Exclusive: Producer Deputy Dishes On New Rihanna & Beyonce Music

Published: Monday 13th Jul 2015 by Sam

Producer Deputy is etching both his name and sound into the minds of the masses – thanks largely to the commercial and Pop cultural success of Rihanna‘s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’

Together with songwriter Bibi, the Roc Nation talent crafted the hit on everyone’s lips – and is gearing up to bake even more blazing numbers for RiRi.

Speaking to That Grape Juice while in London recently, the rising star relived his journey and revealed that he’s also worked on new music for Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

Check out our EXCLUSIVE chat with Deputy below…

That Grape Juice (Sam):  You’ve got a lot of buzz at the moment. For those that don’t know, tell us a little about your journey up until this point.

Deputy: Journey up until this point—well, I started off as an intern at Jive Records, used that to get to know the people that I needed to know in the industry. Ended up signing with Roc Nation about 7 years ago (yeah, about 7 years ago). And here we are at Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’ [Laughs]

TGJ:  So you obviously name-checked ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ and that’s really blowing up at the moment. Matter of fact, it’s the biggest track from her current album, thus far —

Deputy: Right.

TGJ: Take us through the creation process – as the track’s producer.

Deputy: Well I did the track—actually yesterday was a year from when I actually did the production. So the track was done a year ago, and then I ended up having a session with the writer, Bibi. We went in, we just really went in to trade our hot records, you know, something dope, and by the end of the session, I kind of was like, “Man, this is a Rihanna record” because we just felt like she was the only one that could deliver that record and it be believable. So, we got it to her, she loved it, we went (back) in, she freestyled some of the words, and I added to the beat, and the record was here.

TGJ: And what a record it is!

So, we hear that you have more records on her upcoming album. Sonically, what can we expect from those, and how many do you have on the album?

Deputy: Well, I’m not sure exactly how much is going to be on there. I’m supposed to be coming back in with her to do some more stuff. But sonically, I don’t know. I feel I will let her explain sonically what’s on that album. From what I’ve heard, I don’t know if what’s going to be kept (what’s staying, what’s not), so, I can’t really, I haven’t heard the final ideas and stuff like that.

TGJ: OK, so rounding out on the Rih front, what’s it like working with her? You mentioned that you did the track a year ago and then you kind of went back in with Bibi, and you kind of refreshed it and she put her own swag on it. What’s it like working with her? Like how involved is she in the whole process?


Deputy: She’s very much involved in the process when I’m in the studio with her. It was a cool environment, man. She’s really cool. She knows what she wants to do. She knows what she doesn’t want. You know? Sonically, she takes to sounds, and it was a cool process to be in the room with an artist of her stature—to just kind of like see her work.

It’s a great experience, man. She knows what she wants and that’s a big part.

TGJ: Cool.

Final question on re Rihanna; do you know when we might (even like a window) be able to hear more, or is that again all pending?

Deputy: Yeah, that’s all pending. Like I said, we try to work it out to where I go back in with her, to do some more records right now. So, it’s all pending. I’m pretty sure she wants everything to be to her liking and to where she feels comfortable, you know—and make it happen.

TGJ: Understandably.

Who else are you working with at the moment— here in London and home in the US?

Deputy: Out here, I’m working with the artist Ray right now. Met with Dizzee Rascal earlier during the visit. Tinie Tempah, Nick Brewer.

Over in the US—Zendaya, Keke Palmer, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys.

TGJ: Hmmm…

So, you’re not going to say Beyonce’s name and we’re not going to kind of hone in on that. Tell us a little bit about what it’s been like working with her?

Deputy: I actually don’t know. I did a record, and for the people who heard it, thought it was really a dope Beyonce record—so, we got it over to her and she liked it.

The whole ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ experience has opened a lot of doors. It’s also taught me to not overthink things anymore. You know, once I do the record and I decide to just leave it alone and just let things happen, right? And then if they happen, they happen, and if they don’t, I just keep it moving—work on to the next project.

TGJ: Awesome!

Deputy: I’m just like you, man—trying to find out. I promise you, I’m trying to find out myself [laughs].

TGJ: And just in regards to Alicia Keys, as well, is it a similar situation? What’s it like working with her?

Deputy: Well, yeah. I went in to the studio with Swizz Beatz randomly. Randomly had a meeting with Swizz Beatz and he picked a couple of tracks. He told me that she wrote to one or two that she really loved. So, again I don’t know when that’s coming out. It’s all pending. Everything is all pending right now.

