids be pressed by my sister SLAY_HIVE

    • Slay_Hive February 24, 2015

      Gurl They are! Is it that hard to ignore my comments? Because I’m gonna say what I want to say regardless. lmao

      • RICHIE_RICH February 24, 2015

        Pay them child

  67. kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

    I just can’t get into this I’m sorry I just can’t I don’t like it at all. I’m not a fan but come on Rih

  68. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 24, 2015

    I like it. It’s fantastic. This song will do well on the charts. Even the hate mongrels love it and are so humble.
    And not Slay_hive aka Prismatic aka Prismatic returns (I still remember that email avi) continuously being dragged. The super fág has been dragged all weekend and even throughout this week it’s still happening. Not even its fellow fatherless fleahive could save it.
    That read from KeKe about that thing listening to British radio was everything. Clearly it heard about its debut on radio and it ran to listen. That smartphone bullshît excuse had me ROTF. 😆

  69. kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

    Yup second listen and still does nothing for me

  70. TheElusiveLamb February 24, 2015

    I love this! This puts you in the mind of Coldplay and a mixture of her earlier work. I’m actually mad that this is just for the movie. It should be the second follow up single.

  71. Tyler February 24, 2015

    Sounds like a Willow Smith track…makes sense since it’s for “Home”, I guess. Either way, I don’t like this or “FourFiveSeconds” but to each his own ha!

  72. FutureCIARA February 24, 2015

    Better!……. (Claps, Slowly)

  73. Tyler February 24, 2015

    @Blue Rodriguez
    Where’s Slayriah at? You two STAY rocking matching avi’s…So I’m quite sure u know.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 24, 2015

      Where’s BeyxMaraj and Minajesty (Believe in your Queendom) hmmm? LOL!!! The nerve of you accusing anyone of trolling when you use multiple emails accounts just like your fellow fatherless fleahive. BIR has always had you Babidi stans pressedt, thus the lies and the fake claims. Only people who get dragged i.e. you and Slay_hive aka Prismatic aka Prismatic Returns. Y’all are pathetic and need psychiatric evaluation. 😆

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 24, 2015

        Only people who get dragged….. are those you use multiple accounts under different names.

      • Naomi February 24, 2015

        Yes @ TeamTinashe you would know that wouldn’t you?

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 24, 2015

        I’m also BeyOra, Ciara the r&b princess and Hives are scared of R8 right? LMFAO!!! Bîtch staaaaahp!!! 😆

      • Naomi February 24, 2015

        Glad you can admit it

  74. Rosy February 24, 2015

    I like this. It’s definitely from the Home soundtrack.Im getting a 90s rock vibe from it,cool. It’s refreshing,emotional and deep.Are the haters really saying she should release a RATCHET or Edm track??? Wtf Navy pay them dust. Rihanna picked the right songs

    • Rosy February 24, 2015

      I like how unpredictable this era is.Im Ready and got my wig glued!! HAters can stay mad and jealous.

  75. RealTalk101 February 24, 2015

    Cute song. Personally I gotta rock wit the new Tamia song over this one.

  76. HYISI February 24, 2015

    Damn shame what passes off as music these days.Be it Rihanna or Beyoncé,music sucks so much now. This song is okay nothing more,vocal game still on 2,kinda cute chorus but repetitive,overall just another mediocre song to hold over her fans. All this reinvention stuff is for the birds,if you’re going to copy madge at least have quality music like she did when she changed her looks and sounds from era from era.Again meh

    • Barb-wire February 24, 2015

      Lol Hater

  77. RihYonce February 24, 2015

    Yaaaas Rih Rih !!! I’m loving this !! Im so ready for #R8 it’s your turn now baby !!

  78. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “All Hands On Deck” Has Been Announced ) February 24, 2015

    Sam I was just saying that the song sounds closely to “Princess In China” but it’s not bad.
    If she keeps this up than I have to turn into my HIGH CRITICAL review personality lol. Which means Rihanna is on her way to making an album that from top to bottom flows consistently with the sound of the album like the Janet’s, Aaliyah’s and Usher’s. In my opinion, she has yet to make an album like that and this one could be IT.

  79. Rosy February 24, 2015

    The second verse is everything!I cant stop listening to this, she is slaying me.

