TGJ Replay: Celine Dion – ‘Falling Into You’

Published: Friday 31st Jul 2015 by Rashad
falling into you celine tgj replay

Designed much like our ‘Retro Rewind’ and ‘From the Vault’ features, ‘Replay’ is That Grape Juice‘s newest reflective segment to act as a written quest to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday. Unlike its TGJ retrospective predecessors, ‘Replay’ looks to dust off and showcase entire albums (and eras) from a library of pop and Urban pop music hits.

This week, we’ll fall in love all over again with Celine Dion‘s 1996 chart-topping album ‘Falling Into You’ – one of the best selling albums of all time…

Even after three U.S. top 10 hits and leading Disney to an Academy Award win for her performance of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ alongside R&B crooner Peabo Bryson, it wasn’t until 1993’s ‘The Colour of My Love’ – the third English language album from vocal powerhouse Celine Dion – that she became fully established as a force in the United States.  Launching the hits ‘The Power of Love,’ ‘Think Twice,’ and ‘To Love You More,’ the album would go on to 6x platinum status in the U.S. and sail on to the tune of 20 million albums worldwide – making it one of the best selling projects of all time.

Delivering a double edged sword as it only heightened expectations for the songstress to meet or exceed similar success with her follow-up, Dion greeted the challenge by reassembling members of the songwriting/production team that helped ‘Colour of Love’ color her name into history books (Diane Warren, David Foster, Ric Wake namely).

Together, they crafted her fourth English release ‘Falling Into You.’

‘Falling Into You’

Much like fellow powerhouse diva Whitney Houston, Dion had an undeniable magic touch when it came to remakes.  Her covers, some of which were her biggest hits up to that point (see:  ‘The Power of Love,’ ‘If You Asked Me To’), were interpreted with such intensity and character that many assumed she was the original singer.  This trend continued with ‘Falling Into You.’

Originally recorded in 1994 by an Argentine songstress, Celine and co. kicked off her fourth outing with the title track in Europe while leaning to ‘Because You Loved Me,’ a Diane Warren-penned ballad tapped as the theme song for the Michelle Pfeiffer flick ‘Up Close & Personal’ (1996), as first draft for North & South America.

‘Because You Loved Me’

The 1-2 punch proved potent.

Skyrocketing to #1 in the UK, ‘Falling’ only fell short of top 20 glory in a handful of countries its release was targeted to.  On the other hand, its David Foster-produced co-leader, ‘Because,’ boasted a stronger worldwide performance.  Bowing at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the song dethroned the year’s longtime chart champion ‘One Sweet Day’ (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men) and spent an impressive six weeks atop the tally itself.

Ushering in proof that fans were more than anxious to get their hands on new music from the diva, by the time ‘Falling Into You’ was released in the U.S. (debuting at #2), the song was well on its way to platinum status.

To date, the tune remains her second most successful showing on the U.S. singles chart.

‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’

By the summer of 1996, the album’s success showed no signs of cooling.  To capitalize, Celine & team tapped ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ – another cover – as the project’s second North American release.  Much like ‘Because’ before it, the ballad would shoot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 (peaking at #2).

In fact, the song was so well received, it helped hoist ‘Falling Into You’ to #1 on the Billboard 200 (nearly 30 weeks after its release).

Billboard reports the song is the third best showing on the Hot 100 of her career.

‘All By Myself’

To have two of your most successful singles be launched back to back from one album undoubtedly increased the pressure for the diva upon selecting its follow-up.  Calling on the help of producer David Foster yet again, ‘All By Myself’ – another cover – was lifted from ‘Falling’ as the official third single.

And, like the releases that preceded it, the selection would prove itself a homerun.  Skyrocketing to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, it too would join rank as one of the singer’s fan favorites and lend a most impressive showing on the tally.

‘Call the Man’

By the time ‘Call the Man’ – the fifth pick from the project – was called upon, the damage on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 was done.  Despite not knowing nearly the levels of success its predecessors from the album knew, the tune would still go on to be a moderate hit for the powerhouse pop performer.

When the dust settled, the album was certified diamond in the United States with the most recent count hovering near the 11 million mark.  On a global scale, ‘Falling Into You’ is ranked as one of the best selling albums of all time with 32 million units (and counting) moved to date.

