New Song: Safaree- ‘Lifeline (Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Diss Track)’

Published: Tuesday 28th Jul 2015 by David

The rapper Safaree Samuels has taken aim at his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj in a brand new diss track named ‘Lifeline‘ today.

Yes, after the latter used social media to support the idea that the performer was “corny” and looked on as her new boyfriend Meek Mill mocked his unwavering support of her career during their time together she’s found herself on the receiving end of lyrics penned by Samuels to blast her.

What he said?

Press play below…

Minaj is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Queen Riah July 28, 2015


    • Queen Riah July 28, 2015


      • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB July 28, 2015

        She should’ve dated an athlete or something. Even a billionaire. She could get any guy she wants. Lmaooo @ Safaree claiming he wrote for her and all his songs are wack. Do you hear his flow and what he is saying? Still there’s no proof of him ever writing for Nicki.

    • You tried July 28, 2015

      These trolls claiming to be lil Kim fans and bey fans.. STOP IT! Nicki fans stop making 6 and seven accounts. Ur desperate like your mutha! Lmao I SEE NO LIES IN SB ALLEGATIONS ON HIS PEN BEING PUT TO WORK ON SOME OF HER ” most popular flows” to date.. He should go ahead and release that SPLIT SHEET AND OTHER PAPER WORK TO CRUSH THESE BARBS DELUSIONAL DREAMS LOL GOOD NIGHT

  2. Unbiased July 28, 2015

    Nicki better calm down before SB really expose her. I can tell by his bars and flow that he was behind a lot of those Pink Friday songs.

    • July 28, 2015

      how did this prove anything you dummy,only way Nicki would calm down is if she had anything to hide and she clearly doesn’ if someone came out who was associated with say Jay-z and started to rap like jay-z would you claimed he wrote for him too,and said he wrote for jay-z would you you believe.this proved nothing, and white do you believe what meek said about drake having ghost writers.all this is he say she say.

    • Rihboy July 28, 2015

      I also noticed her flows been off ever since. That’s why I believe she is milking this album. Her flow on both meek songs were underwhelming. She usually bodies the track; however I feel like her verses were weak.

  3. LoveBey July 28, 2015

    THIS IS SO BAD OMG! I am embarrassed for him! ????????????????????

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 28, 2015

      U need to b embarrass for being manless

  4. the real xoxo July 28, 2015

    he’s pressed but let’s not act as if y’all wouldn’t be LIVING if Nicki dropped tis

    • Cupid July 28, 2015

      Yes, his flow fits a female…. Nicki was just the voice.

      • 1234 July 28, 2015

        The flow fit’s a female because it’s HIS style that he let her use because they was focused on her career. The flow, the rhyme style, that’s all him. You can tell in his music. Nicki gonna fail without him.

  5. Islandboi80 July 28, 2015

    Song is wack!

  6. Islandboi80 July 28, 2015

    I low key want Nicki to respond tho

  7. Liam July 28, 2015

    he only did this cause Meek keeps taunting him and Nicki saying awful stuff about him on her tour which was posted on twiiter….he hardly talks about about them lately they should move on and be grown! Nicki has changed alot since she got with Meek and he’s kinda of a downgrade for her IMO…but hey to each their own i guess

    • LoveBey July 28, 2015

      It’s definetly a down grade. Meek is nowhere near her level and is bringing her down completely. And yes they have been taunting him but he should have came harder than this if he wanted to be taken seriously

  8. Bey-Minaj July 28, 2015

    This weak s***, and yall want me and everyone else to believe that SB writes for her? Cmon Nic won’t write lame s*** like this. Why he can’t write good s*** for himself then? And lol at him copying Nic’s flow tryna convince ppl. We don’t believe you, you need more people.

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 28, 2015

      He ethered her love…kii

  9. Que July 28, 2015

    in all honesty…im a huge Nicki fan but if she would have just left him alone after their breakup, he wouldnt have to keep speaking out. Meek is about to ruin Nicki in my opinion. He’s a snake to me. SB been trying to do him and when asked certain questions, he has that right to respond just like Nicki. She needs to just leave him alone and stop trying to defend herself about their relationship, as if SB doesnt have his own perspective of what theyve been through. This is about to end UGLY i can see it now!

  10. Sherry July 28, 2015

    Nicki is an immature attention whoring thot. Drag her SB.

    • Nicki is queen!!! July 28, 2015

      Attention w****? So what does that make him? Making pathetic bitter songs & calling TMZ (and whoever else) about every move you make so they feature you etc

  11. sips tea July 28, 2015

    I c Safaris gave all of his good punchlines 2 Nicki *sips tea*

  12. Quinton251 AKA Lil Wayne Stan July 28, 2015

    Nicki Minaj has been acting petty since their breakup, talking all type of ish on insta and twitter. And now she’s even bashing him on her tour, and Meek Meals is just all around corny a true B List Rapper.

  13. #1lamb July 28, 2015

    Yall saying this is whack but it sound just like something Nikki would spit out her mouth. Honestly

  14. Muva Shade July 28, 2015


  15. Bitchpleaseeezzzzzz July 28, 2015

    I see nicki’s verse on this one. This ain’t pretty booboo. Smfh

  16. Lake Erie July 28, 2015

    Damn, imo. He went in and on some real tip, yal need to clean ya ears cuz the style flow of this song sounds like something Nicki would do imo. I know she writes her own cuz numerous of artist can vouch and say they’ve seen her with an actual “PEN AND PAPER IN THE BOOTH” But we know he lent a hand sometimes. He neve said he wrote All her stuff. If he did, I wouldn’t believe it. But I’m sure he lent some verses periodically. But I will say this, lyrically, he is shitting on meek.

  17. Barb-wire July 28, 2015

    Bye Safaree you wack ass bitxch…

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 28, 2015

      He drug ha!!

  18. Lake Erie July 28, 2015

    Nicki should just call it quits with Meek. You just can date groupies and Meek is one. He been on his high horse since he got with her. He even hollars more now.

  19. Pu$$iePopstress July 28, 2015

    this is offensively bad. im sorry…this was wack.

    the second verse was better, but it’s still wack.

  20. KRow July 28, 2015

    Possibly the fakest relationship I have ever seen

  21. It’s Barbie B**** July 28, 2015

    yawn, without nicki who is he again? another pressed flop. his music won’t even see the bottom of the billbored chart tbh.

    • Rihyeezy July 28, 2015

      Meanwhile Nicki has still YET to top billiards got 100. That’s a pressed FLOP

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 28, 2015


  22. BOOBIE July 28, 2015

    Ya’ll Nicki haters on here claimed ya’ll don’t f*ck with Nicki or listen to her music. Yet now ya’ll are saying SB’s song sounds just like Nicki. GTFOH!!!

  23. JT July 28, 2015

    I can’t believe tgj actually posted this lmao! This song is so so corny but his lines are hilarious about Meek because he’s actually talking facts! I died when I first played it

  24. Mark111 July 28, 2015

    YOU can TELL that he wrote her songs a few albums back. He sounds like HER because he was behind her. This sounds like the old Nicki, change the voice tone to her and you have her first 2 albums.

  25. Kitty July 28, 2015

    Her new music sounds so much better without him gld she dropped his lame ass

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