You know, these artists as Alicia Keys and Beyoncé, they’re like perfectionists, so there’s no telling when that album, or when anything, is going to come out.

But, you know, good records always will find a place.

TGJ: Yes, definitely!

You’ve worked with J. Cole, you’ve worked with Ne-Yo. You’ve worked with Rick Ross, The Dream, Sean Garrett—to name but a few —

Deputy: Right.

TGJ: Who would you like to work with? Who’s Deputy’s dream collaboration?

Deputy: Man, if Jay Z could put a verse on that record, that’d be dope. Jay Z, man. I’m originally from Brooklyn, so just growing up, listening to Jay. He’s always been one of the artists that I looked up to that kind of inspired me, influenced a lot of my musical career. So, just doing a record with him—it could be a verse. It could be anything with Jay, for sure.

TGJ: What would you say is the best and worst advice you’ve received?

Deputy: Best advice? Best advice I probably received was: Don’t take anything for granted. Do you know what I’m saying? Don’t take a moment for granted because it’s never really promised again. Once you have it, you have to put the same work to maintain it, right, and not get caught up in the moment and get relaxed.

Worst advice — I would say, is probably listening to everyone’s opinion. Right? Kind of like sometimes we think delay is denial, right? You know, everyone has their own opinion. Don’t allow people’s opinion to guide you somewhere where you don’t believe in yourself.

Do you know what I’m saying?

TGJ: Certainly.

Rounding up now—what advice would you, in turn, give to people that are looking at your position and want to be where you’re in (aspiring song writers, aspiring producers, people that are looking to break in to the industry)? What advice would you give to them?

Deputy: Believe in yourself–that’s number one. Believe in yourself.

Perfect your craft. Two—perfect your craft.

And, don’t allow anyone to, again, tell you, or place their opinions on what you believe. Once you put the work in, man, it will all come through.

Most importantly, to trust the process. Like sometimes we go through this thing trying to achieve a goal and sometimes it doesn’t happen automatically, right? And sometimes it’s not meant for it to happen automatically because it just grows you at the character, right? It grows your personality. It grows your character, and it prepares you for success.

Also, trusting the process and appreciating it—understanding that it’s just really growing on you as a person. You know, when it’s supposed to happen it’ll happen. Nothing happens before its time.

TGJ: That’s a great answer.

Final question—what’s next for Deputy?

Deputy: Next? What’s next for me, man, is to really introduce my sound to the world, right? ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ is a small sample size of what I have to offer. My range is pretty much wide.

I just want to continue to just give to the world and brand my sound. And, just keep working with these artists. It could be an upcoming artist. It could be a well-known artist. So, to just work and really brand the Deputy sound.


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  1. Bitchpleaseeeeeee July 13, 2015

    Sigh… 🙁

  2. Ling Ling July 13, 2015

    Dead!!!! since when do you guys give us a script of an interview? LOL.. wheres the video evidence? Lol. thirsty bitchesss. yall made this up. 😆 done with this shiiiittty blog. Don’t fall for it!!!!!!

  3. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 13, 2015

    Sam is such a boring interviewer. It amazes me that so many has beens and new comers are willing to be interviewed by him. Bbhmm is bow downs lessor only bbhmm is a real single. There is no real hype surrounding r8 asside from the 98 k buying 1st week. 7/11 is a bigger hit than all rih singles this year and looks lkke the deadline for r8 is within 3 months cuz bey season begins soon.

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) July 13, 2015

      7/11 is a bigger hit than all rih singles this year

      The f****** delusion!! Not when 45 seconds outsold everything from the self titled album.The hives dont like when people mention Rihanna’s hits but you’re the first to bring it up.

    • ShakaZulu July 13, 2015

      I believe the interview stated he sent the record to Beyonce and she liked it. Where do u get running up after Rihanna from? I swear u navy girls be trying it ????

  4. LB July 13, 2015

    Rihanna looks gorgeous in that pic btw…..damn girl

  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 13, 2015

    He will give his best material to bey and whats leftover ( the tracks bey rihjects) he gives to Rih. Its bey with the bigger singles (9 #1s 58 weeks) and more grammys. Bbhmm was just a SAMPLE like he said lol


    • Rihboy July 13, 2015

      Honey please eater dean and timbaland both said they couldn’t secrete a number 1 single from Beyoncé. So now she is working with Rihanna’s leftovers in order to possibly hook another smash hit. An album full of flops is just an album full of flops. He will give his best to rih, and give bey some tired Pop contrived urban flop.

