Iggy Azalea Cancels Pittsburgh Pride Performance

Published: Tuesday 9th Jun 2015 by David

The Grammy-nominated rapper Iggy Azalea has cancelled a LGBTQ event following criticism sent her way by the gay community this week.

Why the chart-topping star pulled the plug on the performance?

Full story below..

The star published a number of messages on the social media website Twitter before rising to fame.

The problem? Some of them were deemed homophobic and racist by members of the general public.


Now they have come back to haunt her and are the reason she decided to pull the plug on an event launched to celebrate the gay community in Pittsburgh.

Her fans had denied that the messages were written by her but looked on as she admitted to being behind them as she apologised to anyone she may have offended.

She shared:


In better news, the Hip-Pop princess is currently hard at working on her second studio album with a 2016 release date in mind.

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  1. Stephy. June 9, 2015


    • Faf June 9, 2015

      Oh my god she’s over

      She doesn’t know how to stand firm in the face of adversity

  2. King of hearts June 9, 2015

    I didn’t find those tweets offensive at all, but I say and have heard worse on the daily. The gay community stay doing the most…gays call these women b******, flops, wishing them death but as soon as that “d***” and “f**” are thrown out Yall turn into f****** activist smh wishing Iggy all the best. I know she’s no homophobe.

    • Mr baby bear June 9, 2015

      Is this Brian?

    • LOL June 9, 2015


    • Rihyeezy June 9, 2015

      B**** if you don’t shut your dumb ass up. You making yourself look like a ignoramus defending a WACK Aussie Rasict B****.

  3. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan June 9, 2015

    Why is this b**** making it seem like she was 12 when she tweeters that s*** out, those tweets are four/five years old. She’s done, I mean what demographic does she has left to fall on?

    • Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan June 9, 2015


  4. RihNavy June 9, 2015

    Hip-Hop Princess? Ch…Biitch where?

    • Band-A*** don’t fix bullet holes June 10, 2015

      It says “Hip-Pop”

  5. Beystan June 9, 2015

    Wait because she said she was playin soccer with “2 d*** b******” makes her a homophobe??? I can’t with Yall lmao. Shes very ignorant to the word but that in no way means she hates gay. Yall gotta stop being so black and white when it comes to racism/ homophobic. What about when nicki said “you softer than a home sexual” or when azealia banks (more than once) threw out the word f**??? This just proves Yall just like to pick on Iggy. She addresses these tweets YEARRSSSS ago and here Yall are still beating a dead horse. When justin bieber was sayin the n- word in those videos Yall forgot about that with the quickness.

  6. TheElusiveLamb June 9, 2015

    At this point, I just feel bad for her.

  7. Kitty Puurrzz June 9, 2015

    People are sooo annoying. There are rappers and artists who HATE gays yet Yall support them. It’s like… Give this girl a damn break.

  8. Beystan June 9, 2015

    Wait so when nicki said “you softer than a homesexual” it’s ok?

    When azealia banks repeatedly called her fans “f***” more than once, that was ok?

    When Justin bieber was making them “n****” jokes ON VIDEO, that was ok?

    Cuz Yall sure don’t be addressing that. yall mad off some 5 year old tweets. Get a hobby

    • nicko June 9, 2015

      Unlike Nicki n Azealia, Iggy is untalented. Ppl will forgive Nic and AB for saying those things bc of their talent. Igloo has nothing to offer, she’s trash, has yet to have a solo hit n was only poppin because of a radio deal.

      • nicko June 9, 2015

        Work, Bounce, Change Your Life Trouble weren’t supported by radio deals n flopped. How sad. N lets not forget The New Crisis which went gold 1 year after its release. Nicki has multiple solo hits (more than any female rapper) so lets not.

    • SMH June 9, 2015

      Sit down. Nicki, Azalea and Beiber got dragged just as bad as her. Stop making it seem like this girl is getting picked on. She’s like most white people; talk alot of sh*t then cry victim when it’s thrown back at you. #GurlBye

    • Faf June 9, 2015

      Justin bieber career ain’t been the same

      Azealia never had one

  9. Barb-wire June 9, 2015

    Poor Iggy, let me shed a freaking tear.

  10. LoveBey June 9, 2015

    She should just hang it up, get married, and live her life out of the spotlight. I don’t see anyone caring enough about a 2nd album to not pay it even more dust than her first

  11. Queen Iggy dominated June 9, 2015

    you think the barbs would be in hiding after they looked stupid as f*** on that petition kiii

    • Kitty June 9, 2015

      More people signed that petition then bought Iggy’s last album..

  12. Rosie June 9, 2015

    Oh, but when someone brings up old tweets from another female artist its blamed on the Hive and everyone says they need to get a life? What about these five year old tweets from Iggy? But it’s ok according to social justice Tumblr because “yass Onika feminist queen!!1”
    The irony. Especially when some of you literally could care less about issues like the McKinney, TX incident because “they deserved it” or some other B.S.

  13. MUSICHEAD June 9, 2015

    So clearly this performance wasn’t canceled…she was FIRED.

    Let’s be honest:Iggy got lucky with Fancy and became a summer sensation like that “Call Me Maybe” girl. Iggy was never going to have a big career because there is nothing outstanding about her “talent”. She should be proud of what she accomplished and make as much money as she can before her last 15 minutes of fame are over.

  14. Fleetwood Mac stan June 9, 2015

    B**** stay taking Ls

  15. Nicki is queen!!! June 9, 2015

    Iggy’s only hits are the songs with the pop girl on the chorus who overshadows the whole thing. If I hear Fancy or BW on something they certainly aren’t playing her verses. Hmm I wonder why…

  16. Ontherun June 9, 2015

    This b**** stay cancelling everything next on the list is her career

  17. It’s Barbie B**** June 9, 2015

    She’s as washed up and pruny as her El train c***.

    • Mary Jane June 9, 2015

      Difference is they owned up to it. When azelia brought her up Iggy racist rants to the media attention Iggy and ti painted her as a hater and Iggy denied it so I’m glad she’s getting what she deserves

  18. Gee June 9, 2015

    I’m sure everyone has put something on social media that was offensive to someone or a certain group. Iggy should have faced the heat and performed she is only doing more harm and showing she is not cut out for stardom or fame. At this rate she might as well hang it up flatscreen.

  19. Pgh420 June 9, 2015

    I live in Pittsburgh and people weren’t so much upset about her old tweets but actually mad she was chosen to headline because she just plain sucks. The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, who paid for her to perform, is also a grossly corrupt organization who have stolen and squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gay community. They were going to pay her $150,000 to perform!! As soon as she was announced as the headliner people freaked out and instantly boycotted all pride events run by Delta. Here’s an article from years ago showing how corrupt Delta’s president, Gary Van Horn, is: http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/pittsburgh/s_79554.html

  20. @JanetCIARA_ June 10, 2015


  21. tru.london June 10, 2015

    good cannot stand this plastic face t***** anyhow.

  22. You’re All Ratchet June 11, 2015

    The Popeye’s tweet was hilarious. But honestly, everyone has said something socially unacceptable at some point. At least she apologized for it instead of doing what that illiterate n***** Azealia Banks did. People are just mad because a white chick is becoming successful as a rapper.

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