Nicki Minaj To Perform At The BET Awards

Published: Saturday 13th Jun 2015 by David

June 28th 2015.

Those looking forward to this year’s BET Awards will know this date will bring with it performances from Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown to name just two of the event’s supporting acts.

Today, they’ll learn that Nicki Minaj has been added to the lineup.

Minaj will take to the stage to support her latest studio album ‘The Pinkprint’ and its latest singles ‘Feeling Myself’ and ‘The Night is Still Young’ before she launches the U.S. leg of the album’s supporting tour.

Last year saw her support the LP at the awards ceremony with a performance of the song ‘Pills N Potions.’

This year will see her perform and rub shoulders with the likes of Tinashe, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Dej Loaf, Fetty Wap and-if reports are to be believed- players from the hit show ‘Empire.’


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  1. meiammarie June 13, 2015

    perform Feeling Myself and Flawless with Beyonce make history Queen Nicki

    • You tried June 13, 2015

      Who cares?? Those tired ass mediocre choreography and bubble gum ass stage presence who’s there for that! Queen Bey needs to have no parts in that !

    • Barb-wire June 13, 2015

      Yeeesssss I would totally get my life if that happened. *The Queen of rap*

    • JT June 13, 2015

      Now you know damn well Beyonce Giselle ain’t about to come thru and perform at no BET Awards, she ain’t bout that life no more she’s beyon(ce)ed that…

    • TheElusiveLamb June 13, 2015

      I don’t think Beyoncè is going to actually perform there, but she might send a tape of herself performing just so Nicki won’t go up there looking crazy. I would love for them to perform live though.

      • JT June 13, 2015

        Let us hope for the best!

    • You tried June 13, 2015

      ARENT the BHIVE fired of beyonce saving this chicks career!??? Seriously her career in music has took a turn and it’s not for the best! Pills and potion and everything after that was a FLOP FACTSONLY and her career was on a downward spiral until BEY released FLAWLESS REMIX! Keep it real! This b*tch still can’t sell a damn single and where is the album…… Crickets ! Lol punch line lmao

      • JT June 13, 2015

        Your name is SCREAMING the word “hypocrite” tbh

      • You tried June 14, 2015

        @JT my name is for basic delusionalist like you! You definitely Tried it lol

  2. Islandboi80 June 13, 2015

    Yes bring out Beyoncé Nicki! Make BET awards come alive

  3. Jewel June 13, 2015

    Shes is not going to bring out Beyonce! Lol. Beyonce is not going to support BET anymore after the Koochie insident.

  4. Stephy. June 13, 2015

    I hope BET honors Miss Jackson!

    • Ciara The Flop June 13, 2015

      I believe they will.

    • Ciara The Flop June 13, 2015

      Six singles and NO platinum album status? Features from BEyonce and Drake and STILL no platinum status??? #epicfail

      • You tried June 13, 2015

        Read her ! Lol because she’s so quick to parade her accomplishments ! This is her biggest Flop era ahead of many! Ppl not buying that weak s*** she call rap

      • nicko June 13, 2015

        PNP gold, Ana x2 plat, Only plat, Truffle Butter 900k with no promo, Feelin Myself gold with no promo, The night is still young top 40. TPP sold +600k in the US so far, and will probably reach 1M WW before the end of the year. Yall arz trying so hard to discredit Nic when she clearly is successful. TPP is one of the best selling hip hop albums, only outsold by Jcole n Drake’s albums. And its also the highest selling female rap album since.. PFRR ????.

      • Jahon June 13, 2015

        Oh oh oh oh so true lmao… 6 singles and no platinum album,but yet she’s winning against others!????? Sure…sold old out tour where???? Some artist not to name went platinum with one single,no tours in Europe matter of fact no tour ever for any ablum and in her 7th year,as a solo artist.I’m sorry but kim was way way way ahead of her time.yea i said her name but kim didn’t have all this Europe tour s***,on everyone in the industry single s***..performing on any and every award show…..and not to sell albums!!!!!!this is facts! Its crazy that this it’s the only girl out with a machine behind her and working so hard from place to place main stream but can’t sell 1million records in the u.s.a alone…remind you kim did this before.there was any you tube,or any other thing to help her sell record…and please yall don’t try and say its because people are not buying alblums,because people are buying…look at taylor and other artist!!!fact proven…people are not just buying nicki album cause people are tired of her sold out over rated stolen copied trying to be like someone else’s who already did it s***.

