Shots Fired: Birdman Sues Jay Z’s TIDAL For $50 Million Over Lil Wayne ‘FWA’ Album

Published: Thursday 16th Jul 2015 by Sam

While debate rages on about whether Cash Money mogul Birdman was involved in an “alleged” attempt to kill Lil Wayne, there is one place the former friends are set to do battle – in the court room.

And Birdman is dragging Jay Z in the mix.

Find out why below…

According to TMZ, Birdman is suing Tidal for streaming songs from Lil Wayne recent LP ‘FWA.’ The sum petitioned for? A beefy $50 Million.


Cash Money claims it has exclusive rights to Wayne’s music and Tidal is an illegal intermeddler.

And, as if the act of suing wasn’t direct enough, the actual papers take a number of shots at the Jigga owned platform:

The lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, gets nasty, with Cash Money claiming Jay Z’s fledgling company is now resorting to “a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service.”

According to the lawsuit, Tidal has claimed Cash Money does not have a exclusive lock on Wayne … Tidal claims Wayne specifically gave it the right to stream his music, in return for part ownership in the company.

Cash Money begs to differ, and the company quotes portions of its contract with Lil Wayne in the lawsuit. The contract specifically says Wayne does not have the power to license his music to anyone else.

And get this … Cash Money trashes Wayne’s ‘FWA’ album, saying it got “tepid reviews” and could hurt Cash Money’s attempts to exploit Wayne’s music.

The TIDAL jibes are uber messy. But, that aside, it’ll be intriguing to see how this plays out. Because, we’d be fibbing if we said we weren’t surprised (and confused) by the streaming roll-out given the well-publisized tussles between Weezy and Birdman – which are very much ongoing.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Queen b July 16, 2015

    This tidle is not bring them any good news as they they hoped

    • Rasta July 16, 2015

      Lil Wayne as well as many other artists’ music is on plenty of streaming sites and it’s been that way 4 a while, dey jus hatin. The album is not licensed 2 Tidal it was just released on the streaming site 1st. Which is smart because it allows Lil Wayne 2 release the album to get out of his contract but stop the label from making as much money on it as they would if it was released world wide.

    • danyboo July 16, 2015


  2. Slay_Hive July 16, 2015

    Ugh Birdman is such a little biitch! Damnn was he and Lil Wayne fuckking or something????? He acts like that crazy obsessed ex-boyfriend that you can’t seem to get away from! Smmfh

    • RICHIE_RICH July 16, 2015

      Birdman is hurt child.

    • Molly July 16, 2015

      Is this the real slay_hive? If so I’ve missed you king Smh

      • Slay_Hive July 16, 2015

        Now that I’m back you can be the bottom this time Molly

    • maurice July 16, 2015

      lil wayne must got that good-good for Birdman to be acting like that.

  3. pat July 16, 2015

    Jay was desperate…he’s ordinarily smart enough to stay outta messy situations

  4. RICHIE_RICH July 16, 2015


    This is just awful between Wayne and Birdman horrible looking A$$$

  5. CT July 16, 2015

    One for Spotify, one for Apple, and nothing for Tidal… but seriously everyone is always trying to drag Tidal for any petty thing.

  6. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

    Jay Z should have never really allowed Nicki & Weezy in his team. I hope he pays for his mistake.

    • Quinton251 AKA Lil Wayne Stan July 16, 2015

      Why?? Every artist under the Tidal umbrella is on contract to a label, including the one u Stan for.

  7. Molly July 16, 2015

    Tidal isn’t gonna be able to take this L.

  8. Mark111 July 16, 2015

    Where the Barbs at cause I told them a long time ago that Nicki nor Drake are getting paid. lol

    • Molly July 16, 2015


    • Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) July 16, 2015

      Possibly but even if they’re not getting paid from Cash Money Records, they’re making a KILLING on features and touring.

  9. Slayty Perry (Emmy nominated VEVO Queen) July 16, 2015

    Tidal was DOA anyways. Their roll out left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, thinking their star power would be enough to rival Spotify. How arrogant. This lawsuit will just ad fuel to the fire that lights the tourches of everyone against Tidal. They should’ve just focused on fair artist compensation instead of stroking their egos.

    • Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

      Katy Superbowl is nominated for an Emmy?

      • Applause July 16, 2015

        What a joke.

