Rihanna Surpasses Beyonce Feat On ‘Billboard’

Published: Friday 19th Jun 2015 by David

‘Drunk on Love’ singer Rihanna has surpassed a feat achieved by ‘Drunk in Love’ singer Beyonce on the Billboard charts.

What it is? How she did it?

Find out below…

The star’s Urban song ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ has topped the Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart marking the singer’s 23rd time atop the chart.

Why this problematic for her rival Beyonce? ‘Money’s chart-topping sees Rihanna surpass the 22 #1s Carter has on the tally.

Billboard reports:

As for Rihanna, her “Bitch” was remixed by its own cast of EDM stars, including Diplo & GTA, Flosstradamus, R3hab and Michael Woods, among others.

Here’s an updated recap of Rihanna’s 23 Dance Club Songs leaders over the years. (For titles that spent multiple weeks at No. 1, total frames on top are noted in parentheses.)

Rihanna’s Billboard Dance Club Songs No. 1s
2005, “Pon De Replay”
2006, “SOS”
2006, “Unfaithful”
2007, “We Ride”
2007, “Umbrella,” feat. Jay-Z (two)

2007, “Don’t Stop the Music”
2007, “Shut Up and Drive”
2008, “Disturbia”
2010, “Russian Roulette”
2010, “Hard,” feat. Jeezy
2010, “Rude Boy”

2010, “Only Girl (In the World)”
2011, “Who’s That Chick?” (David Guetta feat. Rihanna)
2011, “S&M”
2011, “California King Bed”
2011, “We Found Love,” feat. Calvin Harris (two)
2012, “You Da One”

2012, “Where Have You Been”
2012, “Diamonds”
2013, “Right Now,” feat. David Guetta
2013, “What Now”
2014, “Can’t Remember to Forget You” (Shakira feat. Rihanna)
2015, “Bitch Better Have My Money”

Rihanna now stands second only to Madonna on the chart.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HYISI June 19, 2015

    Is that any surprise? Love her or hate her Ri normally slays the singles charts!

    • You tried June 19, 2015

      A good feat for both Ladies! I mean BEY HAS 22 #1’s with only 5 albums that’s VERY IMPRESSIVE!

      • Ciara The Flop June 19, 2015

        Here we go again with a messy BeyHIVe member gettin salty over Beyonce’s defeat. The thirst is real.

      • You tried June 19, 2015

        A punk with a name like “CIARA THE FLOP” comes for the HIVE.! ??? BISH WET ??!! You aren’t even worth the arguement ! carry on! no matter how many numbers any artist Have they will never surpass BEYONCÉ’s REIGN AS THE MOST PAID TALKED ABOUT THE MOST ANTICIPATED THE MOST RESPECED FEMALE ARTIST IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC!

      • danyboo June 19, 2015

        Do I keeping having to refer that Beyonce career did not start in 2003 she has been topping charts boo boo

    • Bets June 20, 2015

      HaHaHa is this something new “Dance Club”? What will they think of next?

  2. Royalkev June 19, 2015

    Lol. Bey and Rih were tied for #2, Madonna holds the record. So Rihanna didn’t take a record from Beyonce.

    • Royalkev June 19, 2015

      Rih now has 23 (2nd place)
      Bey – 22 (3rd place)
      Janet – 19 (4th place)
      Mariah Carey /Donna Summer – 17 (5th place)
      JLO – 16 (6th place)
      Katy 15 (7th place)
      Whitney/Gaga/ Enrique Iglesias 13 (8th)

      ….Madonna has 45!

    • Ciara The Flop June 19, 2015


      • You tried June 19, 2015

        Unbothered TROLL!

  3. Joe June 19, 2015

    It’s not surprising when you’re releasing albums and singles every year to stay relevant.

    • Ciara The Flop June 19, 2015


      • You tried June 19, 2015

        You seem VERY PRESSDD @CiaraTheFlop lol Trolling ass

  4. Dossome June 19, 2015

    Dance charts?k

  5. Centurion June 19, 2015

    Rihanna has already surpassed Beyonce’s Music career. She has surpassed Beyonce’s entire record sales back in 2011. She’s #15 on Billboard Top 100 artists of all time while Beyonce is sitting irritably at an unimpressive #46.
    •Rihanna -> 26 top 10 hits.
    •Beyonce -> who knows.
    •Rihanna -> 13 #1s (tied with MJ) (She’s third with the most #1s – after the Beatles and MC).
    •Beyonce -> 5. 🙁
    •Rihanna -> 35 top 20 hits (she’s third after Elvis Presley and Madonna)
    •Beyonce -> who knows.
    Beyonce is no where near Rihanna’s success. She can’t touch her. No wonder Colombia refuses to release her total tally of records sold. It’s probably laughable considering she’s the Queen and all.
    <b≥Moral of the story:
    Rihanna > Beyonce
    Rihanna >>> Beyonce
    Rihanna >>>>>>> Beyonce
    Now, after learning that, and because I care, here are the 5 steps to Recovery:
    1) Denial
    2) Anger
    3) Bargaining
    4) Depression
    5) Acceptance

    • Royalkev June 19, 2015

      Hmmm, what about these stats:

      The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour grossed $229,727,960
      *Only 3 women out performed this total in the entire music touring history (Madonna, Cher and Celine Dion)

      20 Grammy Wins

      *Only 1 woman has more in the history of the Grammy Awards (Alison Krauss (27).

