Watch: Mariah Carey Takes ‘GMA’ Backstage Of Vegas Show

Published: Wednesday 6th May 2015 by Sam

Tonight’s the night for Mariah Carey.

In a mere matter of hours, the superstar’s Las Vegas residency ‘Mariah #1 To Infinity’ launches live from The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. 

Initially booked for a three month run, expectations are high for the diva’s stint, which  sees her perform all 18 of her US #1 singles in chronological order.

So as to whet appetites even more, Mimi took Good Morning America‘s Michael Strahan on a tour of the backstage area of the show.

Check it out below…

All is looking good. Let’s hope it sounds it too.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Monica Stan May 6, 2015

    The Elusive Vocal Disaster.

    • OMG Logic!!! May 6, 2015

      So you’re saying she rarely has vocal disasters? Thanks hun, us lambs know she’s almost always on point.

      • maurice May 6, 2015

        I swear, Logic better get this HEFFA in check.
        Monica stan don’t even know the meaning of ‘elusive’. lmao.

        What will be ‘elusive’ will be Monica’s upcoming album…. ‘DIFFICULT TO REMEMBER’.

  2. Bang bang May 6, 2015

    I love u Mimi ! Can’t wait to see you in Vegas! ????

  3. rihicon May 6, 2015

    omg she looks so good in that dress

    • Kayycat May 7, 2015

      With that baby bump ??? Lol

  4. TheElusiveLamb May 6, 2015

    She looks amazing and her dress is fabulous. I hope she really did hire a new stylist, bc I need to see her in more fashions like these.

    • OMG Logic!!! May 6, 2015

      Omg so true! When I saw how good the American Idol people were styling her, I realized her old stylist desperately needed to go.

  5. Brandy stan May 6, 2015

    She’s a hot mess, what a flop.

  6. OMG Logic!!! May 6, 2015

    Queen has been working the stair master, legs for days!

    Can’t wait to see her slay Vegas.

  7. Michelle May 6, 2015

    The dress is beautiful omg I love it and she looks incredible, she seemed a little medicated; wasn’t her usual spunky self but WE LOVE you MARIAH; you songs have encouraged me and gave me hope #fly like a bird #saving grace #i wish you well #love takes time

    • Citi May 6, 2015

      She wasn’t medicated, she just talks very low on the days of her concerts to save her voice. Some days of her tour she doesn’t talk at all until the show.

  8. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 6, 2015

    I’m going to see her in Vegas, since Wayne isn’t dropping a new album anytime soon or going on tour in the near future, I have plenty to spend. I will be getting tickets for my bday.

  9. Theman May 6, 2015

    She looks beautiful.

    • Brandy stan May 6, 2015


      • Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 6, 2015

        B**** stfu, Brandy couldn’t even clean Queen Mimi red bottoms.

      • Brandy stan May 6, 2015

        Stay mad, my girl stay winning.


    Did y’all catch those sweet singing teas Mariah was giving out when she was whispering “Honey”? Yep, Vegas is so here for her! Her vocals sound great and I’m so proud of Mother Lamb! But how is she going to move around the stage with all of those props if she’s only wearing dresses like she always does? It looks like she lost weight, which is great. I would completely get my life if she throws “Obsessed” into the setlist, even though it should’ve also been a number 1 song.

  11. Brandy stan May 6, 2015

    She looks a little puggy here. She’s giving me baby Calf.

  12. Travon Austin May 6, 2015

    Mariah, She’s on fire but my heart is sad with ice. I am a true lamb and devoted. I live in Indiana. She never tours here in this boring republican state. How ironic that I cant afford a plane ticket but I can afford a hotel there and any ticket price. It truly makes me sad. How much this night is truly going to suck for me and TV is boring when I could be in Sin City baby. All lambs going have fun for me Please ; )

  13. Mark111 May 6, 2015


    • Travon Austin May 6, 2015

      I am sure the cow you always claim to know is obviously stuck up your ass because lambs speak. You must be uggly inside and therapy doesn’t work. May I suggest, go f*** yourself on the farm and then die like the other cows you love? I am sure the machete can cut you, seal you, and then deliver you back to your plantation. I love salty beef with a touch of stupid reality because eventually they all are the same color; red and juicy. #gokillyourself

    • Keri Qween May 6, 2015


      • Keri Qween May 6, 2015

        I’m screaming @mark ????????????????????????

  14. Rihanna Lately May 6, 2015

    This granny still trying it? Mooriah just stop.

  15. LC May 6, 2015

    This was cute and she looks good. Her and Michael would make a cute couple.

  16. Steph. May 6, 2015


  17. Music Lover~ May 6, 2015

    She is wearing that dress, so beautiful.

  18. It’s Barbie B**** May 6, 2015

    all the buffets in vegas better be ready, hurricane cowriah is about to come through.

  19. Gee May 6, 2015

    Y’all jokes on this site are beyond weak this woman has inspired so many and has earned her status of legend. She has created a genre so many of your favs followed hip pop instead of bashing this woman you should be praising her for setting a blueprint for many to follow.

  20. Skyfall May 6, 2015

    They look cute together lowkey, I’m so excited for the show.

  21. @FutureCIARA May 6, 2015

    I wish her the best, And most successful Vegas residency.

  22. LB May 6, 2015


  23. The One May 7, 2015

    Momma is rocking that dress.
    Such a beautiful and voluptuous womean!!

  24. The One May 7, 2015


  25. ratedxxx May 7, 2015

    Love me some Mimi

    Wish I was in vegas..I would see her and Britney

    She looks great…after all those of dieting and what not ..she said f*** you..

    I love that she just don’t give not 1 fukcs anymore

  26. dee May 7, 2015

    Another boring show…just Mariah prancing around a few hundred times in a tight dress while lippinh!

  27. JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2015

    LOL And Sam keeps writing every single post about Mariah. To be continued…

  28. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 7, 2015

    I wish her the best

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