  80. Paulo February 24, 2015

    for once, I kinda get where Sam’s hating ass is coming from… I’m not feeling the StarGate meets Coldplay production. the drum arrangement and production is not hot at all and it kinda drains the song. oooh well… *plays 45S again*

  81. #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 24, 2015

    It’s better than FourFiveHead but it’s still a flop and she sings like she has nutt in her thro….oops. FLOP

    • DEL BEY February 24, 2015

      I bet it will start higher than any ciara single in the last 5 years, besides wasn’t cedric born able to nut?

  82. Barb-wire February 24, 2015

    Yep! She’s back.

  83. quetta February 24, 2015

    I don’t like it. The chorus is nice though.

  84. LB February 24, 2015




    Rihanna, how dare you slay me like this, I wish you gave me a warning instead of dropping this bombshell on me.

    *closes laptop from ER where my scalp, and skull is getting stitched up and mended from the scalping, cracking and slaying*


    • Rosy February 24, 2015

      She is slaying me lmaoooo its f****** epic.I know

      • LB February 24, 2015

        Gurl, epic is an understatement…my wife has grown up…slay Riri

  85. Naomi February 24, 2015

    Why is ‘I stand for talent’ so obsessed with calling out peoples grammar like it has a PHD is English or something? Its a blog aka an informal environment where perfect grammar is not the priority. Until yours is perfect I’d advise you to find a new drag. Is that the only drag along with accusing people of trolling you can think of? You can have seat. Its pretty obvious you and the Tinashit stan are the same person with those lame drags and smiley faces at the end of each comment. Go back to your basement and try again.

  86. LB February 24, 2015

    This song is so good its got the hive seething up and down this post LMAO. Instead of hating on this magnificent masterpiece, go twerk to 7/11, those ratchet incoherent ghetto slum anthems are more your lane. Off you go, run along now

  87. kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

    Idk think this is the sound she is going for with R8. I mean I think 45s was originally suppose to be on Kayne’s album and remember last year Rihanna’s cousin said that R8 was gonna be urban unless she scrapped it I mean hmm idk

  88. LB February 24, 2015

    It’s on iTunes, someone hold me…..I am not ready…..getting ready for HQ….yaassssss

    • Skyfall February 24, 2015


  89. hives scared of R8 February 24, 2015

    I cant at gay_hive and gaylor getting pissed that other fleas are loving the f*** out of this song lmaoooo Yes!!! delbey and gilbert,you better stan! I’ve noticed the usually fleas and z-squads are hating. How can you come for Rihanna when your t***** favs have released nothing but basic generic material??
    “9/11” and “I bet this will flop”
    what kind of repetitive generic mess is this??!!!

  90. Skyfall February 24, 2015

    Of course most of you close minded fools wouldn’t like it, not because its Rihanna but because your limited when it comes to music. this song is great especially for a children’s soundtrack. You don’t have like it obviously But I kbiw a lot you don’t like it because it’s Rihanna and not because the song is bad because it isn’t. Then again the same people hating this and FourFiveSeconds were praising 7/11, and those anthems by Chris Brown & Tyga.

    • hives scared of R8 February 24, 2015


  91. LB February 24, 2015

    Just bought it…OMG it sounds so good in HQ….Imma finna get kicked out tonight, blasting this like crazy

  92. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

    It’s funny that Prismatic believes he’s his own person. Slay hive/prismatic needs help but first he has to get his phonics game up. He can’t fill out the application unless he understands the material.


    • LB February 24, 2015

      Girl, that person lives through Beyonce so much he decided to create Sasha Fierce ala Prismatic, sick

  93. LB February 24, 2015

    No doubt about it, #R8 will be better than Rated R

    • Cough Cough February 24, 2015

      Girl ur only saying that because ur a biased RIHANNA STAN. Still waiting to be wowed, and this is coming from a casual fan who doesn’t worship every single thing she does

      • LB February 24, 2015


  94. Cough Cough February 24, 2015

    It’s decent but not anything to run home and tell anybody about. She doesn’t put her stamp of personality in it. She literally sang it straight the whole time from the beginning to end. It’s boriNg. Where is the personality in it? Anyone could sing this song and sing it better. Oh well.

  95. LB February 24, 2015

    “we’re gonna run we’re gonna run”…..aaahhhhhhh RIHANNA!!!!!

    Not Rihanna making me queen out for her right now.

    You have to listen to this in HQ, AMAZING!!!

    • Rosy February 24, 2015

      Its so much better than Diamonds.I can picture the music video in my head..The GP will eat this up!