      5 #1 Billboard Albums
      The female artist with the most #1 albums is Barbara Streisand with 10 (Bey’s half way there with her making history by having her first earn a #1 spot back to back).

      Some can act like Bey has no single impact, but those stats aren’t too flimsy at at.

      • Royalkev June 19, 2015

        *first 5 albums earn a #1 spot

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        ???? ???? ????
        Well, mine are pure quantitative music stats. What do tours and Grammys have to do with anything?
        You’re steam pressed. I know. It’s hard for you and the hive to comprehend that Rihanna surpassed Beyonce in less than 10 years of her career.
        As for your question: what I think of those stats? One word: laughable. You tried.

      • Centurion Stan June 19, 2015

        Sis you betta gather these chicken heads! I love how you read with no effort! Keep slaying i love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        I’m flattered, I really am, but please stop doing that? I don’t want these cretins to think I made an account just to complement myself. To me, it comes across as self-deprecation.

      • You tried June 19, 2015

        @royalkev don’t argue with these delusionalist ! They’re clearly ignorant!

      • Ciara The Flop June 19, 2015

        The Grammies are bought. Let that bullshiit out of the equation.

    • Royalkev June 19, 2015

      What do tours and Grammys have to do with anything?

      I don’t know, perhaps these achievements are music related …

      You’re steam pressed. I know.

      I’m pressed, but you started these lame comparisons … Ok!

      It’s hard for you and the hive to comprehend that Rihanna surpassed Beyonce

      So if Bey is turning up #1 or top 5 in different areas of music history how exactly is she beneath Rihanna.

      As for your question: what I think of those stats? One word: laughable.

      Odd, because that’s the word that comes to mind when I think of taking you seriously!

      You tried.

      and you failed dear!

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        ???? ???? ???? http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/130427233512-michelle-obama-dabs-her-eyes-while-laughing-during-the-dinner–horizontal-gallery.jpg
        Wow. I really didn’t think my list would cause a meltdown. How on Earth am I pressed when I just merely displayed quantitative music stats that show that Rihanna surpasses Beyonce in record/music sales? #BeyHiveLogic
        Listen here sweetheart, Rihanna outperforms Beyonce in music sales. She has outsold Beyonce in a very perspective. It doesn’t matter that Rihanna has released 7 albums compared to Bey’s 5. The Beatles, for example, have released 27 studio albums. It’s not their fault that they did that and that they are the highest selling artist of all time based on that, right? Right? I hope you/we agree.
        Oh and btw, I clearly said “record sales” in the first part of my initial comment, so tours and Grammys…? Stop embarrassing yourself.

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        …in *every perspective.

      • Royalkev June 19, 2015

        Embarrassing myself? Hardly. You wish you could cause my meltdowns my love, but I’ve yet to find any cause for one (based on everything that you’ve presented).

        The thing is that you want to zero in on stats that your showing bias to. Bey’s charting stats display how WELL ROUNDED her accomplishments are. She’s not ONLY excelling in one lane. Yes, she slaying in SEVERAL departments with TOURS, SINGLES(*cough*), AWARDS and #1 ALBUMS.

        Having 5 #1 singles that gives her a cumulative total at #1 (on the Hot 100) of 36 weeks (7th place of all time) from ONLY FIVE albums is impressive. Bey still landed a #1 song that’s one of ONLY 20 songs in the history of music to log 10 or more weeks (Irreplaceable). She’s still responsible for 15 top 10 hits … WHILE producing 4 albums that reached MULTI PLATINUM sales status since 2000!

        You’re thrilled about Rih’s success, I’m happy for you hun! You just a fail miserably when you attempt to decline Yonce’s status!

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        She has surpassed Beyonce’s entire record sales
        I said that right? No? Keywords: “record sales”. Did you see that? Did you? Are you perhaps mildly dyslexic? Is that why you included Grammys and touring? Are you? So many questions so little time.
        Oh and you just did it again. The success that you claim I’m happy about is already public knowledge stupid. You did it yet again by mentioning Bey’s stats which ummm… none of them are better achievement than Rihanna’s. I’m little surprised you didn’t include Forbes. Lol
        You’re just as stupid as the rest of the hive who make up dismal replies just to denounce a person’s comment. I’m talking cars, a type of automobile, and you’re talking motorcycles. They’re related, but so different in many perspectives, as was my comment to your stupid replies. Nothing that comes out of your ‘replies’ is remotely tangible. So sad.

