Madonna & Rihanna To Perform At The ‘IHeart Radio Awards’


Rihanna and Madonna are to perform at this year’s ‘IHeart Radio Awards’ signing on to promote their new albums at the radio friendly event!

Good news below…

This year’s event will be hosted by the R&B singer/Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx, enlisted to carry the show alongside the likes of Jason Derulo, Iggy Azalea, Madonna and Roc Nation queen Rihanna.

A press release unveiled today reveals:

The three hour telecast will truly reflect America’s favorite music and will showcase the year’s most popular artists and songs determined by the iHeartRadio Chart and fan voting through iHeartRadio stations nationwide. The evening will include performances by Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith, Madonna, Jason Aldean, Jamie Foxx, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg, Nate Ruess, Alesso and Florida Georgia Line along with appearances from Taylor Swift and more. This year’s iHeartRadio Music Awards will also feature unexpected collaborations from some of the top names in music.


Be sure to catch this year’s event when it airs on Sunday March 29th!

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  1. FutureCIARA March 9, 2015

    FourFlopSeconds #1 yet?

    • Skyfall March 9, 2015

      Is I Bet on the bubbling under charts yet?

      • FutureCIARA March 9, 2015

        Probably not, But its slaying Urban & Rhythmic radio and gaining everyday!

        But did you answer my question, Or is the Nazi still suffering from withdrawls that it didnt SKYROCKET to #1 position like normal? MadT that this one wasnt HANDED to her, after multiple promotions, a Grammy performance and hell even a one week PAYOLA deal. Despite the fact the single is almost platinum, How humbling must this experience be?

      • Skyfall March 9, 2015

        The lies and delusions. The song may not of went #1, but it’s going platinum in the next week something Ciara hasn’t seen is years. Multiple promotions? What Tv show other than the grammys, or performances? Also that deal was only for ONE day. The song was just added to spoify last week and other streaming services, so it is only bound to continue to climb and remain on the charts unlike I Bet.

      • I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 9, 2015

        But Cedric Harrison will flop. You know that. I know that. Music journalists and pop culture experts alike know that. I burst into laughter every time you say ‘flop’ or ‘payola’ or when you tell anyone that they’re mad. Stay humble dear. 😆

      • Rihboy March 9, 2015

        But your favs can’t chart with or without any of those things you just mentioned. You have not merit in shading rih. It’s just empty bluff and blah blah blahs as long as I’m concerned. Your fave is an embarrassment to the industry. So be humble.

    • hives scared of R8 March 9, 2015

      45sec is slaying world wide and its not even a dance track

      • rihluv March 9, 2015

        Ciara would matrix dance all the way back to Atlanta if ANY of her songs ever hit number 4 ! so goodnight !

    • (Rihyonce) March 9, 2015

      Cici fans please simmer down the only category that matters is the hot 100 nobody cares for the R&B charts lmaoo delusional when ciara wins on hot 100 then maybe i will give her some credit musically until then she is still Ci-error !!

  2. The Beysus Impact March 9, 2015

    Lol whatever…

    • So??? March 9, 2015

      Album: Rebel Heart

      #1 Hungary
      #1 Italy
      #1 Tajikistan
      #2 Finland
      #2 Luxembourg
      #2 Netherlands
      #2 Sweden
      #3 Slovakia
      #3 Spain
      #3 Taiwan
      #4 Argentina
      #4 Czech Republic
      #4 France
      #4 Switzerland
      #5 Germany
      #5 Poland
      #6 Denmark
      #6 Hong Kong
      #6 Turkey
      #7 Belgium
      #7 Russia
      #8 Austria
      #9 Cambodia
      #12 Brazil
      #13 United Kingdom
      #13 Kazakhstan
      #13 Norway
      #13 Singapore
      #15 El Salvador
      #18 Estonia
      #20 Japan
      #21 Greece
      #22 Panama
      #23 Australia

  3. RCi March 9, 2015

    Cant wait! Two overrated and untalented people performing in the same night! I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

    • Gina March 9, 2015

      Madonna’s Paris show Dec 9th sold out in less than 45 minutes. Sit down…


      • RCi March 9, 2015

        How has Rihforehead sold 200 million records but only worth $90million when Mariah sold 200+ million records but worth over $500 million? Oh ya cuz Rhino sold 200million records at 99cents a piece and is owned by a camel and his company.

      • Skyfall March 9, 2015

        Rihanna is worth $140 now get it right w****.

  4. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 9, 2015

    Two of the best-selling acts in the UK. Two Pop titans sharing the same stage… I’m jealy.

    • Skyfall March 9, 2015

      Two of the best selling female artist of all time.

