New Song: Christina Milian – ‘Rebel’

Published: Sunday 1st Mar 2015 by Sam

Christina Milian‘s seven year hiatus from the charts has been defined by label changes,  a baby, boyfriends, husbands, and a brief stint as a backstage host on The Voice.

Now back in the musical saddle (and capitalising on the exposure from her new E! reality show), Cash Money‘s newest recruit serves up new single ‘Rebel’.

Carved in the vein of today’s trend of mellow “turn-up” cuts, can the track catapult her back into the favour of the masses and, most importantly, to the top of the charts?

You be the judge below…

Via: JV:

‘Rebel’ was released for purchase on iTunes today.

  Your thoughts?

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  1. #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) March 1, 2015


    • Al March 1, 2015

      I agree. I prefer Iggy’s track with J Flop and the even that’s trash

    • Faf March 1, 2015

      It’s not that bad I like the beat and mood of it

      • Al March 1, 2015

        U for real where is this gonna chart #wallmartbin

  2. King March 1, 2015

    It has too much auto-tune, but it’s still a very strong comeback single. I love it. She really delivered. I’m happy with it.

  3. Al March 1, 2015

    Nice single cover….. But child a 7 year gap and you return with a Keyshia album filler…. Girl bye

    • Cot March 1, 2015

      More like an 11 year hiatus.
      Nope. She is just too thirsty for me I don’t see it.

  4. LB March 1, 2015

    I don’t like it

  5. Islandboi242 March 1, 2015


  6. Molly March 1, 2015


    • BeyRihLiyah March 1, 2015

      is garbage the place where target, Walmart, and best buy throw out iggy and Ciara cds when no ones buys them?

      • Molly March 1, 2015

        You want my attention so bad lol

    • MisdamenorFan March 2, 2015

      Hey boo!

  7. LB March 1, 2015

    Can we talk about Mzz Whitney Houston out charting the biggest female artist in the UK after Adele on the Official Charts Company’s Top 100 albums?

    Can we also talk about Trailer Swift’s UK takeover, which nobody including myself saw coming?

    • BeyRihLiyah March 1, 2015

      the biggest uk act and she’s barely sold 60k which is silver lmaooooo the biggest uk act my ass she’s more like the jlo the uk

      • Tyler March 1, 2015

        The Jlo of the UK *dead*

      • TheElusiveLamb March 1, 2015

        LMAOOOOO! Jlo of the UK…

      • LB March 1, 2015


      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        She was indeed w the endorsements, popularity, media coverage, triple platinum debut (like Ed & Sam) & over 12 year pop music career. So miss me w the tired shade when yall stan for leona and jessie, who literally couldn’t even last after their debut. Carly Rae Jepsen/Jessica Simpson teas!

      • Brian310 March 2, 2015

        Why would she be soil when she wasn’t buried in the ground? #draggingwithfalsereceipts

    • metzo March 1, 2015

      Who’s that? ( serious question)

      • TheElusiveLamb March 1, 2015

        Cheryl Cole

      • BeyRihLiyah March 1, 2015

        Cheryl cole her one stan that comes to this site said Cheryl was the biggest uk pop star in one of those stan war post a long time ago

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        I’m right here @beyrihliyah. Wack a$$ b****, too bad ur fave isn’t even the highest quality ground soil kiii

    • Mark111 March 1, 2015

      Lol, these UK flops (Rita Whora and Cherry Coke) are trash. No US releasing hookers, lol.
      #LeftSideOfAnIsland #OppsWrongIsland

      • LB March 1, 2015


      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        Trash yet you have her in your top 25 most played. Sit down b**** and stop reaching for kiis lmao

    • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

      This f** stays obsessed w cheryl when she 1. Didn’t release anything this week 2. Debuted at number one when her and whitney did have the same release date & 3. Stans for bottom of the barrel trash like jessie j and leona who can’t sell half of cheryls lowest seller. Kiiiiii

  8. Indie March 1, 2015

    I Friggin love it! She’s giving me summer crusing! i agree that the Auto tune is a little too much but it’s a great track regardless!

  9. Rosebud (Natalie La Rose Stan) March 1, 2015

    Too much auto tune but this song is hot! Christina needs to jump on the promo train.

  10. Merril Owns March 1, 2015

    Poppin ass track love it she’s back! Now we need a bomb video!