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        Lmao @ Dismal receipts. The person who believes Rihannas sold 240 million records sold and doesnt even KNOW Beyonces record sales

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        I said ‘dismal replies.’
        ???? ???? ????
        Jesus take the wheel. I done gave up on these fools.
        ???? ???? ????

      • Rihboy June 19, 2015

        centurion I don’t even know why you bothering to be logical with a hivey. It’s a known fact beyonce was outsold. Two additional albums have nothing to do with why. She just sells music better. Having 5 consecutive number 1 albums means nothing. Anything can be number one for two to three days and then plummet. All of Rihanna’s albums are platinum. She has doubled almost tripled number 1 hit songs.?however whenever you bring up these solidified receipts; they start to talk about dc3 sales, that one tour, and or her critically acclaimed album that stalled ever so abruptly. The struggle

      • RoyalKev June 19, 2015

        Rihanna has already surpassed Beyonce’s Music career.

        ^ This is your opening statement. A great “career” consists of many things. You seem to be quite fixated on one thing! … Singles! Your entire rant was centered around that. As for record sales, Rihanna has released more album(s)and single(s) than Bey has. Her RECORDS grand total should be higher.

        Just because I’m not following suit by entertaining your one dimensional ass by pounding a wooden square peg into a circle, doesn’t make all my points invalid. You don’t want to take into consideration that one artist has less material than the other. That still shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Bey has an album that sold 10 million+ (Rih doesn’t), Bey has 4 MULTI-Platinum ALBUMS (Rih doesn’t), Bey sold 15 million albums in the U.S. (Rih sold less, 10) and yes, Bey has more awards, has a higher touring gross, earned more #1 albums (5 in comparison to 1) and yes trumped Rih on Forbes (Bey earnings from music only >>>> Rih’s earnings from music only) … Just figured I’d add that since you gave me the reminder! So just that we’re clear, this is all in response to your very first statement.

      • Rihboy June 19, 2015

        Royal please be seated. Rihanna has several multi platinum albums. Where are you gathering your Intel from? Space?

    • teee June 19, 2015

      You better tell your caregivers(if you have any) to check you back into the mental institution.

    • Charlieyoncé June 19, 2015

      Beyoncé has had a successful singing career before anyone knew who Rihanna is. Remember Destiny’s Child? 60 million records sold? Multiple top 10s and 4 #1s?

      See there’s a reason why Rihanna respects Beyoncé, and I honestly respect her for that. Whether you want to include Beyoncé’s achievements in DC together with her current solo career or not, you can’t take away the hardwork, plaques hit songs and albums she had both in DC and as a solo artist. She’s phenomenal, everybody knows it, and she’s only 33. Deal with it. Xo

    • teee June 19, 2015

      Some achievement yet no integrity or respect in the music industry.

      • You tried June 19, 2015


    • trellbeylike June 19, 2015

      Child boo Beyoncé has 25 top 10 hits in her total career….Beyoncé with 5 albums still sold more albums than rihanna. Please kids

    • Ciara The Flop June 19, 2015

      You better gather RoyalKev and the HIVe down!!!

  6. maurice June 19, 2015


  7. Keri Qween June 19, 2015

    and its gonna outsl 7/11 with no video and in less time slay Rih????????????????????☕

    • You tried June 19, 2015

      @KeriQween I know u sad that ur fav career is over! The only thing they can talk about is what she had on not her #1’s or empty seats that she performs in front of ! Jump in line with the rest of the punks that’s in denial! BEY reigns here! I KNOW U MAD!

  8. Centurion June 19, 2015

    Did you know that in the 17 years of their solo career, Coldplay have only ever collaborated with one artist, Rihanna? …Yep.

    • Charlieyoncé June 19, 2015

      After Chris had asked BEYONCÉ to collaborate with them back in 2009, but her record label wasn’t so keen on it. Rih is basically sloppy seconds. You tried cupcake. Xo

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        Ummm… So? A lot of things happen in the background; songs are send and exchanged all across the industry, but the public will only knows what’s official. You’re stupid, you really are.
        Instead of being so bothered by the Bajan princess, go help Beyonce get a hit record in the UK where she flops so hard. ???? ???? ????

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        Beyonce does not flop in the UK. She is one of the bestselling female artists over here thanks love.

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        Let me repeat myself: in the 17 years of their solo career, Coldplay have only ever collaborated with one artist, Rihanna. And yet they claim I’m mad.
        ???? ???? ????
        In what way am I mad? Did you know that Rihanna’s umbrella was declined by Britney and MJB. It happens all the time. Like… wtf? Who doesn’t know that?
        Good lord. You hive you are so stupid. Ugh… ???? ???? ????