      • LB February 24, 2015

        Yasss it is so much better than Diamonds, I agree

  96. Prismatic (the REAL one) February 24, 2015

    I love it! It’s a very different sound for Rihanna. I wish she would utilize her lower register more often that’s where she seems most comfortable. I can’t wait to take my little niece to see the movie, it seems cute. Go rih!

    • LB February 24, 2015


    • Prismatic (the REAL one) February 24, 2015

      Hon I’ve been “Prismatic” since Katy revealed her album title 2 years ago. There have been MANY but there is only one original. I’m a big Rihanna fan!!!!

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 24, 2015

        Yes Slay_hive, we believe you. 😆

  97. DEL BEY February 24, 2015

    new article on the song, check it out, click, like, share…

    whats the update (dot) wordpress (dot) com

  98. Brandys Starr February 24, 2015

    The song is ok. Sounds like a Coldplay reject. This would have done better as her lead but I heard its for the Home Soundtrack though not her actual album. Is that true?

    • Prismatic (the REAL one) February 24, 2015

      You can’t read like your fav can’t drive lol

  99. Skyfall February 24, 2015

    I purchased as well, I honestly don’t know which album will be better. The soundtrack or #R8

    • LB February 24, 2015

      Gurl I am getting both, even the coloring book

      • Skyfall February 24, 2015

        Lol. I can’t wait to go see it in the movies.

  100. Joe February 24, 2015

    Rihanna not write none of songs what she sing and not producet.. so she is superstar because she sing other producet writen songs!!! we all can sing karaoke dear…

  101. Choupette February 24, 2015

    A decade in, 7 albums later and no quality record to her name(all she has are cheap disposable singles). Rih has to bring it this time around but I’m not feeling the direction this album is taking. Like one commentator said, she should be careful not to alienate her core fan base. The one that know her due to her catchy tunes. She has to know she can produce a quality product without going off the rails. Listening to this song, 45S & her image this era. I feel like she’s lost,and confusing her audience in the process. Here’s hoping her team knows what they’re doing, create a quality record without losing sales/fans in the process.

    • Skyfall February 24, 2015

      You do release that this isn’t for her album but the Home soundtrack which will have a different sound than R8. She isn’t lost she knows exactly what she’s doing, and deaths at you saying she hasn’t released any quality records be said her discography says otherwise.

      • Skyfall February 24, 2015


      • Skyfall February 24, 2015


  102. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 24, 2015

    “Prismatic (the REAL one) ” ➡ *DEAD* How many email accounts does this fág have? nkgbvctxsd!!! Gawd!!! 😆

  103. LB February 24, 2015

    Composers: Tiago Carvalho, Gary Baker & robyn fenty

    • Paulo February 24, 2015

      yasssss @ Tiago Carvalho, whoever he is lol

  104. Sam February 24, 2015

    She’s not playing this era!!! She’s coming out with something different with both single’s and it’s worked. Only Rihanna could do this, changing it up instead of all the same crap on radio!! Respect to Rihanna!!!!

  105. Love Life February 24, 2015

    She needs to stop mixing people up and decide whether shes promoting her album or the film otherwise there will not be a cohesive feel to her era and direction. One moment she is Dolly Parton, the next shes the female Chris Martin With that said the song is decent but nothing authentic. Its clear she is taking notes from people like Ellie Goulding who is slaying with her sound.

    • Skyfall February 24, 2015

      Honey the movie comes out next month so of course she’s about to build hype around the soundtrack. Anyone with a brain will see that the song is from the soundtrack and not her album which isn’t complete yet. She will do just find this era and you will continue to seethe.

      • Love Life February 24, 2015

        So what was the purpose of releasing FFS?

    • blue February 24, 2015

      are you saying that ellie is stealing coldplay’s sound? Or that this song sounds like an ellie reject?

      • Love Life February 24, 2015

        I am saying its an Ellie crossed with Coldplay sound. I didn’t think it was that hard to work out.

  106. BossB*tchBeyoncé February 24, 2015

    F***!! It looks like Rih is gonna slay this era!! Good for her & the navy!!

  107. blue February 24, 2015

    this girl is about to change the face of pop music once again…every pop girl better take notes

    • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

      LOL! Stans are so entertaining to me.

  108. Love Life February 24, 2015

    How did she change it the first time?

