Must See: Tink Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Serves Up Epic Freestyle

Published: Monday 6th Apr 2015 by Sam

Timbaland seems to be onto a winner with new talent Tink.

The fiery femcee, who hails from Chicago, has been drumming up all sorts of buzz following the release of new single ‘Ratchet Commandments’ and bold declarations from her mentor.

Currently on the press trail for the track, the 20-year-old lyricist’s quest to justify the hype landed her on The Breakfast Club this morning.

Beyond sharing her story, the gifted wordsmith proved herself as such during an impromptu request for a freestyle.

All the action after the jump…

[The freestyle starts at the 19.20 point. However, the entire interview makes for a great watch]

Yes! Thus far, Ms. Tink is serving as such a refreshing addition to the roster of major label femcees. We’re hopeful she garners the attention of the masses as the year progresses.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Queen Bee April 6, 2015

    freestyle was dope……when will nicki?

    • Baldilocks April 6, 2015

      It will never.

    • Barb-wire April 6, 2015

      You tried it bittch, Nicki done did it and came out smelling like roses. The question should be ‘When will Su Kim Yung again? ‘

      • MisdamenorFan April 6, 2015

        Nicki will when SB writes those raps again.

    • metzo April 6, 2015

      bìtch just stop.

    • #JACKIE April 6, 2015

      Nicki can’t even freestyle

    • You tried April 6, 2015


  2. king April 6, 2015

    Nicki got competition….

  3. TheElusiveLamb April 6, 2015

    I’ll give her credit, she can rap, but she’s only 20?

    • Toohotfortv April 6, 2015

      And….. what does that mean?

  4. Islandboi242 April 6, 2015

    She ite! N please don’t act like yawl didn’t know she pre wrote those bars…

  5. #JACKIE April 6, 2015

    She’s ugly

  6. #JACKIE April 6, 2015

    Ciara slays her

    • #JACKIE April 6, 2015

      Nice try trick

  7. Islandboi242 April 6, 2015

    I still say she just ite I don’t get that IT factor like i got when nicki exploded on the scene in 010.. She got a long way to go to beat Nicki but I want her go hard cause if IGGY hype didn’t shook Nicki a little bit we wouldn’t have gotten that master piece the pink print.. Competition is good but I’m sure Nicki will embrace her because Tink real..

    • Kitty Puurrzz April 6, 2015

      Girl Iggy’s hype shook NICKI & HER fans…

  8. Dustin April 6, 2015

    I feel like it’s the 90s, a time when you could actually take a female emcee seriously.

    • Tyler Makiveli April 6, 2015

      Same here. Glad that we are going back to a time where u need talent to prevail in the music industry.

  9. metzo April 6, 2015

    She’s good

  10. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT’) April 6, 2015

    That was so good. Nicki needs some competition in order for her to be iconic.

  11. Tyler Makiveli April 6, 2015

    Tink can spit. Why are some of ya’ll hating?

    • milano April 6, 2015

      Because nobody knows what a good rapper is anymore

  12. Terry B April 6, 2015

    She takes me back to when female rappers were authentic. She’s dope af!

  13. cocobutta April 6, 2015

    Message and intelligence. Tink is so cool. Love her potential and current delivery

  14. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) April 6, 2015

    I like her a lot. She’s talented and she has a nice vibe. I hope she succeeds.

  15. Black power April 6, 2015

    She’s nice but she’s very boring… No star power

  16. milano April 6, 2015

    Like I said last time tink is good and she reminds me of the female rappers back in the day. She has a great delivery and she is only 20 she’s gonna be real successful. Honestly I’m not a fan of nicki image wise or rapping wise. You can bang your keyboard for hours trying to convince me she is a good rapper but I know better have heard better seen better witnessed better. Tink on the other hand is the sound I prefer and like to hear. No hate towards nicki I just don’t care for her lyrically

  17. The One April 6, 2015

    She’s going to be huge!
    Real talent here. Best female emcee I’ve heard in a minute.

  18. Don’t hate B!TCHES April 6, 2015

    She reminds me a bit of Ms Jade

  19. eQ April 6, 2015


  20. Somebody Watching over you boy April 8, 2015

    Nice interview of her this is my first time hearing about her on this site however I never heard of her before

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