  11. BeyRihLiyah March 1, 2015

    oh she’s still trying? lmaaooo but she looks good in the cover art

  12. metzo March 1, 2015

    Trashhh. I hate auto tune. To me it’s only admissible when the song is an edm/ dance track (like Disturbia).

    • Skyfall March 1, 2015

      Or 7/11

  13. TheElusiveLamb March 1, 2015

    A little bit too much autotune, and I don’t feel the single cover is really single cover worthy, but I like it overall. It’s a cute song to ride to. If she plays her cards right, does a heavy promo trail, and etc., she might be able to crack the top 40.

  14. Shonyonce Minaj March 1, 2015

    Idk why it’s called rebel it she be called champagne or lavish ,but it’s solid the vid needs to be chill af.

  15. Mark111 March 1, 2015

    And this is why J.Ho is the Queen of Fvcking Yourself To The Top. How can one Latin Hooker become hollywood golden Girl and this one is just the Dreams baby mama, Nick Cannot and Cool n Dre’s ex and one of many lil Wayne’s side beard? But at least she got knocked up by a huge hit maker from the A instead of a trending one with 4 baby mamas. Ciara should had taken notes.

    • BeyRihLiyah March 1, 2015

      chrisina milian was never going to pop off she never had that “it” factor and her team never knew what to do with her especially when it came to genres/marketing

      • Mark111 March 1, 2015

        I agree. See, being pretty and light doesn’t mean a thing.

    • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

      But wasn’t your fave f***** r kelly? I cannot w the hypocrisy!

      • BeyRihLiyah March 1, 2015

        but wasn’t you’re fave fuckking simon for that x fctir gig?

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        No babe, death at that weak a$$ attempt w absolutelu no receipt or troll gossip column to even support that. Your fave WAS f*ckin r kelly underage for relevance before she became low quality soil however.

      • Mark111 March 1, 2015

        And yet she had more success without his help. Now, let my fave rest and figure out why your fave didn’t win any Brit awards, I mean she is “the biggest UK artist after Adele”.

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        Or better yet, why your fave never won any relevant awards. Her time is done, she will never kiii

      • Mark111 March 1, 2015

        Maybe cause she passed before she could? Now what’s Cherry Coke’s excuse? lol, the UK Ciara.

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        I’m screaming! Didn’t you call her an icon? Death!!!!!!!

      • Mark111 March 1, 2015

        Yes, you can diss her all you want, but even your flop of a fave is inspired by her. Same with these CWHOra stans.

      • CherylSoldierr March 2, 2015

        Hun, cheryl is not inspired by that. Aaliyah was local kiiii

      • Brian310 March 2, 2015

        SCREAMING at this Cheryl stan tryna drag when he stans for the ultimate local artist who can’t even attempt to release outside of her market, DEATH at it tryna use the R. Kelly shade when she became more successful after they stopped working together, while Cheryl was clinging to w/e scandal she could conjure up to remain relevant.

      • CherylSoldierr March 2, 2015

        What scandal hun? Provide rexeipts f**. Your girl was f*ckin a nasty old man at 14 and you wanna try others. That’s a kii. Did you buy her commemorative fertilizer?

  16. Keneef March 1, 2015

    I agree too much auto tune and it should be called lavish…

    Over 7 years and this the garbage she release… Sad even Nicki vocals sound better then this…. Sorry Christina #NoBueno

  17. ronnoc March 1, 2015

    Damnit. I saw the words “new song” and “christina” and jumped bc I thought aguilera finally released something. But. Yawn…

  18. Lake Erie March 1, 2015

    I hear the auto tune but I like the song. Gives me an old school vibe. It’s different, I think it’ll bring something different to what’s on the radio now because as of now, nothings on there sounding like this.
    GO Milian!

  19. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “All Hands On Deck” Now On iTunes) March 1, 2015

    That Scary H** stan needs to stop being so MAD on every post. LOL ridiculous.

    Anyways, about this song I tried to put my cemented feelings away about Christina Milian to give her a chance but this song isn’t it. It actually has something but lacks a lot of great qualities that would make the song more better.
    The beat was OWNING her vocals.

    • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

      Girl why did you run from the last dragging you got? Literally everyone on this site has been dragging your stank a$$ lmfao!