On the awards tip, we don’t even want to tire you (or ourselves) out by reviewing the seemingly endless list of industry nods.  But, for the record, highlights include:

  • ‘Because You Loved Me’
    • 1997 Grammy Award – ‘Best  Song Written For a Motion Picture or Television’ (win)
    • 1997 Grammy Award nominations – ‘Record of the Year,’ ‘Song of the Year,’ ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’ (nominated)
    • Golden Globe – ‘Best Original Song’ (nominated)
    • Academy Award – ‘Best Original Song’ (nominated)
  • ‘Falling Into You’ (the album)
    • 1997 Grammy Award – ‘Album of the Year’ (win)
    • 1997 Grammy Award – ‘Best Pop Album’ (win)

The listing above doesn’t even begin to touch the American Music Awards, Juno Awards, Billboard Music Awards, World Music Awards, or other accolades afforded to the project.

Celine Dion 1996 Photo Credit: Ondrej Pycha_Dalle_Shooting Star™ USA ONLY!

Photo Credit: Ondrej Pycha_Dalle_Shooting Star™

‘Falling Into You’ remains our favorite disc of Dion’s here at TGJ HQ.  Arguably, she was at her vocal peak and still filled with a fire and hunger that (slowly but surely) left her after the next project – ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ (courtesy of her signature hit ‘My Heart Will Go On’) – blew her into the stratosphere.

Now, excuse us while we get our entire lives to her rocking rendition of ‘River Deep, Mountain High.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. MUSICHEAD July 31, 2015

    Even tho I was upset back then that “Because You Loved Me” blocked Brandy’s “Sittin Up In My Room” from #1, I eventually got over it lol. BYLM is truly a classic and Celine’s vocal performance is amazing. But my favorite song from the album is the Meatloaf ballad “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”.

    • Bitchpleaseeezzzzzz July 31, 2015

      I feel you back

  2. Stephy. July 31, 2015

    “Falling Into You, The Colors Of My Love & Celine Dion” are her best album (imo). I can’t really rate her French albums, for the single fact that I can’t speak French. But, her voice is amazing. And, she’s a legend.
    The 2nd Best Selling Female Artist Of ALL Time.

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan July 31, 2015

    Celine Dion >>>> your faves

  4. DTG July 31, 2015

    Way better than that silly Carey woman.

    • BeyRihLiyah July 31, 2015

      Stop being so pressed i see mimi is on your mind

  5. Tea4Daze July 31, 2015

    You know for everybody always name checking the Best Selling Females of All Time most fail to mention that Whitney held that title for years. Only thing is all the other girls have had waaaay more albums than Whitney (11 including soundtracks). But if you take all of the females top 11 selling albums and put them together… Ms. Houston will be on top! #DoTheMath #TeaSpilt …but I love Celine tho

    • UnsungHero July 31, 2015

      I couldn’t agree with your assessment more! I’ve been saying the same thing for years. You have to compare apples to apples lol. if and when you do, whit wins!

      but that’s not to take anything away from miss celine dion – who is my second fave of the big voiced divas. to have “falling into you” sell 32 million then the next album (let’s talk about love) sell 31 million is nothing to shake a stick at. the woman was on fire from 95-2001!

  6. Stephy. July 31, 2015

    Whitney Houston was NEVER the best selling female artist.
    Barbra Streisand held the title until Madonna took it from her. It’s not the other ladies fault, Nippy released albums every 3-4 years. That’s crazy. And, that’s why her discography leaves you wanting more. Cause, she never reached her full potential as a RECORDING artist. Clive held her back. Stopped her from recording so many other potential HITS & other projects. Including, recording a duet with Michael Jackson…

    • MUSICHEAD July 31, 2015

      This is false. Clive never held Whitney back from recording. He did choose her material but he never kept his protégé out of the studio.He had to MAKE her do My Love Is Your Love because she didn’t want to record. Whitney consistently released music until she fell deep into her drug addiction in 2000. After that, Whitney did what Whitney wanted to do WHEN Whitney wanted to do it.

      • Stephy. July 31, 2015

        I read somewhere that Clive stopped her from doing a duet with MJ, because he thought she would be “overexposed”. So, I assumed that’s also the reason as to why she wasn’t releasing more during her prime years (185 – 1994). But, whatever

      • Stephy. July 31, 2015

        And, what is that suppose to prove? Just because Oprah and/or some publication says she’s the “best Selling …” doesn’t mean its true. Mariah & Celine are ALSO called (STILL TO THIS DAY) the best selling female artist of all time. But, we all know that’s MADONNA. When you actually go back & look at the CERTIFICATIONS/SALES… Barbra Streisand was the best selling FEMALE artist until the late 90s/early 00s when MADONNA outsold her with the RAY OF LIGHT/MUSIC era.

