Christina Aguilera Rocks ‘Cisco Rocks’ As Fans Continue Rally For Tour [Video]

Published: Tuesday 28th Jul 2015 by Rashad
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It’s been nearly 7 years since powerhouse songstress Christina Aguilera struck out on a world tour.  Despite murmurs and mentions of worldwide treks to support her two latest projects ‘Bionic’ (2010) and ‘Lotus’ (2012), the pop diva has always cited other ventures (i.e. movies, motherhood, ‘The Voice’) as reasons why she hasn’t hit the road.

Apparently, fans have heard enough – especially since she left this year’s ‘Cisco Rocks’ concert in ashes after delivering a scorching hourlong performance of some of her top hits.  Sending supporters into a frenzy, the #Fighters collectively set Twitter alight to motion for a new tour from the Grammy winner to coincide with her next release.

She’s still got it…and “it” in abundance.  The question now becomes:  will she answer her fans’ call?

Via BizJournals:

Pop star Christina Aguilera, a recent judge on the NBC TV show “The Voice,” and country star Keith Urban [performed] at a big private Cisco Systems Inc. sendoff for its newly retired Chief Executive John Chambers as his successor welcomes new talent to the leadership team.

The party, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, will kick off Cisco’s fiscal year 2016 “with fun and food and friends,” Carmen Shirkey Collins, a Cisco social media manager, said in a blog post.

1. Bionic
2. Dirrty (1: 38)
3. Feel This Moment (5:00)
4. Moves Like Jagger (6:50)
5. Genie In A Bottle (10:45)
6. Ain’t No Other Man (14:50)
7. Candyman (19:46)
8. Lady Marmalade (24:00)
9. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) (28:10)
10. Say Something (37:30)
11. Whole Lotta Love (41:47)
12. Let There Be Love (45:50)


The girl is in good voice! Bring on the new album!

Your thoughts?

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  1. TheBeyHive July 28, 2015


  2. OMG Logic!!! July 28, 2015

    Silly fighters. Don’t you think she would have toured by now if she had the ticket selling power? She knows she won’t sell out gigs and instead saves herself the embarrassment.

    • Legendtina July 29, 2015

      Over 15 years of being bitter huh lamb? It must hurt to see that even 15 years into her career of “over singing” she still sounds better and is STILL a better performer than your fav.

      • emanuel mazo January 10, 2016

        Mariah can still sing live and better than Christina. Compare them. Some examples: Vision Of Love Zurich 2003- Vision Of Love Blueprint 2005. Joy To The World Beacon Theatre concerts 2015.

    • Pu$$iePopstress July 28, 2015

      girl bye! at least she sings live. i watched that concert. yeah there were bum notes but she was great! her voice sounds strong.

      you’re just a hater

    • pee’d~in~ur~tea July 29, 2015

      Ugly bitter trolls. Lmao

  3. Pu$$iePopstress July 28, 2015

    cracking 15 times over an hour long concert is nothing. you act like she cracked 15 times in one song.


  4. Ibrahim July 28, 2015

    She looks and sounds AMAZING!! She still has that explosive stage presence to pair with that beautiful voice!! I’m so happy to see her in full force like this: NEW ERA PLEASE!

    PS: yes her voice cracked in like 10 beltings out of 150 she did throughout the hourlong concert. QUEEN!

    • Meteorite July 28, 2015

      To be fair it’s kinda hard to say, it’s cellphone quality. Hopefully a a real digital HD version will drop.

  5. Meteorite July 28, 2015

    About damn time she made an appearance!

  6. christinastherealtalent July 28, 2015

    I just wish she’d hurry up and release her new music.

    And trust, Xtina may not have the selling power she once did, she can still out sing and out perform your faves, even on her worst day! And some of y’all are the same ones who stan for Taylor and in that case, you have no right criticizing anything about Xtina’s talent.

  7. Meteorite July 28, 2015

    WTF!!! That Genie In Bottle remix was Sick!!!!!!! I think Christina dropping hints of what’s to come!!! (Resumes playback)

  8. Molly July 28, 2015

    Girl give us Britney cause Xtina is beyond late.

    • Legendtina July 29, 2015

      I bet a Ciara fan would appreciate the lip syncing and recycled Janet Jackson choreography that Britney could serve 10 years ago. In the present however, she is useless which is why she doesn’t get booked

  9. StrawberryMuffin24 July 28, 2015

    She sounds good i think she was just rushing some of the ending notes but other then that she sound great I loved
    1.Bionic Inro
    3.Say Something
    4.The new GIAB Mix

    The whole set was good she looks like she’s losing the baby weight she’s ready for that new era I’m ready too!

  10. powpow July 28, 2015

    In spite of oversexual image I disagree with, for me she is still the best singer. Can’t wait for fresh ballads. Wish she duet with Ed Sheeran, Josh logan, Darren Hayes and Mariah Carey. 🙂

    • Meteorite July 29, 2015

      I wish she would duet with Mariah

  11. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 28, 2015

    Queen better snatch.

  12. BADGALRIRI???? July 29, 2015

    I love me some Christina! I don’t like when she oversings lol but that’s bae !

  13. Legendtina July 29, 2015

    Christina proves once again that not only is she the Voice of a generation but also one of the best performers of her time, along with Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. Her voice is still intact 15 years later and she still has that fire. This set along with her NBA All Star performance have me dying for another tour. To the pressed Lamb above, Christina could easily sell out arenas, she still has drawing power and just needs a few songs on radio to remind people of her talent and legacy.

  14. Aj July 29, 2015

    Let’s remind TGJ of Xtina’s last tour attempt: Bionic Tour. A trek that was cancelled because of low ticket sales. Granted she’s talented, her attitude has always been her issue and now I feel like she’s matured and humbled her core fans just don’t want to pay for her music or tours. That said if she can deliver a classic Xtina album she’s one of the few older artists in the game (as in who’ve been around a while rather than age) who could top 100k first week.

    • Erotica July 29, 2015

      Actually according to Live Nation low ticket sales weren’t an issue. Her venues were booked out. She postponed the concert because she had to promote Burlesque (Thanksgiving release date) plus lack of rehearsal time (Bionic came out June 8th). She never resumed the tour because after the movie NBC approached her about doing The Voice; in addition she has a kid (only one at the time) and got divorced shortly before the movie came out. So yeah. And if need be its on

  15. xtina fan July 29, 2015

    I’m so happy she sang anything other than beautiful lol! She sounded so good, I just wish she can give us some sort of tour it’s been years ffs. Love her she killed this, and thanks once again Xtina for putting Bionic in there, thought she forgot that even existed.

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