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        And Beyonce flops in the UK. Who are you fooling? She flops in her native market. 😆

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        How does she flop in her native market when shes sold more albums than Rihanna there? What does that make Rihanna? Again. Beyonce does not flop in the UK. Where your credentials for this? Because last time I checked she was listed as one of the bestselling artists in the UK as well as the US.

    • Charlieyoncé June 19, 2015

      Aw, it hurt didn’t it? Knowing Bey was asked first before yours truly? Seethe honey, keep seething. You know Beyoncé is better and you will deal. ???? lol it must’ve hurt since you called me stupid. I never disrespected you so why disrespect me? Beyoncé is completely fine in the UK and is greatly loved. I’m not worried about her. RL8, however… Smh xo

      • Miss Jones June 19, 2015

        @Charlieyonce, all it could say was “Ummm…So?” *CLOCKED*

    • Charlieyoncé June 19, 2015

      @MissJones trust me! Whatever I said must’ve angered him/her. I was only stating facts. It’s seething, and I’m just fine. Oh well.. Xo ????

    • Shut Up UGLY June 19, 2015

      They collaborated with Jay-Z before that dummy!

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        Keywords: “solo career”
        Coldplay also collaborated with Kylie Minogue on a Charity song.
        Damn, I’m surrounded by ignorant fools.

      • Shut Up UGLY June 19, 2015

        Again… Coldplay did 2 songs with Jay-Z, years before they did anything with Pirhanna. You said they only collaborated with one artist in 17 years of their solo career, so the only idiot here is you dummy! go back to school!

    • You tried June 19, 2015

      BISH WET………….
      Looking for a reason to give a f***

  9. Centurion June 19, 2015

    Happy belated Birthday to Paul McCartney. He turned 73 on the 18th of June. I forgot. 🙁

  10. ANDREW June 19, 2015

    Ok ..

  11. fatusankoh June 19, 2015

    They have to write something about her beating queen bey because she is flopping rehoo put record every year bey once every four years you do the mart

  12. Suicide Blonde June 19, 2015

    It’s not a secret that Rihanna’s chart achievements leaves Beyoncé in the dust.

    • teee June 19, 2015


    • trellbeylike June 19, 2015

      she only has 4 more #1 singles than her….thats such a huge difference lol too bad she cant do it on any other chart. Lol the cheapest chart at that…kiiiii the logic

  13. #JACKIE June 19, 2015


  14. Cake like Lady GaGa June 19, 2015

    Does anyone take Dance charts seriously? Lol at sam trying to get those hits and the stupid H.IV+ phaggs will fall for it because they are stupid like their fave!!!

    • christopher Conway June 19, 2015

      Seeing as ya fave built her name off the backs of gays u have no room to talk didn’t these charts help Gaga when she was relevant

    • Rosie June 19, 2015

      LMAO at this coming from you when that was the only chart your fave’s last SOLO single did decently on.

      • LOL June 19, 2015


      • Rosie June 19, 2015

        Yes. Has Ass To Mouth sold 200K yet in 2015? Dead at 90% of its sales being from three months. A frontloaded mess just like his career.

    • Rihboy June 19, 2015

      Ciara fans and bey fans should seeing that’s the only area they chart in anyways. You guys only don’t take it seriously when Rih is topping it. Mad or nah?

  15. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) June 19, 2015

    @Joe just said what I always say. If you release albums and singles every year to stay relevant then its more than possible. And Bey got one less with 3 albums behind her kiiii. That’s sad tbh. No wonder taking a break was a bad idea,the navy got tired of waiting at the microwave for pop corn and her singles

  16. T June 19, 2015

    Lmao at delusional rihyodel stans coming out of hiding to celebrate a dance club record that Madonna has??? Lmao!!!!!! I cannot!!! Where are her singles on the hot 100 chart tho??? Crickets…… I also find it funny how the titanic celebrate when rihanna beats beyonce at ANYTHING. Lol it can be the smallest thing. If rihanna beat beyonce at a farting contest the titanic would celebrate that too. It’s pathetic and it just proves that y’all know who the queen is…..beyonce has had everybody faves and stans pressed since age stepped on the scene. There’s a reason everybody calls her queen bey.

    • Me>>>you June 19, 2015

      What do you mean where are her singles on billboard hot 100? Four five seconds charted at the top five and sold 1,7 million copies. And BBHMM charted at the top 20 without a music video. And has sold more than 600,000 copies so far. And Rihanna has more number 1 singles than Madonna on billboard hot 100

      • Rihboy June 19, 2015

        The hive in they feelings over such a little “achievement” as they call it.

  17. T June 19, 2015

    *she stepped on the scene

  18. Terryb June 19, 2015

    Lol where’s that song on the Hot 100? And she didn’t beat anyone until she has the most #1’s. She won’t pass Madonna.

    • Me>>>you June 19, 2015

      Well she passed Madonna in billboard hot 100. So I’m pretty sure she’ll surpass her here too.

