Report: Chris Brown’s “Baby Mama” Leaked Stories About Star To The Press

Published: Sunday 8th Mar 2015 by David

After making a number of sizeable donations to the ‘Red Cross’ and the AIDS Project Los Angeles, Chris Brown has reportedly learned that the mother of his daughter has been leaking stories about him to the press in exchange for money.

Bad news for the generous performer below…

Last week, the world learned that the ‘Loyal’ singer had fathered a child with a young lady named Nia Amey…a confidant of his longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran.


Snapped with her arm around her supposed pal, Tran joined Brown to learn of talk that Amey had been leaking stories to the press about the star, their relationship and daughter Royalty.

Also accused of leading another man to believe he was the child’s father, Amey now finds her alleged betrayal of Tran and the Grammy award winning Brown cited as the reason the latter intends to reduce the amount of child support she has been receiving.

Indeed, after paying out far more than he would have to if the courts were involved in exchange for her silence, Brown now makes moves to work alongside the courts to ensure his daughter (and not her mother) receives the support she needs.

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  1. Yonce on your mouth March 8, 2015

    See why it’s not good to leave your Girlfriend for h***? As he said h*** aren’t loyal. He should have know better or better still, stick to the advise he gave in his song “loyal” kurrache was better than is old h**.

    • FutureCIARA March 8, 2015

      Hunny they are all GROUPIES! Thats what groupies do to get ahead!

  2. Career Ender March 8, 2015

    he was a hœ for cheating he deserves all the humiliation stupid negr….

  3. alyssia March 8, 2015

    Yaaaas. King David better spin the story to make chris look like the victim!

    • Jimmy Derulo March 8, 2015

      I’m shocked there wasn’t a Rita Promiscuora mention.

    • Rosebud (Natalie La Rose Stan) March 8, 2015

      It didn’t work, Chris still looks like a dirt bag.

      • B**** 4 Breezy March 8, 2015

        And your fave is a no name. Maybe she should cut King David a check so she can get some relevance.

  4. Rosebud (Natalie La Rose Stan) March 8, 2015

    His song Loyal is quite ironic considering he wasn’t loyal at all. Both him and his baby mama are unloyal h*es. They deserve each other. I feel bad for that child smh.

  5. Mimi Mania March 8, 2015

    It was cute of David the Barb to defend his friend Chris but he and that hooker deserve each other.

    • B**** 4 Breezy March 8, 2015

      And it was cute that you thought Mariah could sell out Vegas.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 8, 2015

        Too bad you thought the same about the In Between the Cheeks Tour…

      • Lake Erie March 8, 2015

        Ctfu!!! You better say that s***! @TheElusiveLamb lol.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 8, 2015


  6. Career Ender March 8, 2015

    Christopher the street dancer seem to be flopping in everything in life
    thugs and thugship never prevail

  7. Danny Bey March 8, 2015

    As much as he’s claimed that he’s grown, this p**** hasn’t grown since 2009. Just mess after mess after mess. He never learns and he’s a sorry ass excuse for a “man”. …You’re just a boy (Beyoncé voice)

    • Navi B**** 305 March 8, 2015

      Jay Z isn’t the one trying to avoid taking a paternity test? Bye b****.

      • Danny Bey March 8, 2015

        You failed with that tired ass unsubstantial “shade”. Continue seathing b****.

  8. Danny Bey March 8, 2015

    And if you think about it, what was Usher doing at 25? What was MJ doing at 25? JT? Being great! Not having time for this wannabe ratchet dramatic ass nonsense. It’s so unnecessary for someone so talented.

  9. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 8, 2015

    He’s not the father, just like Jay Z isn’t baby Bluetooth’s father. What is wrong with these women? F****** puttanas.

    • Lake Erie March 8, 2015

      You’re crazy.

  10. Career Ender March 8, 2015

    he’s the new Future , knock em up and move on
    the first baby, more to come with different women

  11. Sidney Price March 8, 2015

    This is just promo for his flop collab album ,p*** off fistopher

  12. …. March 8, 2015

    So this is actually true? like frfr he’s a father?

  13. Stephy. March 8, 2015

    Ewww What’s wrong with him? Why, would he get that ho pregnant???

  14. Bey-Minaj March 8, 2015

    So I guess this means that these Mitches aint loyal eh? Cuz Chris sure wasn’t loyal to Koochie-Koo

  15. Mark111 March 8, 2015

    But in order to support the child, you HAVE to support the mother. Why can’t these boys get that? Do you think the mother is going tk live in a run down apartment, starving, but the kid will have on jordans? Get over it, lay in the bed you made.

    • Brian310 March 9, 2015

      They aren’t going to let him bring down the cost of child support especially since we all know how much the justice system hate Chris and will stick it to him. I wouldn’t be shocked if they raise his monthly payments.

  16. ilovechrisbrown March 8, 2015

    some thot always out to destroy Chris cant he just live?!?!#teambreezy

  17. TheElusiveLamb March 8, 2015

    Poor guy. That image has fallen right to the pits.

  18. AmbeRussell March 8, 2015

    I for one do not feel sorry or potty for this fool. He complained about groupies being at all dem parties but he still f****** them RAW. Some ppl just will never get it. As I always say, he don’t want us in his business and private life, KEEO IT PRIVATE. He doesn’t keep shyt private but gets mad when he is called out on it. He should be happy his private life gets this much attention bc ppl sure dont care about his music, with every single sounding the same

  19. Lake Erie March 8, 2015

    So ole girl and Chris’s now ex was besties? Smh. Dame shame. And man! I know people make mistakes and I wanna ride for Chris so bad but Damn MAN! He is 25 now. Still young but nonetheless a grown ass man. Get yo s*** together breh.

  20. No favs, just here for the music March 8, 2015

    This boy is so far gone. It’s really sad to see because he had so much potential to be much more. He could have had a healthy, loving and committed relationship. It’s all about the decisions and choices we make in life.

  21. Shady81 March 8, 2015

    I don’t think it’s his baby Because Four other dudes was deemed to be the father I think it’s extortion if you ask me because she sent photos of her quote on quote royal baby shower to TMZ I think he should get a Paternity test cause she just look like the type to sleep with 11 plus more dudes,the back up dancers,stage hands, cousins uncles,body gaurds the whole damn crew including the garbage man and don’t for get the name down the street Chris need to call 1-800-555-Maury.

  22. Shady81 March 8, 2015

    I ment man down the street (typo error)

  23. Black power March 8, 2015

    Those girls were never REAL friends. They were a clique of hoessss trying to find a come up in Hollywood and his baby mother was the one who ended up getting lucky lol. Poor Karrueche somehow I think they’ll end back up together tho. They ALWAYS do

  24. FutureCIARA March 8, 2015

    F’n these thots without a condom, There must be so many s**’s flying around hollywood.

    • Tyler March 8, 2015

      Everybody f**** the same h*** in hollywood tbh.

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