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “All Hands On Deck” Now On iTunes) March 1, 2015

        Let me take the time to LAUGH at your delusions and the fact that you replied to me calling your fave “Scary H**.”
        Oh have I got dragged before? I certainly don’t feel like I ever been dragged like you or else I wouldn’t even show up here anymore. Hehe.
        And what post are you referring to? Is it the last one where you didn’t reply back because you got WRAPPED up and down in your LIES ->

        Get it together you still haven’t dragged anyone on here but you have the nerves to be talking.
        Time to take your nap
        -> ___________/
        The everlasting delusion never ceases….. SMH.
        “Tinashe SLAYS” – @Cherylsoldierr 😀

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        Deathhhh at you posting that trey songz link where you literally did what I told you to! You literally posted an ESL link, like you do to EVERYONE, because you had nothing else to say after you got dragged. Are you slow? Lmao. And the KII is that you’re the one who needs those classes. “Have I got dragged before?” GIRL! Sit tf down!

  20. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) March 1, 2015

    DEAD! #GirlByeWithTheBullSh*t

    • Molly March 1, 2015

      Lmfao right booo

      how are you?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) March 1, 2015

        Lol! Hey hun, I’m good. Just got out the gym and hear this foolishness. How are you?

      • Molly March 1, 2015

        Lol man this song was a complete disaster, but i’ve been ok boo.. You know these girls can’t stop hating on me and mentioning my name everyday ki. I keep them bothered. #ButWhatsNew

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) March 1, 2015

      One thing you should know about these TGJ girls is they can’t handle opposing opinions about their fav. I know you’re not a huge Bey fan but i don’t care lol. You say what you want and I say what I want, end of story. That’s why I speak my truth and keep it the f*ck pushing. Anybody got a problem with EO can kiss my tight a*s chile

  21. Molly March 1, 2015

    @Cheryl how you been girl?

    • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

      Hey babe. These hoess stay mentioning us Kii

      • Molly March 1, 2015

        Exactly baby you know these weak h*** are intimidated by us. kii. Snatch Tunafish up babe.

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        She gives me slow alyssa teas. Still waiting for her fave to sell over 30k w her 500 seat world tour Kii

      • Molly March 1, 2015

        Chile i know right but Tuna has more heart than that weak immature piece of dog sh!t Trashlissa… Anyways we need to catch up babe hit me up on Twitter.

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        Hun I deactivated!

      • Molly March 1, 2015

        Lol really? why?

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        I’m over it. It got boring & the h*** are petty lol

      • Molly March 1, 2015

        Lol I feel you, like now FC & I aren’t getting along.

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        Just drag the beetle juice skunk Shitlissa kiii.

  22. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “All Hands On Deck” Now On iTunes) March 1, 2015

    The Scary H** stan literally thinks IT dragged me by making up lies by saying the following:

    Cherlsoldierr: “You always use the ESL Drags, which is dumb because English originates in the UK”

    Me: But who said I was talking about a whole country? I was only referring to your fave Scary H** not speaking proper, clear English. I didn’t say Adele, Sam Smith or other UK acts can’t speak English.

    And THAT’s how @Cherlsoldierr aka the Scary H** Stan GETS DRAGGED every time by me and OTHERS because it literally FAILS to comprehend.
    Now YOU boo boo needs to book your ESL Class PRONTO! 😉

    • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

      Are you really still using elementary ESL drags when you literally just got clocked for your grammar? Are you seriously slow? And didn’t I already tell you that she’s from Newcastle? Are you so stupid that you don’t realize that every language has regional accents? Dumb a$$ lmfao!

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “All Hands On Deck” Now On iTunes) March 1, 2015

        Me: “Have I got dragged before?”
        = Inner speech method

        You: “Are you so stupid that you don’t realize that every language has regional accents?”
        Correction = Are you THAT stupid that you don’t realize that every language has regional accents?”

        Doing my job of DRAGGING yourself ALL THE TIME but I digress *sigh*
        HASHTAG: #SlowDownOnTheKeyboard ->

      • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

        Are you going to answer my question babe? And also, it’s “gotten,” not “got.” That’s just one of your numerous absolute fails. Also, death at your faves father literally immigrating from Zimbabwe & you trying to drag based off of ESL. You really are a dumb b**** lol.

  23. Skyfall March 1, 2015

    My p***** wet.

  24. Skyfall March 1, 2015

    Omg I was hacked.

  25. #TeamTinashe Stan March 1, 2015

    Inner speech fool lol.
    I can ask myself in any kind of way I like but not directly to the public. And that wasn’t a question for you it was for myself.