      • Mark111 June 19, 2015


    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      #26, 12 weeks. Next question.

  19. Me>>>you June 19, 2015

    Let’s get this straight, Rihanna is the best of this generation. No matter how y’all try to discredit her, it won’t change the fact that in just ten years she has achieved so much in her career. Beyoncé was the best of 2000s era, Rihanna is the best of 2010s era. And that’s all I have to say.

    • Pray for #R8 June 19, 2015

      Rihanna’s the best ‘what’ of this generation? Singer? Dancer? Writer? Performer? Simply saying she’s “the best” doesn’t mean anything. And saying that she is overall “the best” implies that she is the better than all of her counterparts in every category… So which one is it? …..

  20. B2B June 19, 2015

    Navy clinging to Dance Hits now? Might as well praise AO for topping the top Twitter tracks chart, and failing to reach the top 50/60/70 on Hot100. 7/11> BBHMM

  21. Pray for #R8 June 19, 2015

    Dance club songs…. Okay.

  22. UPGRADEBOY June 19, 2015

    SCREEEEAAMMMMM, please call me when she will surpass the talent of bey’s one finger, Beyonce got her 22 number one with 5 album and rih her 23 with almost 8 album humm,quality over quantity that’s all ????????????

    • christopher Conway June 19, 2015

      But Rih did it in less time hun

      • Pray for #R8 June 19, 2015

        @christoper conway …With more music hun. It’s a very simple math problem @upgradeboy laid out. 5 albums= 22 …. 7 albums= 22 + ONE…. ???? Time span would only be relevant enough to be measured if all other factors were kept constant. Which they weren’t, because bey and rih don’t have the same amount of music. #SchoolisCool

  23. Monica Stan June 19, 2015

    Death at navi boasting about the dance charts. This era is such a flop for RihYAWNna.

  24. teee June 19, 2015

    @ centurion

  25. Ask4yall June 19, 2015

    I didn’t know Rihanna was so big. You have to tell me to know it because I looked at her as a lucky gorgeous girl not such an artist

  26. Barb-wire June 19, 2015

    Kiii not the dance charts…. NO!!! Now I know the ship has really sunken.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      BB Hot 100, 13 Vs 5. How many does Nicki have?

      • LB June 19, 2015

        I’ll answer, ZERO after 64138413431841354 features.

      • Barb B**** June 19, 2015

        But Aaliyah only has 1 chart topping hit.

  27. Rosie June 19, 2015

    OK, every other other time the Dance Charts (or literally any other receipt) come up they’re “irrelevant” but because she passes Beyoncé on it “it’s more proof she’s slAYing and she ENDED that APE!!” or whatever B.S. Gotta love the Navi!

  28. Hilary Duff Lover June 19, 2015

    LOLLLLLLLL dance charts. The titanic has officially sunk!!!

  29. Yeah I Said It June 19, 2015

    LOL! With all her 1727181881 songs and releases the Navy are really celebrating this? The b**** has to release DOUBLE everyone else for her stats to be impressive. No ones mad at this.

  30. Lolz June 19, 2015

    @Centurian. Serious question. Why are you comparing record sales when you don’t even know Beyonces total? Are you not always asking what it is? ???? Navy logic… Yet they call the Hive dumb.

  31. RihNavy June 19, 2015


  32. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy June 19, 2015

    That Rihanna Reign Won’t Let Up. Look at the honey flies buzzing in just to tear Rih down. Instead of hating, congratulate her, because Bey and Rih are on the same team. They’re the musical Shaq and Kobe. Plus, I like to see BOTH of them win over them white hefers such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry who just copy them. #BlackGirlsRock

  33. Mark111 June 19, 2015

    Well duh! She also murders Beyonce on the main BB Hot 100, 2 times over.
    @Royalkev, you being petty, @Centurion was clearly talking about chart singles success, hint the subject of this post. Bring up tours (that Rihanna tied with, seeing how Mrs. Camel Tour is TWO tours added together.)

    • Pray for #R8 June 19, 2015

      Yeah. Just like Beyonce murders Rihanna on the BB 200, Fourfive Times over…. with less attempts.

      • Mark111 June 19, 2015

        But the SUBJECT of this post is single charts. You being in your feelings is clouding your intelligents. Or maybe not…

    • Pray for #R8 June 19, 2015

      It’s clouding my intelligents? lmao Death….Okay. #PrayfortheYouth

      Bring up ALBUMS and the navy doesn’t want to discuss it. But It’s alright. Can’t expect the dollar menu single stans to boast about Full Bodies of Work topping the charts… Every time an effort has been made. I made a comparison. That’s all. 5 out of 5. That’s a 100 percent success rate. 1 out of 7. Since i’m in my feelings and my “intelligents”is clouded, you mind doing the math there?

