Iggy Azalea’s “Ex-Husband” Claims Rapper Infected Him With A Disease During Their Common Law Marriage

Published: Friday 26th Jun 2015 by David

Def Jam rapper Iggy Azalea has learned that her ex-husband has hit her with fresh legal fire today.
For the 39-year-old has stepped out to claim that the Grammy nominated performer gave him an unwanted gift during their time together.

Shocking claims below…

The Daily Mail reports exclusively:

Iggy Azalea’s ex-boyfriend, who claimed they were married by ‘common law,’ is demanding the singer pay him damages for the STD he says she gave him, Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively.

And Williams wants big bucks for the mental anguish along with medical bills he racked up to treat the sexually transmitted disease.

An amended petition to their divorce filing obtained by Daily Mail Online contains the shocking allegations as well as Williams demand that he be granted a temporary restraining order to prevent Azalea from making obscene calls and threatening him.


The divorce filing was sealed shortly after it was filed in Texas Court. However, the amended divorce petition was attached as an exhibit in the lawsuit over Iggy’s music – and it contains shocking allegations about the pop star.

According to Williams’ amended petition, he claims that the two ceased living together back in 2013. He asks the court for a temporary restraining order against Iggy.

He says that he wants a temporary restraining order to prohibit her from communicating to him with profane, obscene or indecent language and ordered to not threaten him.

He says that the singers actions caused her to contract an STD which she failed to inform him she had. He says that her grossly negligent behaviour included her knowing she had the STD and then purposeful and intentional engaging in sexual relations with him

He is seeking damages for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish and reasonable and necessary medical treatment costs for what he had to pay to treat his STD.

Williams also is demanding Iggy pay his attorney fees in the divorce. The divorce is still pending in Texas Court.

Iggy is yet to respond.

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  1. QueenRiah June 26, 2015

    This Money hungry mother f*cka…. People need to get off IGGY KITTY KAT.

  2. Starxavi June 26, 2015

    She can’t catch a break.

    • Michael Jackson June 26, 2015

      why should she be given a free pass? let me guess her skin color….

      • OMG Logic!!! June 26, 2015

        A free pass? Batch poor Iggy has been attacked nonstop for 2 years now. How much is she supposed to take before she’s “earned her way.”

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) June 26, 2015

        @MichaelJackson Well I guess Iggy and Michael got a pass due there skin according to you huh? Iggy gets a pass for her S**, Michael gets a pass touching little boys…

  3. Mark111 June 26, 2015

    So? Join the club like the rest of the BeyHIVe.

    • What now June 26, 2015


    • Rihanna Navy June 26, 2015


    • LV June 26, 2015

      Said The self hating DARK SKIN F**.

  4. Grande The Way June 26, 2015

    This man must live a sad life. He released her old music to make money off it, lied about a sextape to get attention, and now this. Stop giving this desperate man attention. This bum needs a job, his obsession is sad.

    • What now June 26, 2015


  5. S****** Blonde June 26, 2015

    And he’s not ashamed of that, he has to share that with the world, that says a lot about a man.

  6. Grande The Way June 26, 2015

    What’s funnier is that he claims they stopped living together in 2013 when Iggy has had her own place since 2012. I guess he’s suing now that he knows she’s worth over 6 million.

  7. BeyRihLiyah June 26, 2015

    I wouldnt put it past uggly

  8. Barb-wire June 26, 2015


    • Barb-wire June 26, 2015

      And don’t nobody curr about these two flops wedding/divorce/S** drama. Keep that shitt indoors.

    • Christian June 26, 2015

      No but the new classic is gold.

    • Rihanna Navy June 26, 2015

      PinkShit platinum yet?

      • Barb-wire June 26, 2015

        Now who is this lame bittch?

      • Blah people June 26, 2015

        TPP will NEVER see platinum. Nicki will NEVER have another platinum album in her career. That’s why these late, infected f*** are so pressed beyond recognition.

  9. Chetah June 26, 2015

    The funniest part is watching David pretend as if he didn’t know this tea years ago. Let me spill the tea for you. David is the reason Iggy signed with Rita’s management cos he was promoting her at the same time as he was forcing her down our necks like we had a freakin shmuckk to give.
    He was plugging her shamelessly from the start and then stopped when she got her deal and the racist s*** came out.
    Now he acting like the whole of Hollywood doesn’t know Iggy does have a s** tape and that her ex man is being mean for no reason to be nice. Why would a man admit to having a disease? Think about that s***.

