New Song: Britney Spears ft. Iggy Azalea – ‘Pretty Girls’ [HQ]

Published: Sunday 3rd May 2015 by Rashad

Three days ahead of its scheduled arrival, our friends at KIIS FM 106.5 premiered the highly anticipated Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea collabo ‘Pretty Girls.’

Once the radio ripped version of the song made its rounds on the net, the ladies were prompted to push up the song’s availability on iTunes a day.

We’ve already given you a foretaste here, but if you’re ready for the full course, an HQ listen awaits below:

Though initially prompted to give the song a thumbs down, multiple listens prove that ‘Pretty Girls’ is actually a grower, not a shower.

At first listen, the chanting chorus make it clear they were going for “summer anthem 2015,” a ‘Fancy’ follow-up of sorts.  Overall, the song falls short of ‘Fancy’s infectious quality (blame the horrid verses), but that doesn’t take away from its marketability.

Throw this song on the right commercial, right movie soundtrack, or even right set of Vine videos, and it has the potential to blow.

Let’s see if Brit & Iggy Iggz live up to the hype at the 2015 Billboard Awards where they are due to give the tune its first live showing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honeychildplease May 2, 2015

    Can somebody say Carli???????????

    • Sean May 2, 2015


    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* May 3, 2015

      Which one is Britney? I can’t differentiate between basic white girls.

      • maree May 18, 2015

        racist remark: how frightful.

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* May 3, 2015

      It does sound like Charli.

    • ThePerrylicious May 3, 2015

      The ‘Gwen Stefani-ish’ sound is from IGGY’s voice.
      Both of them singing together.
      I love the song 🙂 Not sure if it’ll top the Billboard Hot 100…but Top 10 will be SURE.
      Can’t wait for the video.

      • Iluviggyazalea May 4, 2015

        It will, it’s already #1 in almost 30 countries on iTunes and it was released at midnight so it hasn’t even been a whole day ????

    • HYDROQUINONe May 4, 2015

      flop flop flop

    • ThePerrylicious May 4, 2015

      …and the song already burning up iTunes charts around the globe.
      The magical of a woman named ‘Britney Spears’

  2. what’s a Bey Hive May 2, 2015



      YOur easily entertained huh? send in the clowns please

      • JAZMINESULLIVANFAN May 2, 2015


      • Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

        Where’s your fave though, the pinnacle of her career was having her song covered on Glee.

  3. Honeychildplease May 2, 2015

    can somebody say Gwen Stafani??? Britney is like a body snatcher and iggy is like soooooo done

    • King B May 3, 2015

      Ughhh not you

  4. No favs, just here for the music May 2, 2015

    Iggy’s voice is so damn forced it makes me sick. She f***** up the song tbh. It would have been cool w/o her on the track

    • Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

      Preach! I can’t even say it’s name anymore, vomit just come out my mouth.

  5. Dropping Gems May 2, 2015

    Charli xtc will be suing for royalties

    • Mark111 May 2, 2015

      And Gwen will be taking that with interest and late fees.

  6. Mark111 May 2, 2015

    Well, at least she stepped away from that EDM crap.

    • Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

      CiCi slayed ain’t gonna lie. Give Me Love is my jam!

  7. maddox May 2, 2015

    This sounds just like Hollaback Girl and Drop That Kitty:/….not here for this weak cheerleader-chanting

  8. W@shY@** May 2, 2015

    Nicki would have been better on this track, and it’s not bad


    Pop radio will definitely eat this single up over the Summer. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t lipsync her “live” performance at the BBMAs. Kii if she gets her 6th number 1 slaying that old and late in her career.


    Britney’s background vocals during I.G.G.WHY’S rap part >>>>>>>>>> She’s improved!

    • Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

      She’s been doing runs like that from time. People don’t know!!!

    • Tyler Makiveli May 2, 2015

      She has?

      • Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

        Outta This World, Heaven on Earth, Everytime!

      • Tyler Makiveli May 3, 2015


  11. NOpetryagAIN May 2, 2015

    i have tinnitus now

  12. Stephon May 2, 2015

    Is this suppose to be music?

    • Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

      Watch Moriah soon follow though just like she followed Britney with the residency. Keep it cute ;D

      • TheElusiveLamb May 2, 2015

        B**** are you that stupid? If Mariah copied that heavily sedated puppet, then Fatney broke ankle ass copied Céline, Elton, Cher, and thousands of other artists. You should concern yourself more with why Bratman is taking up an extensive residency barely at 30 and in the process has only had sold 310k/350+k tickets. Poor b**** is so done that diluted dish water is more exciting to watch.

      • TheElusiveLamb May 2, 2015

        This is absolutely TERRIBLE. This sounds like one of her handlers snuck into the garbage can and pulled this s*** out. Between the heavy processing, the rejected Charli beat, Iggy being Iggy, and the Gwen Stefani inspired “vocals”, this two thots should be considered terrorists. WASHED UP AND WASHED OUT at the same time.

      • Arianator Barb May 3, 2015

        @the elusive lamb AMEN!!!!!

      • Dem Lessers May 3, 2015

        Damn, Elusive you used to be such a nice child. Now let’s clear some s*** up, Britney made it acceptable for artists to accept a residency without their career being completely extinct. She didn’t need to do it, when it was arranged Britney Jean wasn’t even released, her last album debuted at number 1 and all 3 of it first singles reached top 10. You lambs should be thanking Britney because if Britney didn’t do her residency before Mariah she would be written off as a complete flop at a dead end right about now. Plus don’t get too cocky about seat sales, wait for Mariah’s figures to come in. She’s already kept quiet about how much she got offered (obviously it’s less that Brit because her management would’ve been shouting out about it if it was otherwise). I won’t even give my run down on Infinity because everyone already knows where that song is heading. As I said h*** keep it cute.

      • TheElusiveLamb May 3, 2015

        WRONG and WRONG. Mariah should thank no one b**** but herself. If you knew better you would’ve known that A ) Mimi did a mini residency in 2009 and B) that her residency was to start in 2012/2013, but she changed her mind; in October 2013 the world tour for the original MIAMTEC was to start, but all plans were scraped. If you think this song is headed to some iconic status then you need ask Britney’s handlers to put you on the same medication your fav is on now. Mariah is making $800k -$1.5 million a show. She is making more than Britney. Britney is burnt out accept it and have a seat in one of her boring ass shows. It shouldn’t be hard considering she hasn’t seen a full house since 2.22.2014 🙂

      • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2015

        @dem lessers
        Sorry but if someone made Vegas aceptable that was Celine Dion in 2003 and her incredible record breaking show. Not no damn Britney talentless Spears.

  13. Gee May 2, 2015

    Another piece of disposable pop trash that the masses will eat up. With that said I think that’s a win for all parties involved.


    It’s like she keeps trying to repackage fancy over and over and over again. I mean find a new single thirsty!

  15. OMG Logic!!! May 2, 2015

    Slay Iggy slay! Onika is now irrelevant.

  16. Spunkypoop May 2, 2015


  17. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy May 2, 2015

    Hol up wait up wait a minute… Y’all had the audacity to call BBHMM and American Oxygen bad, but y’all think this is a hit. This is straight NOISE. This is the true greasy, microwave music you all talk about. Although the chorus is catchy, the verses don’t make sense, Britney’s voice is engineered right in key, it’s way too overproduced, and why Iggy at all?

    • Arc May 3, 2015

      Well a Rihanna fan would know all about music that is overproduced.

  18. Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

    For me this comeback is ruined thanks to that thing being on 60% of the song. But I’m happy Britney is capitalising on it’s 15 minutes, and the general public seem to be enjoying the song. It’s also good she’s going down the more urban route again for album 9 definitely pumped for second single.

  19. Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

    Please release a solo version tho, the chorus scalped!

  20. Tyler Makiveli May 2, 2015

    Uggh why is Iggy still speaking like a docile field s****? I’m tired of her using plantation dialect.

  21. BeyRihLiyah May 2, 2015

    FLOP GIRLS!!!! lmaoooooooooooooooooo #BYE #TRYAGAIN

  22. Dem Lessers May 2, 2015

    That thing just said Iggy Pop’s name over and over again, and it expects respect from the rap community. Stupid dog haha.