  34. Centurion June 19, 2015

    June 19, 2015 at 8:44 am
    Lolz says:

    @Centurian. Serious question. Why are you comparing record sales when you don’t even know Beyonces total? Are you not always asking what it is?
    If they were any good, they’d be public knowledge like Rihanna’s right? A simple web search would display them right? Since shes Queen, they would be publised by Columbia records right? No? Do you perhaps know what they are? Do you?
    ???? ???? ????
    It’s like an endless pool of stupidity.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      Love how they try to derail to subject time and time again. They’re childish.

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        They’re very very childish. They know very well that Beyonce can’t touch Rihanna in record sales and chart performance. That’s why they deviate to Grammys, touring, Forbes, Beyonce having a husband, etc.

      • Mark111 June 19, 2015

        BINGO! yahtzee!

    • Lolz June 19, 2015

      So you still can’t answer the question then.Only replying with questions? LOL. You have NO receipts. Columbia have not put up most of their artists record sales.

      • Mark111 June 19, 2015

        The excuses, Beyoncé sold 100M records, maybe even less.

      • Lolz June 19, 2015


  35. Lolz June 19, 2015

    You still can’t compare record sales. When you only have the ‘apprent’ sales from one party. I mean, its just common sense A from B. Lol.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      You not knowing the new number of records sales of Bey won’t help your case. It still shows 80M and Rihanna after a few years is still at 150m. Even with the outdated stat, Rihanna still beat the crap out hmof your queen. You failed, accept it.

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        I dont have a case to beat and have failed at nothing. Im not the one obsessing over Beyonces total record sales from her record label like your friend without knowing them. Your friend is the one claiming Rihanna has sold 240 million records. Beyonces total records sales show 118 million from most sources since I am Sasha Fierce era which is barely any difference to Rihannas 150 million.

  36. ANTMO June 19, 2015

    Lol I don’t understand how yall can argue everyday about the same thing and say the same thing, they’re both doing the damn thing and killing the game and are black women at that Rihanna getting 13 #1s is huge accomplishment and what artist you know that debuted in the 90s is as big as Beyonce right now

  37. Centurion June 19, 2015

    The excuses indeed.
    What I said makes perfect sense. If they were any good

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      You got them in their feelings, they can’t take the L. Well they can take a D and call it a night because NUMBERS don’t lie and that’s straight from the camel’s mouth.

      • Centurion June 19, 2015

        “Straight from the camel’s mouth.” LMFAO

  38. Lolz June 19, 2015

    What excuses. Its a question.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      But you’re running from his/her question by asking yours. You pest do this all the time and we lose.

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        What was the question? I’ll answer it.

      • Mark111 June 19, 2015

        You know damn well what the question was. You would know if you quit running from it.

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        I seriously don’t. Do tell?

  39. Cake like Lady GaGa June 19, 2015

    Has Lana Fad Rey topped any billboard chart with ultraFLOP singles? Why is her one transexual stan clinging to the H.IV+ phaggs? Kii at the struggle because it can’t use its own fave’s receipts

  40. Lolz June 19, 2015

    The only one with excuses is you. You have no logic. If you’re using label receipts, you should provide both. 118 million records and 150 million records shows how minimal the difference and how much work your fave has to put in to keep up and thats why you’re not using those receipts.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      HAhahahahahahahaha, you said use the label receipts yet you used Bey’s and not Rih’s label stats. So by YOUR logic, Rihanna sold 54 million albums and sold 210M tracks, making her tot of 264M records sold. You lose no matter how you pest try to slice this humble pie.

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        Lol. You need to stay out of this argument if you don’t know what Im talking about Mark. I never posted Beyonces label receipts. Her label have not posted her receipts. This is the whole argument with your deluisionl friend is about, using Rihanna label receipts but does not know Beyonce.

      • Mark111 June 19, 2015

        “If you’re using label receipts, you should provide both. 118 million records and 150 million records shows how minimal the difference”
        You tripping on your own words. For a good 5 years, Rihanna been passed over Beyonce record sales. The end, THE END!

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        WTF are you on about? I am adressing Centurian saying Rihanna is way ahead of Beyonces career when shes not. Shes basic and has to do way more work.

  41. Centurion June 19, 2015

    The excuses indeed
    What I said makes perfect sense. If Beyonce records were any good, they’d be public knowledge, especially for some of her her statue, but they’re not. Why? 🙁

    • Shut Up UGLY June 19, 2015

      *—-> “Stature”! take your ass back to school !

  42. Lolz June 19, 2015

    Again. You make no sense whatsoever. All your doing is assuming with NO receipts again. Columbia have not posted Adeles total record sales. Does that mean they are rubbish? No.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      How bout you actually reply and stop being a coward and running.

  43. Lolz June 19, 2015

    Please come with some viable receipts instead of IFs BUTS and MAYBEs. This is too boring. And no saying I am in my feelings just because Im clocking nonsense won’t help your case either.