    • Lindsay June 26, 2015

      I think he stopped backing her for three reasons.
      1. She never acknowledged that he was the first blogger to put her on.
      2. The racist tweets which aren’t even racist in my op.
      3. He’s friendly with Nicki so probably got insecure when he thought Iggy was coming for her spot.

      I started following him on twitter and he is a really nice guy but I think he knows that most of us wouldn’t have known about Iggy or Rita if it wasn’t for him so picks and chooses when he wants to be nice about Iggy cos he knows he can.

      • Destiny June 26, 2015

        I def think Tinashe would have blown up faster if cosigned her 2bh He is legitimately getting that powerful.

  10. Christian June 26, 2015

    All yall report is negative news about her but have yet to report that Beg For it and No Mediocre are platinum and her album The New Classic is gold.

    • BeyRihLiyah June 26, 2015

      Shut the fucckk up your the only one checking for her

      • #TeamTinashe Stan June 26, 2015

        Then what are you doin right now?

      • BeyRihLiyah June 26, 2015

        @tunafish stan shut the fuccck up you dumb ass trick

    • nicko June 26, 2015

      those songs went plat a long time ago n Beg for hits had a RADIO DEAL.Nics album sold in 2 months what Igloos album sold in over a year kii poor igloo

  11. What now June 26, 2015


  12. Kris June 26, 2015

    Dude seems desperate probably gave her a disease.

  13. Rihanna Navy June 26, 2015

    The hive and barbz are filled with stds they can’t come for Iggz

  14. Cough Cough June 26, 2015

    Must be a slow business day

  15. ratedxxx June 26, 2015

    Uh huh

    I expect a mental breakdown soon…I kinda feel bad for her

    I still think she cant rap and blame her for making me take Nicki serious as a rapper

    But man even white people who can turn anybody whose white famous
    calls her a fraud..that must sting a bit

  16. ratedxxx June 26, 2015

    Well at least she’s getting married. ..something positive


  17. JT June 26, 2015

    LMAO I HATE Iggy but we gotta Let her live just once, he funny af for this tho hahahaha

  18. Molly June 26, 2015

    Only a hater or a bitter barb would believe this. All these people hating on her wouldn’t last one day in her shoes. Iggy gets so much hate for no reason at all. I feel bad for her.

    • Michael Jackson June 26, 2015

      stop trying to make her a victim

      • Molly June 26, 2015

        She is the victim.. please tell me why its ok for someone to be constantly bullied 24/7. This type of s*** is what makes people have mental breakdowns and attempt/commit s******.

      • bloop June 26, 2015

        If she can’t take the heat like the countless other celebrity that have been media targets then maybe she’s in the wrong field of work.

      • nicko June 26, 2015

        @Molly Stop, just stop. Ppl go thru worse. I mean look at Azealia, she is SUPER talented yet she isn’t selling n ppl see her as the angry black girl, now THAT must be depressing. Given the talent iggy has, she shouldnt have made it AT ALL. Her white privilege n her radio deal got her a few hits she didnt deserve. She’s utter trash, even her mixtapes were whack, she has NO bars. Plus she’s rich so I dont think she gives a f*** about what ppl have to say about her. But thats what she gets for thinking she was the second lauryn hill or something like that. When fancy was poppin she was very arrogant, cocky and annoying.

  19. Michael Jackson June 26, 2015

    karma seems to have caught up with Iggy.

  20. Kitty June 26, 2015

    He’s serving this tea like anyone care about that burning bush

  21. OMG Logic!!! June 26, 2015

    Don’t worry Iggy what goes around comes around. That “man” will get his, and you’ll go on to make more hits.

  22. Flo June 26, 2015

    poor iggy, people are picking on her her life must be so hard boo hoo…. *sarcasm*

  23. Betty June 26, 2015

    she sounds like her pu**y was on fire in some of her flop songs

  24. JustCoastWitHa June 26, 2015

    A shame

  25. Trose June 26, 2015

    That grapejuic I love y’all but it seems like yall are on a smear campaign with her…is she really that bad, can we cut her some slack,she is simply following her dreams I just expected you guys to be a little more neutral in this nicki vs iggy but it’s crystal clear who y’all go to bat for

  26. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 26, 2015


  27. shakira stan June 27, 2015

    And they call riri a w**** ,yet no one has said she infected them…..these good girls Taylor Beyonce and Iggy keep spreading viruses.

  28. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 27, 2015

    She was never married to her ex-boyfriend the one who is claiming a lot of messy ish

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