Hot Shots: Ciara & Russell Wilson Dazzle On Date Night

Published: Sunday 14th Jun 2015 by Sam

Ciara has passion is her life and she’s not afraid to show it.

The R&B chanteuse looked like a bag of actual money alongside her new boo Russell Wilson last night.

Smitten, the the pair took to their Instagram pages to share snaps of their latest date night.

Ms. Harris is currently on vacation with the Seattle Seahawks football star after wrapping up her well-received ‘Jackie Tour’ at the start of the month.

With new single ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ due for official radio release later this month, it would appear CiCi is resting up ahead of another round of promo.

In the meanwhile, peep more pics of the striking couple above and below…


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  1. Ciara the Flop June 14, 2015


    • Screamcrimson June 14, 2015

      Stop hating. Just go find u a man. Who done fell off, Bow Wow is doing quite well for himself, 50 Cent is an executive producer for Power and got paper coming while sleeping, Future was a bum before, his music was always terrible but his fans say he’s releasing fire. Im still waiting for that fire to burn me hell give me some heat. Amare is finally looking to be over his knee woes..

      How ur exes fare without u..I’m assuming good but that’s not a positive. . Means they better off without u.. clown go ride some beats.. im assuming u know what that means but hey its u.

    • You tried June 14, 2015

      What a beautiful couple!! Haters will hate but they look happy… OAN did TGJ really miss Lil Wayne’s announcement last night??!!! Wow there’s a video of Lil Wayne at his concert telling his fans that he just signed a DEAL WOTH HIS IDOL JAYZ!Facts! TGJ WILL CATCH ON WHEN THE REST OF THE MEDIA ALREADY COVERED THE STORY! TGJ YOU NEED A NEW CREW THAT WAS A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT

    • I support great music June 14, 2015

      They look so cute???????????? let haters be hate with their crooked lil heart #jackie

    • Faf June 14, 2015

      She goes to dates at the WHITE HOUSE WHILE U STRUGGLE AT THE POOR HOUSE 😆 😆 😆
      HES ABOUT TO BE is paid NFL quarterback it’s only 26 I see why you mad

      • Faf June 14, 2015

        Highest at *

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* June 14, 2015

      Shut up. He’s hosting an awards show (kids sports awards) which big sports players host all the time. Also, they look really cute !!!

  2. Mark111 June 14, 2015

    Even Ciara is paying the C Section dust. Well they payed her album that’s only a month old dust first, so I guess it’s fair.

    • Faf June 14, 2015

      even Rihanna is paying her fans Dust

      like she paid the last three singles that failed to go to number one in the most recent two that fail to get a certification American oxygen was overdone by I bet globally

      • Faf June 14, 2015

        it’s time you delete Aaliyah out of your avatar she’s dead let her RIP she wasn’t a Michael Jackson caliber artist

        didn’t have the vocal prowess of Whitney Houston

        and couldn’t even out dance Tinashe tbh

  3. June 14, 2015

    wishing her all the best.

  4. Shady81 June 14, 2015

    She promoting the hell out of that relationship…….To bad she can’t say much for that album of hers. Well with that being said promote one and not the other I guess new d*** is a better promotion then album sales any day.

    • Screamcrimson June 14, 2015

      I guess going out with her dude and getting photographed is promoting a relationship. I guess doing interviews and not discussing details of her personal life and instead focusing on an album and new show is called promoting a relationship..yall promoting her relationship and shes grateful..her name stays in yall mouths not for controversial h** ish but because she stunting..????????

      • Shady81 June 14, 2015

        Her name is never in my mouth but she can’t cry about her album or career not going well when she doesn’t keep her focus She stays clinging to a man instead of saying this time me, my career, and now my child comes first later for a damn man it’s all about my business endeavors, but if she wants to be one of those women who can’t be defined without having a man clinging to her arm for more or less then three months then more power to her, but if she wants people to stop worrying about who she’s dating then she should stop having her team send weekly photos of her and her new seasonal beau out every five minutes after that embarrassment Future showed her by knocking her up making her baby mama number 4 or 5 whatever she should be want to keep her focus on her and her son only. #I’mJustSaying

    • Screamcrimson June 14, 2015

      What has she cried about?u talk about her cause u check for what she’s doing..someone who doesnt care would not be here commenting..let me tell u how thats done.

      Person I dont care for I know nothing about..they got a song out I dont know lyrics..they do interview..Umm where/when cause i know nothing..get it

      She stays clinging to her man cause that’s what clings back.. not the industry..shes never been defined by a guy cause u never hear “______ girlfriend”..u hear ciara’s about getting ur man and he clinging back to u cause u seem bitter lol I’m just saying..status and money dont make u happy so my advice to u, put ur man first before that job of urs..we love u harder for that..

      Shes baby mama number 4 cause she chose to not settle for less..why chicks think a dude not seeing what he got is embarrasing..its our loss..that little smart mouth of urs just be happy some dude havent made u into a baby mama..cause as long as u got a kid with someone u can become one

  5. TheElusiveLamb June 14, 2015

    She looks beautiful and happy, so that’s all that really matters.

  6. Stephy. June 14, 2015

    She looks nice.

  7. Lake Erie June 14, 2015

    GO CiCi! Don’t forget you have an album out though!

    • TheElusiveLamb June 14, 2015

      Hi Love! Happy Sunday!

      • Lake Erie June 14, 2015

        Heeeey!!! What’s good!!?! I miss you!! Happy Sunday! 😉

  8. Mark111 June 14, 2015

    So has Jackie sold 30K yet?

    • @JanetCIARA_ June 14, 2015

      Wheres RL8?

  9. E Young June 14, 2015

    I have been routing for her comeback, but she’s more focuse on promoting her relationship, rather than her music. She needs to not drop another album until She is ready, it’s ridiculous how she drops an album and not promote. This goes for all artist who drop albums and don’t believe that they should promote their own material, because they believe they are on beyonce status, work to that level. They really want to know why their albums flopping…

    • Shady81 June 14, 2015

      And choir shall sing amen because you’ve spoke nothing but truth with the facts attache thank you.

  10. Barb-wire June 14, 2015

    She looks beautiful and happy too which is more than I can say for the usual bitter unhappy f*** polluting this bottom of the barrel called TGJ, but then again what’s new here besides the escalating number of trolling?

  11. Casual-T June 14, 2015

    I’m loving them as a couple — the football captain and the homecoming queen. But uhhh, Russ, man . . . those highwaters. I had hoped his highwater pants at the White House were a fluke, but I guess not.

  12. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) June 14, 2015

    She looks good,its about time she moved pass hood rat rappers.Russell looks like a gentleman.

  13. 4everBrandy_Ci June 14, 2015

    For the trolls that come on here on a daily basis to shade Ciara is pathetic. You say you don’t care about her but you’re still CHECKING for her every move. I swear people need lives and it seems as though y’all don’t live happy. Ciara has proved always that she’s resilient despite her obstacles and trials. She’s a better person and I wish you negative folks would stop with the same old corny jokes. Ciara and Russell are living it up!!!!!! =)

  14. @JanetCIARA_ June 14, 2015

    Beautiful, Im assuming she will pick up promo again this Sumer at the same time around her NBC shows finale… The girl has work to do, If she treats this era like last one, Im going to be over it…. However she has still found major success with a HIT TV show, and within the fashion world.

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