  44. Mark111 June 19, 2015

    Looks like lolz is… On The Run. The pest is just a bug when their alone. lol

  45. Lolz June 19, 2015

    @Mark111 honey. You don’t understand the argument. Why are you getting involved boy. Sit down. I suggest you read my comments properly and then come back.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      No, I see through your crap. We would be WAY DOWN HERE in this post if YOU had of replied instead of being a coward and running. You pest aren’t slick, you play these Fox News games all the time. Beyonce’s record sales are 90 to 100 M at BEST.

      • BEY>RIH June 19, 2015

        Child boo at those 2008 reciepts. Beyonce’s record sales are at least 118 million sold.

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        Still NO receipts. LMAO. I can’t with these fools.

  46. Slay_Hive June 19, 2015

    ???? Bey did it with less albums and singles. ☕ Death @ this stupid ass Centipede b**** starting something and getting dragged as usual. RoyalKev snatched every split end from that obsessed schizophrenic third world biitch and left it bald bleeding and helpless????????????

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      Rihanna did it with less time. In your words, she did it in 10 vs Bey in 20 and Madonna in 130. Oh and your hairline is GONE.

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        Time is a nonfactor when you have much more music.

      • Slay_Hive June 19, 2015

        In less time??? ????????. Yes she only had to release three albums a year to stay afloat. No wonder she’s fading so soon. OH and your internal and external a*** sphincter is GONE! too much tranny diick!! ???????????????????????? FOH

      • Pray for #R8 June 19, 2015

        @Lolz …..I’ve already tried to explain “how to isolate a variable to make a legitimate claim” to these basic h***. It’s a lost cause. Try to do good by educating the youth at risk and what do you get? Blank stares and repetitive foolishness.

  47. Centurion June 19, 2015

    Oop! http://www.rihannanow.com/bio/ That’s very interesting Mark.
    Although it includes shipments (obviously), why isn’t Queen Bey’s record sales on her official website hmmm?
    Why? 😆

    • Lolz June 19, 2015

      Thats question you should be asking Columbia about all their artists. LMAO. You’re so stupid.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      And I’m not even going by that, but LOz said to use the stats that the label put out, so…
      Like I said, when the Pest are in numbers, doing this running and derailment, it throws us off by answering 99 questions that is off subject at once. When there’s only ONE, they just a weak lil bug. Now Slave_Pedo aka FourFive_Head is here and will do the same. lol

  48. Slay_Hive June 19, 2015

    Lol since everyone is asking so many damn questions, I have one.

    Why hasn’t Rihanna released her album yet after releasing the first single in January?
    Why not even a release date after 10 singles??
    Is her LABEL forcing her to re-record because the original album wasn’t good enough to compete with Yonce’s Double Platinum Blockbuster?? ????????????
    So many questions!!!!????????

  49. Lolz June 19, 2015

    Not Rihannanow.com ????????

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      smh, YOU’RE so stupid! YOU said “If you’re using label receipts, you should provide both. 118 million records and 150 million records shows how minimal the difference” and you didn’t even use Rihanna’s label stats to make it seem like both are close in sales, they’re NOT! GET over it. lol

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        I didn’t use EITHER of their label stats. In posting stats from the same source which shows they are close. Beyonces label stats are NOT published so how do you know they are NOT close? This is all I am saying. Get into that thick skull.

  50. Centurion June 19, 2015

    Apperently I got dragged by Royalkev, even though it compared oranges with lemons.
    These unacknowledged lessors are doing way too much. 😆

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      Subject: Single charts.
      Pest: But the tours, grammys and blah blah blah.

      • Centurion June 19, 2015


  51. Mark111 June 19, 2015

    This is the reason no one will ever take you lil phags serious, even when you lose, you still talk ish. Lolz, you lose, all your questions were answered with citations. Have a good day.

    • Lolz June 19, 2015

      Your so phucking stupid! You’re the one guessing that Beyonce has sold LESS than 100 million based on NOTHING. Just stop you and your friend are full contradictions. I am not the one posting dozens of rhetorical questions because I have failed logic. Sit down. What goes for one goes for the other. Thats is all. Until you get that. Stop stalking all my comments.

  52. Lolz June 19, 2015

    Its ok to say Rihanna has sold 240 million records based on her label and them guess Beyonces are less than 100 million. I can’t with these phags. And they call the Hive delusional…

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      You can try to twist the word all you want, anyone with basic reading skills will just look up and see how stupid you are. Here some advice, take more classes and less d1cks and maybe then you will get it. lol

      • Lolz June 19, 2015

        Honey trying to insult me doesn’t change the fact your friend is forming baseless arguments throughout this post. You need more d*** in your life because all I ever see you doing is running your mouth on here.

  53. Centurion June 19, 2015

    RihannaNow is Rihanna’s official website.
    SCREAMING!!! They’re so so desperate.