  5. Mark111 June 13, 2015

    Just know that she was promoting Pills and Floption and Pink Flip at the same show last year. And the album still not platinum.

    • nicko June 13, 2015

      The album wasnt out yet tho. Performing months before an album drops isnt promoting the album. Stop being delusional.

    • Daddy June 13, 2015

      That was in June, The Pinkprint was released 6 months after the BET performance. LMAO Try again you pest.

    • Jahon June 14, 2015

      Yes so true.and its year 2and still no platinum album…lol but she’s the queen right???

  6. Mark111 June 13, 2015

    Ciara needs to be on that stage. I’ll say it again, she NEEDS to be on THAT stage.

  7. Mark111 June 13, 2015

    BET fool you pest every year with Beyoncé. I don’t know why she ignores the show when it was the main platform that launched her solo career.

    • Dial it up June 13, 2015

      For the same reason Rihanna ignores it.

      • Mark111 June 13, 2015

        Rihanna always beena pop artist. Beyoncé is r&b (at least that’s what her fans use when her sales are up to par.)

      • Dial it up June 13, 2015

        So because she’s a pop artist, means she can’t show up and perform. Here, have this _/

    • XXX June 13, 2015

      Beyonce was at the BET awards only like 2 years ago and has performed year after year what are you talking about.

      • Jahon June 14, 2015

        Beyonce performs live stream video not live appearance!its a difference!she never shows up just like jay z and 50 cent or kim cause its a joke..BET dont even play music videos anymore just like MTV

  8. Ciara The Flop June 13, 2015

    BET might as well change the Best Female Hiphop award to the Nicki Minaj award since they act like that they don’t know any other female rappers to give the honor.

    • Barb-wire June 13, 2015

      Kiii madT that after 965547853696694555595 singles later your flop fave still ain’t got a release d8?

  9. Barb-wire June 13, 2015

    Slay Queen!!! Roman domination.

    • truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 13, 2015


  10. Mark111 June 13, 2015

    Looking at that photo, Bey wants to be Rihanna SO BAD. Act your age old looking lady.

    • Barb-wire June 13, 2015

      Stop trolling Markeisha.

      • DEL BEY June 13, 2015

        its like his 6th comment on this thread

    • Dem Lessers June 13, 2015

      Lol, Mark’s savage with no chill! #LeaveBeyoncéAlone

      • Dial it up June 13, 2015

        That’s because he “Mark” is a lonely fat sloppy ugly f** with no life. Poor thing.

  11. DEL BEY June 13, 2015

    Feeling Myself is still a mediocre song tbh, I’m not here for it. Bey needs to go back to the IASF Look and sound and Nicki needs to recapture Pink Friday tbh, TPP wasn’t the album tbh

    • Molly June 13, 2015

      I agree boo feeling myself was never hot like that. Bey needs to go back to her old self

      • DEL BEY June 13, 2015

        We agree on something! It’s true, don’t you miss bey with dark brown hair?

  12. da realest June 13, 2015

    Sorry to say but Bet have to pull some rabbits out their hats if they want to watch that award show. I’m kinda tired of seeing Nicki & Chris. They do have other acts out there I want to see perform like K Michelle, dej loaf, Tinashe, Jason Derulo, Janelle Monae, Janet, Natalie Larosa, & yes Ciara just to name a few. Somebody needs to tell them what’s up.

  13. Cough Cough June 13, 2015

    Nicki is in the studio recording her lip synch track for her live performance….. Get it girl

  14. da realest June 13, 2015

    Oh wait minute, Flo Rida had a big song, the trap queen song was big put Fatty Wap on there. Big Sean was a little successful this year with some of his songs. Wiz Kalifah had a number 1 song. Who else y’all could think of performing? Plus no more via satellite performances.

