Power Couple: Chris Brown & Rita Ora Rise On British Radio

Published: Saturday 25th Jul 2015 by David

‘Body On Me‘ couple Rita Ora & Chris Brown are on course to rock the U.S. charts with the Urban-learning single this year but are already making moves in the United Kingdom with their solo releases.

How “Chrisora” is dominating British radio?

Find out below…

Brown’s album ‘X’ spawned the international hit ‘Loyal’ and has given radio programmers in the market good reason to throw their support behind anything his Grammy-winning voice touches.

This is why the star claims three spots on Capital FM’s airplay chart!

Yes, the station’s support of the singles ‘Five More Hours’, ‘Ayo’ and ‘Fun’ make him the only artist to own three or more positions on this week’s tally and outperform the Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars number ‘Uptown Funk‘ which was spun 20 times in the last week….less than a third of the spins Brown has received with his summer-ready jams.

Meanwhile, Rita‘s ‘Poison’ was spun 40 times in the last week and is set to rise in the weeks leading up to the X Factor UK‘s latest season on which she is a judge.

However, she’ll have a long way to go before she can compete with Natalie La Rose‘s ‘Somebody’ which sits at #10 with 62 spins or Little Mix who sit pretty at #1 with their latest single ‘Black Magic.’

Want more from the chart?

Click here and weigh in on Chris & Rita’s musical marriage below!



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  1. Christina Aguilera July 25, 2015

    Big LOL……

  2. Keri Qween July 25, 2015

    Power couple? Lol you are delusional. What power? And chris already said theres nothong going on but music. David I like how you deleted my comment the other day because I said you were unattractive! And Richie Richs’ comment because he agreed kii. So ill say it again because you are. Sorry not sorry.

    • Big Bird July 25, 2015

      Kii where are the photos of david?

      • Amanda July 25, 2015

        Two things.
        1. I have to love ya but disagree with ya sis. He’s really cute.
        2. He gets angry anytime someone says something he doesn’t like which is petty but I wanna ride him so…
        3. Y’all need to wake up and see that David works for Roc Nation and is being paid to promote Rita and he’s been getting paid for years. They’re from the same hood in London and i know this cos someone exposed the tea on here when she first dropped.

      • lol July 25, 2015

        Girl bye! David is just okay nothing wow and nothing major
        Sam on the other hand looks like the witch from the wizard of oz

      • Molly July 25, 2015

        @Amanda girl stfu you sound like a certified thot. Yall over here acting like David looks like Trey songz or something. Btw Keri Qween is right I seen his pics nothing to wow over.

      • DLWML July 25, 2015

        David is a solid 7 but would be a ten if he grew a beard, my older sister saw his pictures on ig and liked him and she usually doesn’t like black guys. Where did you see a picture of Sam.

      • Molly July 25, 2015

        A 7? Lmfao more like a 3

      • Keri Qween July 25, 2015


        @amanda I just don’t see it. The girls were acting like he was a God and when I saw the pics I was disappointed

      • Keri Qween July 25, 2015

        ^Oh my !!! ????maybe I should keep my comment to myself

      • NCA=Nicki-Ciara+Alicia July 25, 2015

        Negative -3/10

  3. Dossome July 25, 2015

    “Chrisora”? “Musical Marriage”? Lol,that time of the month Samantha,huh?

  4. LisaL July 25, 2015

    Basic music, corny at best. She on all these magazine covers and has never had a US hit.

    Chris brown is over-rated.

  5. Mark111 July 25, 2015

    It’s weird, I think this is a mission to p*** Rihanna fans off, but we really don’t care about them, together or as individuals. ????

  6. Molly July 25, 2015

    B itch not power couple….kiiiiiiii only thing powerful is Ritas head game.

    • Brandy’s E.T looking flop @ss is now singing on subways and begging for parts on Broadway. July 25, 2015


  7. Oscar The Grouch July 25, 2015

    wait…. Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars didn’t make uptown funk….

  8. lolhart July 25, 2015

    I notice the article fails to mention that Ora’s single is out of the UK top 20 after less than a month. Keep reaching for those radio spins though.

  9. breezin July 25, 2015

    This is probably Payback for Rihanna when she was working with Chris Brown enemy Drake

    • sips tea July 25, 2015

      those ppl ain’t thinking about each other

  10. ????Rozer (Natalie La Rose Stan)???? July 25, 2015

    Congrats to Natalie on her UK success, Somebody was a huge hit over there. She’s building her name up globally. Rita looks gorgeous in those pics, she should take up modeling if she hasn’t yet

  11. african music lover July 25, 2015

    Chrisora??? sounds like a type of bacterial infection!!but congrats anyway

  12. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 25, 2015

    Rita Ora is a Beauty. She can sing too

  13. another bty day something ain’t wrong July 26, 2015

    They only doing music and lol hshahaha they are not together

  14. Lily July 26, 2015

    Y’all not gonna kill me with laughter Rita Whora & Christina Brown.

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