New Song: Leona Lewis – ‘Thunder’ [New Single]

Published: Saturday 11th Jul 2015 by Sam

After warming up the masses with ‘Fire Under My Feet,’ Leona Lewis strikes with a bolt of ‘Thunder’ for its follow-up.

The Toby Gad production is the second song to be rolled out from the belter’s new album ‘I Am’ in the UK and will dub as the set’s first US single.

Can the track ignite airwaves in the manner perhaps hoped for its predecessor?

Take a listen below and let us know…

Via JV:

A close cousin of ‘Fire’ sonically, ‘Thunder’ punches potently. Lyrically it boasts universal appeal too. Here’s hoping this is the hit Ms. Lewis is looking for.

Your thoughts?

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  1. xtina fan July 11, 2015

    She looks lovely in this, such a nice song also 🙂

  2. Saraphina July 11, 2015

    Not gonna lie its very radio friendly, I like I like

  3. Liam July 11, 2015

    I like this song and with the right promo she can make a dent and regain interest in the general public…. Nicely done Leona

  4. Casual-T July 11, 2015

    Interesting sound — something about this sounds like an unmastered demo. Overall, it’s not a bad song, but I don’t think it’s the comeback single she needs so many years after Bleeding Love.

  5. Queen b July 11, 2015

    She needs to up her game . She only did like one performance of fire , which is why it flopped

  6. Kim July 11, 2015


  7. eric July 11, 2015

    Good stuff.

  8. DEBRA July 11, 2015

    She still seems like a Mariah wannabe

    • Stephy. July 12, 2015

      She’s inspired by Mariah & Nippy.

  9. lolhart July 12, 2015

    “Warming up the masses”? So has Fire Under My Feet been relegated to being a buzz track cos it flopped big time?

  10. nik July 12, 2015

    FUMF underperformed in UK because of Simons influence over the 2 main radio stations snubbing it..Thunder is a great re introduction to the USA….Leonas new sound is very organic and raw which is what she wanted to do..I have a feeling this will do well…well done Leona for sticking to your principles and not selling out…also a good thing is theres not loads of negative comments here even if a small compliment

  11. She’s back July 12, 2015

    Leona need a good PR team behind her, she sings great live, has a unique amazing range, any one in doubt should listen to her Ave Maria, displaying her range is opera also. This album sounds amazing, very earthy songs. Simon has connections with radios as well as mspusic moguls in the US I hope her new label Island do provide her with all the right promotion opportunities. Great song. Wish her all the luck, her songs are just like not other.

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