    • blue February 24, 2015

      dance music, then the current dubstep era

      • Love Life February 24, 2015

        You think Rihanna was responsible for that!? Delusion. You need to be more musically aware sweety.

      • blue February 24, 2015

        which mainstream artist was doing dance music and being successful with it first?

        Which pop girl had put dubstep into her music before it took off and is credit with being the the first mainstream artist to do so?

      • Love Life February 24, 2015

        Are you seriously asking that? Honey. I suggest you do some real in depth research before coming across ignorant and start with Kylie Minogue and Madonna. And Dubstep? Dubstep remixes were popular before Rihanna jumped on the bandwagon. Your ignorance is so cute though.

  109. Cough Cough February 24, 2015

    You a navy STAN is delusional and trying to
    And fetch happen when they say THIS is so much better than “diamonds”. You crayCray!!!!!

    • Cough Cough February 24, 2015

      ***to make fetch happen

  110. Prismatic Returns February 24, 2015

    Spot on @Choupette. This era looks very messy. One moment she’s releasing a song for her own album,the next for the home soundtrack. She’s confusing her fans and casual listener’s(like me). She has to know she can’t please both.

  111. Selenator February 24, 2015

    I love it! Rihanna is going with a new sound this album and I’m hear for it. I can see R8 collecting a few Grammys. This album is probably going to be mature. This is better than FourFive Seconds tbh. Slay Rih!

    • Love Life February 24, 2015

      @SKYFALL This is a prime example of what I was saying^^^^

      • Skyfall February 24, 2015


  112. Special Delivery February 24, 2015

    The Navy is REACHING. The song is cute with chart topping potential but death at masterpiece and changing the face of pop. *Cries*

    • blue February 24, 2015

      by changing the face of pop i just meant that she is doing something different to the table and if its successful the other girls a bound to incorporate it into their music too. Not farfetched, s.o.s and DSTM gave gaga a doorway so did her rated r era bring dubstep into the mainstream

      • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

        LMAOOO This sound has been popular years! Just because Rihanna is opening her ignorant fans eyes to it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done 100x before have a seat! All I have to do is pick up a Coldplay CD to appreciate this type of genre in its true rawness! So how exactly is it different? Different for her does not mean its different/changing pop. BYEE! And LOL at SOS (which is nothing more then a pop song) giving Gaga a doorway when Dance music has been popular since the 1970s. Delusions of the GRANDEUR!

      • blue February 24, 2015

        your hate blinds… I never said she created the genre all i said is that it was different for the type of artist she is, which is why i mentioned the other pop girls and not other musicians. Im talking about her doing something different among her peers.

        Dance music had faded and became a thing right about 2009 again and started populating the mainstream again, thanks in part to rihanna and gaga

      • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

        Is not hate its common sense. How is she changing the face of POP when this sound has been popular and commercial for ages!?? And what do ‘pop girls’ have to do with anything? Pop music consists of male, female and bands so what relevance is that? And are we going act like ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ didn’t happen? Baby Rihanna didn’t change anything and shes NOT changing anything again… she just released songs that became popular in those already popular genres please sit!

  113. Selenator February 24, 2015

    This song is refreshing, why on earth would you want a ratchet club banger/EDM song over this? Those falsettos in the beginning were everything

  114. kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

    @Blue Please stop with the delusions Rihanna didn’t change the game with no dance music and dubstep like seriously get educated.

    • blue February 24, 2015

      then tell me who did… I can at least say that sos and dstm came before everyone got into the dance craze and then she just drove it home with only girl and did a victory lap with wfl
      and yes she did dance not edm first but everything has a gateway

      but with dubstep who could take credit but rihanna

      • kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

        But gaga , Madonna etccc girl bye

      • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

        Toxic and Me Against the Music Though.

  115. kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

    Thinking Out Loud is also refreshing so please

  116. kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

    Anyways did y’all see Chris Brown’s new album sitting at #4 on iTunes lmaooo that n**** knows how to get that promo

  117. Choupette February 24, 2015

    @Skyfall I will need to listen to me very carefully.

    Rihanna’s discography isn’t all that. What quality record does Rihanna have??? Rated R??? Let me tell you something, that record is of quality to Rihanna’s standards. For someone who enjoys a viable prominent status and is considered one of the best this generation has to offer. It’s subpar.

    In fact it’s embarrassing that her “best material” was 7 year’s ago, follow up records focused on instant chart success(over saturation at that) and starved the public of truly outstanding music.