  23. Jay Jay May 2, 2015

    It’s not terrible, it just sounds to much like Fancy with Charlie XCX and Gwen Stefani….it’s not a Britney single for me.

  24. Vegeta, Prince of Slayans May 2, 2015

    This it’s why white girls should not be allowed to do anything hip hop if they aren’t from the hood. I honestly felt disgusted listening to this gross appropriation of a music movement and culture that gave a voice and outlet to those who are always looked down upon in society for their race or social status. Hip hop music has never gotten the respect it deserves and this is another slap in the face.

    • Arianator Barb May 2, 2015

      At least Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Eazy-E, Big Pun, Nate Dogg, Guru and ODB aren’t alive to witness what’s being done to an art form they lived and breathed, May they rest in peace.

    • Dem Lessers May 2, 2015


  25. Blue Ivy Rodriguez May 3, 2015


  26. Tyler Makiveli May 3, 2015

    In the UK, black artists have been pushed out of R&B. White singers like Adele, Sam Smith, Jessie J and Ed Sheeran are now the new faces of soul and R&B while black and mixed/black singers like Emeli Sande, Estelle and Leona Lewis are ignored by the media. In future, I see the same thing happening in America. Remember that Rock and Roll is primarily a combination of “African-American genres” such as blues, boogie woogie, jump blues and jazz. Today Rock is considered “white music” and Black artists have completely been pushed out. The same will happen in American Hip Hop and R&B in a few years.

    • Vegeta, Prince of Slayans May 3, 2015

      As much as I want to deny it, I know it’s going to happen and it breaks my heart.

      • Tyler Makiveli May 3, 2015

        Yeah, mine too.

    • Don’t hate B!TCHES May 3, 2015

      Thank GOD! It’s happened

      • Tyler Makaveli May 3, 2015

        Arent you apart of the Klan….you’re not welcomed on this Urban blog. Scurry along!


    Chile, “Every time” is my jam! It’s so simplistic in lyrics, yet so profound and powerful in its meaning and impact. The best part of it all is that she wrote it! She was having her “Ray of Light” era with that single! C


    Come through with another hit single, Princess of Pop! That debut album of hers was a monster in record sales and people still have yet to reach that same success. Britney will go down in history for her impact and positive demeanor/attitude. Need I mention how gracefully she went back to the top of the charts after her drug episode? That’s a true slayer right there!

  29. JT May 3, 2015

    Iggy needs Charli for every gyat damn thing even in spirit as Britney! It’s sad…

  30. RihYonce May 3, 2015

    Idk………. Maybe I would like it more once she performs it …….. Reminds me a lot of Charlie XCX & Gwen but it’s not a bad song

  31. BOOBIE May 3, 2015

    Didn’t like the snippet…decided to get the full song a chance…and I HATE the full song. Britney continues to sound like a robot and Iggy continues to sound like a minstrel show performer. The song sounds like a 2006 leftover Gwen Stefani song. I can’t support it, but I’m sure there will be some that will.

  32. AmericanDream May 3, 2015

    This song is fckn outdated. Charlie xcx and Gwwn stefani are laughing right now. I smell a Work Bi*chesque and Bi* ch Better Have My Moneyesque FLOP right here.
    After two weeks it will disappear.
    Nice try.

  33. msdan May 3, 2015


  34. Dem Lessers May 3, 2015

    I’m so confused so do Charli XCX & Gwen Stefani own chant style chorus’ now? They don’t have a tone as unique as Britney’s and the ad libs on this track, the formers couldn’t. After listening again and teaching myself to mentally block trampy from the song, I’m addicted. Top of the billboard for sure!


      Right! Gwen has always been one of the SEVERAL lessors of Britney’s and Charlie will be done before the year is over. I can feel that this just might be her 6th number one. She served choreo in the music video too!

      • Dem Lessers May 3, 2015

        Yes! Plus Charli has always said Britney is her biggest inspiration and that Blackout is her favourite album ever. The girl been Imitating Godney since her career began.

  35. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 3, 2015

    I’m going to f*** my man so hard with Britney and 2NE1 playing in the background tonight. Piggy Areola can go to hell though, that white chick couldn’t even make that billboard list.