    Go take a power nap. You bought Tinashe’s album anyways. And yes boo boo I GOT them receipts for you when you TRIED to make me buy Scary H**’s horrible album.
    And lmao at you for TRYING to make it seem like the people in Newcastle speak unclear like Scary H** ROTFL!!! I understand other Newcastle people but not Scary H** sorry. And Tinashe’s dad can speak English PROPERLY.
    IM DONE WITH YOU. GO to bed 🙂 lol

    • CherylSoldierr March 1, 2015

      You are posting on a public forum. That doesn’t work dumb b****. And if that’s how you think, then you REALLY need an ESL class. You failed so badly lmao. I certainly did not but your fave’s flop & the GP didn’t either. Also, false, she has a normal Geordie accent. So many fails today. You literally scalped yourself kiiii!!!!

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “All Hands On Deck” Now On iTunes) March 2, 2015

        It works for me boo boo! 😉
        Cherylsoldierr: “I certainly did not but your fave’s flop & the GP didn’t either.”
        *sigh* The continued delusion, grade 1 errors & self drags never stops on THAT end. Pshh…

        And her accent isn’t normal….. It’s BOTCHED (imo) but carry on though with misinterpreting everything I say.
        After all I don’t know MUCH about your fave but YOU CLEARLY know about OURS (Tinashe). YES I said “OURS.”
        And he failed to mention how it TRIED to LIE and say he bought Tinashe’s album so I can be a FAN of Scary H**. Hehe! I’m going to leave you from now on because you STAY getting dragged in your own deceptions. Doesn’t that SUCK?
        You got dragged on Twitter to the point you had to deactivate your account (a friend on here told me lol) and you get DRAGGED in every post on here including in your fave’s own post by TGJ themselves, by commentators, just like right now and up top.
        You need to defend Scary H** more better!

        HASHTAG: #LowIQLessorAtBest

      • CherylSoldierr March 2, 2015

        Autocorrect, but I’m also not basing my “drags” off of ESL. Logic hun. Also f**, you’ve never been to northern England lmao. It’s NORMAL yet your delusional a$$ continues to cling to things with absolutely NO logic kiii. And not you literally dodging and deflecting every single time your a$$ gets cornered. What happened to inner speech? You’re such a basic, desperate little f**. I could NEVER get dragged by you, especially while you stan for that FLOP that couldn’t even sell 30k worldwide while her walls were working on Ciara’s ex & multiple other d list rappers. Suck on that b****.

      • CherylSoldierr March 2, 2015

        Also I’m absolutely dead at that last attempt. I am literally screaming at “more better.” Are you I stan for flops?

  26. Rihboy March 1, 2015

    They r**** the auto tune on this. It has potential. It sounds like something seven streeter should sing. We all know live this will sound terrible coming from Christina. However they way urban music is being accepted these days, she may chart. Trash. On the positive side the cover is giving me vogue cover tease.

    • Rihboy March 1, 2015

      Had potential * the way*

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) March 1, 2015

      You would think this bullish*t “has potential.” You navy members standards of music is sssssssssoooooo f*ckin’ low lol

  27. GrapeVine March 1, 2015

    But…Sam, when do you plan to share your thoughts on Jodeci’s new music video?

  28. Del March 1, 2015

    Wow she dropped Rebel literally after having the recording of it featured on the season finale of her reality show on E! Mack Maine of Cash Money and Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez seems to think she has a hit on her hands. I guess time will tell…

  29. Mahogany March 1, 2015

    Not feeling it….

  30. Paulo March 1, 2015

    yeah it’s what someone already said… it’s not the autotune so much that bothers me but the fact her voice is soooo lost in the mix. try again, Christina!


    chile, when she lost her dry, tired ass loose walls….she lost her music career and relevancy. she needs to stop before she embarrasses herself even more. tired of these used up h*** wanting to be singers.

  32. Credits March 2, 2015

    “Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me”-the Kim possible theme song is her biggest song to date lol probably bigger than dip it low. If she is coming back with autotune, I just don’t know what is next for Christina.

  33. FutureCIARA March 2, 2015

    When they sampled the album on her new reality show it sound like it has potential, So fingers crossed, we shall see……. She is a cute girl.

  34. eric March 2, 2015

    She’s done much better than this and still can. I don’t like it one bit.

  35. Lucas March 4, 2015

    Love her and Snoh Aalegra. Listen to her song “Emotional” if you’re unfamiliar

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