  6. Rhiannon Fenty July 13, 2015

    Imma need real receipts to prove this interview exists not some half assed scripts

  7. StrawberryMuffin24 July 13, 2015

    That song is not even what you would consider a hit mediocre at best he has to come harder then that if he wants to be known as a good producer!

  8. shakira stan July 13, 2015

    Biggest record off her current singles ….FFS says hi….tgf is a disgrace to journalism.

  9. shakira stan July 13, 2015

    The fat pig Beyonce stays clinging to rihanna’s name to stay relevant…

    • Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) July 13, 2015

      Really? But Bey didn’t release I can’t remember to chart with foreheadnna now did she

  10. lol July 13, 2015

    Lol guess new wig was right about TGJ trying to score an interview with Rih

  11. african music lover July 13, 2015

    It is good to see people living their dreams and people being successful especially in this industry,,,but damn! we are not getting that Rihanna album anytime soon,are we?

    • FAF July 13, 2015

      not with her still recording it…

  12. caribbean native July 13, 2015

    Thiefyonce strikes again huh?

    • RihYonce July 13, 2015

      He sent the record to her & she liked it dumb ass!

  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 13, 2015

    Actuaually ffs is the most forgettable of the 3. It sold off the mere idea of a comeback sigle but it lasted for about 4 secs ( pun intended) atleast bbhmm is getting AIRPLAY. i hvent heard ffs since the grammys. That song came and went. Flop. If rih next single flops it will be her forth flop n a row. Lol beys 4th album 4 singles didnt even flop this hard. Even the video struggling after exposing titties

  14. Xtina = The Voice of this generation July 13, 2015

    Ummm this h** doesn’t write s***. I thought she wrote BBHMM, what does she do? Why is she even an artist? I will never understand. Someone help me understand they hype around this Barbadian girl? She’s even below ciara artistically.

    • Pray for #R8 July 13, 2015

      Rihanna said herself that she wanted to be “the black Madonna”. And she is. The self drag. No discernible talent.

      Which is where you are right about Ciara. Writing, singing, dancing. You don’t have to be great at everything, but being exceptional in just One of the areas will suffice. It shouldnt be debatable. At least Ciara has (key word—>>) Unquestionable talent.

  15. Xtina = The Voice of this generation July 13, 2015

    This producer is boring af, these guys should stay unknown, behind the scenes because they’re boring af, no one gives a fuuck about em.

  16. DEL BEY July 13, 2015

    So you say “what a record it is” right after shading Rhianna and the song for months? Ok… Also I can see the reach with the Rihanna questions, lol Tgj tryna get that exclusive

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 13, 2015

      I served you that peppermint tea, time ago @DelBey ????????

  17. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan July 13, 2015

    Did Rihanna and Mariah declined to do an interview with TGJ or something?? Cause I noticed any little thing they do Sam and his squad are reporting with their usual bias journalism.

    • What now July 13, 2015


  18. Molly July 13, 2015

    Anyways Ciaras DLWML video drops this week.

    • Xtina = The Voice of this generation July 13, 2015

      I’m loving this song the video better be good, just downloaded it, the MJ influence is real. I just hope Pop radio eats it up, it would be actually refreshing to actually see this song climbing Billboard Hot 100, something with quality for once.

      • Molly July 13, 2015

        I agree hun. I want the video to be EPIC also I need this song to make top 40 ufhdsxgh it’s so good.

  19. MsYonce July 13, 2015

    *Beyonce clinging to Rihanna’s producers* I swear reading and understanding is hard for the navy

    Deputy: I actually don’t know. I did a record, and for the people who heard it, thought it was really a dope Beyonce record—so, we got it over to her and she liked it.

  20. MsYonce July 13, 2015

    Isn’t her name on the writing credits? Hmm

  21. What now July 13, 2015


    • MsYonce July 13, 2015


  22. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 13, 2015

    Bey asked rihanna to bey the opening act for the upcoming festival. Rih got so offended she deleted bey from her instagram. Rih will regret not taking up this offer after r8 flops and she has trouble booking shows. Lol does any one else laugh when cerror talks about the 2ND LEG of the JACKIE TOUR. lmao!