      • Slayty Perry (Emmy nominated VEVO Queen) July 16, 2015

        “What a joke” is what the general public said to Flopga when she released Applause and tried it with her generic dated EDM

      • Slayty Perry (Emmy nominated VEVO Queen) July 16, 2015

        And yes, Katy was nominated for an Emmy for her iconic SuperBowel performance

      • Applause July 16, 2015

        But Applause slayed the charts. It outpeaked Unfortunately and This is how we flop. Its a joke the Emmys would nominate a kidz bop artist with tragic vocals for anything.

  10. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

    Tidal has been in so many messy situations since its debut hopefully it makes it through.

  11. Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) July 16, 2015

    I doubt he’ll see any of that $50 million.

  12. RICHIE_RICH July 16, 2015

    Bird man are you mad cause you can’t have anymore TUNECHE!!!!!!! ????????????????

  13. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

    Did the Hive support Onika with the Pinkprint?

    • Applause July 16, 2015

      The hive don’t support anyone besides Bey they just cling to others like Nicki and Gaga.

      • Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

        Both gaga & nicki can’t ship platinum tho. Why would they cling to them?

      • Applause July 16, 2015

        Last I checked neither could Floptina did Lotus even scan gold?

      • Legend B July 16, 2015

        Throw that boiling hot tea on Flopause @ XTina ????????????????????

  14. Creamy camel July 16, 2015

    All is fair in love & war kii

  15. Applause July 16, 2015

    Can Tidal ever win?

  16. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 16, 2015

    @rihSLAVEY you pûssy ass bïtch when we’re you ‘me’. I emancipated you and slaughtered your body so hard that you to pretend you’re me. I’ve never seen a commenter lie about trolling as someone else, and still clock themselves in the process. Your exact words were ‘I’ve been trolling as new wig for me – I am annalise’, even though you said you’ve only been here since May ????. You will never be on my level bïtch, so pick a grave and coffin höe because you’ve just been buried.

  17. jj July 16, 2015

    Dont say uber…ever again

  18. Yonce on your mouth July 16, 2015

    Well I feel like he is sueing the wrong party here. Birdman should be sueing Wayne if the need be, cus Tidal was no part of the contract between Wayne and cash money, it was Wayne who gave Tidal access to his music. Tidal was not a party to the inital breach between cash money/Wayne so Tidal cannot be in breach. Every music of Wayne Tidal has, they got with Waynes’s permission. He is just being messy. But let’s see how this plays out.

  19. Quinton251 AKA Lil Wayne Stan July 16, 2015

    Birdman Sandusky needs to sit his old ass down somewhere, n**** is upset cause Wayne wants no parts of his dusty ass, get over it. And Tidal have been taking major L’s as of late, they can’t afford another one. Especially one of this magnitude.

  20. JT July 16, 2015

    Birdman and this queen behaviour. A grown man throwing drinks over Wayne, slapping Jay with this ridiculous Lawsuit and conspiring to kill Wayne with his side n***a Young Thug. This s*** has GOT to stop right now!!!!!

    • Legend B July 16, 2015

      That n!gga in his feelings deep kii kii

  21. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

    @Applause. She’s a legend & she doesn’t promote anyways but she got a top 10 & a grammy last year. Christina has longetivity something Lady gaga will never have. Stripped vs Artpop do the math.

  22. Legend B July 16, 2015

    Looks like Tidal has lost this one, even before the wheels start rolling. Cash Money have being screwing over their artists for the longest. So i highly doubt Wayne owns his music. Birdman is mad he isn’t gettin that Weezy d**** anymore. Wayne got him going kray kray ????????????????????????????????????

    • Legend B July 16, 2015

      * have been*

  23. Mimi Carey July 16, 2015

    If Birdman wins Tidal is over.

  24. Anne July 16, 2015

    If that’s the case wouldn’t all the streaming services be subject to a lawsuit by several record labels?

  25. Carry On July 16, 2015

    I feel sorry for Tidy.

  26. ~The Arcade~ July 16, 2015

    Money hungry fool, smh

  27. LB July 16, 2015

    LMAO is this why this FWA album is on Spotify? I thought it was a Tidal exclusive and look here, it’s on Spotify LMAO.

    Poor Tidal, that FWA album is trash anyway.

  28. Bets July 16, 2015

    Jay is losing his touch; he would of never gotten involved in this low down mess in his good days. Gutter

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