Sneak Peek: Ciara’s ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ Video

Published: Thursday 16th Jul 2015 by Sam

Today is the day!

Ciara‘s newest video, ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love,’ makes its hotly anticipated debut tonight on VEVO.

Speaking to That Grape Juice recently, the singer deemed the Dave Meyers visual as her best yet.

It’s little wonder, then, why she’s excited to share a multitude of previews ahead of its arrival.

As well as giving Access Hollywood a behind the scenes look at the making of the clip, Ci has also taken to Instagram to showcase a snippet.

Peep stills and videos below…


A video posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

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  1. Mark111 July 16, 2015

    Please please let it be all dancing. She been looking very pretty lately. Clearly she’s happy with home boy.

    • Molly July 16, 2015

      I appreciate the fact that you’re not a 100% hater and show Cici love at times. Thanks mark

      • @JanetCIARA_ July 16, 2015

        Its only because Rihanna is flopping sis….. shell be back to her antics sooner or later, dont give this bald headed heifer too much credit.

      • Molly July 16, 2015

        Sis!!! lol stop!

  2. Molly July 16, 2015

    Omg this is gonna be one of her best videos to date. Lord knows i’m ready for the full video. Turn up squad!!!!

  3. @JanetCIARA_ July 16, 2015



    • Molly July 16, 2015

      Yas b itch better snatch us boo

  4. @JanetCIARA_ July 16, 2015


    Get into her mane!

  5. #TeamTinashe Stan July 16, 2015

    Beautiful ????????

  6. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

    She’s better than Rihanna.

    • #TeamTinashe Stan July 16, 2015

      Molly you ain’t foolin no one. Just so you know that.

      • Molly July 16, 2015

        B itch that aint me you tried it

      • Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

        GERL bye. Lol

      • @Aaliyah_Rihanna July 16, 2015

        Why is this Tinaflop fan coming at you Molly?

    • #TeamTinashe Stan July 16, 2015

      Trolly, you received your notifications real quick I see. Exposed! How many accounts do you have on here? Does your parents love you? Something is wrong here… smh.

      • Molly July 16, 2015

        No shade to the Xtina stan but why would I troll under Xtinas name tho? I would atleast slay you b itches with a Beyonce account. But like always you’re extremely pressed over me for no reason thinking your clocking someone when you need to be clocking them edges.

  7. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

    Hope it helps this song charts.

  8. Aj July 16, 2015

    Before anyone accuses me of hating I love Ci-Ci. But this song is over before it started. Pretty much feel the same about the album tbh. Even though both the Jackie and Ciara albums are actually really good fans are very unforgiving when black artists do pop.

  9. Navy Nick July 16, 2015

    Yes mam; this is gonna be hotttt

  10. april bells c** July 16, 2015

    God knows I’m ready for this video. Finally CiCi don’t disappoint me

  11. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 16, 2015

    Girl you’re just mad that I called your basic fave out. Tinashe is talented but she’s not better than Ciara now that’s a fact. Let’s keep it moving hunny….

  12. Jidenna stan July 16, 2015


  13. LB July 16, 2015

    Looks promising, this better be her love,s**,magic

  14. Lake Erie July 16, 2015

    CICI!! CICI!! CICI!!

  15. Me July 16, 2015

    I’m not a huge Ciara fan, but I’m excited. Visually, Ciara never disappoints! Her videos are always good! I’m sure we all can agree on that.

  16. MeIAmMarie July 16, 2015

    cant wait

  17. RihYonce July 16, 2015

    Can’t wait ! I’ve always liked Ciara she’s very beautiful & this is my favorite album from her , the video is going to be amazing and it just might be her best to date ! Go CiCi!!

  18. Kitty Puurrzz July 16, 2015


    • Monica Stan July 16, 2015

      Yes sis! REAL talent, real vocals and a real ass b****!

      • Mark111 July 16, 2015

        A real flop.

  19. @4everBrandy_Ci July 16, 2015

    Yessssss!!!!!! So damn excited!!! #C-Sqaud

  20. yelyaH – the alternative queen July 16, 2015

    She will flop! Gaga made the GUY video and it only charted in the 80’s

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