  23. RihYonce July 13, 2015

    All I care about is this new Beyoncé music , I hope we get to hear the song he did for her !!! Bey season is closer than we think ! From what we know she worked with Detail, Mike Will, Bone Thugz N Harmony and now this guy ! I have a feeling this album is going to bring more energy than BEYONCÉ did , guess we’ll have to wait and see in the next few weeks

  24. RihYonce July 13, 2015

    Wonder if Beyoncé is going to release a single first then released the album a week or so later , we all know the surprise album isn’t going to happen again

  25. RihYonce July 13, 2015

    Looks like Bey is coming for Bbhmm’s neck ???????????? and didn’t even ask for it lol

    • MsYonce July 13, 2015

      Lmaooo ????????????

    • Legend B July 13, 2015

      Her little shiit stains will seeeeeth kii kii

  26. Xtina = The Voice Of This Generation July 13, 2015

    I think Beyoncé should do ONE last pop album & have one last IASF era type of era & never do pop music again. I think it would take her to legendary status for me after 2011 BBMA performance she entered legend status. She’s not a legend yet but she’s coming.

    • RihYonce July 13, 2015

      I totally agree !!! Just one more time !

  27. Barb-wire July 13, 2015

    Basic ass site with an owner who can’t do a simple thing as an interview. As Queen Minaj says “Hang it up, Flat screen”.

  28. Xtina = The Voice Of This Generation July 13, 2015

    Rihanna won’t be the IT girl forever, where’s her legacy? 20 years from now what will her print be? Like for example 20 years ago Mariah debuted & even the generation from today recognises her Vocal talent that’s her legacy apart from record sales you need to have something to back up your commercial success to the next generation. Rihanna has the commercial success but what’s her talent? Nothing. She’s like Madge but atleast madge can back up her s*** by giving people a real show of world class productions etc, She works very hard to entertain her fans etc. I respect. I don’t hate Rihanna or dislike her, she’s a very pretty girl but if she wants to be the black she needs to work extra hard.

    • Legend B July 13, 2015

      Taylor Swift is the current it girl. R**** lost that. Kii She though she was one of the important artist and could take more than a year off. She clearly sees people has lost interest.

      • Legend B July 13, 2015


  29. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 13, 2015

    Beys best song to date?: DISSAPEAR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> rihannas best song STAY. Bey has the better album self titled is a biggest artistic statement of any artist of the 2000s. Rih has some big shoes to fill this era especially if bey or adele drops. Plus kelly and A keys coming her team must be sweeting bullets as we speak.

    • Xtina = The Voice Of This Generation July 13, 2015

      Blah blah blah, Rihanna is not in the same level as Beyoncé, Alicia Keys etc why do you keep comparing her to Beyoncé? Smh

      • Legend B July 13, 2015

        Yes hun. A Keys and Queen Bey aren’t poptarts.

  30. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) July 13, 2015

    Oh sad tbh. Bey still here and the other one is gone lol. Where is the navy at huh. Memba how y’all especially LB where making those tired ass drags telling me to watch Where are you now video when your fav has the same number of views after recreating child’s play with that ugly as orange chucky wig. Lol for days

  31. Legend B July 13, 2015

    Did Hoeianna little cuunts get passed the 3rd grade?? Reading is fundamental hooes. He clearly said, people thought it sounded like a Beyonce record, so he sent it to her. Where in the hell did you read Beyonce went after him????? No wonder Hoeianna stay dragggging u hooes on Twitter kii

  32. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 13, 2015

    LMAO I’m NEVER wrong about these things! I said this ages ago!
    May 30, 2015 at 12:49 pm
    AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig says:


    @Amana It’s more complicated than that. Sam has been angling for a Beyonce phone interview for ages (he’s met Kelly and Michelle before, and he’s even met bey’s choreographer and main dancer) . Since he can’t get Beyonce, he wants to get the second person that he blogs the most about which is Rihanna. So Sam positions the Rihanna posts from a shady PeresHylton/WendyWilliams perspective, so that TGJ will get a reputation for shading Rihanna, and therefore Rihanna’s people will want to talk to him to silence the rumours. David however throws a spanner in the works because he makes unbiased posts, which ruins Sam’s strategy (hence him deleting the Rihanna home post).
    I was wrong about David tho, since he proved how poor of a writer he was with that confederate flag post. Knowing his petty ass he will try and delete this comment too (like he deleted 7 of my comments on friday, including a simple comment like “Hi David”) 😆

  33. @JanetCIARA_ July 13, 2015

    They need to branch out and work with different producers… Sick of everyone working with the same sound

  34. gold July 31, 2018

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    Stay up the good work! You understand, lots of people are searching around for this
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