    She has yet to to make a record that will be her magnum opus. We know she’s limited as a vocalist and stage blazers. But with the right team, she can make that record.

    I will need you to come correct, unbiased and informed next time you click on my reply button. And another thing boo, me critiquing Rihanna doesn’t make me a hater as you implied. For once take your ass out of Rihanna’s ass as a stan and look at things with a level headed and matured mind.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 24, 2015

      I agree. If anything Rihanna´s best records are quality for Rihanna´s standards, not for respected music standards. Let´s be serious now and stop accepting mediocrity.

      • LB February 24, 2015

        LMAO But you like Artpop old man

      • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2015

        That was not the point. We are discussing Rihanna and how some of her fans are acting as if she has a memorable album in her catalogue or something LOL
        There are a couple of songs on Artpop that are better than any Rihanna song ever btw, not to mention Gaga had something to do with them (songwriting hello! lol)
        Also, maybe you are older than me. What makes you think I´m old? That I have got a taste? 🙂

  118. JOHNVIDAL February 24, 2015

    Is anybody seriously thinking this is epic or getting chills?? lol Damn the low standards some people have.
    It´s funny how people like Mariah and others who are supposed to have no voice anymore can outsing Rihanna any minute even now in 2015. Compare this autotuned cute song with Mariah´s autotuned song for Oz (“Almost Home”). It´s just… seriously some people satns for mediocrity nowadays. It´s kind of sad.

    • blue February 24, 2015

      b**** please rihanna could record the best song ever written and your hating ass would still hate it. Dont try to pass yourself off like some objective rational person when your hate has you so pressed that this song might actually do something.

      If you dont think the song is much that on you, but dont come with your hate trying to pass it off as enlightement

    • kika February 24, 2015

      F off you ugly pressed b****. You stan for boring, cheesy, pathetic, cringe-worthy, generic ballad flop ass singers like Pigriah Scary, S****** Flopson, Sleepline Dion with the most basic, repetotive, predictable music and generic dance crap artists like Daddy GayGay so your opinion is irrelevant. You act like you listen to some serious and quality music when most of your favs discography is critically panned especially Celine’s. She has never had a critically acclaimed album.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2015

        Nah… she only has an ALBUM OF THE YEAR to her name LOL
        You are so damn pathetic, like all the trolls in here. Celine has a voice, Rihanna doesn´t even have that.

  119. kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

    When I first heard 45seconds I said I only liked Rihanna’s part and Kayne was not needed. 45 seconds kinda gets boringfast but its wayyyyyyy better than this song. This post just show that the Navy was disappointed with 45 seconds from the start.

  120. kingbeybitch February 24, 2015

    Typed in my email wrong anyways above is me

  121. blue February 24, 2015

    s.o.s and dstm came before gaga and madonna hasnt been that big a factor since way before rihanna.

    • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

      Plays ‘Music’ by Madonna.

    • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

      Confessions of a Dance Floor album (2005)
      SOS (2006)

      Hung Up (Oct 2009)
      DSTM (Nov 09)

      And thats just an example using ONE artist.

      • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

        (Oct 05)*

    • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

      On a dancefloor*

  122. LB February 24, 2015

    “February 24, 2015 at 2:37 pm
    JOHNVIDAL says:


    I agree. If anything Rihanna´s best records are quality for Rihanna´s standards, not for respected music standards. Let´s be serious now and stop accepting mediocrity.

    Yes, everything Rihanna does paves in comparison to these tragic, but quality to this old troll, lyrics. Please occupy a seat next to Gaga’s career, which is over there in the abyss.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

      That must have been the worst Gaga song I’ve ever heard.

  123. LB February 24, 2015

    How does this old man, typing from the edge of his dentures, talk about mediocrity when he stans for the most mediocre artist in pop music today.

    What point of this tragedy comes off as quality, sound, impressive music? Just like your fav, you’re a joke. You come off as one of those bitter monsters living off the edge of yesteryear. Maybe if you actually purchased your fav’s horrible music, she wouldn’t have to cling to a dinosaur for relevancy

    • Paulo February 24, 2015

      Venus lyrics are only tepid if you can’t read all the double entendres into it. even though Artpop had some dumb ass lyrics, like Donatella, you’re self-dragging if you keep comparing GaGa’s lyrical game to Rihanna’s.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2015

      You are retarded LOL
      Gaga being praised to the high heavens and back by EVERYBODY this week must be making you go crazy.
      We were discussing Rihanna´s catalogue btw, nodody elses.