      • Pu$$iePopstress July 31, 2015


        yes, we know that madonna is LITERALLY the best-selling female artist of all time. all TEA was saying is that it’s easier to be that when you’ve released a large number of albums.

        Whitney had 5 studio albums, 2 soundtracks, 1 live album, 1 christmas album, and a greatest hits album. If you compare celine, mariah, madonna, and barbara’s first 7 albums to whitney’s, she would win.

        celine and barbara both have lots of albums. mariah and madonna have multiple greatest hits AND remix albums (in addition to soundtracks).

  7. S****** Blonde July 31, 2015

    Dion is a class act.

  8. Avi July 31, 2015

    Celine and Whitney were the grande dame vocalists of their generation. No other female singer could touch them at their peaks. They should have recorded a duet. Hell, I think Luther’s cover of “Endless Love” should have featured either Celine or Whitney.

    • Stephy. July 31, 2015

      Celine’s voice would’ve sounded weird with an R&B production with Luther. The quality of her voice is nasal. Whitney would’ve been the better choice. But, Luther wanted Mariah. So, there you have it.

      • L21480 July 31, 2015

        Luther actually wanted Whitney.
        Tommy made him go with label-mate Mariah instead.

      • Avi July 31, 2015

        Stylistically, “Endless Love” isn’t even that “R&B.” It’s more AC/Pop. Celine would have been perfect on that song. If she could hold her own next to R. Kelly on “I Am Your Angel,” which was slightly more R&B, then “Endless Love” would have been seamless for her. And L2 is correct, Luther initially lobbied for Whitney, but Tommy coerced him into recording it with Mariah instead to keep it in the Sony “family.”

      • Stephy. July 31, 2015

        Whitney would’be been perfect. Celine would’ve made it more boring than it already was. And, her vocal tone is nasally. Mariah did a great job. Cause, her tone matched Luthers. I’m Your Angel is meh…

    • JOHNVIDAL July 31, 2015

      Endless Love is perfect as it is. The mix of Luther and Mariah is heavenly. Not even Whitney could have done that particular song more justice than Luther and Mariah did.

  9. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 31, 2015

    The sad thing about Whitney is that after her first few albums, she just didn’t want to record anymore and was only putting out music as part of her contract. She told Oprah that she wanted to retire with Bobbi, to a remote island where she was unrecognizable. She was THE VOICE of our generation and a legend, but her heart and soul was not into it. She started the trend of being ‘the little church girl with a huge voice’, that today’s singers always claim to be.

    • SCALPING THOTS July 31, 2015


  10. dee July 31, 2015

    Classic cd… “I Love You’ was the hidden gem on this project. It should have been released as a single.

  11. S****** Blonde July 31, 2015

    When talking about female vocalists everybody name the same people, Whitney, Celine and Mariah but Barbra Streisand’s vocals in the 60’s were out of this world, unbelievable.

    • SCALPING THOTS July 31, 2015


    • JOHNVIDAL July 31, 2015

      Since when you support Barbra like that?
      Those words you just said are mine. I´ve said here in TGJ many times that Barbra´s voice in the 60 is perfection. Absolutely unbelievable.
      These other 3 are probably the other 3 best or at least most appealing vocally wise to the world.

  12. Molly July 31, 2015

    1.) Mariah
    2.) Whitney
    3.) Celine

    • Stephy. July 31, 2015

      Musically? Yes. Vocally? No.

    • sips tea July 31, 2015

      i always saw it as (prime of course)
      1. Whitney
      2. Mariah
      3. Céline

      i hate Céline throaty belts in most of her songs. even the lower ones are strained sometimes and throaty. MC was always the lighter voice of the three bt she a soprano beast when i was little. Céline kept her voice in tact while Whitney was pretty much done after 98/99 and MC pretty much done after 05/06. Céline can still sing at the top of her lungs to dis day! dat iz y she’s #1 today besides Patti. dat woman is 70+ & still slays.

