Epic! Adam Lambert’s ‘Ghost Town’ Visual Watched For A Total Of 24 Years


Adam Lambert is giving many a Pop prince a serious run for their streaming money!

Who, what, where and why?

All you need to know about his epic new achievement below…

June 16th will bring with it the singer’s new album ‘The Original High.’

Now, before he’s set to impact the Billboard 200,  the ‘Underground’ singer has learned that the video for the album’s lead single ‘Ghost Town’ has been watched for a total of 24 years!

Yes, after touching down on April 29th the video has been spun for a total of 12,622,770.4 minutes around the world and has driven 6,576 new subscribers to its home on his official VEVO channel.


Why do you think Lambert is so popular?

Share your thoughts below…

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  1. Queen b June 12, 2015

    I don’t get this ? Can some explain pls

    • Faf June 12, 2015

      I mean if 4 mil views is a lot Taylor Swift is the second coming

  2. SMH June 12, 2015

    This don’t make no damn sense lol….but I love that song tho.

    • Sean June 12, 2015

      Uhhh yeah.

      Great song. It should be huge. But this article is pointless.

  3. Dossome June 12, 2015

    Eh…K but when did this site start making posts about Adam Lambert???

    • Aj June 13, 2015

      When Sam decided he wanted some of Adam’s d***

  4. Mark111 June 12, 2015

    Yet his song is on the bubbling under.

    • King B June 12, 2015

      How is R8 late sis? it been six month in since the the beginning of the era

  5. dustin June 12, 2015

    more misleading and shoddy “journalism” from that grape juice.

    whatever. the song is dope.

  6. Molly June 12, 2015

    4 million views = 24 years???? lol im confused

    • Mark111 June 12, 2015

      If you take the 4 mins video and times it by 4M, it’ll be 24 years. Just a lame way to make a flop sound epic.

  7. Dem Lessers June 12, 2015

    Lol, really David! I get that you’re trying to support homosexuals and all but come on!

    • Toohotfortv June 13, 2015

      Your screen name is kind of a diss… to yourself. That’s interesting.

  8. DMWN June 12, 2015

    Y’all can miss me on articles about Adam. That homosexual one hit wonder.

  9. metzo June 12, 2015

    TGJ is soo wack that they have to make up these nonsensical ‘achievement’. This site has become dull and redundant…

  10. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana June 12, 2015

    But if Rihanna’s video had less than 5 million views after nearly 2 months…

  11. Career Ender June 12, 2015

    wack ass post
    This Nigerian Yoruba trick is always trying it
    hang it up oga!
    Davoooood you is a try hard co-editor #bye

    • Life Ender June 12, 2015

      Watch your mouth about Nigerians. Check my screen name, pûnk.

  12. Suicide Blonde June 12, 2015

    I hate her.

  13. Ciara The Flop June 12, 2015

    TGJ needs to step their game up! Today is the 25th anniversary of Mariah’s debut album and no mention??? Sad.

  14. Fancy BISH June 12, 2015

    Had the nerve to put EPIC in the title…girl bye lol *eats popcorn* *SMACKS*

  15. Slayty Perry (1 Billion views) June 12, 2015

    So 4 million is one day, I wonder what ONE BILLION views equivilates to….

    • Slayty Perry (1 Billion views) June 12, 2015

      *24 years

  16. Slayty Perry (1 Billion views) June 12, 2015

    This is cute in all but I’d be more interested in seeing a post concerning how many views Roar needa to become Katy’s second video with 1 billion views

    • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! June 12, 2015

      Blank space will do that in under 5 months less than dark horse, and she’ll do it solo without the help of another artist.

      • Slayty Perry (1 Billion Views) June 12, 2015

        Roar is closer to 1 billion than Blank Space though. And dead @ help of another artist. Juicy J was irrelevant before Dark Horse and he is still irrelevant after it. Have a seat and worry Bad Blood only holding #1 for a cute second. Katy’s #1s have longevity. Remember how she spent over a year consecutively in the Hot 100 top 10?

      • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! June 13, 2015

        Roar is closer because it came out 5 weeks earlier,and blank space is closing on roar everyday!
        Dark horse had all that controversy at the start with having a Symbol that affends Muslims, so much so it had to be deleted from the video., so had more attention because controversy attracts views.

    • orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana June 12, 2015

      Or how Taylor Swift will achieve the same thing in a shorter amount of time and most likely a third time with Bad Blood

      • Slayty Perry (1 Billion Views) June 12, 2015

        Roar is closer than both videos though. She’ll always be playing catch up. I will be shocked if Bad Blood doesn’t considering it is full of every tween star. Too bad all those views couldn’t keep it at #1. Only one week? Poor that.

  17. #JACKIE June 12, 2015


  18. James June 13, 2015

    Wow the homophobia in these comments is vile. Do you not realise we are in 2015 you morons

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