  124. Carlitos February 24, 2015

    I love her vocals on this. And I can see this song be grower. 🙂

  125. Special Delivery February 24, 2015

    @Blue. Are you also forgetting about ‘In The Zone’ album by Britney which featured ‘Toxic’

    • blue February 24, 2015

      b**** the dance craze came in 09, im sure people werent following in the footstep of a 4 year old album. Which is why dstm and its slayage in 08 is a better indicator of trend for 09

  126. Special Delivery February 24, 2015

    Honestly the list could go on. But I am not here to be too hard. But next time do some research before you display such STUPIDNESS. Dance-pop was popular in the 00s before Rihanna jumped on it. Honestly you sound worse than when the Navy claims the ‘bob’ hairstyle. She did not ‘change’ anything, just adhered to it (like always) And we can agree that this song is cute and chart baite but it aint no damn game changer either. *Plays Fix You*

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 24, 2015

      So does this count for Beyonces self titled that she took the surprise idea from someone else? So her changing the game is fAlse too?

      • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

        This discussion has nothing to do with Beyonce why can’t the Titanic stay on topic without letting that presstness show. But since you want to go there, her surprise album brought something to todays audience that other surprise albums didn’t (albums probably hadn’t even heard of before Beyonce released hers, don’t deny it) and you can see it in the follow up surge of surprise releases after Beyonces. Rihanna didn’t change anything about pop by using these genres. When it was people like Madonna, Britney and Kylie (and thats just out of the females) who already made it big. Same goes for dubstep and same goes for this Coldplay bonus track.

      • Tyler February 24, 2015

        Beyonce’s surprise albums was the first MAJOR SUCCESS. Evidently, she did “change the game”. Because everybody has associated surprise releases with “Pulling A Beyonce” since December 13, 2013.

      • Special Delivery February 24, 2015

        Tyler, why do these Rihtards have to make everything about Beyonce when their delusions get clocked? I wouldn’t mind but The hive have music journalists and industry experts backing up the claim with her surprise album, when has anyone ever said Rihanna changed the face of pop with a certain genres? No one. Because its pure delusion. The most they recognize is her change of wig.

      • blue February 24, 2015

        kylie has never been a factor in the usa, britney had toxic (great song) in like 04, yes madonna did dance but was it a trend before 08? The b**** was nowhere on the charts massively for it to catch on.

        And this has everything to do with bey’s surprise release which was “game changing” because she was the first mainstream artist to do it in a while. She was neither the first person to do it nor the first mainstream one, just the most recent.

        Yes dance music was a thing before rihanna, it became an even bigger thing stateside because of her and gaga, and then you have dubstep that was only a thing in european clubs and song remixes it wasnt until rihanna really went for it that you started hearing it on everyone’s albums.

        Thats being at the forefront of trends

  127. Chile, did you see Annaliese tale that wig and makeup off? Gurl, i was too scared!!! February 24, 2015

    Navy, get your edges and baby hairs gel up and slick down. Get ready for two #1 multiplatinum albums for our queen this era with some more number 1 singles from both albums. She coming to slay and she taking names and catching bodies. That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!

    Beyhive, go ahead and borrow some lacefronts from yall queen cause she gonna need a new one too….once again. She’s not an exception to the immaculate slayage yet to come. Bet she’ll run to work with the same producers Rih used….again.

  128. NayvOrDie February 24, 2015

    @blue. What direction is Rihanna going with this era. Trying to do songs that require vocal skill, which Rihanna does not possess is a risky move. Imagine if she has to them live night after night. For someone with has all Rihanna’s album’s and been to her concerts 3 time’s. I’m speaking out of careful observation. Don’t try to pass your opinions as facts. Both song’s suck. And I’m not afraid to say that out loud. I’m open to Rihanna trying new genre’s and experimenting with different sounds but not at the expense of what she truly is she about. It’s like Madonna trying to rap. That’s how bad they are. I’ll critic fully when I listen to the album.

    • blue February 24, 2015

      saying that she is going into a different direction based on how different her new music is from her other stuff, is an opinion? Really?
      You saying the songs suck is an opinion the other is an observation.

      Im not saying she should completely abandon her usual style, all im saying is that you seem to refuse to see that she is going into a more vocal based/less poppy sound than you are use to from her.