      • I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 9, 2015

        Madonna – 300+M records sold.
        Rihanna – 240M records sold.

      • Lolz March 9, 2015

        240? LOL LOL LOL.

      • I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 9, 2015
        LOL LOL LOL. Why do I even bother replying to this fleahive non-factor? *Sigh* I should stop. I mean, it doesn’t even know how to spell “correct.”

  5. S****** Blonde March 9, 2015

    I’m loving all this promo.

  6. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 9, 2015

    Aaaaaaaand… It will be held in Los Angeles. Damn it Sam! Can you ever be precise you Nigerian fem bottom?

  7. Skyfall March 9, 2015

    Yass can’t wait, I wonder what she’ll perform.

  8. Keri Qween March 9, 2015

    Yassss Rih , fourfive grew on me now im ready to hear more music from her album

  9. #JACKIE March 9, 2015

    2 untalented s**** who couldn’t hold a note if it was nailed to the palm of their hands………………

    • Skyfall March 9, 2015

      B**** i see your edge reattachment surgery was a success but if I were you if keep it cute, I know they’re not done healing yet and I’d hat to snatched them right back off.

      • #JACKIE March 9, 2015

        A basic ass b**** like you could never snatch my virgin Malaysian remy. Those stale drags were better off staying in your empty ass pantry next to the twinkies and molded loaf of bread broke bum ass b**** foh

      • Skyfall March 9, 2015

        Screams, the only thing that’s stale is your faves career. Is literally being left to rotten.

      • #JACKIE March 9, 2015

        Left to “rotten” don’t you mean left to rot? I forgot you stan for a b**** who dropped out of school in 10th grade and types like a middle school special ed student. Gtfoh you s** filled dumb ass d***……………………..

      • Skyfall March 9, 2015

        No if I meant left to rot, then that’s what I would of wrote. Deflecting and backtracking I see. I see you no longer have a legitimate argument, so I’m done with you for know.

      • Skyfall March 9, 2015


  10. TheElusiveLamb March 9, 2015

    That’s such a beautiful pic of Rihanna. She looks genuinely happy.

    • Keri Qween March 9, 2015

      She does look beautiful!

  11. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 9, 2015
    LOL LOL LOL. Why do I even bother replying to this fleahive non-factor? *Sigh* I should stop. I mean, it doesn’t even know how to spell “correct.”

  12. What now March 9, 2015

    Really navy please don’t feed the fleas who are just jealous and but hurt that their fave turned out to be a thieving, lying, unroginal, bitxxx bow down mean girl who cannot reinvent herself and it still, 20 years later doing the same gyration, the same I’m better than you and it has gotten tired and people hve moved on.

    Soooo looking forward to seeing why Rihanna hs been working on. And I don’t blame her for trying to keep,the wraps on her project, bey thief is lurking to jack her , like she did with baddiebey

  13. Keri Qween March 9, 2015

    Kiii skyfall you better drag futureleftciara with facts!!!

  14. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 9, 2015

    *Yawns* What a try-hard. Is it still begging for a direct reply? I won’t even type its name. *Yawns*

    • Lolz March 9, 2015

      Yawwwwwn! Not when you dedicated a whole comment to me first when no one addressed you. The PROOF (noun) is on the Ciara page 😀

  15. Lolz March 9, 2015

    Making a seperate comment makes what difference exactly?

  16. hives scared of R8 March 9, 2015

    R8 is coming!!!

  17. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 9, 2015

    There it goes again. When will it learn? LOL

  18. Career Ender March 9, 2015

    Her Payola though

  19. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) March 9, 2015

    Future’sMistake and Jackinthebox are the same person

    • FutureCIARA March 9, 2015

      Hunny aint nobody got time to be trolling under two seperate Ciara stan accounts… Have a seat LoveBird

  20. J-Mar March 9, 2015

    4 five seconds of trash is straight garbage this is the most horrible song rihanna has ever put out and the navy knows it rflop8 album gonna flop.

  21. @rihicon March 9, 2015

    I can’t wait! I love both of them

  22. RihYonce March 9, 2015

    Beautiful RihRih is performing !!! I’m so ready for it ! I hope she does her new song “American Oxygen ” I would just die & idk why but I’m still interested to see what Madonna is going to do

    • hives scared of R8 March 9, 2015

      I hope she performs towards the sun or American oxygen.I think we might get 2 songs.45sec is guaranteed!! The other is a mystery.

  23. robyn March 10, 2015

    Since home is coming out this month I bet she will sing towards the sun, nyc jam. Looking foward to all the perfomances mainly 4rm Rih, madonna and princess Ariana

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