  54. Slay_Hive June 19, 2015

    Yes dumb ass bitxh you got dragged because all you can ever come up with is single chart stats!!! ???? While Beyonce excels in several different areas. No wonder she is called Queen Bey and Rihanna is her lessor. Everyone knows this!????????????

  55. Centurion June 19, 2015

    They’re sooo desperate. They wanna have the last word.

    • Mark111 June 19, 2015

      Is that what it is? Well they can have it, they still wrong and lost this battle tho. lol

  56. Lolz June 19, 2015

    Doesnt matter what the phuckinh site is! You’re not basing your argument on Beyonces official record sales (because you don’t have them) so you can’t come to any conclusion from those long essays you wrote. Wow. Do you anything about forming a solid argument?

  57. Mark111 June 19, 2015

    “Yes dumb ass bitxh you got dragged because all you can ever come up with is single chart stats!!!”
    Rihanna Surpasses Beyonce Feat On ‘Billboard’ chart.
    The subject is single charts, Dance chart. and to back this up and brought up record sales, well I thin lolz did. So you can wait for a “several different areas” post, but until then, STFU.
    Oh here you go.

    • Centurion June 19, 2015

      Lessors… What will you do with them?

  58. BEY>RIH June 19, 2015

    Didn’t the titanic leader on tgc quote “rihanna’s career surpasses Beyonce’s career”? If im not mistaken a career isn’t only based on singles. Albums, touring, album sales, awards, acclaim, net worth and influence account too. Which means Bey is clearly the winner. Im sorry but rihanna’s legacy is gonna be dull if all she has to be proud of is singles and single sales.

    • Slay_Hive June 19, 2015

      Let’s not forget we’re talking to Rihanna fans. single chart stats only matter to them, yet Beyoncé’s music still earns more Grammys as well. They are a joke and set themselves up.????

    • Pray for #R8 June 19, 2015

      Cut them some slack, Poor things can only count up to the number 1.29. Why would they be able to grasp the measures of success?

      • I tell no lies June 19, 2015

        Lol. They’ve been smoking that cigarette tobacco as they claim the Goat Screecher was doing. Their fave walking around with a billboard for a forehead.They’re so delusional, doing cartwheels over this garbage. lol

    • Lolz June 19, 2015


  59. Shut Up UGLY June 19, 2015

    Mark911 why don’t you come terms with your own love of d*** before you comment on others. It’s a shame centurion is interested in kids, because you two b****** would have made a good lil gay couple.

    • Slay_Hive June 19, 2015

      Right and Markeisha would be the bottom. She stays riding Centipede’s little three inch third world cockk. ????????????????

      • Shut Up UGLY June 19, 2015

        KIIKIIKII that impotent aidzz carrier can’t get it up, he has no choice but to be the bottom.

  60. Lolz June 19, 2015

    Lol. Titanics loose again.

  61. Lolz June 19, 2015

    Co Signing eachother doesnt change the fact you still don’t have any receipts to form a solid argument. These Titanics are soo delusinal.

  62. Mr. CEE June 19, 2015



  63. BEY>RIH June 19, 2015

    Anyways u would expect an artist with almost 3 more albums and more singles to surpass one with less but nonetheless congrats. This will take the titanic’s attention off of RL8 floppage.

  64. Slay_Hive June 19, 2015

    Well those biitches scattered like roaches!! ????????
    *Goes to prepare for lunch*

  65. Stephon Maurice Jackson June 19, 2015

    Wow, Madonna just SHITTS all over everyone! Congrats to Rihanna! She’s a true SINGLES Queen (and not to bad at selling albums too). How did Mariah & Nippy achieve those dance hits… With so many ballads??? Lol.

    MarkyMark is dominating this post.

  66. Stephon Maurice Jackson June 19, 2015

    AND! This list is dominated by FEMALES! Wow. I don’t see Michael at all. Interesting

  67. Tyler Makiveli June 19, 2015

    *Claps hands for the SINGLES ARTIST*….Now, are we still going to act like the b**** isnt about to release her 8TH ALBUM in 10 years, with only 10 million sold in the US and barely 30 million world wide???

  68. kingbeybitch June 19, 2015

    Jfjfjdjdndjfn let me get this straight the Navy is trying to clock with this chart lmaooo. I thought this chart didn’t matter lmaoooooo????????????????

  69. mingxxx June 19, 2015

    What matter is beyonce is a rip off copycat thief..she would be nothing if she did not steal…the word of the day is ::::COPYCAT::; thanks kids

  70. Boy wonderland June 19, 2015

    oh please we ALL know rih don’t have shxt on beyonce..remove all the microwaved pop hits && let’s look at real talent..beyonce wins over && over..NEXT

  71. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 19, 2015

    Good for Beyoncé knowles Carter and Robyn Rihanna fenty

  72. Gabe June 20, 2015

    Does anyone else notice that a lot of those #1’s aren’t even Dance tracks?

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