      • SCALPING THOTS July 31, 2015

        1. WHITNEY
        2. CELINE
        3. MARIAH

      • Stephy. July 31, 2015

        MAMA PATTI! I SAW HER LIVE IN 2012. MOTHA DANG DOOOOOOOOWWWWN! I wonder, why Miss Patti never received the type of commercial love… Mariah, Celine & Whitney got. Her solo career was a struggle.

    • SCALPING THOTS July 31, 2015



      1. WHITNEY
      2. CELINE
      3. MARIAH


  13. sips tea July 31, 2015

    i never really got n Céline English albums, bt im a huge fan of the French albums. my grandmother iz from France and Céline waz ha favorite wen i was little. I learned 2 speak French thru Céline’s music. dis iz 1 of my favs

  14. Fancy BISH July 31, 2015

    Slayline Dion wasn’t playing with this one…just well crafted adult contemporary songs designed to slay…so many good songs, but I would have to choose BYLM…Diane Warren wrote the song for her father as a “thank you” for supporting her throughout her life…Slayline’s ad-libs at the end of BYLM are legendary…for the gods chile lol…I remember a friend of mine in high school singing All By Myself in the hallway because she got bad grades…everybody was like, “Girl stop, you knew those grades were coming” lol

  15. DOSSOME July 31, 2015

    When it comes to vocalists,it’s entirely subjective and it boils down to who you prefer.When it comes to the TRINITY:-






    I prefer Mariah to the rest because i connect more to her voice and i totally understand why someone would prefer any of the three over the others…As for Patti LaBelle,that woman is just an average singer with a VERY LOUD voice Imo.Gladys Knight,Barbara Streisand,Etta James and Dionne Warwick were the excellent singers/vocalists of their time.I prefer them to Aretha and Patti

  16. jtpop July 31, 2015

    Celine would have had many, many more chart hits if Sony didn’t suppress them to keep Celine’s successful from bothering Mariah. “That’s The Way It Is” made it all the way to #6 on the Hot 100 based on radio play alone and would have zoomed to the top slot and stayed there for God knows how long had it been commercially available outside of the album. They didn’t release it and Blaque’s “Bring It All To Me” (another top 10 from huge airplay) as a single because it would have upstaged MC’s inferior “Thank God I Found You” that was out at the time time. That was just one example of how Sony had to sometimes hold off on Celine because she would have upstaged Mariah at the moment.

    • MUSICHEAD July 31, 2015

      I’m not sure this is entirely true. This was around the time Sony stopped supporting Mariah due to her beef with Tommy Matolla. This is why Mariah wanted out of her contract and signed that 80 million deal with Virgin. Truth is, all of the labels stopped releasing commercial singles around 1999 to make people buy the albums for the one song they loved. This ripple effect led to Apple saying “hey u can buy m** singles from us” which we now call iTunes.

  17. JOHNVIDAL July 31, 2015

    What? My eyes can´t believe this. Finally a post of one of the 4 most successful women in music history Yay
    This was the era when I discovered Celine Dion and bacame a fan. And I´m glad it was like that because it made live and realize better the legenadry phenomenon that was “Let´s Talk about Love” album+ “Titanic” in 1998. I mean, each of those two albums sold around 30 million copies… in the SAME YEAR!!!! Slayage.
    About this “Falling into You” album: it´s her vey best imo. Falling into You the song is so extremely beautiful and was the one which made me love her, it was the first single here in Europe. Love the video too.
    But the whole album is terrific. A real vocal tour de force nobody is able to do nowadays in maintream (spare me with xtina, Ariana and the likes, just no), and a lot of different songs. That voice could sing anything. “River Deep” and “Your Light” (rockier tunes) are amazing too.
    Sam: Celine worked with such passion for almost 2 decades (remember she started in French having phenomenal succes in French territories). She had to stop eventually and take care of serious problems in her family. But she returned and hasn´t stopped working really, only that more in the touring department. But non-stop. I have to say she is in such a great shape for her age. She looks amazing.

  18. JOHNVIDAL July 31, 2015

    And listen to these belts in French one after the other. For the Gods huns:

    • Nic August 4, 2015


  19. Nic August 4, 2015

    Yes i adore it when you bring out the Queen!
    This album is a classic of my youth and will always remain in the top 5 along with the others, Unison – Celine Dion – The colour of my love – Lets talk about love.

    Even though Ido not speak french – her french albums are so much more than her english – i think because of her native tongue, she really can convey something more special in her vocals – the woman is a living legend and one with such a heart of gold <3

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