  129. LB February 24, 2015

    These people kill me.

    “Rihanna can’t do vocals” and yet her ballads and mid-tempo songs are topping the charts, clearly she can.

  130. Linda February 24, 2015

    Did some rihtarded commenter say Rihanna invented dubstep. Lmfaoooooooo. Dubstep originated back in London, UK in the late 90s. It wasn’t until early 00s were it made significant gains commercially. Still it was largely confined to the UK market. The likes of Kylie Minogue (Can’t Get You Out Of My Head) and Madonna (Hung Up) and other artists made dubstep more commercially viable. Britney Spears, Rihanna, Magnetic Man etc carried on the trend of dubstep post 2010. Try not to clown yourself when you talk about something you don’t know.

  131. Skyfall February 24, 2015

    Child please I listen to all kinds of music and genres from soft rock to bubblegum pop, and Rihanna has one if the Best pop Discographys as well as one of the best Discographys of the last decade. We found Love was declared song of the decade by billboard, RATED R, Loud were amazing pop records. Unapologetic was also amazing. What other pop star in the last two decades have delivered mainstream pop music of great taste as Rihanna? You and JohnVidal probably aren’t even aware of her discography except her singles.

    Cold Case Love
    Fire Bomb
    Russian Roulette
    The Last Song
    Rockstar 101
    Only Girl
    Man Down
    Love the Way You Lie Pt. 2
    California King Bed
    We all want Love
    Fool in Love
    Drunk on Love
    Do Ya Thang
    We found love
    Lost in paradise
    Love without tragedy/mother Mary
    Get it over with
    Half of me.

    These are songs I recomend you listen too.
    Rated R, Loud, & Unapologetic are Rihanna’s best albums and I prefer Unapologetic to the others. Also what does it matter if her best album was 7 years ago. Mariah(one of my ultimate favs) best album was 15 years ago (Butterfly) Adele best album 19 came before her hugely successful 21, but 19 which is her best work this far will always be overshadowed by 21. Rihanna doesn’t need to try to overdue herself with each era because she has shown growth with each era. I am far from up Rihanna as there are plenty of songs I don’t care from Rihanna but her discography as a whole slays and is one of the best in pop music history. The End.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2015

      Sog of which decade? The decade has not ended. Plus song of the decade by Billboard (first time I hear that but anyway) only means success, not quality. We are talking about catalogue, meaning quality.

  132. hives scared of R8 February 24, 2015

    The meltdowns and paragraphs!! Lmaooo seethe haters!!! #TowardstheSun coming to slay

  133. Kayleigh February 24, 2015

    This is a really good song especially for a children’s film. Is she still doing the entire soundtrack?

  134. Mark111 February 24, 2015

    Hope that she wrote on this, if so she may just win an Oscar. This girl always pushes and does something different. That’s why her career has been so great, the girl knows a good song. We all know animation soundtracks does well.

  135. Paws February 24, 2015

    This is horrible…. Sorry not hating but all the screaming and the music background music overshadowing her voice lol u stand crack me up always trying to say everything she releases is good df…. That s*** is boring sounds like something Madonna would put out lol #ByeFelicia

  136. Royalkev February 24, 2015

    It’s interesting, I was expecting something out of this world from the comments I’ve been reading above. I will say this though, it’s something Rih can go far with. I’m usually impressed more with the hooks (on most songs), but I like Rih’s voice in the verses on this one. I like that arrangement a lot. The chorus isn’t bad – nothing outstanding. Overall, I do like the track 10x better than 4,5Secs. Rihanna sung that song quite well at the Grammys, but this is the song that will chart better. If given the proper push it could continue Rih’s #1 streak on the BB100.

  137. Vanessa February 25, 2015

    I can’t stand her voice.

  138. Danny Bey February 25, 2015

    Cute, but it gives me “Rise” teas.


  139. african music lover February 25, 2015

    I don’t know, maybe both of these new released songs will grow on me like diamonds did after hearing it in clubs, but I am just not feeling this song. My girlfriend said that Rise up is better so I got to check it out.

  140. #rocksta February 25, 2015

    This is better than 45S.

  141. 160 February 25, 2015


  142. JP February 26, 2015

    I usually luv luv luv Rihanna’s album. But I’m not feeling the direction of the current project based on what I’ve heard so far. Grossly underwhelming.

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