  15. Stephy. June 13, 2015

    Mark111 has turned into a full blown TROLL (lol)

    • June 13, 2015

      so sad isn’t it.

  16. da realest June 13, 2015

    One more and I’m done, Bet should call up The Weekend to perform Worth It that’s my song. Call up Bruno Mars to perform Uptown Funk that song was huge. If BET let Robin Thicke perform they should let Bruno Mars perform. Now that’s all I gotta say.

  17. Molly June 13, 2015

    No one is surprised. The only song she should perform is Hey mama.. Flawless and Feeling myself are tired

  18. Fleetwood Mac stan June 13, 2015

    LOL i remember this plastic b**** LITERALLY begging the EMA audience to buy her album #EpicFail

    • nicko June 13, 2015

      Ure such a liar. Her album wasnt even out when she hosted the EMAs, sit.

  19. Slayty Perry (1 Billion views) June 13, 2015

    So we get to see her lip sync her basic raps? Cute. How much longer is she going to push this album before she realizes people aren’t here for it? BET needs to book some fresh talent. And Tink better when that female hip-hop award.

    • Molly June 13, 2015

      Lol slay me

  20. Rosie June 13, 2015

    Didn’t she perform Pills N Plastic at the same show last year?
    That was like a year ago and the album only sold 850K worldwide (including US #s). A mess.

  21. Mark111 June 13, 2015

    The impact of my comments. Putting stress on these poor lil hearts on here. Lol

    • DEL BEY June 13, 2015

      no impact bew bew, just annoyance

      • Mark111 June 13, 2015

        Clearly stress, the reason why you’re losing hair.

      • Dial it up June 13, 2015

        Del Bey, Markibottom is clearly jealous of you..he’s mad because you’re cute, and he looks like Dog sh’t turned white.

    • Dial it up June 13, 2015

      Lol girl you’re not putting stress on anyone, the delusion lol. You’re just an embarrassment, a full blown joke at this point. The sad thing is, it’s obvious you’re not happy 🙁 It’s ok though, whatever you’re going through, it won’t last, things will get better.

      • DEL BEY June 13, 2015

        Awww that’s nice of you xo, I’d actually like Mark to upload a clear unfiltered photo of himself lol

      • Dial it up June 13, 2015

        You’re welcome cutie xo.

  22. Fleetwood Mac stan June 13, 2015

    Go away Nicki nasty Jezebel hussie

  23. King Rih!! 230 MILLION RECORDS SOLD!! June 13, 2015


    • Dial it up June 13, 2015

      Twigs and others says hi.

      • XXX June 13, 2015

        The Navy is deluional. Let them have their moment.

  24. Jahon June 13, 2015

    Sitting at 6hundred not 7yet world wide sells are not good..Kim 1million usa alone!4Th ablum..facts nothing else to be said and still is selling no ablum or singles..facts nuff said!

    • nicko June 13, 2015

      Ure lying. If kim had sold 10M albums in the US all of her albums should AT least double platinum and thats not the case. U kim fans are SO delusional, I cant. Nicki’s 1M albums away from matching kims album sales and has already sold more singles than her. The “kim sold 10M” myth is hilarious. Like.. u kim fans just make s*** up ????

    • nicko June 13, 2015

      N The Pinkprint, which is Nicki’s 3RD album is at 840k WW. Your whole comment is a lie.

  25. nicko June 13, 2015

    The real tea is that kim sold 4.5M albums in the US, Nicki has sold 3.5M according to BB. 😀 Nic is going to outsell lil asian very soon. So I dont see why kim fans are acting like kim is such an album seller.

    • Janet1814 June 14, 2015

      If her career continues to go downhill she won’t sell more albums than Kim because she’ll disappear into oblivion. Karma’s a b****!

      • nicko June 14, 2015

        I dont see how her career is going downhill. Roman Reloaded sold 700k in the US before TRU with huge promo. TPP is close to 700k in the US n the album hasnt even had half the promo RR had. Plus Nicki currently has a top 10 and a top 40 hit on Billboard.

  26. RihYonce June 14, 2015

    A feeling myself performance would be dope ! But I just hope that Bey attends , a performance is kind of reaching

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