K. Michelle & Azealia Banks Cancel Joint Tour

Published: Thursday 30th Jul 2015 by Sam

The axe has fallen on K. Michelle‘s joint tour with femcee Azealia Banks.

Details after the jump…

Originally due to kick off on September 15th in Indianapolis, the 20-date trek was confirmed to have been cancelled by both performers.

Interestingly, neither elaborated on the specifics. However, they did offer the following…

Keen to quell suggestion of “beef,” Michelle later added the following:

Hey Rebels! To say I am crushed is an understatement. I try my best to push myself over the limit and if you don't listen to your body it will make you listen. While currently filming numerous television shows, readying my businesses and working on my new album, I simply cannot overexert myself anymore than I already am. So it is with a broken heart, I have to postpone the tour with me and @AzealiaBanks at this time. Before the negativity and assumptions from naysayers and media outlets begins, I'd like for everyone to know the truth. First, there is absolutely no drama between me and Azealia. We have a mutual respect for each other as women and artists. I can't wait to get in the studio with her and for you all to hear what she's been working on. Secondly, it wasn't low ticket sales. Due to such an overwhelming response with this tour there have been conversations about adding a second show in various cities. Above all, my fans mean the world to me and the last thing that I want to do is disappoint. I want to thank all of you for having my back and supporting me throughout the good and the bad. I can't wait for all of you to see what's in store and hear this new music! All tickets that have already been purchased will be refunded and I'll see you guys at the top next year! New album. New tour. ❤️ -K. Michelle

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The tour would have been Banks’ first in the US.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tamartian July 30, 2015

    Two FLOPS!

    • YoncÈ July 30, 2015

      While your fav struggling to put out that THIRD album!

      • Tamartian July 30, 2015

        Gold album, platinum single, Grammy noms when will donkey and no edges?

      • Black power July 30, 2015

        Gold album where?????

    • Lana Del Fan *HONEYMOON COMING SOON* July 30, 2015

      Meanwhile, Tamar is jsacking Keyshia Coles life and times from the album title to the atmosphere of IIDHY, which is a flop single by the way. Stay in your lane, kitty Kat

      • Tamartian July 30, 2015

        And Exactly who is ya fave?

    • Tamartian July 30, 2015

      Tamar got all these b****** pressed with a simple ass comment lls

    • Rebelle July 30, 2015

      Tamartians never have receipts for this platinum single and Gold album lmfao. The only Braxton RIAA recognizes is TONI…..let’s be real, K is the superior musician and artist. Tamar is a better vocalist (sometimes,when she’s on pitch and not straining), but K wins at everything else. And that’s fact not fiction. 😉

  2. Solange The Sponge. July 30, 2015


  3. JohnnyBlaze82 July 30, 2015

    Not a suprise at all!

  4. Quinton251 AKA Lil Wayne Stan July 30, 2015

    I already knew that this was going to be a disaster.

  5. Chile, suck my P****, lick my Crack and rim my B**** July 30, 2015

    Kii! Its probably that big ass mount of Azealia’s and that bast, stank ass donkey booty of K. Michelle. Oh well! Let both of them flop ass h*** open for the real queen, Tamar! Plus, Azealia’s too busy with her new old ass has been boyfriend.

  6. Molly July 30, 2015

    I feel like Azealia is gonna shade tf outta K.michelle in a couple of days. I know her ass was looking forward to this tour.

    • Don’t hate B!TCHES. Nicki is the queen not Heyonce July 30, 2015

      Fu(k off Molly nobody cares about what you have to say… Ok!

      • Molly July 30, 2015

        Hi what now

      • sips tea July 31, 2015

        gurl u r truly delusional if u think i have 2 log into a different account just 2 shade ur weakly a**. KIII

  7. MUSICHEAD July 30, 2015

    Who would buy K. Michelle concert tickets on purpose? Azelia Banks would definitely add no value to this hypothetical ticket.

    • Rebelle July 30, 2015

      Excuse me but K puts on a fantastic show and her latest album is one of the best female R&B efforts of 2014

      • MUSICHEAD July 30, 2015

        That’s your opinion. I bought K. Michelle’s album and it was solid. I even loved her VH1 musical. But I don’t know too many people who would be willing to pay for K. Michelle as a headliner. Her catalog just isn’t that strong to headline a tour especially without a popular supporting act.

  8. Lake Erie July 30, 2015

    Well I know she won’t disappoint. I had so much fun at the house of Blues when she came here on her rebellious tour. I wasnt going to be able to make this one, but the next I’ll try.

  9. Oscar The Grouch July 30, 2015

    azealia will never prosper, I wonder why

    • Don’t hate B!TCHES. Nicki is the queen not Heyonce July 30, 2015

      Because she’s ugly like Molly!

    • OMG Logic!!! July 30, 2015

      Because she’s an ugly cu nt.

  10. Rebelle July 30, 2015

    So many haters! K has already done her sold out tour in support of AWBAH. She has never had problems selling tickets. Idk anything about Azaleia other than her Twitter beefs and I felt like it was a weird match. Oh well, I’m looking forward to K’s future endeavors.

  11. OMG Logic!!! July 30, 2015

    I don’t know this K. Michelle girl, so I’ll wish her the best. Azelia Banks, however, is a complete b1tch whose uglyness is only surpassed by her wannabe pseudo intellectualism when in reality she’s just a dumb, ignorant racist.

  12. ENOUGH ONIKA July 30, 2015

    Hahahahahahahaha! What the f*ck did I say!??!

  13. Iconic Iggy July 30, 2015

    Lmao karma just won’t let Azebra Bankrupt win. What’s I find especially funny is how her stans were going on about Iggy’s tour being canceled. Karma never fails!

  14. another bty day something ain’t wrong July 31, 2015

    Good luck to k Michelle and azela bank doing others thing and not that many people know azela bank as a artist

  15. kp July 31, 2015

    Perfect because I love K but banks wasn’t getting any of my coin.Im loyal to the Queen of Rap IGGY AZALEA

  16. @JanetCIARA_ July 31, 2015


  17. ATL July 31, 2015

    Pretty sure dat was plan since the beginning

  18. jammy July 31, 2015

    She should do a tour with Seven Streeter or Tinashe!

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