  36. Don’t hate B!TCHES May 3, 2015


    • Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 3, 2015

      You got white powder sis? That must be what you sniffing on if you think these white chicks aren’t going to flop.

      • Don’t hate B!TCHES May 3, 2015

        The same white powder that you sell to your kids at high school

      • Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 3, 2015

        I sold it to your white mama and she loved it 🙂 #Desperado

      • Don’t hate B!TCHES May 3, 2015

        Oh child of you only put your banana down for one minute you might had been able to give me a decent response.

  37. Royalkev May 3, 2015

    Omg, someone write Gwen a check! I swear she’s on the track somewhere! #GwenTaughtMe

    The song is fun and not to be taken too seriously. It’ll go straight to #1! It works for these girls.

  38. Fancy BISH May 3, 2015

    Pretty women, wassup? Umm…I think they here right now…oops! 😉 Call her lightweight all you want, but Iggy “Mayweather” Azalea bout to win again! lol Oh, and Hey Mama about to heat the summer up too…I gave praise to that song WAY BACK on TGJ when I first heard it…so look it up if ya don’t believe me 😉 I can see the top of Billboard…and it’s just so PRETTY!!! 😉 #PrettyGirls #HeyMama #BillboardHot100

  39. keisha May 3, 2015

    LOVE IT. The queen of pop and queen of rap one one song!

    • Dem Lessers May 3, 2015

      Was about to like your comment then I saw the last part(^_^)

  40. cap May 3, 2015

    with all the ads and pop ups, this site is getting harder and herder for me to come to. is it jus me?

  41. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare May 3, 2015

    I bet Gwen and Charli are somewhere like “Really b!tc&es, REALLY?!?!”

    The blatant plagiarism. I can’t.

  42. Rosie May 3, 2015

    LMAO Deadney is such a bandwagoner. She’s like 6 months late with this one, sorry. She needs to retire, she’s obviously done trying. Oh, and this will flop just like Weak B****, especially since no one cares about Robot anymore except for white gay twinks.

  43. Navy Nick May 4, 2015

    I like it; it’s cute!

  44. RATEDXXX May 4, 2015

    iggy makes me appreciate nicki as a rapper more….I blame T.I, for this sh!t

    as for the legendary miss britney spears….

    I’m always amazed in how people come for bishes that actually made real impact on and off the charts..that doesn’t use smoke and mirrors

    britney albums can flop till 2055..she still going to have more impact on these bishes that came after her

    • Memo May 4, 2015

      Anyone mentioned Beyoncé?

  45. ratedxxx May 4, 2015

    Do I miss the old Britney …yes. .she was a beast when it came to performing. ..she didn’t just pop her puss and called That entertainment. .

    And the bish has at least two albums that sold more than your favorite combine

    He’ll I would rather buy her tickets and watch her doing nothing than support beyondfake and others

  46. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! May 4, 2015

    Taylor Swift’s 1989 album leaps from 10 to 2 this week on the Uk album chart!!!! Uk fans support you taylor :):)

  47. JOHNVIDAL May 4, 2015

    Crap! Typical example of the worst music we have out there nowadays.

  48. Lake Erie May 4, 2015

    Damn Britt, i was looking for something more original. Smh. I don’t know about this song. Hopefully they kill it in their Live performance together, and video. Smh she should of went for a totally different sound. It even start of like fancy with that deep sound playing in the background. Smh.

  49. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 4, 2015

    This song is tragic but yes, i have feels that it will do well on the churts

  50. ThePerrylicious May 4, 2015

    Currently #8 after 4 hours released on US iTunes.

    • Citi May 4, 2015

      #3 now. It might have a hard time dethroning wiz khalifa but it will be #2 by the end of today

  51. Kitty Puurrzz May 4, 2015

    This SLAYS & h*** are sooo pressed !

  52. lolax May 4, 2015

    slay queen can’t wait for the new album

  53. Kitty Puurrzz May 4, 2015

    Grapejuice is so messy. Why post the link you’ve previously posted with the VEVO link? Because you don’t want people to stream it & give these girls a boost in sales. I hate gays. Just petty.

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